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Emma's life had never been easy but when she came to Storybrooke that all changed. She sighed as she stared at the love of her life hard at work in his office. Him showing back up after the purple fog arrived as if he never died had shocked her to her very core but she certainly wasn't complaining. He loved her, she loved him and that was all that mattered.

She hadn't really felt all that well but she sure as hell wasn't going to tell him that, seeing that knowing that face, he'd certainly send her home and home wasn't a place she wanted to be. She slowly got up and had gone towards his office a smile on her face as she approached him and wrapped her arms around his neck, trying desperately to hide the fact that his previously eaten grilled cheese sandwich was making her want to vomit.

Graham didn't know what had brought him back to Storybrooke, when he had so clearly died. All he knew was that he was laying on his back in the woods, and once he realized where he was it took everything in him to not run full force into town to find Emma. Once he was able to locate her though, he vowed never to leave her side again.

Though, if he was being honest with himself, he was a little fearful that she wouldn't be willing to take him back. That she wouldn't want to be with him. He had, even if it wasn't his fault, broken her heart. Emma was not the kind of person that bounced back easily from something like that.

So when she thrust her arms around his neck and crashed her lips against his, he felt his once nonexistent heart beat wildly in his chest. As he pulled back from the kiss, and rested his forehead against hers, he smiled brightly.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sat in his office watching his beautiful girlfriend occasionally glance in his direction. His heart started to thump in his chest, as she stood up and walked toward the office door. He took a deep breath as he too stood up, and caught the lust-filled look in her eyes. The door swung open, as she strode into the room. Her arms reached up and wrapped around his neck. Her eyes met his, and he suddenly saw the lust quickly disappear, as she turned her head.

He felt her breathing deepen, as she licked her lips. Graham had noticed that she looked a bit pale this morning when he picked her up. "Emma, sweetheart, are you feeling okay?" He asked, a gentle hand on her shoulder.

A firm shake of the head, and she bolted from the room. Graham nearly tripped over his own feet as he attempted to follow her.

Emma had been quite confused with the world surrounding her after she broke the curse, confused on who she was, confused on who her parents were and who everyone in town was. She was still trying to come to terms with it all. Sure Mary tried to get her to talk, to get her to understand but she couldn't, it wasn't because of what they'd done cause hadn't she done the same with Henry? No the real reason was because coming to terms with everything also meant Graham really was telling the truth, he didn't have a heart yet he managed to fall in love with her and she with him, and that love had made the Queen kill him, she lost the man she loved because he chose her.

As She walked the streets of Storybrooke deep in thought she noticed something in the far off distance near the woods. She wiped a tear when she noticed it being Graham's wolf. She wasn't sure but it wanted her to follow her and seeing as it was one of her last links to him she decided to do exactly what it wanted her do. She ran after it trying to keep up, it stopped briefly to look up at her as she pet its soft fur She spoke, "I know, Wolfie. I miss him too." She wiped another tear away, then began to race off pleading, "Slow Down, I cant keep up." This time When it stopped she was in for the shock of her life.

"GRAHAM!? GRAHAM!?" She screamed when she saw him "It's you. You really are here, your back!" She wasn't sure how it happened, all she knew was that magic brought him back to her. She gazed into his big blue eyes and crashed her lips into his extremely happy to have him back and knowing she'd never let him go ever again.

Since that unforgettable day the two were inseparable. Once the town got over the shock of their once dead sheriff being back they had welcomed him with open arms and most were happy for him and Emma, their relationship was definitely not a secret which made it easy for him to spend the majority of his time at Emma and Mary's. At this moment in time however they were hard at work at the station and in Emma's eyes everything he did was sexy. Once she made her way to him she had every intention of having her way with her hot stud of a man but in the end the overwhelming feeling to vomit won out.

She sighed as she looked at him, the concern written all over his face. At first she didn't want to worry him. Wanting to tell him she was fine but she also knew he could see right through her. She shook her head as she simply stated, "God, No." Then bolted to the bathroom knowing full well Graham was two steps behind her.

She once again sighed as she throw up the contents of her stomach into the toilet, breathing deeply as she felt Graham hold back her hair. She pouted a little, certainly not wanting him to see her like this. Once she was through vomiting she washed her mouth and faked a grin as she very easily lied. "Now, I'm fine." No sooner had the words come out of her mouth, she then passed out, collapsing into his arms.

