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Not Going In

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"I'm taking a nap." Grif informed him, he laid down, and arms behind the back of his head. Simmons rolled his eyes and decided to take a nap. They were in the shade several feets away from the cave. After two hours Donut came out of the cave and noticed the sleeping boys.

"Aw, You two looks so adorable." Donut said cheerfully and the two napping boys woke up. "Better move before Sarge sees you two looking so cuddly with one another."

"What the hell?" Simmons and Grif said at the same time. They noticed that they are in each others arms. Simmons and Grif quickly moved away from each other. Simmons cheeks were flushed, mouth opened in shock, and eyes wide. Grif blinked his eyes and took out a few more packs of Oreo's.

"I thought you were against lazying about and taking naps, Simmons." Grif said to him and he unwrapped a pack of Oreo. "Thought you would keep watch."

"I had decided screw it and go with the fucking flow." Simmons told Grif and he stood up. "I didn't know we would end up in each others arms. Oh and I didn't feel like keeping watch. I always keep watch while you decide to be a lazy bum."

"You two make such a cute couple. Now I know why you don't like me hitting on you, Simmons. Cause you already have a boyfriend." Donut commented calmly and sighed deeply. "Oh, well. The pretty boys are always taken. Seriously, Not fair."

"Grif is not my boyfriend. I have standards." Simmons stated firmly.

"So you are free for the taking? That is totally awesome." Donut said gleefully and he is smiling happily at Simmons. Simmons shivered while Grif laughed at him.

"Hey, Grif. Will you be my boyfriend?" Simmons asked and he didn't want Donut flirting with him. Grif grinned at him.

"Sure, If you will be my girlfriend." Grif said while snickering. "You are a total girl, Simmons."

"Sorry Donut, but I'm not free." Simmons informed Donut before turning and looking at Grif. "Why would I be the girl, Grif?"

"Because you are afraid of snakes." Grif said smugly to him. Donut was sitting down and silently sulking.

"Fuck you, Grif. You are afraid of bats and those things are like rats with wings." Simmons commented calmly and hands on his hips. "So there, Grif."

"Oh you both could be girls." Donut commented cheerfully. "I'm not afraid of snakes or bats. They are pretty neat and cool. Not to mention cute"

"Shut up, Donut." Grif and Simmons said at the same time. "Damnit, Don't copy me!"

"You two are like a old married couple. It's so cute." Donut commented while looking at them and he hugged them. "It reminds me of my two moms."

"What?" Simmons asked in confusion.

"Wow, You have two moms. Cool." Grif commented to Donut.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Sarge got attacked by a bat and oh yeah a snake bite him." Donut told them. "I think he'll be okay."

"I knew it! There was bats in there!" Grif said loudly and Donut blinked his eyes.

"So there were snakes in that cave!" Simmons commented loudly. "Oh and we should call for help or something...I don't have a cell phone."

"I don't have one either." Grif said calmly. "Oh, well..Sarge is doomed."

"Oh, I have my cell phone. It is lightish red." Donut said smoothly and pulled it out. "So who wants to call for help?"

"Do you think you'll be able to drag Sarge out of the cave by yourself, Donut?" Simmons asked him.

"Maybe? I'll call Caboose. He is like really strong and stuff." Donut answered calmly. "He is from the Blue side, but we are totally best buds and stuff. He'll help pull Sarge and he's not frightened by caves."

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