Gerard looked out the dust strained windows in the little café. Outside rain was pouring down from a heavy sky. A couple of poor people had been caught in the miserable weather without an umbrella and they were soaked to the skin. Only a few had taken a seat inside the café, three teenage girls in a corner, who spoke loudly and a couple talking on a couch.

The same old classical tune he had been listening to since he started working there was driving him mad, he knew all the tones by heart, even though it was at least ten minutes long. He sat behind the counter on a worn stool and sipped some coffee. As long as there were no costumers he had nothing to do. To be perfectly honest the whole day had been pretty dull. Of some reason his college was closed for a whole week, so he had taken some extra hours at work in hope of getting his rents paid. But he was out of books, and he was not allowed to draw at work (who made that fucking rule anyway?) so he had nothing to do but just stare into a wall and swill large amounts of coffee.

He was clearing the counter for the third time in half an hour when the doorbell chimed and a tired man, or rather boy, quickly stepped inside. In just that short time the room chilled down, and a cold wind cleared the air. Gerard was thankful, though it seemed that the other guests got a little irritated. The boy, or maybe he really was a man, it was hard to determine because of his height, walked his way to the counter. He was very short, and soaked in the ice-cold rain. Dark hair fell stickily all around his round face, and a wee bit of eyeliner ran down his left cheek. Despite being wet and out of breath he looked insanely happy. Gerard sent him a grin before asking him if he could take his order. He ordered a cup of coffee, he didn't specify so Gerard assumed he didn't care. The cake display caught his eyes and after a little time he pointed at one of the big vanilla-chocolate cupcakes. He took place on a comfy chair and sighed deeply.

Gerard brought him his coffee and cake shortly after.

"Would you mind if I sat here? Nothing really happens, so, yeah... Do you?" he stammered. The guy nodded cheery and made a hand gesture towards the chair in front of his own.

"I'm Frank," the guy said, "what's your name?"

"My name's Gerard" They kept the conversation going for a few minutes, but Gerard already knew that Frank was just as obsessed with coffee as himself and they both enjoyed comics a lot. Frank swallowed the last sips of coffee with a satisfied look painted across his face.

"I'm so sorry, but it seems like the rain has subsided and I need to get home. But I'll definitely come again, just you wait." Gerard muttered a displeased goodbye, as he knew he would be bored again. Frank sent him the biggest smile and disappeared out on the autumn cold streets. Not long after the other guest rose too and went home. As did Gerard.