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The Wedding Planner

Chapter Ten

Castiel put the plate down in front of Anna "Thanks" She looked down at it there was burnt toast "Um Dad the toast is burnt" Anna asked.

"Oh do you want some fresh toast" He asked.

"No that's fine" She pushed the plate away "I'll just have an apple" Anna picked up the fruit and took a bite.

Castiel sat down he poured some coffee "I'll walk with Amelia today" Anna stood up.

"Are you sure?" he looked up at her.

"Ok Dad see you later" Anna grabbed her bag and left.

Castiel picked up his mobile and looked at it 'you told him not to call ever again especially after the other day'

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"Lisa" Dean held the phone to his ear "When did that happen…that's great, tell Ben that I love him and I'll see him Friday…bye" he placed the phone down.

The door opened and Sam walked in "hey" he sat down.

"So when's Lisa coming back?" Sam asked.

"Friday" Dean paused "So your be pleased to know I'm not sleeping with the person anymore"

"Good I should hope so" Sam said to him.

"I sort of said something and got a slap for it" he rubbed at his cheek.

"Well it's behind you now you can concentrate on getting married now" Sam folded his arms.

"Yeah it's all behind me now"

"New York it's a big step" Balthazar said and handed Castiel a glass of wine and sat next to him.

"It's a brilliant opportunity" Castiel said.

"Your right it is" Balthazar had his arm on the back of the sofa he played with the hair at the nape of neck Castiel leaned into the touch. "It won't be the same without Castiel Milton"

"At first when my mother mentioned it I didn't even think about it but if it means a better life for Anna a more stable job" Castiel drunk from the glass.

Balthazar took the glass and put it down he took Castiel's face in both hands and kissed him.

Balthazar put his arm round Castiel's bare waist and kissed his shoulder as they both lay naked over the covers "Ok" Castiel nodded.

"Yeah" he moved onto his back he put his arm behind his head.

Castiel looked up, Gabriel put the spoon in the ice-cream "my new cherry cola medley" Gabriel said.

"Um" Castiel looked at the ice-cream.

"It won't hurt Cassie honestly" Gabriel sat on the stool.

Castiel picked up the spoon and ate the ice-cream from it Gabriel watched him "It's nice" he ate some more.

"Of course" Gabriel beamed "soooo New York huh" he said to him.

"Yes Gabriel I've established i'm moving to New York" said Castiel.

"Wow my little brother a new Yorker" Castiel rolled his eyes and ate.

The door opened Sam walked in "hey sexy" Gabriel said as Sam walked over and sat at down.

"Bloody rich people" Sam grumbled "Thinking there all up there" Sam said.

Castiel watched and ate "watch it Sam my little brother will be a richy soon"

Sam looked "Hi Castiel"

"Hello Sam" he said.

"Castiel is moving to new York" Gabriel informed him.

"Wow" Sam smiled.

"I have a job with intertwined wedding"

"There big" Gabriel raised both eyebrows.

"Good luck"

Castiel gave a nod.

"Where are we going?" Dean asked.

They were both sat in a taxi next to each other "were meeting the guys at a nightclub" Said Sam.

Dean looked out of the window "Okay" Dean answered

"Ash, Adam, Andy and Carl are meeting us there and the rest are meeting us after wards" Sam said.

"Did you invite Gabriel?"

Sam gave a shake of the head "No"

There was a knock on the door.

Castiel got up from the sofa and walked and opened Gabriel stood on the door step "We are going out" Gabriel walked in

"I'm not in the mood"

They walked into the kitchen "Oh come on you need to stop with this Dean Winchester shite" he said to him "come on"

They sat in the club; naked women with small bikinis were dancing on tall poles that connected to the ceiling.

"You're really doing it man" Ash asked a rhetorical question moving his long haired away from his neck "getting married the great Dean Winchester" Ash drunk.

"Married life's not all bad "Andy Gallagher

"Your comment don't matter" another guy said.

"Let's see what all the fuss is" Gabriel stopped the taxi "come on" he paid the money and got out of the taxi.

Castiel looked up at night club "do we really need to be here?" he asked him.

"Don't be stick in the mud Cassie" Gabriel said "come on out first time in a straight stripper place" they walked in Gabriel looked around.

"Come on let's have a drink" Gabriel walked up to the bar Castiel followed him in they stopped and ordered.

"Can we leave after this if I wanted to see naked women I would have been straight"

Gabriel drunk his drink and leaned against the bar "whatever Cassie sure" Gabriel waved his hand,

Castiel drunk his drink.

"Gabriel what are you doing here"

Gabriel and Castiel turned round "Sam"

Said man stood arms folded "I told you I would be here…Dean's stag remember" Sam said.

"I don't seem to remember" Gabriel said to him "you know what forget it" Gabriel leaned up and kissed Sam on the lips

"Straight place remember" Sam told him.

Gabriel shrugged. Castiel stared into the crowd "don't pick anyone up" Gabriel kissed him.

"In a place meant for straight people I highly doubt that" Sam smiled and went.

