Chapter 5: Paul's Reasons

"Hey Paul you know these trespassers," Slash asked the coldhearted Trainer.

Paul explained at how he met Ash. "I see sounds like you never got along with this loser." Taka said with chuckle. "Oh my looks we choose the right new Teammate darlings." Alice said with wicked smile.

Slash walked up to his Teammates.

"My Team lets go we're wasting time talking with these losers. Now recall your Pokemon." Slash ordered his Teammates. Team Supreme got their Pokemon Pokeballs out and return them back.

"Lets go!" Slash called out. Cynthia decided to ask Paul a question. "Hey Paul why are you with these guys.?" Cynthia asked. Paul just ignored her. "Hey Paul she asked you a question!" Ash shouted.

Paul just continued to walk away.

Ash wanting to go after him.

But was stopped by Cilan who shook his head slowly which told Ash to let Paul go.

But then Paul suddenly spoke up:

"Look Ash and Cynthia the two reasons that I joined their Team is because they promised me power and the second reason well I'll hold my tongue for now." Paul said and walked away.

"(He hasn't changed.)" Ash said to himself.

Ash and his friends made their way out of Team Supreme's hideout and went back to Cynthia's Villa.

Ash and his friends soon got dinner ready.

"Man sounds like this Paul guy isn't very nice to Ash and Cynthia." Iris said. "It would seem that way." Cilan replied.

"I don't understand why would Paul join up with those bullies?" Cynthia asked. "I'm wondering about that too Cynthia." Ash answered.

"Do you think maybe we should look for him again?" Iris asked her friends. "Tomorrow we will." Cynthia said.

Two hours later: Ash and his friends got ready for bed.

"Hey Pikachu just like Cynthia said we'll look for Paul. And I'm going to battle him if I have to besides I want to see what kind of new Pokemon Paul has caught." Ash said to his partner. Pikachu nodded.

Soon Ash and his friends fell asleep.

End of Chapter.