Once Graham was able to grab purchase on the slippery, tiled floor, his legs propelled him forward. Only when the bathroom was in view did he slid to a halting stop before rushing in. The sight of Emma groaning, as the contents of her stomach pushed their way out, made his heart clench uncomfortably. Something that he wasn't entirely used to, but something that he was definitely glad to have the chance to learn to deal with. He slid down to his knees, as his calloused hands reached out and pulled back Emma's flowing, curly blond locks of hair.

"Emma, sweetheart-" Graham was at a loss of what to say. What did one say when someone that they loved was in pain? He had no idea what to say. Tears glistened in his eyes as he watched as her stomach continued it's revolt, until finally, there was nothing left to come up.

Emma pushed away from the toilet and Graham's welcoming embrace. Standing at the sink, she rinsed out her mouth, from the sour look on her face, Graham could only conclude that the sour taste of vomit was still lingering on her tongue. The thought made his own stomach feel queasy, and he forced the bile that was slowly rising to his throat to stay in place.

He opened his arms, as he eyed the suspiciously fake smile on Emma's lips. "Now, I'm fine." He walked toward her, and his eyes widen as her legs gave out on her and she collapsed into his arms. Graham thanked his lucky stars for being in decent shape, as he was able to keep Emma's body from connecting with the tiled, bathroom floor.

He stared at her unconscious form for a moment. He drew in his bottom lip and his teeth began to assault it, as he thought of what to do. Did he take her to the hospital—was Whale even still doing his doctoring duties? Perhaps he should take her back to her mother's place. Snow would know what to do, she would tell him what to do. How to help her.

Graham nodded to himself, as he hefted her limp body into his arms. "Please be okay." He croaked out, as tears assaulted his eyes, and a couple ran down his cheeks and splashed against Emma's arm. "I love you, Princess." He smiled softly. Emma hated it when he called her that, no matter how true it was.

He walked swiftly from the station, and toward the sheriff car. Carefully, he juggled Emma's body so that he could open the car door, before he laid her down in the backseat. He growled for a moment, as thoughts of what had transpired in that very backseat flooded his memory. Shutting his eyes for a moment, letting the sensual memory to overtake his senses. After a moment, he promptly shut the car door, before jumping into the driver seat. With one last backward glance toward Emma, Graham put the car into gear and peeled out of the parking lot.

The drive to Snow's was excruciatingly long, as Graham's fingers drummed nervously on the steering wheel. His car sped down the roads at a speed nearly three times what the posted limit was, he ran the siren so that no one would think it weird that he was driving so dangerously fast.

The tires squealed loudly, as he pulled to a stop in front of Snow's building. Jumping from the car, Graham retrieved his still unconscious girlfriend from the back seat, and hefted her into his arms. He eyed the stairs in front of him for a moment, and hated the fact that Snow had to live on the third floor. Without a second thought, Graham took a deep breath before running up the stairs. He took them two at a time, praying that his clumsy feet wouldn't get him in trouble this time.

In no time he was onto the third floor landing, and gasping for air. The fact that breathing was essential wasn't the most important thing on his mind as he kicked at the bottom of Snow's door. He waited a couple of seconds before kicking at it again.

"Coming." Called the cheery voice that he knew to be Snow White. Since his return to Storybrooke, and everyone regained their memories from their homeland, his and Snow's friendship had returned strong that it had been before.

The door pulled open, and as Graham practically pushed his way in.

"What happened?" Snow asked, worry lighting up her features. She noted that James was staring, slack-jawed, from his place just outside of their shared bedroom. "Go find Henry." Snow said, sternly.

James nodded before dashing off, up the stairs before the young boy came downstairs to figure out what was going on.

"She got sick—threw up—then she collapsed." Graham said, as he laid her down on the couch.

Snow sighed. "Why didn't you take her to the hospital?"

Graham peered at her through his lashes. "You saw what Whale was like after the curse broke. I-" Graham sighed. "I didn't know if anyone would be there. I figured it would be best to bring her here."

Snow nodded. "Okay. I'll call Doc. He won't be much help, I'm afraid, but it's the best we can do." Snow spoke more calmly than she felt as she peered at Graham.

He sighed, as tears rolled down his cheeks. His hand gripped Emma's. "I love you so much, Emma. Please, please, wake up." He leaned his head forward, pressing his forehead against hers.

A lot had been going on in Emma's barely conscious state of mind. She heard Graham speak to her, and had heard him call her princess. True it wasn't something she liked to hear. Yes she had been one by blood but she was raised in this world away from her parents, due to all this she had led a hard life complete with a tough inner shell that only one person had ever broke through. That was the very man who held her now. She willed herself to speak but she was so completely tired she couldn't get her eyes to open let alone to get herself to speak, so there she was worrying the man that she loved.

