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The Wedding Planner

Chapter Four

Ruby walked with Sam into the restaurant "this place looks to nice" they walked to the man behind the podium "yes we have a table for 2 under Winchester" the man looked at the book.

"Here we go" he picked some menus up "right this way" they followed.

They both sat down "I will be back shortly for your order" he left.

"These are nice digs" Ruby said.

"I know" Sam looked at the menu "hey isn't that Dean?" Ruby asked him.

Sam turned round "yeah and Lisa"

Lisa and Dean got shown to the table "thank you" Dean looked over at Sam and Ruby's table "Sam" he said.

Lisa looked "Who…..isn't that Ruby Mitchell?" Lisa asked

"Must be…I'll be back in a minute" Dean got up and walked to their table "Hey Sam, Ruby what you doing here?" he asked.

"Conference" Ruby drunk from the wine glass.

"Sammy" he placed his hand on Sam's shoulder "I need to have a word"

"Excuse me" they went

"Worse than woman" she mumbled.

Dean followed Sam into the toilets.

Sam turned round "I've made a bad move with this wedding"

Sam raised an eyebrow "Do you regret asking?"

Dean leaned "truthfully Sammy I have no idea"

Casiel put the fork down "hey lil bro" Gabriel walked up.

"Hello Gabriel" he said.

"Uncle Gabe" smiled Anna.

"Hey cherry pop" he said she ate a forkful of food.

"On a date?" Castiel asked.

"He's an investor" he told him "I better get back then" Gabriel turned to leave "Well hello jolly green"

Sam and Dean came to a stop "Gabriel" they stared at each other.

"Hi….Cas" Castiel stared straight ahead.

"Hello Dean".

Dean walked off "you know my brother?" Sam asked.

Gabriel looked "Dean's your brother?" Gabriel asked.

"Um yeah so I have to" Gabriel turned to look over at the table, Ruby waved.

"I see" he turned back "well It was good to seeing you Sam" licking his lips and looked to his right "Cas bro I'll call you"

"Okay" he walked back to his table.

Anna blinked "that was weird"

Sam sat down "who was the short stack?" Ruby ate a bread stick.

"Gabriel" Sam said. Ruby raised an eyebrow "it's a really long story".

"I have time".

Castiel placed the cutlery down, Anna picked up a dessert menu "do you want to share something dad?" she asked.

"I guess whatever you want" Anna gave a small pout.

"Cheese cake".

Dean handed the menu back "your food will be with you shortly" he left.

Lisa picked up the glass of water "I can't believe Castiel is here" Lisa said "wish I had seen him first I could of apologised for you"

"Don't start" Dean said.


Gabriel read "I like this idea" he turned another page "I mean the whole idea"

The other guy smiled "I knew you'd like that" he smiled more.

"Thanks" Gabriel put it down "but" the guy raised an eyebrow "I don't think I'm ready".

"Not ready this is a chance of a life time Mr Milton if you don't do this now your'll be at Loki's for the rest of your days" Gabriel looked down at the papers.

Castiel placed his card on the small plate the waiter took it and went. "I am stuffed" Anna leaned back Castiel gave a small smile.

Gabriel stood up the other guy was gone he walked up to Castiel and Anna "Cas are you finished?" he asked.


"We can cab home together" he nodded.

"Of course" They walked out of the restaurant "how did the dinner go?" Castiel asked.

"I don't want to talk about it" he mumbled.

Anna was leaning against Castiel's side as she yawned. Castiel hugged Anna round the shoulder and encased her in his trench coat away from the wind "m'tired" Anna said sleepily

"You've had a long day" Castiel told her kissing the top of her head.

Dean and Lisa stood outside "bloody taxi's" Lisa shivered.

Dean put his arm round her "I'll keep you warm".

Castiel, Gabriel and Anna walked out "I will call a cab" Gabriel took out his phone and dialled.

Anna sighed "Castiel" he looked up.

Lisa walked up to them "Lisa hi" he said she smiled "You must be Anna" Anna nodded.

"She's had a long day" Lisa smiled Gabriel walked up to them and put his phone back in his pocket.

"Hello again Miss Breaden"

"Hi, How's my cake going?" she asked him.

"Fantastic" he smiled. "our cab should be here soon" he stated Castiel nodded.

Dean walked over "Dean" Lisa held his arm "this is Gabriel Milton he's doing out wedding cake" she told him

"I" said Dean.

"How's it going Dean-O…your Sasquatches brother" he asked. Dean nodded "I met him briefly at my shop" there was a beep Lisa turned round at the car.

Dean and Castiel stared at each other. "That's us" Lisa said. "see you soon Castiel" Lisa said as they left.

Gabriel looked at him "okay you're going to have to explain what that was about"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Gabriel opened the fridge door he took out two beers. Castiel walked and sat down at the kitchen table, the older sat down "so" he asked "that Dean-o you two were eye fucking".

"We were not eye fucking he's my client"

"No his wife is your client but I hope you're not" he said.

"No I th….well it's just to…well" Gabriel raised an eyebrow at his brother's stuttering "remember that car trouble I had and I had that date" he nodded.

"He's bloody engaged to her and he went on a date with you" Gabriel raised both eyebrows "Next time I see him I'm going to kick his arse" he said.

"No it's over with I just thought it was something but it wasn't" Castiel said.


Castiel drunk his drink and waved him away "it's nothing shouldn't you be going?" Castiel gave a nod.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"I want candy" Ruby ate a piece of toast.


Sam drunk some coffee "take me some where" she asked and continued to eat her toast.

