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The Wedding Planner

Chapter Seven

"Here you go" Lisa sat down at the breakfast table "thank you" Castiel took the coffee cup and took a sip "so flowers" Lisa said.

"I'm glad we narrowed it down to lilies and roses".

"White roses" Lisa said to him "roses then" Castiel said "yes" Lisa smiled he moved some stuff round.

"My parents are meant to be traveling down soon to see the venue".

Castiel nodded.

The front door opened "I'm home" Dean walked in "oh hi Cas" he sat.

"Hello Dean" Castiel said Lisa gave a yawn.

"I am so tired"

"You should take a break…..let me and Cas take over for a while".

Lisa gave Dean a funny look "I'm serious" Dean said "I am sure I can get the girls together" Dean gave a nod "right" Lisa stood up and left the room.

Castiel shut the folder "I better be going" he stood up and picked up his stuff and walked Dean got up and followed him out he grabbed a hold of Castiel's arm.

"Stop running from me" Dean said "I am not running anywhere I am going home because I have finished here today" Castiel answered him.

"Can I make another appointment…I need to get a tux" Dean said to him Castiel turned round to him "okay….I know some places that we can go" he told him.

"Well then it's settled" Dean had his hand on Castiel's arm, they stared at each other Dean stepped forward "please Dean" Castiel said.

"It's done" Lisa came down the stairs, Dean turned round as she came in the room.

"Are you leaving Castiel?" Lisa asked and held Ben.

"Yes" Castiel turned and opened the door "Hope you have a good time Lisa" Castiel left the house.

"I really like him" she said.

"Yeah he's cool"

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Castiel shut the door "dad" Anna walked out "hey" she hugged him and smiled "I've made dinner" Anna told him.

"Really" he asked.

"Well I had some help" Anna said to him.

"Who?" Castiel asked putting his jacket on the railing

"Hey little brother" Lucifer walked out of the kitchen.

"Lucifer" Castiel stepped back trying to keep a straight face, Lucifer smiled.

"He showed me how to make proper lemon chicken" Anna beamed "he did" she nodded "come try some" she pulled Lucifer he followed him in".

"It smells good" Castiel said Lucifer stopped behind him Castiel "It really has been a while she's a teenager now" Castiel nodded stiffly.

Anna was moving around the kitchen "Are you going to stay uncle Lucifer" Anna turned to him Lucifer smiled.

"Of course I am" Castiel stood in the same spot.

Lucifer and Anna sat at the table "come on Castiel" Lucifer smiled, Castiel walked and sat down in the other seat.

Castiel placed one of his hands on his knee "you seem nervous around me Castiel there's no need" he ate.

Anna moved the food round her plate "are you not enjoying your food Anna" Lucifer asked.

"I have a stomach ache" she put her fork down.

"Could I be excused" Anna asked "sure" she left Lucifer took another bite "so where are you living" he asked "I booked into a hotel" Lucifer answered.

"Okay" "Daddy" Anna shouted Castiel got up and went he ran up the stairs and to the closed door "Anna you okay" he asked he gave a knock on the door "dad" came Anna's voice.

"Talk to me please Anna"

"I'm bleeding down there" Castiel had a small smile "its okay honey do you want me to call auntie Grace" there was a sniff from the other side of the door.

"Thanks dad" Anna said.

Castiel walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen Lucifer turned round "everything okay?"

"Yes just stuff"

Lucifer stood up "Castiel I know none of you trust me I know how much you all hate me…I hate myself" Castiel licked his full bottom lip "I have changed and I will prove it…see you soon" he left.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Lisa picked up a suit case "are you sure you can manage with Ben?" Lisa asked. "I am sure" Dean had a hold of him "and the wedding"

Dean smiled "I will be fine".

"Okay" Lisa kissed Ben on the head "Hm maa ah" Ben said she kissed Dean on the lips "okay I'm off I'll see you in a week".

Dean shut the door "just you and I buddy"

"Daaa ba" Ben waved his arms around.

"Come on buddy me and you time for bed"

"Gaaa gaaa" Ben cried.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

The phone rang.

Castiel picked it up "hello…..hello Dean how are you…I am free then Dean" Castiel said.

"Yes Dean…..I'm almost out of minutes" he hung up there was a knock on the door "come in Anna" the door opened.

"Dad I can't sleep"

"Come here" he moved his covers and she got in with him.

"Who was that?" she asked.

"Wrong number" he stated.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Dean opened the door Castiel stood on the door step "hello Dean" he let him in the house "I bought a couple of brochures for tux hire" they walked into the kitchen.

"Okay" Dean said.

"A couple are out the way" Castiel said.

"Okay" Dean answered and Castiel put the brochures down Dean sat down on the seat next to him.

Castiel moved some stuff "Cas" Dean leaned forward Castiel looked at him Dean moved his hand onto his knee.

"Dean" he warned and stood up.

Dean stood up "you can't keep ignoring me" he took a hold of his arm and turned round they stared at each other.

Dean took a step forward as Castiel took one back.

Castiel leaned back onto the counter Dean's leg moved in between Castiel's legs "do you know the most thing I remember about you" Dean told him.

"I" Castiel licked his lips.

