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Aftershock Pt. 2

"Well?" Logan asked as he watched Kendall hang up his phone. "Are they okay?"

Kendall nodded. "Yeah, they're fine. But they got stuck in the stairwell. They can't get through."

Logan sighed. "I guess we're all stuck then. All we can do is wait."

"Yeah." Kendall said softly in dread. Then smirked down at Logan. "James and Carlos say hi, by the way."

Logan smiled softly. "Hi back." He said softly.

Kendall chuckled softly, before it died in his throat, replaced by dread and fear. It was silent for a while.

"I wonder how bad it is out there." Logan said softly as he stared up the shaft.

"Yeah." Kendall said softly. "I can't imagine what it must be like." He sniffled. "I hope mom and Katie are okay." He whispered.

"I'm sure they are." Logan said, looking to him with a weak smile. "They were in a public area, and a shopping mall where I'm sure there's lots of cover. And even if they did need a hospital, they could get to one easily."

"I guess you're right." Kendall said. "I just wish I could reach them from down here." He glared at his limited cell phone. "Stupid phone." He muttered.

Logan chuckled softly, but it morphed into a painful and harsh coughing fit.

"Logan!" Kendall said worriedly. He quickly leaned up on his knees and gently helped Logan turn on his side with one hand, to help him breathe better. Fear caught his breath as he saw blood trickle out of Logan's mouth. "Oh god." Kendall whispered fearfully.

Logan's coughing finally slowed and he laid back on his back weakly, breathing heavily.

"Logan?" Kendall asked fearfully.

Logan's breathing was shallow and harsh as it echoed through the elevator shaft. He managed a small nod. "I'm okay." He rasped weakly.

Kendall ran a shaky hand through his hair, trying to hold back his tears. He glanced down at his other hand, firmly pressing his jacket against Logan's wounded side.

The whole jacket was soaked in red. Kendall doubted he'd ever wear that jacket again, even if his mom did manage to get the stains out. The first chance he got, he would throw the jacket in a garbage can far away from him.

The blood had seeped through the jacket, coating and staining Kendall's hand in red, in blood. Logan's blood. The tears finally broke through and Kendall's vision blurred as he stared at his hand, watching the red slowly drip onto the carpeted floor of the elevator.

Kendall flinched slightly, with the sudden contact of Logan's hand on his other. Kendall slowly looked to Logan with teary eyes.

Logan offered a small smile. "It'll be okay." He said softly.

Kendall sniffled. "How do you know that?" He asked softly. "How do you know everything will be okay, when you're hurt like this? When we're stuck in this elevator with no way out? When James and Carlos are stuck somewhere else? The whole city is probably in a panic. How do you know everything will be okay?"

Logan sighed. "I don't." He answered quietly. "But I have to hope it will."

Kendall sighed. "I'm sorry." He whispered. "I'm sorry this happened. I'm sorry this happened to you. I'm sorry there's nothing I can do to help you! I'm sorry that all I'm able to do is think bad and scary thoughts while holding a stupid jacket tight to stop you from freakin' bleeding to death!" He exclaimed in despair, then dropped his gaze to the ground with a small sob. "I'm sorry." He whispered brokenly.

"Kendall,". Logan began gently. "You're doing everything you possibly can. That's all that you need to do. And I know you'll be okay, because you're strong. You're the strongest person I know. You and James and Carlos are the strongest people I have ever met. You'll make it through this. You guys will be okay."

"Hey." Kendall said sternly. "So will you."

Logan sighed. "Kendall-"

"So. Will. You." Kendall repeated slowly and firmly. "Say it Logan. You're gonna be okay."

Logan's eyes shimmered in the small light of Kendall's cell phone. He blinked, trying to suppress the tears.

"Say it!" Kendall said desperately.

Logan sniffled, then gave Kendall's hand a small squeeze. "Okay. So will I." He said softly.

Kendall squeezed Logan's hand. "We all will." He whispered to himself. "We're all gonna be okay. We have to be." Tears slid down his cheeks as he stared at the hand he had firmly clasped in Logan's. "We have to be." He whispered softly.

Carlos tried looking over the broken stairs blocking their path for the hundredth time. There had to be a way out. They had to get out so they could help Kendall and Logan.