As ill and seemingly unconscious as Emma had been she could feel Grahams every move, from lifting her up in his big strong arms, the tear that had fallen from his eye, right down to him carefully placing her in the backseat of the patrol car. As she lay there memories of a different night haunted her, it was the one night they hadn't been careful. A night that unbeknownst to Emma had created a whole new life.

Her thoughts shifted to that very night. It had been a slow night in Storybrooke. Grumpy had been behaving himself and the town was quiet. The two decided it would be time to go home, except when they neared the patrol car, Emma had gotten a better idea. She bit her lip and raised an eyebrow seductively causing Graham to raise his own eyebrow as he said, "What?"

She giggled like a school girl as she shoved him into the backseat. She was still giggling as she read him, his rights so to speak. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say and do, can and will be used against you-" Her hands ripped open his shirt, then grazing his bare chest she whispered seductively "Sheriff Graham, you are wearing far to much clothing" She ripped open his pants revealing his manhood and throwing all caution to the wind had made love to him right there in that patrol car.

When she had finally woken up from her sleep like state she realized she was in her shared apartment with Graham holding her hand, tears filling his eyes. She looked up at him attempting to get up but failing miserably as the room around her began to spin. She didn't want to worry him but the fact remained that she was not well. She frowned as she laid her head on his chest. "Baby, I really don't feel good." She simply replied then with pleading eyes she spoke again. "Stay with me." She knew he'd do anything for her especially with her being sick and that notion was something she had been banking on now.

He had spent the day with her until he got a call from the office. Emma knew he hated to leave her but she practically shoved him out the door. "Go, Graham. This town needs you and Mary's here. She'll take care of me." She laughed a little as he gave her the stern look she knew all to well. Speaking as she smirked at him. "I promise I wont go anywhere scouts honor." She smiled putting her hand up in self defense, giving him one last kiss before shutting the door.

Emma had a dreamy look on her face when her mother gave her a questioning look. "What?" She questioned her mother. Snow bit her lip trying to figure out a way to subtly question her 28 year old daughter, then decided on being blunt. "Emma is it possible that you could be-are you?" Emma looked at her with a confused look on her face. "What Mary?" She questioned again, finally Snow answered in but a whisper. "Pregnant, are you Pregnant?" She repeated. At first Emma shook her head defiantly saying. "No, that's insane, we're careful-" but she trailed off suddenly remembering that night in the Patrol car when they had been anything less then careful. Snow looked at her worriedly when she noticed the clouded look in her eyes. "Emma?" She spoke in a worried tone. Emma grabbed her coat from the rack which caused Snow to speak again. "Emma,where are you going?" Emma's eyes filled with tears of joy and perhaps fear as she simply replied, "To the store."

Graham's hand curled around Emma's, his eyes never leaving her face. He was barely aware that Snow was still behind him, anxiously watching over the both of them. Lifting his free hand, he brushed a hand through her hair. It was then that he noticed that the hand laying limp on her stomach had twitched. He rocked back on his heels, as he took in her whole body. The hand he was holding onto squeezed slightly, before her eyes fluttered open. A large smile took over Graham's face, as she peered into his eyes.

"Oh, thank God!" Graham sighed in relief. His hand went up to cup her cheek.

He felt her try to sit up, but he pressed a soft hand against her shoulder, as confusion lit up her beautiful eyes. "Baby, I really don't feel good." Her voice was a soft whisper. His eyes clouded over with new tears. "Stay with me." Graham knew how much it took for her to ask him that. To practically plead with him to stay. He simply nodded, as he pulled his legs out and sat down on the floor next to her. His hand never let go of hers. He grinned at her for a moment. Snow had excused herself, claiming she was going to make Graham some lunch, and Emma some soup.

He rested his head against her knee, and twisted his head to the side so he could see her. "I'll never leave you're side." He smiled at her. He kissed her hand softly, before Snow reappeared.

"A grilled cheese for you." She handed the plate to Graham, who smiled politely up at her. "I made you some soup, honey. If you want it?"

Graham watched his girlfriend think it over, but saw her nose twitch at the smell of the precious sandwich in his lap. He looked back up at Snow, and sighed. "You know, thank you for the sandwich, but I'm really not that hungry."

Snow eyed him for a moment, as his stomach grumbled loudly in protest. He smiled sheepishly, as he handed her the sandwich. She sighed, and shrugged her shoulders before disappearing with the sandwich.