"Cassie I think I'm in love"

Sam sat down "where's the drinks dude?" Dean asked

"Oh" Dean rolled his eyes.

"Two gay guys go into a bar" Said Gabriel he drunk out of the beer bottle they sat on a sofa in a pub.

"I've heard the same thing before" Castiel said.

Gabriel put the bottle down "So tell me exactly what Dean Winchester said to you" he asked Castiel.

"I already told you" he said and folded his arms.

"Fine as long as it's over and you didn't get too involved" he said.


"Oh Cas…. You'll be fine…Dean is a fool not to realise what a great guy you are" explained Gabriel.

Castiel drunk his drink "If he wants to pretend to be straight let him" he drunk some more.

Sam helped Dean "Come on Dean in we go" they stumbled in.

"I've been stupid" Dean hiccupped.

"Dean you always act stupid Dean" Sam said to him.

"That's not what I mean Sammy "Dean said.

"Ok Dean" Sam shut the door

"The affair I…loved" he hiccupped.

"What" Sam came to a stop.

"You hear I fell in love and I know I shouldn't of" Sam stepped in front of Dean and put his hands on his arm.

"You have to tell me who you slept with they might try something?" Sam said.

"He won't do anything I insulted him" Sam's eyes widened "You cheated in Lisa with your wedding planner who is also a guy" Sam said to him.

"Yes Sammy" he said.

"Your right you have been stupid".

Castiel sat down. Anna ate her dinner "I'm glad you decided to let me to cook for you" Balthazar said

"Anytime" Castiel smiled at him Balthazar sat the plates down.

"Thank you Uncle Balthazar" Anna ate.

Castiel ate some of the food "so one more week and you start your new job" Balthazar said to him.

"Sure" said Castiel and ate some more the door bell rung.

"I'll go" Balthazar left.

Dean stood hands in his pockets the door opened "hello Mr Winchester" Balthazar leaned against the door jam.

"Um is Cas around" he asked.

"His just settled down…can I give him a message?" he asked.

"Well…Yeah Lisa said she needs to cancel tomorrow and she'll see him on the wedding day"

"Ok" Dean turned and walked "Dean" Balthazar said he turned round "Castiel told me that you slept together"

Dean looked at him.

"Castiel has not had the best luck with men and his made another mistake with a closet case like you" Balthazar told him "So get married and stay away from him"

Dean left.

Sam walked and opened the door "Ruby" Ruby stood on the door step with a suit case "I thought you wasn't coming till Saturday" She pulled the suitcase in and then shut the door.

"Do you not want me here?" Ruby placed her hands on her hips.

"I never said that Rubs" he said.

"You haven't called me that in years" they hugged.

Gabriel walked out and leaned "should I be jealous?" he asked him they looked.

"Oh my I never noticed before but boy you're small" Ruby stated.

"Hm I'm not that small" Gabriel walked next to Sam.

"Proper intro" Ruby asked him.

"Right Ruby this is my boyfriend Gabriel Milton, Gabe this is my best friend Ruby James".

They shook hands "Pleased to meet you properly Ruby" Gabriel kissed him "I better go I'll see you later" Sam kissed him "come on Sam I know your miss me" Sam kissed him again.

"Ok I'm going" Gabriel walked and opened the door "Bye" he left.

"He's okay" Ruby turned to him.

"Just ok" he asked.

"Ok his quite cute someone I didn't think I'd see you with"

"W…what do you mean?" Sam asked.

"His" Ruby stated "average".

"Can I ask you something?" Sam sat down.

"What's it about?" Dean asked, Ben was sat on his lap.

"How would you describe Gabriel" Sam asked.


"Apart from the obvious Dean" Sam rolled his eyes "Did you ever see me with someone like him relationship wise?" Sam asked him.

"Where's all this coming from Sammy" Dean asked

"Something Ruby said"

"Ohhh" Dean exclaimed, Sam rolled his eyes "Ruby turns up and your doubting you relationship" Dean said.

"I know" Sam said.

"Are foods here" Dean said.

"Double bacon cheeseburger with fries and cob salad" the plates and bowl were put on the table.

"Hm" Dean picked the burger up and took a huge bite of the burger.

Sam ate some salad "Ruby called Gabe average"

"Average I would have said a bit higher than average" Sam ate.

"Exactly what I said"

Lisa sat down next to Dean he put his arm round her shoulder she leaned against him "can you believe were getting married in a couple of days" Lisa stated.

"I know Lisa" Dean said she sighed.

Dean watched TV.

Castiel sat on the sofa watching TV he picked up his phone and looked at his message screen and then shut it and placed it down.

The mobile rung Castiel picked it up "Hello….Yes I can do that" He hung up.

Balthazar opened the door and let him in "what did you want me to talk about" they walked into the kitchen he took Castiel's hands.

"I've opened a restaurant in new York" he said.

"Really you never told me" he said.

"Yeah well I have now" Balthazar said to him.

"But I wanted you here for another reason" Balthazar took something from his pocket and kneeled.

"I'm going to move to New York and…Castiel will you marry me?"