But Carlos knew there was no way out. He'd known that for the past hour. Still he looked. Still he tried finding some way to get over, or under, or through, or around. But there was nothing. They were trapped.

Carlos sneaked a peek at James. He'd been in the same position for the past hour they were stuck there on that stairwell.

James sat on the steps, his elbows on his knees, and his hands clasped together and resting against his lips. With all his strength he held in his tears. With all his strength he tried not to think about what could happen. . .What just might happen.

'Love you guys.'

That was the last thing Logan had said to them. James had his suspicions right from the moment Logan didn't answer his phone that something wasn't right. And then when Kendall answered his phone. . .It was in his voice. Kendall sounded so. . .Not like Kendall. He was worried and scared and on the verge of tears. James knew that much.

'Love you guys.'

It's not like the boys don't say it a lot to each other. They do all the time. They were brothers after all, it's what family does. Maybe not by blood, but definitely by bond.

But the way Logan said it. . .The way he made sure it was the last thing James and Carlos heard from him before they hung up the phone. . .

A tear slipped down James' cheek and he closed his eyes. He knew Logan too well. At that moment, he almost wished he hadn't. He knew that Logan thought he wasn't going to make it. James knew that Logan was hurt badly. He knew that there was a possibility that Logan might. . .

No. Logan was going to be fine. James made sure that Kendall was going to make Logan okay. He made sure that Kendall would do anything to keep Logan with them, and that he wouldn't let Logan say goodbye. James knew that Kendall hardly needed motivation for that, but it was at least a little comforting to hear it.

James' hands shook and he squeezed them together to try and still them. He couldn't be weak. He couldn't be scared that they would be stuck there. He couldn't be scared that Logan might not make it out of this. James couldn't be scared period, because-

"James?" Carlos asked softly.

Because he needed to be strong for Carlos.

James quickly wiped his face with a sniffle and turned around to face Carlos, a small smile plastered on his face. "It'll be okay 'Litos." He said confidently.

Carlos sat down beside James and leaned against his shoulder, as James wrapped his arm around his shoulders. "I'm scared." Carlos whispered.

"I know buddy." James said, rubbing his arm comfortingly. "But we'll be okay. The medics will be here soon and get us out and we'll be perfectly fine."

"I'm not scared about us." Carlos said. "I'm scared for Kendall and Logan. Kendall sounded so scared. He's not supposed to be scared! He's Kendall! He's supposed to be happy and brave and always know that everything is okay."

"I know." James said. "But Kendall is still only human. He can't be brave forever. That's when we swoop in, and be brave for him. Just like he does for us."

"I know." Carlos said softly. "But I don't like it when Kendall is scared. He's too amazing, he doesn't deserve to be scared."

"I know buddy." James said softly. "You're right. None of us do. But it's why we have each other. So we can be brave for each other when the other person is scared."

"That's not true." Carlos said. He sat up and looked at James.

"What do you mean?" James asked in confusion.

"That's not why we have each other." Carlos said. "We don't have each other to be brave for everyone. We have each other so that we can be scared together. So that, when everything is wrong and scary, we're never alone. We're there for each other when we're all scared, together."

James stared at Carlos in surprise, his eyes shimmering.

Carlos leaned close to James. "I'm scared James." He whispered. "But it's okay, because I know you're scared too. We're both scared, and Kendall is scared, and I'm sure Logan is scared too. We're all scared, but we're all scared together. Isn't that how we always do things; Together?" He smirked lightly.

James let a small smile cross his face. "Yeah, it is." He said softly, dropping his gaze. "I'm scared Carlos." He whispered.

Carlos wrapped James in a comforting hug. "I know. And it's okay."

James squeezed him back, finally letting a few tears fall down his cheeks. Then he sniffled and pulled away, offering Carlos a small smile. "Thanks Carlos." He said softly.

Carlos wiped his wet eyes and smiled back. "Well it's about time I help you for a change." He muttered good-heartedly.

James wrapped an arm around him and hugged him close. "Don't be silly. You're always just what we need 'Los."

They settled up against the wall close to each other, and leaned against the wall in silence for a while.

Until a sob escaped.

"Carlos?" James asked softly, giving Carlos' shoulders a gentle squeeze.

Carlos sniffed. "I should've said it back." He sobbed softly.

"Said what back, buddy?" James asked softly as he rested his head on Carlos'.