Graham's phone rang, and he eyed it for a moment before groaning. "It's the office."

"Go, Graham. This town needs you and Mary's here. She'll take care of me." He stood up, but eyed her wearily. He knew what she was capable of. He fixed her with a glare that meant no funny business.

She laughed, and it took everything in Graham to not falter from his stern facial expression to not smile at the sound. "I promise I wont go anywhere scouts honor." He sighed, before leaning down and pressing his lips to hers in one last kiss before turning back to the door. He caught sight of Snow, who nodded her head. It was enough for him to know that Emma was in good hands. He quickly shut the door behind him, and hoped that whoever had called the station was truly experiencing a life or death situation.

Emma felt fresh tears fall from her eyes as she stared at the pregnancy test in her hand. Positive. She sighed as she looked at it again mentally willing the test to turn negative even though she knew that was virtually impossible. How could she let this happen again? Not that Graham was anything like Henry's father but they never discussed having kids. She worried he wouldn't want it or her after she told him and losing him was not an option. She frowned as she sat down on the bathroom floor a complete blubbering idiot, barely hearing Mary speak to her from the other side of the door. "Emma. Honey, are you ok?" Came her mothers worried voice. When Emma finally got her bearings, she opened the door, wiped a last tear and spoke. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just need some air." She admitted, grabbing her coat and walking out the door.

Snow wasn't sure if it was curiosity or just the mere fact that she was worried about her daughter. She hadn't heard her cry that hard since Graham's death, ordinarily her strong daughter had her walls up, so she knew something was wrong. Once Emma had left she stepped into the bathroom for any sign of what might have made her so upset, that had been when she saw it. The positive pregnancy test laying on top of the sink, suddenly Snow understood and she knew no matter what happened she'd always be there for her.

Emma drew in a breath and sighed as she stepped into the station. Her hands were shaking and she shivered a bit, despite knowing she wasn't cold, she zipped her jacket up anyway. When she saw him standing there her hand automatically reached for her stomach as if protecting her unborn child from whatever could transpire. "Here goes Nothing." She said to no one in particular.

Graham had been staring at the computer screen not necessarily paying any attention to what it was he was doing, but more or less worrying about Emma. He was just about ready to leave when he looked up to see her standing there all teary eyed, which worried him more. "I thought I told you not to leave the apartment." He spoke knowing her well enough to know she'd do the opposite of what he said. Her eyes glistened with tears as she answered him. "I'm not sick." He raised his eyebrow as he spoke back "What do you mean, you're not sick? You passed out." He stammered, opting not to give her a smart ass remark. She took his hand and gazed into his eyes as if willing him to understand what she was saying without having to say it. "I'm not sick." She repeated. One look in her tear-filled eyes and he had completely understood what she meant, the notion made him back into the desk in pure shock. "Are you?" He questioned his own eyes filling with tears now. She nodded her head as she answered him "I'm Pregnant, and if you ask me if it's yours, I'm going to deck you" He got up smiling through his tears only Emma would make a joke out of a situation like this, still smiling he took her face in his hands and kissed her.

Graham groaned as he typed in a few words before glancing at the clock. He felt as if he could deck Dr. Whale—or whoever in the hell the guy was—for attempting to murder Regina, yet again. Not that the thought hadn't crossed Graham's mind on more than one occasion, but he knew that murdering her wasn't the way to go about it. Besides, he could never do that to Henry. He smiled softly, as he thought about how close the two of them had gotten. He loved Henry like he was his own son, which made him smile even more. However, the smile dropped from his face, as he glared at the nearly empty incident report that Regina insisted that he fill out before going home to Emma.

Well, Regina hadn't put it quite so—kindly-which caused him to glare at the former mayor and current evil witch. "Stupid report." He mumbled to the empty room, as he tapped his finger to form a new word.

An hour was pushing it, when Emma was so sick. The incident report could wait, and he was fairly certain that Whale wasn't going to attempt again, at least not for a couple of days. At which point, Graham had decided that his gun might come in handy. Who needed the annoyingly, obnoxious man anyway?

Staring at the screen, to see what he had typed into the report, Graham heard the door to the station squeak close. Throwing his hands up, he decided he was done for the night, and stood up. When he turned to see who had decided to venture into the station, his breath caught in his throat.

Graham's eyebrows knitted together. "I thought I told you not to leave the apartment?" He asked. Pure concern in his voice.

"I'm not sick." She answered.

