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The Wedding Planner

Chapter Six

Gabriel stood up "what do you want Lucifer?" he asked him.

"And I've said this before I came to see my younger brothers" Gabriel narrowed his eyes. "Cassie long time" Lucifer turned to him.

Castiel licked his lips "hello Luc" he answered him.

"How's my niece?" Lucifer asked.

"she is doing well" he said.

Lucifer stepped forward and Castiel took a small step back "There's no need to be scared of me Castiel".

"Can you blame him" Gabriel said to him.

The door opened.

Sam and Dean walked in "I'm telling you Dean mum will li…oh" they stopped they all looked at each other.

"Leave Luc" said Gabriel.

"This is the way you treat your siblings" Lucifer said "fine" he walked stopped looked Sam up and down and then left.

"Gabriel you okay" Sam walked up to him "I am good" Castiel and Dean stared at each other.

"Just older brothers" he held onto Sam's jacket "tell me about it" Sam smiled.

Dean looked away from Castiel.

"Sam show me what you bought me here for" he said "oh right" he said "oh right" he stepped back from Gabriel "right" they walked to a different part of the room.

Gabriel walked up to Castiel.

"The Winchesters" he gave a shake of the head Castiel watched Dean "the Winchesters".

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Lisa walked and opened the door "Mr and Mrs Winchester" she smiled.

"Hello Lisa is Dean home" Mary Winchester asked as her blue eyes shone as she smiled warmly at Lisa her long curled blonde hair was tied in a ponytail and she wore a pair of small rimmed glasses.

"No not yet but he shouldn't be too long" she smiled as she opened the door wider John walked in behind her. John whinchester was not by any means a clean shaven man as his stubble was a day old he looked ruggedly handsome. With his full head of hair combed to the side he said hello to Lisa as he shut the door behind him.

They all walked into the kitchen "would you like some tea or Coffee?" she asked.

John replied in his gruff voice "sure tea would be good?" he smiled. Mary nodded as well as she walked over to the table

"Sure" Lisa walked to the counter as Mary and John sat at the table.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Dean leaned on the counter next to a sitting Castiel "so what's the deal with your brother?" he asked him.

"Family thing" he answered.

"Ah right" Dean turned his head to looked over at the other two in the room "it's funny" Dean stated.

"What's funny?" Castiel asked.

"The difference between Sam and Gabriel" Dean said.

"Opposites attract" Castiel said.

"Yeah" Dean looked at him they stared at each other.

Dean leaned in.

"Dean" Castiel said there was a loud bang they jumped a little.

"Oooops" there was a box knocked on the floor "don't worry" Sam bent down.

Gabriel leaned back "great arse" he said.

Sam stood up straight and turned to him "you did that on purpose".

Gabriel gave a leer.

Dean turned back to Castiel.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Lisa looked at the clock on the wall "Dean's late" Lisa stood up and walked she picked up the phone "I'll give him a call".

"It's okay honey" Mary gave a smile.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"Well I better" Dean's mobile went off "scuse me" he walked off and answered "hello"

Sam raised an eyebrow as Dean continued to talk to Lisa "they are…okay, okay… and Sam will be there soon" he hung up turning towards Sam "Sammy we gotta go mum and dad are in town and they are waiting at home" he said.

"Right" he stood up.

"I will be in the car" Dean stated walking away but not before moving his hand along Castiel's arm and left.

Castiel shivered.

Sam kissed Gabriel "I'll call you" he nodded "bye" Sam walked.

"See ya Cas" Sam said.

"Goodbye Sam" Sam left after Dean out of the shop. Castiel turned at looked at Gabriel "I do believe you have it bad".

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

The door opened and Dean stepped in. Lisa walked out of the rom "what took you so long?" Lisa asked.

"Sorry bad traffic" Sam took his shoes off and followed them into the room.

"Sam, Dean" Mary hugged both of her sons.

"Hey Ma" Dean said.

"My son is engaged" Mary said and smiled. Dean gave a nod of the head "Lisa showed me the ring I am glad you used your grandmothers".

"What about you boy?" John said and turned to his youngest "when are you going to get over this whole queer thing?" he asked.

"Excuse me" Sam said.

"Please John not now" Mary said to him.

"I don't have to put up with this" Sam said and stood up.

"Sam its fine stay there" Dean said holding onto his brothers wrist "dad come on Sam is gay he will always ben gay if you cant get over that then I don't want you here" said Dean.

"Fine" he stood "let's go Mary" he said.

Sam closed his eyes "John doesn't be stupid we came to see Ben" Mary said to him, John sat back down.

There was a cry "let me" Sam went.

Sam picked up Ben "you're nan and granpops are here to see you" he left the room "the miserable fucker your granddad is" he stated as he walked back down the siatrs.