"When Logan said he loved us." Carlos said. "I thought that, if I didn't say it back, then he'd have to stay okay, to see us again, so that he could hear me say it when we were all safe. I figured that not saying it would mean that we would see each other again so I can say it to him."

"You'll see each other again." James assured. "We all will, and we'll all be able to say it again."

Carlos scoffed. "Yeah right. Why do you think he said it in the first place?" He looked at James with bitterness, heartbreak and tears in his eyes.

James sighed and dropped his gaze.

"He doesn't think he's gonna see us again." Carlos whispered brokenly. "That could mean that he's hurt really badly and he won't make it, or the elevator they're in could break, and Logan and Kendall won't make it. Or both."

James squeezed Carlos to his chest as he started to cry. "Shhh." James soothed. "Don't think like that. They're gonna be okay, and we'll be okay. We'll all be fine and see each other again real soon." James said, tears falling down his face. He prayed his hardest that he wouldn't be wrong.

"Logan?" Kendall asked softly.

"Hmm?" Logan hummed in response.

"Just checking." Kendall said.

Logan smiled weakly. "It's only been five minutes." He croaked.

"That's more than enough time for something to happen." Kendall pointed out. "That first earthquake happened in only five minutes."

"That's true." Logan rasped. "But I'm pretty sure it's done now. It's been at least an hour, maybe an hour and a half, since that last aftershock. I think if anything else was going to happen, it would have by now."

Kendall scoffed. "Yeah, and the paramedics should've been here by now too." He muttered bitterly.

"Give them time." Logan said gently. "It's probably chaos out there. It's not their fault that there's other people to save along the way. Some in more danger than us. You can't blame them."

"I can if I want to." Kendall muttered bitterly.

Logan's face fell sympathetic. He gave Kendall's hand a weak squeeze. "Kendall, it's going to be alright. You have to believe that."

"How?" Kendall asked bitterly. "How can I believe that when everything is so wrong right now? How can I believe that when you're. . ." He trailed off, dropping his gaze.

Logan sighed. "Because we need you to believe it. James and Carlos are scared too, just like you. The only thing we have left is hope that everything will be okay."

Kendall sighed. "But how?" He asked softly. "How can you have hope, when with each passing second, there's a chance that. . .That you might not make it." His voice cracked. "I can't do this Logan. I can't lose you. Neither can James and Carlos. We need you. We need you to be okay."

Logan sighed, falling silent.

It was silent for a while, then Logan sniffled. "Kendall?" He asked softly, his voice full of tears.

Kendall sniffled and squeezed Logan's hand. "Yeah Logie?" He asked softly.

"I'm scared." Logan whispered tearfully.

A sob escaped Kendall's mouth at the confession.

"I'm scared for you guys." Logan whispered. "I'm scared that you guys will change because of this. I'm scared that you guys won't be okay. What if James and Carlos are hurt too? What if something else happens? What if this elevator falls and you get hurt too? I don't want you guys to get hurt."

"I know buddy." Kendall said in a cracking voice. He scooted closer to Logan's face, squeezing his hand while still keeping his other firmly pressed against Logan's bleeding side. "I don't either."

"Kendall, I'm scared." Logan whispered, tears falling down his face. "I don't want to die."

Kendall let out a sob. He squeezed Logan's hand close to his chest. "Logie." He said in a cracking voice.

"I don't want to leave you guys." Logan cried softly. "I'm so scared."

"It's gonna be okay." Kendall said softly. He shifted his position and slid his arm under Logan's neck, bringing him close to him and squeezing him tight. "Everything's gonna be okay." Kendall whispered softly as he cried silently. "Please, let everything be okay." He prayed softly.

"I wonder what Katie's thinking right about now." Kendall said with a smirk.

"Probably how she can make money out of this." Logan joked softly.

Kendall chuckled. "I bet she has a stand set up with blankets and canned food for twenty dollars a piece."

"She'll go higher than that." Logan breathed. "Probably fifty."

"Yeah." Kendall chuckled. "I bet she's making a fortune, while mom is trying to return everything and lecture Katie about morals at the same time."

"I bet. . .Your mom, could do it." Logan said weakly, breathing heavily. "Your mom. . .Is pretty. . .Awesome that way."