He felt his eyebrows raise questionably. "What do you mean, you're not sick? You passed out." He stammered, stating a obvious fact. He had witnessed her collapse, had caught her limp body in his arms. She was obviously sick, and she needed to go back to the apartment and lay down.

Graham watched as she walked toward him, she clasped her hand in his and gazed into his blue eyes. "I'm not sick." She repeated.

Glancing into her tear-filled eyes it suddenly dawned on him. That night in the squad car came flashing back into his mind's eye, and it all fit together. The realization of it all caused him to stumble backward. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he realized that she was probably reliving the night he died. He had reeled backward the same way that night. That thought though would have to be saved for later. Right now he had pressing matters. He swallowed thickly. "Are you?" He asked, his own eyes glistening with tears.

"I'm pregnant, and if you ask if it's yours, I'm going to deck you."

Graham couldn't stop the smile that curled his lips upward as a tear fell onto his cheek. Moving toward her, he took her face into his hands and kissed her. He could feel the tension in her body, and he finally realized like she was scared to death. Pulling back, he rested his forehead against hers. "I love you so much." He smiled brightly.

"You mean that?" Her voice was thick with unshed tears.

Graham nodded, as he grabbed a hold of her hand and led her to his desk. He sat down, before pulling her into his lap. "I am so happy, Emma. Nothing could make me happier-" He let his sentence trail off, and caught Emma's eye.

"If you say something about sex, I will deck you."

Graham laughed. "No, it's not." He willed his hand not to shake, as he motioned for Emma to stand up. When she complied, he turned his back on her and dug around in his desk drawer. Pulling out the treasure from within, he turned back toward her as he knelt down. "Emma Swan, will you marry me?"

He watched as her eyes grew large, and looked like they might fall out of the sockets. He saw as she attempted to swallow, and he thought he saw tears in her eyes, but he couldn't be sure. However, the longer she stood there, silent, the more uneasy he grew. He cleared his throat. "An answer would really be great." He whispered, his eyes never wavering from hers.

"Are you serious?" She whispered back.

Graham fought the urge to laugh, as he nodded his head. "I couldn't be more serious if I tried. Emma, you were one of the first people in my life to make me feel something. In fact, only one other person has ever made me feel anything, and that was your mother. She renewed my faith in humanity. She made me see that not everyone was selfish. You gave me back that feeling when I couldn't feel anything. When I had no heart, you made me feel like I did. With no heart, I was able to fall in love you, and nothing will ever change that. Not even death."

He saw the tears splash down Emma's cheeks. Finally she nodded. "Of course I'll marry you."

Graham stood up, and placed the ring on her finger. Looking into her eyes, he felt all the love he felt for her with a renewed force, as he pressed his lips to hers intensely, before pulling back. He placed his forehead against her, as his hand snaked out to lay against her flat stomach. "I can't believe we're going to have a baby. Do you understand how happy you've made me?" He smiled, before pulling her body against his and held her tightly.

Graham leaned up against his patrol car waiting for young Henry to get out of school. He told Emma he'd pick the boy up from school though he didn't tell her why nor did young Henry know any of this yet. He smiled when he saw Henry walk out of the school a huge grin on his face when he saw Graham. "Graham," he beamed, "what are you doing here? Not that I'm not happy to see you, its just well, I thought my Mom was picking me up." Graham smiled as he peered at him, then ruffled his hair as he spoke. "I need your help with something, Henry." Henry crinkled his nose as he answered. "Is it about Operation Cobra? Cause I stopped doing that when everyone started remembering who they were." Graham once again smiled as he got into the car and waited for Henry to get into the passenger side. "No its not that-" he faltered. Henry got into the car and buckled his seat-belt as he looked at him pure curiosity written on his face. "What is it then?" Graham kept his eyes on the road as he spoke back. "I'm planning on asking your mother to marry me and I need your help in picking out the ring." Henry looked at him pure shock written all over his face "Wait, what!?"

Graham smiled at Henry's reaction as he pulled into Storybrooke only jewelry shop. Henry was still beaming as he got out of the car ."Really?" Graham smiled back as they both entered the shop. "Yes. Really." As if an afterthought, he looked at Henry questioningly. "Is this okay with you?" Henry couldn't wipe the grin off his face as he answered him. "Are you kidding me I've always wanted a dad. Who better to fill that role then you?" Graham smiled knowing he had thought of Henry as his own son even though he wasn't. "Do you think she'll say yes?" Graham pondered. Henry once again nodded his head "Of course she will, she loves you, and even though she never admitted it, she was miserable when you died." He answered wise beyond his years. He then grinned when he saw the perfect ring, one that could have been fitting for any of the fairytale characters in the land. "That one! Give her that one. Its perfect, she'll love it." he pointed as he spoke.


