Carefully and cautiously, Sheppard poked his head into the room. In seeing no one was there he breathed a sigh of relief; by some strange miracle thy had left her alone. After the explosion, countless other required medical attention, including John himself; but none more need led more attention the Doctor Weir who had been one of the those closest to the area of the explosion. Keller had said that there was a possibility that even if Weir survived the severe head trauma, there was a slim chance that she would be herself again. So they had kept her under strict surveillance with a nurse always at her side.

But the wounded kept coming, demanding more medical attention; giving Sheppard his chance. Using the military training he had, John carefully slipped into the room and sat in the chair next to Weirs bed. For some time he just sat there staring at her face, so calm and so still that if it wasn't for the rise and fall of her chest and beeping of the vital signs monitors, Weir could have been mistaken for dead. While he looked on, he sat and wondered.

Was it selfish that he wanted her to live? No it wasn't, it was natural for a solider wanting their wounded leader to survive; the rest of Atlantis wanted the same thing. It was natural for a friend wishing that their friend would survive an accident. All of that was true, but it went deeper than that. As John took Elizabeth's hand with the utmost care into his own, he understood why there was more. He cared about her, loved her even. It made sense, and yet; he had already known beforehand.

What else would he have said when that damn bug had latched on to him and was stuck in the jumper, Elizabeth had never let him say what he had wanted to when it looked like he would lose his life to the bug. Yet once the ordeal was over and Elizabeth had asked, he lied; and she knew it. But Sheppard being Sheppard lied, playing coy and hard to get. Yes, John Shappard himself, had flirted.

And what about when Kolya had tricked him into believing Weir was dead? He felt as though he had been destroyed, his heart had stopped, and in that cruel Lantea storm he had sworn revenge. Because he loved her. Although when it turned out Kolya had lied, John's life was whole again, yet he still sought revenge for the deceit. Then Kolya tried to drag Elizabeth through the gate, taunting Sheppard that he couldn't shoot one without harming the other; John had tried to warn him. Then Elizabeth was free, at that point he could have hugged the woman, Hell even kiss her, but he never did. And now it seemed like he never would.

As he gently swept Elizabeth's hair from her face, he remembered McKay complaining how life here was like a movie or TV show with everything happening, and sometimes John had to agree. Standing up quietly, Sheppard leaned forward and kissed Elizabeth on the forehead; the monitors beeping wildly at the touch. And as he rested his lips on Weirs' forehead, he knew that if this was a movie, Elizabeth would have been back by now.