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The Wedding Planner

Chapter two

"Stupid piece of crap" Castiel hit the steering wheel, looking out into the front of the car the bonnet was smoking, Castiel sighed and got out of the car slamming the door and moved around to the front. "This is all I need" he said pushing his sleeve up and checking his watch.

Anna poked her head out of the car window "Dad I'm going to be late" she stated.

Castiel looked up "don't you think I know that Anna" Castiel huffed lifting the bonnet fanning the smoke from his face, he coughed and stepped back putting his arms at his side and looking up at the sky "you couldn't of ruined my day another week when I don't have to be anywhere" he sighed and slammed the bonnet down.

"Everything okay?" a voice said.

Castiel looked up "um" Castiel licked his lips "my car" he said looking the man up and down.

Dean smiled "let me help I'm a mechanic"

"Sure" Castiel said moving away from the car "thank you, most people would have just walked past" Castiel added.

Dean lifted the bonnet up "that's my job after all" he smiled and leaned over the bonnet.

Castiel licked his bottom lip and titled his head at a slight angle.

Anna rolled her eyes as she blatantly watched her father staring at the kind man's backside 'gross' she though getting out of the car and picked her bag from the floor she shuffled towards her father "Dad stop checking him out" she said.

Castiel looked at Anna "what…how" Castiel licked his lips "Anna you'll have to walk the rest the way to school or you'll get detention otherwise"

Dean listened in his mouth turned up into a smirk as he fiddled around with the car.

Anna giggled "love ya Dad" Anna said she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek, she turned and left "bye Mr Stranger Man" she called as she walked down the street.

Dean licked his lips and stood up straight, he looked at Castiel "it doesn't look good, I checked everything you need a new engine it seems its just had it" Dean said putting his hands in his pockets.

Castiel sighed "it's not my day" Castiel groaned.

"I can get you a new engine but because its such an old make its going to take a long time to get it, so roughly at least 2 months" Dean explained.

Castiel leaned against the car "okay shit I got to find a car"

Dean shut the bonnet "if you have time we could get back to my garage and we can give you a car on temporary basis" Dean informed him.

"Really that would really help" Castiel said.

"Let me just make a phone call and get someone to pick this car up then we take it from there" Dean said.

Castiel and Dean walked into the lit garage "Dean your late" a man's voice said from the other side of the car in the middle of the garage.

Dean rolled his eyes "Sorry Zachariah I have a customer" he said.

The man moved round the car, he was wide man but no where near fat he had trouser suit and dark blouse on with no tie. "Hm" Zachariah mumbled running his hand through his receding hairline and walked away.

Dean smiled "sorry about Zachariah" Dean said "he's a twat" he whispered.

Castiel smiled "that's fine" he said.

Dean licked his lip "my names Dean Winchester"

"Castiel Milton"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"Back again" Gabriel smiled.

Sam walked more into the shop "yeah" he said turning his back to Gabriel.

Gabriel leaned forward on the counter and watched Sam from behind but not before looking him up and down "god I could climb you like a tree" Gabriel groaned.

"Did you say something?" Sam asked turning round, he held a bag of candy canes.

Gabriel stood upright "Nothing" Gabriel stuck his lollipop back in his mouth and smiled "are you looking for anything in particular?" he asked.

Sam bit his bottom lip "it's my mum's birthday and she loves Lincoln Toffees and I can't find them anywhere"

Gabriel smiled "we've run out at the moment but the next shipment is in next week I could put some aside for you until you can pick some up" he offered.

Sam smile "that would be great um"

"Gabriel Milton"

"Sam Winchester"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"Lisa Braden this is my brother Gabriel Milton, Gabriel this is my new client Lisa" Castiel introduced them.

"Pleased to meet you Miss Braden so Castiel tells me your interested in my services is there anything specific?" Gabriel asked getting into Business mode moving round the counter.

"Castiel said he gave you a list on what I wanted" Lisa said.

Gabriel took it from her and opened it he walked back round the counter and opened a fridge and took a tray shutting the door with his foot. He removed the grease paper from the top, there was only 3 chocolate truffles laid out in a row "try this one" he said.

Lisa picked up the white chocolate and bit into it to see what was inside "wow this is good" she swallowed.

Gabriel smiled "that is a strawberry centred Lindt white chocolate with flakes of almonds" Gabriel explained "this next one has caramel covered with white chocolate infused with popping candy to take you back to when you were young and then covered with dark chocolate"

Lisa took the next one "I haven't had popping candy since I was ten" she said popping the chocolate in her mouth "mm I like it" she said.

Gabriel grinned "trust me I didn't plan to have popping candy in it but I thought why not" he said "and the last one is just simple milk chocolate truffle encased with waver and then chocolate"

The shop door opened and Anna came bounding with her friend following her "hey dad I knew I would find you here" Anna said "dad this is Amelia and Amelia this is my dad and Uncle Gabriel" Anna breathed "dad is it okay to stay over at her house…oh hi" she stopped talking and looked over at Lisa.