Kendall looked down at Logan with worry and dread. His heart started beating faster when he noticed just how much of Logan's strength was fading since the last hour had passed, and fading fast.

"Come on Logan." Kendall said worriedly. He pressed harder against the jacket, making Logan whimper in pain. "Sorry." Kendall whispered. "But you gotta stay with me. Don't give up the fight."

"It hurts." Logan whispered, his closed eyes leaking tears. "Kendall, please. Make it stop." He sounded delirious now.

Kendall let a sob out. "I'm sorry Logan. I'm doing all I can. Just a little bit longer. The medics will be here soon. Just hold on. Please."

"I always wanted to be a doctor." Logan whispered weakly. He stared up at the shaft, his teary eyes seemingly far away. "Do you think I would've made a good doctor Kendall? Do you think I would've been able to get into med school?"

Kendall sniffled. "Of course I do Logan. You will be a great doctor. You'll go to med school and pass with flying colors. And you'll become a doctor and save tons of lives. We all know it."

"I wanted so badly to see James become famous." Logan whispered. "And Carlos to be amazing at what he wanted to do. And you to be the best hockey player in history. I wanted to see Katie grow up and graduate and become successful."

"You will." Kendall sniffled. "You just gotta hold on."

"I wanted to see the pride in Mrs. Knight's eyes when she saw you two." Logan whispered tearfully. "I wanted to see how happy she'd be to see you guys make your mark in the world." A sob escaped Logan. "I wanted to see you all happy and doing what you loved and being amazing at it."

"It's going to happen." Kendall said firmly in a cracking voice. "You'll see all of that. And we'll see you graduate medical school at the top of your class, and become an amazing doctor and save thousands of lives."

"Mrs. Knight and Katie were happy this morning." Logan said softly. "They were going to get more Cuda products for James, and Carlos' favorite dinosaur nuggets at the store. They were planning on getting you a new hockey stick, because Katie accidentally chipped yours when she tripped over it yesterday. They were so happy to be able to get those things for you guys."

"I'm sure they'll be just as happy when they give them to us later." Kendall said. "When we get out of here."

"Mrs. Knight told me she was gonna buy me a new book." Logan said tearfully. "She noticed that I had read all of the ones I have, and she was gonna get me a new one. Surprise me with it when they got home. Now her money's gonna go to waste." He whispered with a sob.

"No it's not." Kendall said. "You're gonna love the book she got for you, because she knows exactly what you like."

"James and Carlos asked me to play with them at the pool." Logan said softly. "They were playing football. I said that I didn't want to leave you to wake up in an empty apartment. They were so disappointed. I should've played with them. They're probably mad at me for turning them down."

"They're not mad at you." Kendall said. "They could never be mad at you Logan."

"This morning feels so long ago." Logan whispered weakly. "I wish I could see them all." A small sob escaped. "One last time."

"Logan, don't give up!" Kendall cried. "You gotta hold on! Please!"

Suddenly there was a creaking sound. Kendall frowned and looked up through the emergency cover into the shaft. The doors just above them were slowly opening, with what looked to be a crowbar wedged in the middle.

Finally the doors were open and a head peeked through. "Hello? Is anyone down there?"

"Hello?" Kendall called up, his shaky and cracking voice echoing through the elevator.

"Is that you Kendall?" The other man called down.

"David?" Kendall called.

"Yeah." David chuckled. "It's me. Sorry we took so long. It's hell out there. We'll be down in a minute to get you out of there."

"Please hurry!" Kendall called up. "My friend needs help now!"

"We're on our way." David called. "Just hold on."

Kendall looked down to Logan's weak face. "Did you hear that buddy? A little bit longer, and we're outa here. It's going to be okay."

Logan smiled weakly. "Help came." He whispered.

"That's right, Logie." Kendall said softly. "They've come and they're gonna get us out of here."

"Then, you're gonna be okay." Logan whispered weakly.

"Yeah Logan." Kendall said. "We're gonna be okay. Just hold on a little bit longer."

"They're gonna get you out,". Logan whispered. "And get James and Carlos, and you're all gonna be okay." He whispered in relief.

"We're, Logan. We're gonna be okay." Kendall said firmly. "All of us."

"I'm so cold, Kendall." Logan whispered tearfully. "I'm so cold."

