Chapter 1: Paul Returns

One day has past since Team Rocket flee from getting arrested for trying to take over the World and capturing Meloetta and Meloetta was reunited with their old friend Larry.

Before Ash and his friends decided to go back to the original Unova Region. They decided to train their Pokemon for a one more day at Cynthia's Villa

"I can't wait to get to the Unova League you guys!" Ash shouted with excitement.

"Yeah well we should take a break from our training." Iris replied.

"Iris's is right we should. I go make lunch." Cilan said. Cynthia came out from her Villa. "Ash, Iris, and Cilan you guys should get some supplies for your Pokemon too." Cynthia said.

"She's right after all we need some Pokemon food too incase we run out." Cilan answered.

"Ash and Iris nodded. The Trainers got a ride in Cynthia's car with Cynthia driving.

As they came into Sazanami Town and parked near the PokeMart. "Well I suggest we split up and find Pokemon food, Medicine, and bottle of water." Cynthia ordered. The Three Trainers nodded.

"I'll look for the Pokemon food." Cilan said.

"I'll look for the Medicine." Iris answered.

"And I'll look for the some bottle of water." Ash replied.

"Oh I almost forgot We need food for us too." Cynthia said. I'll get the food that we need." Cynthia answered. Cynthia handed them some money so they can buy their supplies.

As Ash and his friends went shopping Ash was the first one to find the bottle of water. Ash paid for the water with some money that Cynthia gave to him. "Ash made his out of the PokeMart. "Man I'm done now Pikachu all we just have to do is wait for the others." The Trainer said to the Mouse Pokemon.

Ash and Pikachu sat on a bench. Suddenly Pikachu saw a familiar face looking at the PokeMart. "Pika Pika." The Mouse Pokemon called out.

"What's up Pikachu?" The Trainer asked his partner. Pikachu pointed at the boy looking at PokeMart.

Ash looked at what Pikachu was pointing at. Ash looked very closely at the boy and clothes that the boy was wearing was Paul.

"Hey Paul!" Ash called out.

Paul turned his head around. Paul looked at him for second and ran off. "Wait Paul where are you going?" The Trainer asked. But Paul didn't answer and soon he was gone.

"Why did Paul run off like that?" Ash asked himself.

Soon Iris, Cilan, and Cynthia came out of the PokeMart. "Hey Ash we're done so we can get back to Cynthia's Villa." Iris said.

"Hey earth to Ash is something wrong," Cilan asked. "Oh nothings wrong just spacing out." Ash said. But secretly he wondered why Paul was here in the East Unova region.

He decided to tell Cynthia that Paul was here but decided to talk about that later after Lunch.

End of Chapter