Lisa smiled.

"I'm sort of busy Anna" Castiel said.

Lisa smiled "it's fine Castiel honestly"

"Okay" Castiel turned to his daughter and looked at the girl Amelia smiled shyly.

"Can I sleep over Amelia's then?" Anna asked.

"It's a school night"

Anna rolled her eyes. "Don't worry Mr Milton my parents are going to take us to school" Amelia said speaking for the first time "and they said they would pick us after and bring Anna home straight after school"

Castiel licked his lip "if your parents are sure then I have no problem Anna has my number in her phone encase anything happens" Castiel explained.

Amelia and Anna's smiles grew "thanks dad" she hugged Castiel "bye Uncle Gabriel" Anna said. Her and Amelia left.

Castiel shook his head and turned back round to Lisa "she has your face" she said.

Castiel nodded "yeah but not the hair or the personality that's all her mothers"

Lisa smiled and turned back to Gabriel "I like the first one"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Dean yawned wide "I'm tired" he said switching the TV off and the room was shrouded in darkness he leaned over to put the lamp on to light the couch. Dean raised his arms above and stretched.

The front door opened and Lisa walked in "I'm home," she called "you should see the chocolate tier baby it's excellent" she added entering the room holding a bag with 'Loki's Chocolitier' etched on the side. She walked over to Dean and kissed his forehead "I bought some more samples for you to try" she said.

Dean yawned "I'll try them tomorrow Lisa" he said standing from the couch and followed her in the kitchen as she put the chocolates in the fridge "are you ready for bed?"

Lisa shut the fridge and placed her bag on the back of the chair "yeah sure"

Dean lay on his back on his side of the bed staring up at the ceiling 'Castiel Milton he certainly is a character' he pondered itching his nose as he remembered the way the man's dark chocolate brown hair was untamed from running his slender fingers through it.

Resting his hand on his chest he remembers the man's dark pool blue eyes that seemed to suck you in. Dean licked his lips 'those sinful lips" he moaned.

The en suite bathroom opened and Lisa walked out in her nightgown and straddled Dean's lap "oh someone's happy to see me"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Gabriel sighed "thank you" he said signing the paper and handed the man back his clipboard. The delivery man left, Gabriel picked the box from the floor and walked in shutting the door behind him. "Life of a candy man" walking into the office he placed the box on the desk and grabbed the scissors to open the box.

Putting the scissors back in the pen holder Gabriel took some Trays out "time to make a phone call to the lovely Samuel Winchester"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"Sammy" Dean opened the door "Yo Sammy" he called again and walked more into the house "Sam where the hell are you?" he said walking into the kitchen opening the fridge and peeked in to be nosy "Sam" he shouted.

Sam stood in the doorway "I heard you the first time" he said drying his hair with a medium sized towel.

Dean closed the door "Sam I need to use your laptop Lisa wants to search for a recipe that she has been nagging for" he said following Sam into the living room where Sam's laptop was in his office corner.

"Go on then it's already on" Sam said walking out of the room.

Dean sat on the office chair and touched the laptop "oh eew eye bleach" he closed eyes and covered his hands over his eyes as if he could see through his eyelids.

Sam poked his head back in "oops I forget" Sam said throwing the towel on the back of the couch and jogged to Dean; he pressed a few buttons and then backed off.

"Is it safe?" Dean asked uncovering his eyes "yeah it is" he added putting his hands down "how long have you had an angel kink?" he asked leaning forward and making sure there was nothing else.

Sam turned away and picked his towel up "since now" he said walking back out of the room "I got to go out I'll be back in a few" he said disappearing to the bottom of the stairs to get his shoes and his car keys.

"Yeah ok" Dean said typed in google in the browser.


Dean stared at the many results he clicked the first search answer. A blue background came up he leaned his elbow on the desk and read "Castiel, the angel of Thursday. Castiel was born for bringing the righteous man from hell to fight as Michael's sword against the fallen angel Lucifer" Dean scrolled down the page.

"Go down the page" Dean huffed.

Sam walked into the room "be careful Dean I don't want you to crash my laptop"

Dean looked up "calm down big girls blouse" Sam screwed his face up Dean rolled his eyes 'the bitchface again' "bye" he said and Sam left.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

The Door opened and Sam's large frame entered walking in he closed the door behind him "I'll be with you in a minute" came Gabriel's voice from the back of the store

"I'm sure I can wait" Sam said.

There was a loud crash followed by Gabriel swearing "shit to the fuck"

Sam smiled at Gabriel's wording "are you okay Gabe?" Sam asked.

It was silent for a second "fine Sammy"

Sam sighed "please don't call me that"

"Well makes you think you can call me Gabe?" he asked as he stood under the doorway with a raised eyebrow.

Sam smiled "have you got my order" he asked.

Gabriel held a box up "yeah already wrapped" he said handing them.

"Thank you it saves my mother from seeing my bad wrapping skill" Sam smiled taking his wallet out "how much is it?"