"Shhh." Kendall soothed tearfully as he hugged Logan close. "It's gonna be okay, Logie. The medics are gonna come down and get you help, they're gonna fix you up, and you'll be just fine. You'll see. Everyone will be just fine. I promise."

Suddenly there was a loud bang, startling Kendall, and the doors to the elevators started creaking open. Like the first time, a crowbar was wedged in between and was pushing the doors apart. A small crack of light streamed in and slowly enlarged as the doors were fully pulled apart.

Once the doors were open fully, Kendall could see that the elevator was stopped halfway from the first basement doors. Only half of the elevator was on the level, the other half was below the doors, in front of a wall. Luckily the gap was big enough to crouch through.

A man carefully jumped into the elevator and crouched next to the boys. "Hey boys, I'm David. I'm gonna get you out of here." He smiled at them, then motioned behind him and two more men with a stretcher carefully climbed into the elevator. The men moved to the other side of Logan opposite of Kendall, and set up the stretcher.

One of the men crouched beside Kendall and laid a hand on his shoulder. "Ya did good kid." He said. "We can take over from here." He hovered his hand over the hand Kendall had against Logan's side.

Kendall stared at him warily, then at his hand suspiciously. Then he felt another hand on his shoulder and turned to David.

"It's okay Kendall." David said gently. "They're here to help."

Kendall stared at him for a bit, before slowly nodding.

"Okay." The other medic said. "Nice and easy." The medic laid his hand on Kendall's, and Kendall carefully slid his from under the man's, then the man pressed hard against the jacket.

Logan whimpered in pain, and Kendall quickly grabbed Logan's hand and squeezed it in both of his. "It's okay Logan." He said. "I'm right here."

The medics positioned themselves on either end of Logan, and carefully lifted him onto the stretcher, though it still jostled his wound and made him cry out.

"I've got ya buddy." Kendall said tearfully, squeezing Logan's hand. "It's gonna be okay."

"Don't leave me." Logan whispered tearfully.

"I won't." Kendall said softly. "I'm right here. I promise."

The medics lifted the stretcher up and, with Kendall's help, made their way out of the elevator. Then they carried Logan out, Kendall gripping his hand the whole time.

James frowned when he suddenly heard footsteps and looked above them.

"Hello?" A man called. "Is anyone down here?"

"Hello?" James called.

"We're down here!" Carlos called.

A man peeked his head over the railing high up above them. "Are you James and Carlos?" The man asked.

"Yes!" James asked. "How'd you-"

"You're friend told us to come and get you." The man called. "A blonde kid named Kendall."

"Is he okay?" James asked. "Are they-"

"Don't worry." The man called. "Your friends are safe now and on their way to the hospital."

James and Carlos both sighed in relief.

"We're coming to get you guys." The man called. "Just hold tight."

Then a rope was thrown over the railing, dangling in front of James and Carlos, and a man in a harness descended down to them.

"Alright." The man breathed. "Ready to get out of here?"

James and Carlos shared a look, then looked back to the man. "You have no idea."

James bounced his foot anxiously as he sat in the waiting room. He'd already been checked over by a doctor, stating that he was completely unharmed, except for a few cuts and bruises from falling debris. Like James didn't already know that. The time wasted being checked up on was time James could've been spending looking for Kendall and Logan. To say that he was frustrated would be an understatement.

James glanced over at Carlos. Luckily the doctors had announced that he was fine as well, despite the near drowning he'd had. Just cuts and bruises like James.

When the two had made it to the hospital they had immediately asked about Kendall and Logan. They had asked if they were alright, if they were there, which rooms they were in. The only information they got was that someone would be out shortly to talk to them. So they were seated in the waiting room, and they waited.

And waited.

A half an hour.

To say the boys were anxious and worried and frustrated and scared, would be an understatement.

"Do you think they're okay?" Carlos asked quietly, disrupting the maddening silence.

"Of course they are." James answered. "You know Kendall and Logan. They wouldn't let a little earthquake bring them down." He gave Carlos a smirk.

Carlos dropped his gaze. He wanted to believe James, he really did. But he couldn't shake the inkling of doubt he had.

James wrapped an arm around Carlos and pulled him close. "It'll be okay Carlos. They're fine. Just like us. We always do things the same, remember?" He joked lightly.

Carlos smiled lightly. "Yeah."