Emma's tears were those of joy now. He loved her and he loved their baby nothing would ever change that. She smiled at his question as her own hand rested on his. "Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea." She looked at him sternly as she spoke. "Just for the record, there will be no overprotective hovering, I've been pregnant before, I can handle it. Oh and I will work for as long as I can." He grinned as he held her tightly in his arms. "We'll see about that, Princess." He said causing Emma to pull away as she pointed a finger at him. "I mean it, Graham." He smiled as he looked at her. "I don't doubt that, Emma." She glared at him. "Graham, I'll-" but before she could finish he kissed her firmly on the lips. "Never-mind." She giggled like a school girl, before kissing him back, then she admired her ring. He smiled as he noticed her actions. "Do you like it? Henry helped me pick it out." She beamed through fresh tears as she looked at him. "I love it." He flashed her a grin as he teased. "Wow. You are Pregnant." She smacked him. "Not funny, Graham." He mocked a pout. "Ow! Is that any way to treat the father of your unborn child?" He smiled at the sound of that. Emma glared at him as she answered him "When he's being an jerk, then yes." He sat back down again pulling her on his lap. "I'm sorry, baby." His hand remained on her stomach while he smiled. She sighed. "You're forgiven." She sat quietly for a brief moment then spoke again. "Do you think Henry will be okay with this?" She questioned worriedly before Graham could answer her, she had another thought "Oh God! Mary Margaret, I never told her what was wrong or where I was going." She stood back up willing for him to do the same.

Graham stood up and with a giggle said. "Well by all means, lets not keep your mother waiting, my princess." They rushed out the door and in no time at all reached Snow's apartment only to find the fair princess pacing the floor. Snow breathed a sigh of relief when the two walked through the door. "Emma, I'm so glad you're okay, I've been worried sick about you." Emma's eyes glistened with fresh tears as Mary hugged her tightly. "I'm Pregnant." She spoke bluntly. "I know." Came Snow's response, still holding her daughter tightly. Emma wiped a tear as she continued. "There's more." She flashed her ring as she said excitedly. "We're getting Married." With this Snow squealed first hugging Emma tightly, then moving onto Graham, clearly happy for them both.

Graham smiled as he pulled back from Snow's embrace. He couldn't believe that he had a family. For so many years he had been on his own, just him and his wolf brother, and now he had an entire family. A human family. One that he loved with every ounce of his being, and one he would give his life for.

Snow smile brightly at him. "I suppose a welcome to the family is officially in order."

Graham pouted. "Well, I already assumed-"

Snow laughed. "Well of course we already thought of you as a member of the family, Graham. It's just now, official."

Graham smiled brightly, before pulling his fiancee into his side. A sudden thought hit him, and he paled slightly.

"Graham!? Are you okay?" He heard Emma cry out beside him. He watched as Snow pressed her arm against the side of his face, gauging his temperature, Graham assumed.

"Your—uh—father. I should have asked him for permission first—right? I mean—he's the king..."

Snow pressed a hand to Graham's arm. "Oh, don't you worry about James. He'll be thrilled, I promise." Her eyebrows raised in a manner that made Graham's body loosen up, and Emma chuckle.

Turning to the woman tucked against his side, Graham peered at her questionably. "When are we going to tell Henry?"

He heard Emma sigh. "I know he'll be fine with us getting married. He did help you pick out the ring after all. I'm just worried how he'll take the whole big brother thing."

Graham nodded. That had been a worry of his as well. "We should tell him together."

He watched as Emma nodded, her lips pressed into a thin line. "We should tell him now. If he's the last to know-"

No further words were needed. He pulled Emma toward the stairs, and carefully led both of them up to the second floor of the apartment. Once up the stairs, they both stood outside of Emma's shared room with Henry. Taking a deep breath, Graham raised his hand and knocked lightly. After they were commanded inside the room, Graham pushed the door open and led his fiancee through the doorway.

"Graham! Mom!" Henry shouted, a smile pressed onto his lips as he flung his body into both of theirs.

With a grunt, Graham placed one arm around the young boy, as Emma proceeded to do the same.

"Henry, can your mother and I speak to you?" Graham asked, a questioning look on his face.

Henry scrutinized Graham's face for a moment, before nodding. "Sure."

Henry sat on his bed, while Graham and Emma sat on her's. Emma's mouth opened, but the words wouldn't come out. Graham took her hand in his. "Henry, remember how you helped me with that super secret mission?" Graham asked him, his eyebrow cocking slightly.