Dean leaned forward "those eyes" his lips hovered over Castiel's lips.

"Please don't" Castiel's eyes closed.

They moved forward and kissed him.

Dean put both hands on Castiel's neck "Hm" their lips separated and reconnected again.

Castiel's hands moved to Dean's hair "hm" Dean's lips separated from Castiel again.

"Cas" Dean said.

Castiel put both hands on Dean's chest they looked at each other Castiel's hands slid up and moved his arms round Dean's shoulders.

Dean pulled him close and kissed him.

"D-Dean" Castiel moaned against his mouth "don't bother" Dean moved his hand down his back and gripped a hold of Castiel's arse.

"I have to go this is wrong" he got out of his hold.

Dean turned round to him "your right it is" Dean said Castiel packed up the stuff that he had removed back into the folder.

Dean walked up behind Castiel he grabbed a hold of his hips Castiel stood up and Dean moved his arms further forward and kissed the back of his neck.

"Feels good" he moved and undone the zipper on the trousers.

"Dean please stop" he stated breathlessly.

"I can't" he said into his ear and nipped at it "You can't say that this doesn't feel good" he moved his hand inside his pants.


Dean smirked against his neck, removing his hand he turned Castiel round and stared at each other's lips, Castiel surged forward and kissed him grabbing onto his collar.

Dean both hands and took a hold of Castiel's arse "bedroom, upstairs" Dean told him.

They entered the bedroom.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Castiel was asleep on his side; Dean was on his back, arm behind his head and other on his stomach.

Castiel moved onto his back slowly Dean turned his head to look at him, Castiel opened his blue eyes and glanced at Dean. "Hi" he gave a small smile Dean sat up.

"What time is it?" Castiel asked him.

"I don't think it matters" Dean kissed him back. Castiel moved his hand onto Dean's arm he moved the cover and leaned over Castiel, they kissed on the lips.

Ben cried.

"Hm" they carried on kissing. Ben cried again "fuck I better go" he got up and picked up some boxers and put them on and left the room.

Castiel covered his face with both hands 'what am I doing I just fuck' he sat up 'I need to get out of here' he uncovered.

"Cas where are you going?" Dean stood at the door with Ben.

"I think I should leave don't you" he said.

Ben sniffled "you're not going anywhere" Dean rubbed Ben's back he was still crying.

"Is he okay" Castiel had his trousers and shirt on.

"I don't know he won't stop"

"Let me I think I know" Dean handed him over, Castiel gently touched Ben's cheek.

"I know" he gave a small smile "his teething have you got any gel" he asked.

"I don't know" Dean gave a sigh.

"I'm sure were sort something out".

"Thanks Cas" Dean said to him Castiel finished getting dressed "it's fine Anna had it quite bad" he said "Cas I" Dean began.

"I'm leaving" he walked.

"Okay" he left Dean kissed Ben's head.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Gabriel licked his thumb the door opened "be with you in a moment" he called out the door opened he looked Castiel stood in the doorway. "What can I do for you Cassie" he asked him.

"I slept with Dean Winchester".

Gabriel looked up at him "Cassie".

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Dean drunk the beer he sat on the sofa watching TV the front door opened "that you Sammy" Dean called "yeah".

Sam walked in and sat next to him "beer" Dean handed him one "ta" he opened it and took a swig "Ben's teething".

"Really…'d you know" he asked "Cas was here" he said.

"Really what was he doing here?" he asked.

"Yeah we were looking at Tux's" Dean took another sip of his drink.

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

"His getting married Cassie" Gabriel said "I do know that Gabriel" Castiel said "then for the love of god why did you do it" he asked him.

"A moment of weakness" he said "a really bad moment of weakness this can't end well Castiel" he sighed.

Castiel placed his head on the table and closed his eyes "what are you going to do" Gabriel asked.

Castiel shook his head "I seriously don't know".

DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC – DC –

Castiel walked away from his car he took out some car keys and walked up to the house and then stopped.

Dean stood up "hi Cas".

"Hello Dean…..what are you doing here?" he asked.

"I came to see you" Dean said to him.

"How do you know where I live" he asked him.

"Your business card" Dean answered "oh" Castiel unlocked the door "I came here to talk" Dean said.

They both walked in.

"Please make it quick" Castiel said to him "can't promise anything" Deans aid he looked round.

Castiel walked into the kitchen and Dean followed. "Thanks again for the advice about Ben" Dean said.

"It's fine" Castiel said and Dean stepped forward Castiel froze on the spot.

Dean put his hand on his shoulder "Cas" Castiel's eyes closed. Dean turned him round to face him.

"Where's Ben?" Castiel asked.

Dean pushed him against the counter and wedged his legs between his "Sam is with him" Dean told him.

"Dean…..please" Castiel swallowed Dean placed his hand on the back of his head "I told you" Castiel put his hands on Dean's chest.

"You don't seem to be fighting that hard" he gave him a peck on the lips. Both their eye closed at the same time as they kissed Castiel's hands moved and hung by his side Dean took one hand.

They stopped kissing "Where's your room?" he whispered.

Castiel put his forehead on Dean's shoulder "follow me" he pulled him with him out the room and up the stairs.