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"Everyone head out- keep a look out for anyone where I can't see them" Toph instructed as she scanned the premises. She and her officers had just discovered a Triple Threat Triad safehouse. "Captain- head upstairs, check for anyone" she ordered.

"Yes, Chief, right away" he replied as he lead his team up the dilapidated stairs.

"You-" She attempted to point to a stout man in a Captain's helmet. "go down to the basement."

"Yes Chief" he ran off with his team, earthbending his way downwards.

"Chief, you forgot our team" Lin said.

"You're coming with me, Beifong. Come along" Toph replied to her daughter. Toph led Lin and her team as they burst through a rotting wooden door and into a large room with an opaque glass ceiling and a high loft with crates stacked carelessly about the room.

"Dammit" Toph cursed.

"What is it, Chief?" Lin asked.

"Feel for yourself" she replied as she stared blankly at the floor. "This is wooden. I can't get a clear image of the place.

"There's stone under this" Lin pointed out.

"It's like sand. Everything is fuzzy. You're going to have to help me out with this."

"Yes Chief."

"Alright now-" Toph instructed her officers. "I can't get a good read off of this place so you have to be my eyes. Check whatever those things over there are." She pointed off to an empty corner.

They looked at her silently, not wanting to say a word.

Toph sighed. "There's nothing there, is there?"
"No, Chief" they replied.

"They're in the other corner" an officer added.

"Go see what they are."

"Yes Chief" Lin and her team said in unison as they went off towards the crates.

"Captain- you stay here" Toph said as she touched her shoulder.

"What is it?" Lin asked.

"Lin, something isn't right."

Lin looked at her in worry. Her mother had addressed her as her daughter on duty, which she hardly ever did.

"There is nothing to worry about, Chief. There is no one here except us."


"Chief!" an officer exclaimed as he and another officer ran towards Toph.

"What's in them?" Toph asked.

"Explosives" another officer said. "I can't say for certain, but it appears to be a mix of dynamite and C4."

"Are they all explosives?" Lin asked.

"Down to the last of 'em."

"They must be plotting something" Toph said.

"It makes sense, Yakone was arrested six months ago that gives them plenty of time to-" Lin said but was halted by the sight of the thick fog growing in the room.

"Oh no" she said.

Suddenly, the seemingly peaceful environment had turned into turmoil. The blurred figures of what appeared to be Triple Threat Triad members broke through the glass ceiling.

"Feng- take the left side!" Toph ordered.

"Lao- up front!" Lin ordered as she began to run towards the center to face their attackers, but stopped halfway and turned around to face her mother. "Can you see, Chief?"

"I"ll be fine, just go!" she yelled. "Help your team!"

A firebender shot a bolt of lightning at her and she shot two cables at him in retaliation, hitting him square in the chest. She flicked her wrist and her cables wound back into their cases on her hips. She ran over to one of the officers who was struggling against a waterbender.

"Captain- watch out!" he exclaimed.

Someone poked her side and she grew limp, falling unconscious to the floor.

"WAKE UP!" a masked man yelled as he slapped Lin across the face.

Lin cried out in pain as she realized that she was tied to a chair facing her mother and all of the officers. She panted heavily as she took a better look at her surroundings.

She was in the same room as she had been earlier.

"What have you done you bastard?!" she yelled at the man.

"Revenge, that's what" he replied as he slapped her again."Your whore mother arrested our leader and you've got to pay."

Lin cried out again. She knew that would leave a mark.

"Stay the hell away from my daughter you prick!" Toph yelled from across the room.

"You want to join in the fun, don't you?" He looked at the two thugs standing behind Toph and the other officers. "Bring her here" he ordered.

The two thugs ripped off her metalbending cables and carried her by the arms towards Lin.

"Get off of me you bastards!" Toph yelled as she squirmed harshly. They tightened their grips on her arms.

"I want her to hear this" he said as he pulled a knife from his pocket.

"No no no no-" Lin pleaded. "Please no!" She tried to writhe herself away from him but another triad member held her still.

"Lin what is he-"

Lin screamed as he dug the knife into her cheek.

"LIN!" Toph cried.

"I don't think that was enough. What do you think, boys?" he asked.

They shrugged indifferently.

"NO NO NO NO!" she pleaded. "Don't please!"

"Lift up the whore's feet" he demanded.

The thugs did as he requested and lifted Toph's feet above the ground, preventing her from being able to "see" anything.

Toph felt helpless as she writhed in the thugs' clutches. "Don't lay another hand on my daughter you bastard!" Toph sat there with tears dripping down her face as she could only listen to her daughter.

"It's a shame" her attacker said, turning her bloodied face to look into his vengeful eyes. "You were such a pretty girl." He dug the knife into her face again.

Lin cried out even louder than she had the previous time. Her tears mixed with the blood dripping down her face and neck.

"LIN!" Toph cried. "I am so sorry! I-"

"And now for the grand finale" he announced. "Boys, you know the drill."

The two men tossed Toph back towards the officers. She groaned as she hit the wooden floor.

"I hope you like fireworks, Beifong" he told as he grabbed her by the hair and made her look at her officers. "You're a failure. Always will be." He turned to his crew. "Light 'em up."

The thugs used firebending to light up the explosives as the officers began to beg for their lives.

"LIN!" Toph yelled as the flames quickly consumed the building.

"MOTHER!" she yelled in spite of the pain in her face from the lacerations. "NO!"

"Don't mess with the Triple Threats, Beifong" he said into her ear before carrying her out of the building with him.

"MOTHER! MOTHER!" she called out as the flames engulfed everything in their path.

The Triple Threats made it out just in time and they threw her on the ground, making it a point to step on her gut as they ran away.

Lin lay on the ground, trembling until a blurry figure carried her into an ambulance and everything faded to black.

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