They heard footsteps approaching them and shot their heads up, seeing two figures walking down the hall.

"Kendall!" James and Carlos exclaimed and jumped out of their seats.

Kendall looked up just in time to see James and Carlos running towards him, before he was tackled into a tight group hug. "James, Carlos! Thank god you're okay." He breathed as he squeezed them back.

"What about you?" James asked as they all pulled away. "Are you okay?"

Kendall nodded. "Just a bump on the head. No concussion or anything. Nothing serious."

"I was so worried." Carlos said tearfully. "I thought I'd never see you again."

Kendall pulled him into another tight hug. "It's okay 'Los. I'm right here."

Carlos squeezed him back and nodded with a sniffle. "Good." They pulled away and Carlos smiled at him. "Stay that way."

Kendall offered him a small smile and nodded.

"Kendall,". James said seriously. "What about Logan? Is he okay?"

Kendall hesitated, before turning to the second man in the hall, who had been watching the exchange from afar. The medic walked back up to them and nodded at Kendall. Kendall sighed. "We don't know." He said miserably.

"He was rushed into surgery the second we arrived." The medic said. "I went with Kendall here to make sure he was alright, but now that I see he's in good hands,". He smiled and James and Carlos. "I'll go see what I can find out about your friend."

"Thank you David." Kendall said. "For everything."

David nodded. "It's my job." He smiled.

"You're the one that found them, aren't you?" Carlos asked.

David nodded with a smile.

Carlos surprised David by suddenly wrapping him in a hug. "Thank you." Carlos said softly. "For saving my friends."

David stood awkwardly for a moment. He glanced at James and Kendall who were grinning. James nodded in agreement with Carlos, mouthing 'Thank you' to David as well. David smiled and hugged the boy back. "You're welcome." He said softly.

Carlos pulled away and smiled up at David. "You're our hero." He said.

David smiled, tears shimmering in his eyes. "I'm happy I could help." He said as he bowed his head modestly. "I'm gonna go check on your friend now. Sit tight, I'll be back."

The boys nodded with 'thank you's as the medic walked away. Then they all sat in the waiting room chairs. Kendall sat in the middle, with an arm around both James and Carlos, and they had and arm around Kendall. They didn't care that their closeness may have seemed weird for onlookers, they needed it more than anything at that moment.

Kendall jerked awake when his head slipped from his hand, and he sat up straighter, shifting in the plastic chair to get more comfortable. Then he looked around the room and observed the other occupants.

Everyone else was asleep. James sat in the chair opposite Kendall, with Carlos by his side. Both had their heads leaning against each other.

Kendall looked beside him and found his mom and Katie sleeping as well. Mrs. Knight had an arm around Katie, and was resting her head on Katie's, while Katie snuggled against her chest. Kendall was so thankful that they had finally called him and were perfectly fine. The second they walked into the waiting room Kendall felt so much better. Not fully, but definitely a lot better.

Finally, Kendall's gaze rested on the sleeping form in the hospital bed. Logan looked as white as the sheets. If it wasn't for the constant and steady beeping of the heart monitor, and slow raise and fall of his chest, there'd be no sign of life.

Kendall sighed as he stared at Logan. He still hadn't woken up yet since they made it to the hospital and he was rushed into surgery. Kendall was pretty sure that was the scariest moment of his life. The whole day was the scariest moment of his life. When the medics had wheeled Logan away from him, Kendall had a sinking feeling that that was the last time he'd ever see Logan again. It took all his strength to keep from breaking down right then and there, when David pulled him away from the stretcher, and from Logan.

But Logan made it out of surgery okay. Kendall had forgotten how many stitches the doctor said he needed, but he remembered it was a lot. The doctor said that if it had been any longer, if Logan had lost a drop more blood, it would've been to late. They would've lost him. They would've lost Logan.

A small sob escaped Kendall, and he quickly sniffled and covered his mouth, hoping it hadn't woken anyone.

"I know." Came a whisper. Kendall lifted his teary eyes to see James staring at him, then look to Logan with his own teary eyes. "We almost lost him." James whispered tearfully.

Kendall sniffled, nodding as he returned his gaze back to Logan's sleeping form. He looked so peaceful, unlike the pained and exhausted, and dying state Kendall had last seen him in. "We almost lost him." Kendall repeated in a haunted and broken whisper.