"There's my grandson" Mary took him from Sam.

"So made partner at firm yet Sam" John asked "no" he answered "and why not you've been there since you graduated" John said.

"The queer thing might be holding you back" "no" Sam stood up "for your information they already know I'm gay….i don't want to become partner" he stated.

"I was going to announce it some other time because I didn't want to ruin stuff but I'm planning to started my own firm" Sam picked up his jacket "Now I better go I stand being in the same room as you" he said putting his jacket on and turned towards Dean "I will se you later Dean" he said and kissed Mary's forehead "see you later ma".

Mary took a moment to hit John on the arm "For god sake"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Sam sat on the sofa he covered his face with both hands there was a knock on the front door he got up and went to answer it. Gabriel held a brown paper bag as he stood on the other side "did someone call?"

Sam pulled him in and shut the door "glad you came" Sam said to him.

"I'm glad I did" he gave him a peck on the lips "so are you going to feed me?" Gabriel waked and sat on the sofa he put the bag on the coffee table.

Gabriel took a snickers bar from his pocket and opened it Sam sat down next to him. "Tough time" he asked him.

"Just my father" he told him.

Gabriel ate.

"So what exactly did you buy?" Sam leaned forward and picked the bag up "lube and condoms right" Gabriel answered.

Sam looked "yeah but you bought" he took the stuff out "Cherry flavoured condoms XXL box. How much sex do you think we're going to have? Sam asked him.

"A lot" he finished his bar "we can start now".

Sam stood up and pulled Gabriel up and kissed him he moved his hand in his hair at the back on his head. Sam stopped "pick up the bah" he left the room.

Gabriel grinned.

"Hm" Sam nuzzled Gabriel's neck as they laid on the bed naked. Gabriel leant against Sam as he pulled the covers up "feel good" Sam kissed his shoulder

"Exceptional" Gabriel opened his eyes "Sam" "hm" Sam played with Gabriel's hair "we are so doing that again" he said.

Sam smiled "I know"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Lisa picked up the folder "some of these are really nice" she looked at the pictures "Bloodom boutique" Lisa said the name.

"I can make an appointment" Castiel said.

"What about this place" Lisa pointed to another one "Roses" Castiel wrote down in the book.

Dean walked in into the kitchen he opened the fridge door and took out a beer.

Castiel shut the address book, Ben cried "excuse me" Lisa smiled and left the room to go upstairs.

Dean sat down and looked at him "your making me really uncomfortable" he said to him. Both Dean and Castiel stared at each other.

Lisa walked in "I have an idea" Lisa said.

"What?" Dean took a swig of beer.

"You should invite Castiel to your stag night".

Dean stopped drinking and smiled "That is a good idea".

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Sam poured coffee into the two cups he had a towel round his waist he picked up a spoonful of sugar and put it in one. "How many sugars was it?" Sam asked.

"Four" answered Gabriel as he walked into the room he had a pair of boxers on and a towel round his shoulder. Gabriel sat down and he picked up some bacon and ate it.

Sam walked and sat down he put the coffee down he picked up a bagel and took a bite he licked his bottom lip. Gabriel smiled "so what are your plans?" Sam asked

"I'm keeping the shop closed and you're going to do me again, again" he drunk his coffee "and again"

Sam smirked into his coffee cup.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"Not long now" Sam said.

"Yeah I know" Dean switched the channel over Sam shut the folder and leaned back.

"Everything okay Dean" Sam asked.

"Of course Sammy" he told him and folded his arms.

"So who is meant to becoming to your stag?" Sam asked him.

"Bobby, Ash, Andy, dad you and I suppose your oompa loompa" Dean said.

"Very funny Dean like that's never going to get old".

"A couple of guys from work and Castiel" he said.

"Cas….your wedding planner" Sam asked.

"it was Lisa's idea" Dean smiled "I think she'd rather marry our wedding planner" he picked up the bottle.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Castiel shut the door and walked into the kitchen Anna sat at the table with a boy with messed black hair and blue eyes and Amelia "hi dad".

"Hello Anna" he put the folded on the side "hi Mr Milton" Amelia smiled "hello Amelia" Castiel looked at the boy.

"Oh my bad dad this is Jimmy" Jimmy looked at his "good afternoon Mr Milton sir".

Castiel looked at Anna "homework" she answered his silent question "okay I will be up stairs" Anna smiled and nodded.

Castiel walked in and shut the door to his room he took of his suit jacket and undone his tie he walked to the bed and sat down he licked his lips. His eyes closed.

The mobile rung.

Castiel picked up the phone and answered "yes…hello Balthazar…I have just got back…..i don't think that's a good idea" he answered.

Castiel licked his lips again.