This is a collection of Fairy Tale stories.

Like the Corner of Desires and RPs, this will be a multiple one-shot, two-shot, or three-shot stories.

However, it won't be as much updated I don't know much so pardon my lack of knowledge. There can only be so much that I know, and searching on online gave me a bunch that I've never even heard of... I doubt I could read all of them. Therefore, this will go in a leisurely pace.

These are not in any order that I'll write them.

Fairy Tales:



Little Mermaid


Frog Prince


Snow White (AN: not a fan of because it's short and too simple, favourite is the witch)


Swan Princess (omitted - weird story)

Little Red Riding Hood (Separated story)

Jack and the Beanstalk

Hansel and Gretel

The Imp Prince

Sleeping Beauty

Beauty and the Beast

The Silent Princess

The Sleeping Prince (debatable [AN: the manga I found of it was better])

The Princess and the Pea (a cute short story)

If there are any additions to these stories, feel free to say so and I'll see.

Also, which one I should start or write can depend on you, my dear reader XD

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving minna-san! XD