Chapter 7: The Search and Double Battle

The next morning Cynthia, Cilan, Iris, and Bianca got up and started to make breakfast.

"So Cynthia what are we going to do about Team Supreme," Iris asked. Cynthia was silent but then realized Ash wasn't around.

"Wait where's Ash?" The Sinnoh Champion asked. "He might be still in bed you see I looked in his room and he was still asleep." Cilan said.

"What a kid." Iris whispered.

"Look you guys Ash must be a little down from losing to Paul." Bianca said. "Yeah from what I observed Paul was indeed strong." The Connoisseur said. "Yeah his Pokemon were powerful." Iris said.

Soon Ash and Pikachu approached. "Well look who decided to wake up." Cynthia said. "Yeah Ash you've been sleeping very long but you're just in time for breakfast." Cilan said pointing at the table.

"Oh I'm not hungry." Ash muttered. The group gasped. "What do you mean you're not hungry?" Bianca asked.

"I'm just not okay." Ash said. "Look Ash are you still thinking about helping Paul ditch those bullies," Iris asked.

"I guess so." Ash said quietly. "Well Ash from what he said last night he won't leave them." Cilan said. "I think he's right Ash if Paul not gonna leave Team Supreme just let him go." Bianca spoke. "Now you guys Paul maybe still with them but I have a feeling that Ash might be doing the right thing." Cynthia said.

"But Cynthia.." Bianca was interrupted by Cynthia's voice. "Look Ash is right that Paul shouldn't be with those guys he needs our help." She said.

"Well okay but if Paul doesn't want to leave them then we'll just leave him alone." Iris said. Axew!" The Tusk Pokemon said agreeing with Trainers statement. "Okay then but first let's eat and we'll look for Team Supreme again." Cynthia


Slash, Alice, and Taka were eating breakfast too along with Paul. "So Slash and Taka what do we do today?" Alice asked. "Well we should look around for rare Pokemon and capture them for our Team." Slash said with a grin.

"Hey boss look at the newspaper." Taka said handing him the newspaper. Slash looked at it and read it.

"A mysterious Pokemon was just seen by a camera man but passed out after seeing it." He said as he read the main article.

"Hey boss the Pokemon is on left side." Alice said pointing at the left of the front page of the newspaper.

"Hmm from what I see here it maybe a Dragonair the second evolution of Dratini." Alice said. "I know what Dragonair is!" Slash yelled. "Well where was it spotted?" Taka asked. Slash began to look on where was the Dragnair spotted.

"Here it is the Pokemon was spotted next to a beach next to the island of Onix." He explained.

"Well boss this Pokemon will come it handy to our Team." Taka said with a crook smile.

"You got that right and the people who are going find it is us." Slash shouted. "But Dragonair will be hard to catch boys you see Dragonair is a very powerful Pokemon. Besides how are we going to find it when get next to the beach?" Alice asked. Taka and Slash looked at her with a glare. "Wait don't tell me that you're suggestion we leave it alone." Taka said. "Well I don't know I mean .." Alice was stopped by Taka who grabbed her by her shirt. "Look Alice we will get that Dragonair and no one gonna get in our way so we run into anyone who wants to catch it we'll just have to send them away by force!" He yelled.

Paul suddenly stepped in. "Look guys I have an idea that might get us the Dragonair." He said.

"Well what is it," Taka asked as Paul whispered into men's ears. "I see your Froslass learned Destiny Bond. Well I heard that a the Pokemon falls into battle uses that attack and faints first the opponents Pokemon down with it too." Slash said with smirk.

"Right with Froslass we won't lose Dragonair." Paul said with chuckle.

"Well first let's get our stuff ready and search for Dragonair." Slash said as his teammates nodded except for Alice.

Two hours later.

Alice walking quietly towards the exit door was caught by a Paul.

"Look Paul let's get one thing straight I won't hurt that Dragonair because something tells me it wants a Trainer that won't hurt it." She said with a serious look on her face.

"Right so I want you to leave." Paul said. "What?" She asked. "Look the way Taka grabbed was wrong so I want you to get away from here safely." He said. "Why do you want me to be safe." Alice asked.

"Look go to the entrance of Sazanami Town next go few miles down and there will be a ferry that will take you away from East Unova." Paul said giving her a map.

"Oh thank you Paul. She said as she kissed him on the cheek and ran off leaving Paul stunned but he made his way back to Taka and Slash.

Alice made it to the entrance of Sazanami Town but then stopped. "Wait I can't just leave Paul to those guys." She said and ran off to find Ash and his friends.