Henry smiled. "Of course!"

Graham smiled back. "Well, I asked your mother to marry me-"

"She said yes, right?" Henry asked, as he seeked out her hand, before smiling brightly. "You're going to be my dad!" Henry beamed at Graham.

Graham couldn't help smiling back at Henry and his enthusiasm. "There's more." Graham sighed, as he ran his free hand through his hair. "Have you ever thought of being a big brother?"

Henry eyed both Graham and Emma carefully for a moment. His finger tapping against his chin before his eyes lit up. "Wait. Are you saying that I'm going to have a baby brother or sister?" Henry asked. Both of them nodded their heads, and watched as slowly a smile broke out on the young boy's face. "That...is...so...cool!" Henry finally said, before launching himself into Graham and Emma's arms. He pulled back, a worried expression on his face. "Wait—I didn't hurt the baby did I?"

Graham chuckled, as Emma shook her head. "Of course not, kid." Emma said, before wrapping her arms around Henry, and kissed his head.

"Good." Henry sighed, as he hugged Emma back. "I love you, mom-" He paused, before looking at Graham. "You too, dad."

Graham smiled brightly, and noticed the tears in Emma's eyes. "I love you too, Henry."

Hand in hand, they all walked back down the stairs. Graham swallowed thickly as James stared at him questioningly. Happy was not what Graham would call James' expression, as he sighed.

James burst into the apartment an angry look on his face. Since he and Snow as well as the rest of the fairytale characters got their memories back, they were close to Emma. It had been a long road, but she eventually forgave them and basked in the glory of having a family. It was for this reason, that she told him everything. So imagine the king's Surprise when the recently disgruntled queen stopped him in the super market asking him what became of Emma's pregnancy test. He sighed as he stood in the entry way, his baby girl was pregnant and he, himself wanted to kill a certain huntsman.

Snow looked at him, sensing his anger. She pouted as she spoke to him. "James, go easy on them. They're in love, remember how we were?" He frowned as he looked at her. "I didn't get you pregnant, Snow." He answered her. She gave him a look as she took his hand. "James, she has a son already, shes not a kid anymore and things here are different then it is in our world." She spoke softly. He sighed as he looked at her. "But shes my baby. I want to protect her." Snow sighed as she looked at him again. "But James, shes not. She's not a baby anymore. She's a full grown woman and you know as well as I do that you cant keep true love apart. A curse couldn't keep us apart and death couldn't keep them apart." James sighed knowing Snow was right but he didn't want to admit it. "Fine, but I don't have to like it."

James was all set to be angry maybe even give them both the third degree, but when he saw the look on Emma's face and the way Graham protectively and lovingly held her hand, smiling at her adoringly with love in his eyes, James couldn't stay angry. It was at that moment he realized he wasn't losing his daughter, he was gaining a son in law. Who better to join his family then the man that saved both His and Snow's lives. His eyes glistened with tears as he tried to mock anger but seeing the scared look in Grahams eyes he decided against it and beamed. "Come here you too." He offered as he embraced them both. Emma looked at him curiously as she spoke. "How did you even find out?" James looked at his daughter as he answered. "Regina told me." Graham rolled his eyes as he replied in a sarcastic manner. "Of Course." Emma stifled a chuckle but kept her focus on her father who smiled as he placed a hand on her stomach. "So its true?" Emma's eyes glistened as she nodded her head more happy then she ever thought she could be.

Henry rushed home from school. Usually either his mom or Graham would pick him up, sometimes he'd even go home with his grandma but lately he just didn't want to wait. Something inside him told him that his new baby sibling was a girl and despite not knowing her yet he wanted to. He smiled when he found his mom sitting on the couch. "Hi, Mom." He beamed as he sat down next to her. His hand resting on her stomach. "Hi, baby sister." He continued. Emma couldn't help but smile as she ruffled his hair. "Hi, Kid. You know it could be a boy." She replied. Henry smiled as he looked at her. "Nu uh, dad and I both think shes a girl, therefore that is what she is." He answered matter of factly. Emma couldn't help but giggle as she looked at him. "Well, you know either way, he or she cant hear you yet. He or she is no bigger then a peanut right now." He shrugged as he looked at her again then rubbed her belly as he read to her from his book. "Well, I don't care I'm reading to her anyway."

The three family members smiled as they anxiously awaited Dr. Whale's presence. Sure neither of the parents to-be trusted him, but seeing as he was the only one capable of ultra sounds and other modern day niceties he would have to do. Emma grinned as Whale placed the cold jelly on her stomach. She sensed the nervous yet also worried expression on Grahams face, and reached over to squeeze his hand as she spoke. "Its okay, honey. It doesn't hurt, it's just cold." She noticed the tears forming in his eyes when he spotted his unborn child on the screen. Its tiny heartbeat echoing in the room. Emma's own eyes glistened as he kissed her, but she laughed when Henry spoke. "This is so cool, mom." She smiled at him replying. "It kind of is, isn't it?" Henry looked from the screen to Whale as he questioned innocently. "Can you tell us the sex now?" It took everything in Emma not to burst out laughing but with a huge smile she was the one that answered him. "It's to soon to tell that, kid."

Emma groaned loudly, rolling her eyes. "For the last time. I—do—not-want-a-big-wedding." She said, dragging out each word, praying that would force it to settle in Graham's head.

"But, Emma-"

She pointed a finger at him. "No. I don't want a big lavish wedding, Graham."

"But, Princess Emma-"

Emma glared at him so intensely that Graham put up his hands in defense. "Okay, cut out the Princess Emma crap—I don't care if I technically am a princess, I don't want a big wedding. Something small, just our family and friends-" She paused, batting her eyelashes and using the same technique that had won Graham numerous arguments. "Please, honey."

"Not fair, Emma. You know I can't say no to that look!" Emma laughed as she realized that her current look was the reason they were expecting their first child before they were even married.

A wicked smile crossed her lips, as her eyebrow cocked seductively. "In that case then-" She started, as her face suddenly paled. Emma leapt off the couch and made a beeline for the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Graham stood up quickly, racing after her. His hand went to the door, and groaned when he found out that she had locked it. "Emma—honey." His face wrinkled as the sound of her retching emanated from behind the door. "Please. Let me in." He heard the toilet flush, before the faucet turned on. The door opened, as she washed out her mouth. "Why do you do that?" He asked, concern on his face.

Emma sighed, as she finished brushing her teeth, before looking toward him. "Because. It is bad enough that I have to witness that. There is no need for you to be scarred for life."

Graham sighed, as he pulled Emma into his arms. "It won't scar me, baby. I want to be there for you. For everything. Every single aspect. Even the not so pretty stuff."

Emma chuckled. "Oh, I promise. There is plenty of not so pretty stuff. Just wait until I'm in labor-" Emma pulled back from Graham's embrace. "Speaking of—If I call you horrible names...well, it's just natural, and remember that I don't mean it."

Graham nodded. "Got it. Now, about this big wedding that my princess deserves."

"Ugh!" Emma groaned out as she socked Graham in the arm. "No, no, no—and for good measure, NO!"

Graham feigned hurt. "Nice right hook, my love." He fought against the smile, as she rubbed the arm she had clobbered. "I guess if you don't want a big wedding, then we'll go with a small one."

"Thank you!" She squealed, as she pressed her lips to his. "Finally." She mumbled as she made her way back to the couch. It had been a few weeks since they had found out about their new addition and Emma was just starting to show. Just a tiny baby bump, but Emma had, one more than one occasion, found Graham's eyes glued to the tiny bump. His hand rarely left the small area that they're baby was growing in, and all of it made her love him even more than she thought was possible. "Now. Where to have it." Emma mumbled out. Her finger tapping against her chin as she thought of possible locations.

"Hey, Emma." Graham watched her head snap up to look at him.

"Yup?" She asked, popping her 'P.

He snickered for a moment, realizing that was something that Henry had inherited from her. "How did you find me—I mean-"

She held up a hand. "I know what you mean, honey." She smiled. "Wolfie—your wolf friend."

Graham smiled. "You named my wolf brother?" His eyebrow cocked, as she nodded. "Wolfie?"

She pouted. "I like it."

Graham sat down beside her, pulling her into her arms. "What do you think of having the wedding in the forest? I mean, we can decorate it however you want. It's just—I'd like to involve—wolfie."

Emma thought about it for a moment. Her eyes glazing over, and Graham knew that she was picturing it. She grinned. "I think that could be great." She leaned up and pressed her lips to his.

Graham moaned against her mouth. "I love you so much, Emma."

Pressing her forehead against his, she opened her eyes to stare into his blue ones. "I love you too, Graham. So very much." She felt his hand press against her stomach again. This time, she pressed her hand against his, shutting her eyes and leaning against him. Emma never thought this level of happiness was obtainable for her, but now that she had it, she never wanted to let it go.

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