"Where?" he asked "I don't know any where"

Ruby hit him on the arm and made a face "of course you do Sam you live here" she finished her toast.

"There is some where I know of" Sam finished his coffee

"Cool lets go then shall we?"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Gabriel held a book in front of his face the door opened "welcome to Loki's" he said and didn't look up from what he was doing.

"Hi" Ruby walked to a shelf, Sam swallowed and stared.

Ruby nudged him 'what' he mouthed 'talk to him' she mouthed back at him. Sam gave a shake of the head.

Gabriel put the book down and stood up "what can I do for you today?" he walked up to Ruby

"Well you see I have a sweet tooth so" she smiled

Gabriel gave a nod "well you're like me then" he said she gave him a smile Sam watched them talking. Gabriel turned round "Mr Winchester" he went back behind the counter.

Ruby looked at Sam he gave a shrug "I'll take these" she put the packets down.


"I'll meet you in the car" Sam left the shop.

"That is cold" Ruby said folding her arms.

Gabriel looked up "excuse me?" he asked.

"Were not dating I'm a lesbian and Sam is 100% gay" she informed him.

"Sam has always had trouble with guys so I wouldn't take it personally, his ex Brody was a dick to him" Ruby picked up her bits "I'm Ruby by the way" she left.

Gabriel stared at the door.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"I've made an appointment with Balthazar Roche on Saturday at 12" Castiel said.

"Great isn't that great Dean" Lisa turned to him he gave a hum, Castiel shuffled some papers around.

"And also Christopher Bound" Lisa rasied an eyebrow "The caterer" he confirmed.

"Right" she smiled there was a cry "excuse me I'll be back" she left to see to Ben.

"You can't ignore me Cas" Dean placed the bottle down.

"I'm not ignoring you Dean" he answered while not looking at him at all.

"It just seems like it to me we can be friends Cas" he said to him.

"No Dean we cannot be friends one I have organised your wedding" he put emphasis on your "I will never see you again" Castiel said to him.

Lisa walked in holding Ben "he's wet"

Dean stood up and took him from her "I'll do it" "okay" Dean Left to change Ben.

Castiel shut the folder "I must leave I have a previous engagement" he said.

"Hope it's nothing serious" she asked him.

"Anna's parents evening" Castiel smiled and stood up "I shall see you Saturday" he said.

Lisa smiled "yes will we be meeting there or"

"There would be fine to meet" Castiel told her "sure see you then"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"Mr Milton" the woman shook his hand "please take a seat" he sat down Anna was sat in the other chair next to him.

"Okay Anna is a very bright girl" the teacher began.

"But if she would concentrate more then she would be a perfect student" Anna gave a sigh "and I would like to talk to you about the trouble she has with James Novak".

Anna grumbled.

"Anna" Castiel scolded her she hung her head.

"I would actually call it a pig tail classic, the boy picks on her pulls her pug tails because he likes her" she smiled.

"But does the girl punch him in the face because she likes him or does she do it because she hates him" Anna explained.

"Anna" he threatened.

"As I was saying if she really concentrates Harvard could be her next stop especially with her improving grades"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Gabriel yawned as he walked to the door turning the open sign to closed and turned back round to go to the back room. The shop door opened "sorry were closed" he turned back round.

Sam stood in the door way "Sam" he stepped back as Sam stepped in the shop and shut the door behind him.

"I came to finish what I started a while ago" he walked up placed both hands on Gabriel and kissed him.

"Hm" Sam stopped and took a step back from him.

"Was not expecting that" he said.

"Truthfully nor was I" Sam answered "look I like you Gabriel quite a lot" Sam stated, Gabriel walked and pulled Sam down to his level and smiled they kissed.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Dean sat in the 67 Chevy Impala he looked over at the house and then looked ahead hands on the steering wheel he closed his eyes 'It was just a phase…..I was 17 things are different now'

The door to the house opened, a tall man walked out he didn't look differently to any other guy in place but he had an aura about him. His dirty blonde hair was swept in a 6:4 style. Castiel stepped out after him.

Dean turned his head and watched

The tall blond pulled Castiel closed to him and they kiss.

Dean drove off away from the scene.

Anna snuck out of her bedroom and tiptoed to the stairs. "It was a nice evening Castiel" came a British accent.

"It was good to see you Balthazar" Castiel said.

Balthazar leaned down and kissed him on the lips "see you Saturday" Castiel gave a nod.

Anna grinned and snuck back to her room.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"Loki's chocolatier how ma…..Michael" a man walked in he had short black cropped hair that was slicked back with his strong jawline and striking brown eyes.

"Little brothers it's been a while" he walked up.

"Michael what brings you to Lawrence?" he asked.

"I am not allowed to see my younger brothers" he asked him.

"Well I find it strange that mum was here not long ago" Michael smiled.

"Fine, fine you caught me…..mum told me you met up with Dick Roman's lawyers and then turned it down" he shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Yes I did like I told mum and his lawyers I like this" Gabriel said and gestured to his shop.

"Fine I'll get of your case" he said to him.

"How's Janey and the kids".

"Good she's due in 2 weeks".

"Another sprog I don't know how you do it" Gabriel said, the door of the shop opened.

"Uncle Michael" Anna ran up

"Hey" he held her close in a hug.

Castiel walked in "Michael" he said "Castiel" he answered.

Castiel Walked up and sat down next to a now sitting Anna "how's the business going Castiel?" Michael asked.

"It is going well I have a paying customer" he explained.

Michael crossed his arms "there is something else I came to tell you" he said to them all three of them looked at him.

Gabriel raised an eyebrow "what is it?"

Michael gave a sigh "Lucifer is out of prison"