"But we didn't." Carlos suddenly whispered tearfully. He sniffled. "That's what matters. Logan's still with us. He's alive, and he's gonna be okay."

James draped an arm around Carlos' shoulders, pulling him close. "You're right 'Los."

Kendall smiled softly. "Yeah. You're right. We still have our Logie. He's okay."

"I'm so proud of you boys." Mrs. Knight suddenly whispered tearfully. "You're all so strong and brave, and amazing. I'm so glad you're all okay." She said as she stroked Kendall's face lovingly. Kendall leaned into the touch, carefully hugging her back while being wary of the sleeping Katie in her arms.

"We're glad you're okay too." James said softly as he watched with a smile.

Kendall started to pull away from his mom when he felt another pair of arms wrap around him. He shifted one arm to wrap around the slightly trembling Katie. "It's okay Katie." He said softly. "I'm right here. Everything's okay now."

"I was so scared." Katie whispered shakily. "Everything was chaos, I didn't know where you were."

"I know baby sister." Kendall said softly as he stroked her hair. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you."

Katie sniffled as she shook her head. She pulled away and looked up at Kendall. "Don't be. Because you were there for Logan." She looked over at Logan sleeping on the bed. "You kept him with us." She whispered.

Kendall wrapped an arm around Katie, pulling her close, and she leaned against his chest. Then it was silent for a while.

Carlos frowned and sat forward, staring at the bed. "I think he's waking up." He announced.

The others followed his gaze to Logan, seeing his brows furrow in concentration.

"It's okay Logie." James said. He laid a hand on Logan's shoulder. "Take it easy."

Finally, Logan's eyes slowly opened and looked over everyone in the room. Then a weak smile light up his face. "You're all okay." He whispered.

James chuckled lightly. "Yeah, we are. And so are you."

"We're all okay." Carlos said with a smile.

Logan's eyes rested on Kendall, and Kendall gave him a tearful smile. "Just like I promised."

Logan smiled.

"Come on!" Carlos yelled as he banged on the door. "Get out of the bathroom!"

"I'm almost done!" James called back.

"You said that ten minutes ago!" Carlos shouted back. "It's my turn! Get out or I'm coming in!"

"Just a minute!" James called.

"Uuuuuugh!" Carlos groaned angrily in frustration.

Kendall chuckled to himself as he heard the whole exchange from the couch. "You should've gotten in earlier." Kendall taunted. "Like what I did. You know James is in there for at least an hour every morning."

"Hey,". Carlos said defensively. "It's not my fault I didn't wake up in time! I was totally going to get in before James, but my alarm didn't go off!"

"Yes it did!" James called from behind the door. "But you threw it across the room and went back to sleep!"

"Not the point!" Carlos yelled as he continued banging on the door. "It's my turn so get out!"

"In a minute!" James yelled.

Kendall just chuckled and shook his head as he listened to the arguing pair. Then he heard footsteps and smiled as the newcomer sat down and sank into the couch. "Hey Logan!" He said cheerfully.

"Mornin'." Logan said, then observed the yelling Carlos. "Threw his alarm clock across the room again?"

"Yep." Kendall chuckled.

Logan chuckled as well. "When will he learn? You gotta get up early to beat James to the bathroom."

"I reckon, eventually." Kendall joked.

"I reckon never." Logan joked dryly. Then he turned back to Kendall. "So, what's on the agenda today?"

Kendall shrugged as he flipped through TV channels absentmindedly. "Dunno. Can't really think of anything to do, what with rehearsals still on hold."

Logan nodded in understanding. "What about those two?" He nodded to Carlos, who was still banging on the door and yelling.

"They're going down to the pool." Kendall said. "I think they're playing football or something. Wasn't really paying attention."

"Why don't we join them?" Logan asked hopefully. "That'll be fun! We could-" He sat forward too fast and hissed in pain, bringing his hand to his left side.

Kendall shot forward and knelt down in front of Logan. "Are you okay? You didn't break any stitches did you?" He asked frantically.

"I'm fine." Logan waved off, gently rubbing his side. "It's fine, Kendall. Really."

Kendall sighed. "You need to be more careful. It's only been two weeks since you got those stitches. You need to let them heal. The only reason the doctors let you out last week was because you promised to take it easy." He scolded.

