Plot:the Darkest Faerie Fora Malcie Spite and Vanity realize the king has brought new mates to the faeries of fairyland and after they were married they all got pregnant only a month apart.

disclaimer:I do not own Neo Pets or the Darkest Faerie they belong to the owner who made Neo Pets The Darkest Faerie (but the characters I made up are the faeries mates are:James,Manfred,Diego,Leon and,Chris)

One day at Fairyland The Darkest Faerie was nice and so was her sisters 3 years ago the Darkest Faerie Malcie Spite and Vanity heard a knock on their door.

I'll get it said Malcie No I'll get it said Vanity No its my turn to get it said Spite they started to fight over of getting the door how about I will get is said the Darkest Faerie and please sisters do not fight over the door!

Ok sister said Malcie and when the Darkest Faerie opened the door it was the king me tor the king and Roberta have a surprise you and your sisters said Fora what is it asked Malcie.

One of the male darkest faeries came out from behind the king and said The Darkest Faerie this is your mate and his name is James he has green eyes he has black hair and he's coming up to you James said what a pretty Darkest Faerie you are.

Why thank you said the Darkest Faerie and Fora said Vanity this one will be your mate and his name his Manfred and he has blue eyes and his hair is dark brown you will love him he is so funny he will make you girls laugh all the time Manfred came close to Vanity and said I just pull over a car and crash and Manfred started to laugh.

Vanity laughed and said you are so funny I will be your girlfriend and thank you Fora.

Spite this mate is for you and his name is Diego he will fight anything that is on his path Diego came up to Spite and kissed her forehead and said I love you my love.

Malice your mate is cool and loves rock and roll but he's crazy and his name is Chris.

YYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOO MALICE! said Chris I know you are going to be so crazy with my actions.

Why yes I will get crazy with you.

Fora said and My mate's name is Leon and I got him today so Darkest Faerie and you sisters enjoy you new mates.

we will said the Darkest Faerie.

End Chapter 1...