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Vanity was almost ready to give birth very soon and it was July 6th.

Fora was out side in the The Darkest Faerie's garden chatting with her dad on the phone and he said Fora I am proud for you to have a daughter I'll be here next week to see her ok dad saif Fora bye bye as Fora turned off her cell phone.

A Fora went back in The Darkest Faerie's castle The Darkest Faerie ran down the stairs and said Fora come quick Vanity is having her baby I saw her water comming out of her and she's in labour my sisters are already up stairs come.

4 hours later

PUSH VANITY YELL Fora until Vanity and Manfred's baby came out of her and the aby started to cry.

Its a girl said Fora as she cleaned her up and when she was done she hand it to Vanity and her daughter looks like her but she her wings were firey red like Manfred's wings.

I think her name should be Kate said Diego.

I love that name! said Vanity.

3 years later

Fora said The Darkest Faerie we're pregnant again only a month a part again well said The Darkest Faerie our daughters will have a brother or a sister in our family.

The end so should I make a seaquel?

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