Meanwhile back at Cynthia's Villa

"Well you guys let's go find Paul and his teammates." Ash said as the others nodded.

But then Iris notice a newspaper laying on the grass and picked it up. "Hey you guys a mysterious Pokemon was just spotted. She said as she held the paper and show them the main story on the front page.

Cynthia looked at it and realized that the Pokemon looked like a Dragonair. "Well this Pokemon looks like a Dragonair." Cilan said as he looked at paper.

"Hey Ash does the Dragonair evolve Dragonite?" Iris asked. "Oh yes Dragonair does into Dragonite." He replied. "Well you guys we can't worry about that we need to find Team Supreme." Cilan spoke. "Cilan's right we can't stop to look for this Dragon Pokemon." Bianca answered. "So let's get going you guys." Cynthia said as the Trainers nodded. Suddenly a girl appeared. "Hey are you Alice?" Ash asked. "Yes I am." She replied. "What are you doing here," Bianca asked. Alice began to explain about what Team Supreme are up to now. "What are you saying that their going after Dragonair?" Iris asked. Alice nodded.

"Is Paul with them?" Cynthia asked. "Yes he told me to go the ferry and leave East Unova." Alice replied. "Wow Paul seems to care for you." Bianca said. "I know but instead of leaving I decided to find you guys and tell at what my teammates are up to this time." Alice said. "Well where is this Dragonair," Ash asked. The brown haired girl explained to them that the Dragon Pokemon was spotted next to the beach.

"Alright let's go to the beach." Cynthia said. The gang got into Cynthia car and Alice decided to go with them.

Soon Team Supreme arrived at the beach. "Well let's go find Dragonair." Taka said. "Yeah besides I another Pokemon that can help us." Slash said. "Go Sableye!" He said as he threw the pokeball.

"My Pokemon has the attack Mean Look if that Dragonair tries to escape I'll have Sableye use Mean Look on it so it can't get away." He explained. "Yeah then what?" Paul asked. "Then Paul you'll battle the Dragon Pokemon with your Froslass and let it do damage to your Pokemon. Last have Froslass use Destiny Bond and then we'll capture it." The tall man explained. "Sounds like a perfect plan." The Coldhearted Trainer said with a grin.

"Okay let's get going." Taka spoke. Ash and his friends soon arrived at the beach and got out of Cynthia's car. "Okay when we get to the beach we need to split up and find Dragonair before Team Supreme does." Cynthia said. "Ash and Iris you two look around the beach for Dragonair, Cilan and Bianca you both will come with me and help me search around the forest for Team Supreme and Alice I want you go along with Ash and Iris." She ordered.

Ash and his friends began the search for Dragonair and Team Supreme.

Team Supreme soon found a nearby lake that wasn't that far from the beach. "Hey I bet this lake is connected to the beach." Taka said. He was right of course the lake was big and a river was next to the lake. Slash looked around and saw something moving the lake. "That must be Dragonair so what's next?" Taka asked. "We need to get that Dragonair out of the lake with a water Pokemon so Paul call out your Seismitoad." Taka said. "Ok Seismitoad stand by for battle!" Paul said as he threw the Pokeball.

"Seismitoad go in the lake and force Dragonair out." He ordered as the Vibration Pokemon nodded. Seismitoad began to swim down to the Dragon Pokemon. Dragonair noticed it and prepared to attack but Seismitoad noticed that it and began to use Double Team before the Dragon Pokemon made a attack move.

"So my Seismitoad can use Double Team very useful. Now use use Drain Punch under Dragonair's chin to send it out of the lake!" Paul commanded. The Vibration Pokemon punched under the Dragon's chin sending it out of the lake and falling onto the ground. "Good now Sableye use Mean Look!" Slash commanded as the Dragon Pokemon opened it's eyes and looking into Sableye's glowing eyes. "Great now Paul call out your Froslass!" Taka ordered. "Right go Froslass use Blizzard!" He commanded the Snow Land Pokemon. Froslass blew a howling blizzard causing super effective damage on Dragonair. Dragonair suddenly blew a Famerthrower attack a Froslass. "Cool Dragonair can use Flamethrower this Pokemon will come in handy to our team." Slash said.

Froslass took damage from the fire attack. "Frosolass use Ice Shards attack." Paul commanded. The Snow Land Pokemon blew a chunks of ice a the Dragon Pokemon but it used another Flamethrower attack causing the ice attack to melt and landing a super effective damage. "Now use Destiny Bond." Paul said. Froslass eyes let out a pink light causing the Dragon Pokemon to faint along with it.