Logan sighed. "I know." He said disappointedly. "But I'm just so bored in here! I miss going down by the pool and hanging with you guys. It's not the same up here in this stuffy apartment."

"Be thankful we still have it." Kendall said quietly. "And that there wasn't too much damage, so it only took the workers a few days to rebuild the Palm Woods."

Logan sighed again. "I know." He said quietly.

Kendall's face fell sympathetic. He patted Logan's knee. "Cheer up. We'll do something fun in here today."

"Couldn't we go down by the pool?" Logan asked hopefully. "It's such a nice day out. And I'm starting to get cabin fever."

"Logan-" Kendall started.

"Please?" Logan asked. "I promise I'll stay seated in the pool chairs. I just need the fresh air."

"I don't see a problem with it." James interjected as he approached. He sat down beside Logan and gently slung an arm around his shoulders, then turned to Kendall. "We'll take extra good care of him. Besides, he could use a little sun. Look at how pale he is!"

"Please?" Logan asked.

"Pleeease?" James whined, they both leaned in close to Kendall expectantly.

Kendall stared at them both for a bit, then finally sighed. "Okay." He said.

"Yes!" James and Logan cheered as they high-fived.

"But you have to stay on the chairs." Kendall said firmly. "No running around, no jumping, no swimming, no throwing the ball around, no-"

"I get it!" Logan said with a chuckle. "Relax. I'll stay on the chairs. Geez." He said, shaking his head. "You sound like your mother." He joked.

"Hey, it's not my fault it takes the army to look after you guys." Kendall defended good-heartedly.

"Yeah yeah, we're a handful." James waved off. "We know. Let's just go to the pool already!"

"Woo hoo!" Carlos cheered as he emerged from the bathroom. "To the pool!"

"Catch it Carlos!" James called.

"I got it, I got it!" Carlos said as he positioned himself to catch the ball. "I-"

"Got it!" Kendall swooped in and caught the ball at the last second. "Haha!" He cheered.

"Gaaaaaah!" Carlos cried at he tackled Kendall under water. They both arose sputtering and fighting for the ball.

"Give it!" Carlos yelled.

"Not a chance!" Kendall cried tauntingly.

They tugged and wrestled, bumping into other occupants of the pool, but the boys didn't even notice.

Finally Carlos jerked the ball out of Kendall's fingers. "Ha!" He cried, then turned and pulled back to throw. "James!" He cried, then threw the ball, but with Kendall trying to grab for it, he couldn't aim properly and it went flying in a random direction.

James watched the ball carefully, moving to its trajectory. It flew all the way across the pool. He jumped just as it flew over him but missed and it landed outside of the pool.

The boys all turned to see the ball land perfectly in Logan's lap where he sat in the pool chair. He smirked and picked it up. "Kendall!" Logan yelled. "Go long!"

Kendall laughed as he pushed Carlos away and moved to where the ball was going to go. Then Logan tossed it.

James and Carlos moved as fast as they could through the water, trying to get to the ball as they watched it fly across the pool.

Kendall was positioned perfectly, and the toss was excellently executed. The ball fell right to Kendall, and all he had to do was reach up, and catch the ball.

Kendall slammed the ball into the water. "Touchdown!" He cried as he threw his arms up in victory.

James and Carlos both slammed their hands in the water in frustration, splashing each other. They looked to each other angrily and then tackled each other, rolling around in the water and dunking each other.

Kendall couldn't laugh any harder as he watched the pair. He glanced up and couldn't help but beam at the way Logan's smile lit up his face, and his laughter made him look more lively.

Kendall smiled to himself. It's like that earthquake two weeks ago, the earthquake that almost took all of their lives, never even happened. Everything was normal again.

Author's note: Sorry again that it's so long, it probably bored all of you to bits. Sorry BookWorkKendall!

I know nothing of first aid, (except for that little CPR bit, which I had one class in) so DO NOT ATTEMPT ANYTHING MENTIONED IN THIS FIC! Just call 9-1-1 and listen to them. For all I know, Kendall could've killed Logan right there in real life when he pulled the pipe out, so don't go by my non-existent, fanfiction logic. Just sayin'.

Anyways, hope that wasn't too long and boring for y'all. Hope you liked it. :)