Chapter 1

Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter got back together when they returned to complete their previous year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ginny was in 6th year and Harry in 7th year. Since the war a new headmistress had been appointed, Professor McGonagall, her strict but understanding ways worked wonders on all the children (except the odd few).

Being with Harry was meant to be; her destiny, or so everyone else thought. However, Ginny wasn't 100% sure, everyone was happy for them but that 'spark' had gone. After a lot of deliberation and an annoyed Harry later, she swallowed her doubt and stayed with him, hoping that the spark would come back.

After the war, Harry had changed. He was no longer as soft-hearted; he had never before been so closed off as now. If you asked him anything he would get angry and shout then walk off. He seemed hardened by the death; some people thought it was for the best. This way he was more realistic towards life but Ginny disagreed.

One thing was for sure, she missed the old Harry Potter with all her heart. Especially after that day, that moment, in which realisation hit her.

He would never be the same.

1 month earlier

Ginny was sat on the bed, in her dorms thinking everything over, should she stay with Harry? He was so different now; would he ever come back like the old Harry? He was probably worrying about her now; she had gone back to her dorm early after Hogsmeade because Harry had scared her again, by getting really angry that a guy wolf whistled her. He blamed her for it!

"Ginny! Come down, I just want to talk. I'm sorry baby; I know it's not your fault. I just can't stand the thought of someone else having you!" Harry shouted up the stairs, he couldn't come up unless someone let him up; it made her more nervous that he said 'having you', sometimes she thought that he saw her as a possession! "Thanks Hermione," She heard footsteps coming upstairs, Hermione had obviously let him up. She was going to have to make a decision now, or he would feel betrayed or something!

The raven-haired man came around the corner, "Ginny, I'm sorry ok! I love you; I just got jealous I am so sorry!" He pleaded

"It's okay..." She muttered "But, you scared me Harry. Do you promise you won't shout at me again?" He smiled and nodded, then sat on her bed. She sighed in relief and kissed him back as he kissed her, his tongue was automatically gaining entry forcefully and she allowed it. But then he started laying her down, until she was flat underneath him.

"He knows I don't want to go any further, he'll stop," She thought, he rubbed her sides and her blouse rode up as he did, "It's an accident, he'll stop, he probably doesn't realise," her top was getting higher and higher and his hands were roaming her bare skin, roughly grabbing her hips. "Should I ask him to stop?" She was starting to get nervous now, how was she supposed to ask him to stop!

"Umm… Harry…" She muttered, "can you slow down,", she could have sworn he rolled his eyes, which made her feel bad,
"Ssshhh.. Ginny," He answered and starting on her blouse buttons, she tried to push his hands away but her stopped her and carried on, rubbing her quidditch trained stomach.

"Maybe he is just getting carried away, but I can't deal with this going any further!" She pushed his hands away even harder and tried to sit up. Before she knew what was happening he had slapped her hard on the face. She was frozen, her face stung and she felt tears spilling out of her eyes. She got up and ran down the stairs, past Hermione and out of the common room.

"Ginny, I'm sorry, I love you!" He chased after her, looking slightly worried.

A week after that incident

It took her a week to forgive him, he really did love her and plus it was probably her fault for letting him get carried away, but she thought she should tell Hermione. Having someone to talk to finally would be such a relief.

After a quick search, she found Hermione in the library. Reading as usual "Hermione, can I talk to you?" She looked up and nodded, as usual annoyed at being disturbed while reading.

"Is this about that argument you and Harry had last week?" She asked confused Ginny nodded,

"Well, I forgave him for shouting at me in Hogsmeade, and everything was fine but then he started trying to like undo my blouse so I tried to stop him and…"

"…and what?" Hermione asked

"He hit me," she blurted out, Hermione looked startled for a moment but then her face changed, she looked sceptical.

"Sure, why would he do that? Why did you try and stop him anyway, you've been together for like an age!" She exclaimed,

"What? You don't believe me! I tried to stop him because I'm not ready yet! I thought you would understand!" She cried and ran off, towards someone who would let her forget; cheer her up, a true friend, Draco.

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