"Good let's get it." Slash said as he and his teammates walked up to the Dragon Pokemon. "Hold it right there!" A male voice shouted. The three boys turned around and saw Ash and his friends including Alice.

'Leave that pokemon alone!" Iris shouted. Axew!" The Tusk Pokemon yelled with a upset look. "Look this Pokemon is ours now so get lost!" Taka shouted.

"No Dragonair doesn't belong with you guys and I bet you three are just going to use for your selfish needs." Bianca said. Cynthia step in. "Alright enough this arguing is not helping so let's have a battle against Taka and Slash. She said. Ash agreed to this so he step in. "Hey you two I challenge you both to a Double Battle if I win you leave Dragonair alone." The Pokemon Trainer said. "Pika!" The Mouse Pokemon said looking eager to battle. "Very well but if we win this Dragonair will be ours." Slash said.

Ash and the two Supreme Trainers made their way to an open area for their Double Battle. Soon they found a open space in the forest and got ready for their Double Battle. "I'll be referee for this Double Battle." Cynthia said. "I choose Absol!" Slash called out as he threw the Pokeball. "Go Simisear!" Taka Said.

"Pikachu and Palpitoad I choose you both!" Ash called out. Pikachu ran into the field and Vibration Pokemon came out of its pokeball. "Now Trainers begin!" Cynthia announced.

Palpitoad use Hydro Pump on Simisear!" Ash commanded. Palpitoad let a big jet of water at the Ember Pokemon. "Heh Absol use Thunder attack." Slash yelled. Absol let a a wicked thunderbolt and the two attack collided and caused a explosion.

"Quick Pikachu use Iron Tail on Absol!" The black haired Trainer commanded. Pikachu's tail glowed and was just about to land a hit when Ash saw Slash smirking about something. "Double Team now!" Slash commanded. The Disaster Pokemon began to make illusion copies of itself causing Pikachu to stop and looking for the real Absol.

"Simisear use Sunny Day!" Taka ordered. Simisear's attack caused the sun to shine so bright. "Why did Taka have Simisear use Sunny Day?" Bianca asked. Cilan and Iris said nothing as if they more confused than Bianca was.

"Simisear use Flamethrower on Pikachu!" Taka called out as Simisear blew a flaming breath at Pikachu. "Quick Palpitoad get in front of Pikachu and use Mud Shot!" Ash ordered. "Heh Absol use Blizzard attack!" Slash commanded. Absol blew a howling Blizzard at the Mud Shot attack causing the move to freeze and causing the Palpitoad to get frozen.

"No Palpitoad!" Ash yelled. "This is bad now Palpitoad is frozen and now it can't move." Cilan shouted. "Pikachu use Iron Tail to smash the ice and free Palpitoad!" The male Trainer said. Pikachu slammed the ice with it's Steel Type attack but then Ash's friends noticed Slash and Taka had grins on their faces.

Simisear use Solar Beam!" Taka commanded. The Ember Pokemon powered up the grass attack and lauched it very quickly. "Uh oh Pikachu use Electro Ball!" Ash yelled. Pikachu swung a electric orb at the Solar Beam but was out matched causing the Pikachu and Palpitoad to get hit from the attack sending backwards onto the field.

"Noo!" Ash screamed. "Wow so that's why Simisear use Sunny Day. Th sun became so bright that Solar Beam was launched very quickly. Iris said. Axew looked worried as he stared at his friends looking very hurt.

Pikachu and Papitoad struggled to get up but they fainted causing the gang including Ash to gasped. "Pikachu and Palpitoad are both unable to battle so the winners are Taka and Slash!" Cynthia announced but looked sad that Ash lost.

"No way Ash lost!" Iris shouted looking sad. "Now Dragonair is going with them now!" Cilan shouted. "Oh no.." Bianca said sadly.

"So Dragonair is ours losers." Taka said with a laugh. "Heh you're a loser." Slash said with a grin causing Ash to growl with anger. Paul just looked them for minute and this scene caused him to remember that he was like that to Ash. Plus he remembered that he cared for Alice and realized that if he just went along with Taka and Slash he might regret this and also Alice would never forgive him so he suddenly stepped in front of his teammates.

"Hey stop it!" Paul shouted. "What did you say?" Taka asked looking mad. "I choose battle the both of you." The Coldhearted replied. Ash and his friends including Alice and Cynthia were surprised that Paul was helping them.

End of chapter with cliffhanger.