Gale licked his lips "nothing but just one date"

Sam looked up "A Date?"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Sam shut the door as he walked into his house he leaned back against it "oh boy" he said shaking his head in belief. Pushing himself off the door Sam walked into the living room, he was interrupted by Dean's light snores from the sofa.

Sam stopped at the back of the sofa and watched Dean sleep pulling the throw from the back of the sofa and covered his brother up after leaving.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"Here you go" Castiel held out a piece of paper towards Gabriel.

"What am I looking at exactly?"

"The list of stuff Lisa would like for her wedding cake"

Gabriel skimmed the paper and his eyes bugged out at the quantity "what the fuck this is a lot" he mumbled putting the paper down. He looked up "Everything okay Cassie?"

"I just have to give out a large amount of money for a new engine" Castiel explained "it broke down on me last week"

"Is everything okay you can borrow some money if you want?"

Castiel waved him away "no I'm fine" Castiel stated.

The Door of the shop opened Sam walked in with his hands in his pockets "Sansquatch what do I owe this pleasure of your visit?" Gabriel asked.

"Well my mum loved the gift and I decided to get her some more"

Gabriel nodded "just hang on one second"

Castiel licked his lip and glanced at Sam "hi"

Sam smiled "hi"

Gabriel walked back out from the back "here you go Samsquatch" he placed the box in a bag and handed it out towards him.

Sam grabbed the bag and handed over some money. "Thank you" Sam grinned before turning round leaving.

Gabriel watched the door close before leaning on the counter. Cas turned his head towards Gabriel "you could climb him like a tree" Castiel Stated.

Gabriel nodded "Amen Brother"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC -

"Crowley Fergus McCloud is a family friend of Dean apparently" Lisa pondered as her and Castiel were sitting in the lounge on the sofa "he owns a place and he said he could cut a deal and use it as the wedding and reception for half the price we would have to pay"

Castiel nodded "so that means we need to show the guests how to get there from the Hotel" Castiel said moving some papers.

Lisa looked at the time behind Castiel's head "hey my fiancé should be on his way home from work so that you could meet him" she suggested.

"Okay I've been waiting for this infamous fiancé of yours" Castiel smiled "ok on to another issue what you want to do for the entertainment?" he asked "we need to base our searches in Hawaii"

There was a crying from the baby monitor Lisa stood "excuse me" she said.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Dean tightened the bolt and shut the hood of the car "all done" Dean wiped his hand on his dirty jeans he walked towards the back office leaning over the counter he hung the car's keys on the small coat hangers.

Zachariah walked out of the office and stood on the other side of the counter Dean leaned over "your shift was up hours ago what you still doing here?"

Dean looked up "I just wanted to finish up this car" he answered "it will please the owner when I phone them"

Zachariah huffed "well lock up" he said walking around and out of the garage.

Dean walked around the counter into the back of the garage and walked into the office. He read the number on the piece of paper on the corkboard and picked the phone up, pressing on number 9 for an outside call.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC -

Castiel put his phone to his ear "Hello" he answered. Castiel smiled and leant on the wall of the kitchen "Dean Yes I remember" he paused "really this quick, okay when shall I come and pick it out?" Castiel looked at the clock on the wall "yes that's fine. See you then" he said "bye" he put the phone back on the hook.

Lisa walked into the room as Castiel put his phone back in his pocket "hey is everything okay? Sorry I took so long but Ben wouldn't fall asleep"

Castiel put his hand up "that's okay, I just had a phone call to say my car has been fixed" his phone rang again he reached into his pocket "would you excuse me Lisa"

"That's fine I made you wait" she smiled.

Castiel turned his hips away from her "this is Castiel Milton speaking. I'm Anna's Father" there was a long pause before Castiel licked his lip "I'll be right in" he said "thank for letting me know" he said goodbye and turned to Lisa "I'm so sorry but that was Anna's school I will have to leave"

Lisa looked at the time "The Hours up anyway but it's unfortunate that you can't meet my Fiancé today"

Castiel put his phone in his pocket and picked his coat from the back of the chair "that's okay we will have to arrange a meeting but I'm sure he is lovely"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"Anna Marie Milton" Castiel's voice said sternly. Anna had her head bent down "Starting a food fight in the middle of lunch" he scolded.

Anna crossed her arm "he was annoying"

Castiel crossed his arms over his chest and stood up straighter "and who might this boy be?"

"Jimmy Novak" he said "he was calling me names so I threw a cupcake at his head" she paused "it hit him on the forehead" she giggled.

"That's beside the point Anna" The corner of his lips turned up into a smile "your grounded for a month"

Anna looked up "but Dad" she whined.

Castiel looked at her sternly pointing towards the stairs "bedroom now" he said.

Anna frowned "this isn't fair" he said stamping her foot down and running up the stairs not before picking her bag from the bottom of the stairs and trudged to her room.

Castiel rubbed his forehead and sighed.


DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –