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"I've known Lin since we were children. She has always been... challenging."
Tenzin walked through the halls of Police Headquarters, searching for a certain metalbender. They had ended their relationship nearly a year ago, and he had been sent by his mother, Katara, to invite her to a party at Air Temple Island for Bumi's birthday. He walked quietly, knowing exactly where her office was. He continued to walk down the seemingly endless hall until he found a door with "Chief Beifong" inscripted on it. He exhaled before knocking on the door.
No answer.
Tenzin took this as an invitation, so he opened the door.
"Um, Lin, I-" he began, before being shocked by the image before him.
Lin lashed a cable at him angrily, nearly hitting him. "What are you doing here? Don't you knock?" she said, her voice a mixture of shock, anger, resentment, and could it be... worry?
Lin was with a woman, who was sitting on her desk with her legs wrapped around Lin's torso, and her arms around her shoulders. It was clear what was ensuing, and Tenzin turned red at the thought.
"Well? What do you need? I haven't got all day." She looked at the woman wrapped around her.
"Uh, um- I don't, uh, well-" He attempted to avoid looking at the two.
"What? Does this make you uncomfortable?"
"Uh, I think it's best I leave."
"No. You brought your stupid ass out here, so you must have something to tell me."
"I think I've come at a bad time."
"You've already interrupted me. Just tell me what you came here for."
"Uh, I came here to um, invite you to uh, Bumi's party tomorrow."
"Are you going to be there?"
"Well, yes, but-"
"You can see I have much more important things to do. I'll let you interpret that as you like."
"Dirty mind. And it's Chief Beifong to you."
"My mother requested that you come."
"I'm busy, if you can't tell."
She tucked the woman's hair behind her ear as she moved in closer. Their lips met, as she kept a glare on Tenzin, clearly mocking him. He looked almost as horrified as he did... aroused?
Snap out of it! he thought.
It is obvious she doesn't love you. Why is this even attractive? I'm engaged! I don't think of her that way anymore... do I?
He shook his head.
Of course I don't! We broke up a year ago!
"Now, I believe that answers your question" she said, walking up to him. "So I suggest you turn around, or I will arrest you like I did your fiancée."
"Lin, this is completely inappropriate! You can't-"
"You can't tell me what I can and can't do. You don't need to babysit me."
"I'm not trying to babysit you!"
"You have ten seconds to get out before I arrest your sorry ass. One, two-"
"Lin, this is-"
"Are you doing this just to spite me?"
She paused for a moment.
Am I?
She continued. "Four-"
"I just wanted to invite you-"
"You're insufferable!"
"Please come. We are expecting you there."
"We care about you. I care about you. Please come."
Her face softened.
I care about you. she thought.
Her face resumed its normal scowl. "Eight."
It pained her to say it.
I still love you.
She closed her eyes.
She opened her eyes. Tenzin had left without a sound.
She stood where she was, surprised at the anger boiling in her veins.
I thought I was over this. I don't love him. I don't! He's nothing but a memory.
She turned around.
"Is everything alright?" her lover asked, with a concerned look on her face.
She composed herself, but not before a sigh managed to escape from her lips.
I don't know anymore.
"I'm fine. Just an old acquaintance."
She smiled reassuringly as she wrapped her arms around her and resting her forehead against hers.
"Now, where were we?"

Tenzin walked down the hall, attempting to think about anything but Lin.
I don't see her that way anymore! Snap out of it! I love Pema! Lin is only an old friend. Nothing more, nothing less.
But a small, persistent voice rang in his head, almost inaudible.
You still love her.

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