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Fuck my arm hurts like a bitch! That was the only thought I could think of when I had a woken from my slumber of darkness. The moment I had awoken I could feel the pain rippling through my whole arm.

I took a quick glance around the whole room before a wave of dizziness overtook me making me close my eyes again damn it! I can't even scope out the fucking place without my eyesight blurring up I thought angrily. I could feel something around both my wrist and when I tried to tug I found I couldn't

These must be attached to the wall I thought as I tugged some more on them. I then heard footsteps

"Rise and shine you little fucker!" Hun hissed as he spat the last word.

I pretended to sniff the air "Do I smell cheap piece of shit, oh wait that's you Hun" I sarcastically said as a smirk grew on my face.

I could hear Hun growl menacingly, "you know that big mouth of yours is going to get yourself killed" he said while cracking his knuckles. I finally opened my eyes again and scanned the room, small room, broken windows, crates and a damp, musty smell impregnating the air.

"Where's Leo!?" I shouted once I realized Leo was nowhere in sight.

"Oh he's safe… for now" Hun said with such delight in his voice

"You arrogant bastard!" I said through clenched teeth.

The grin that grew on Huns face enraged me, the only thing that came out of my voice was deep, low growl.

"Enough Hun!" a bodiless voice said,

"My apologies master" Hun responded while bowing his head to the darkest corner of the room. Suddenly beady red eyes appeared and a man came out of the shadows revealing his metal-clad armor suit.

"I didn't know Halloween came early this year" I remarked

"Why you little-" Hun tried to speak but was interrupted by Mr. spikey pants,

"I said enough" his voice was as cold as ice "Miss celeste well get her proper treatment as deserved"

So many questions were racing through my mind how did he know my name? What kind of proper treatment did he mean? is Leo really safe? Who's the decorator of this room… wait why do I want to know that?

The sound of metal hitting cement broke me out of my thoughts, Mr. spikey pants walked over to me

"Hun has told me your little gift" he said

"And?" I said a bit dumbfounded

"And I would very much like to use it, because you know Celeste we could rule the world, I could be your adopted father and I could give you all the things that you ever wanted so will you join alliances with me" He said as each word was more persuasive than the first.

Snap out of it Celeste and think this guy seems too familiar for your liking…wait why am I talking in 3rd person any way think, remember when Leo told you about that evil dude, his name was… damn it I can't even remember that! I thought bitterly.

"Well?" He said as he crossed his arm over his chest,

"In your dreams you fucking retard" I retorted back

"Very well" he said with no emotion in his voice "Hun escort miss Celeste to the room"

"As you wish master" Hun said as he tried to hide the eagerness in his voice, he unhooked the chains from the wall and roughly picked me up. I grunted when he pulled on the chain like I was a dog.

We stepped into a dimly lit hallway when a vision simmered up


Broken and battered I lay there leaning my side on the wall. What happened to my future self I thought as I concentrated more to know what found out. Suddenly the door swung open and Mr. spikey pants came in, "you know Celeste, I want you to know my name right before your exile so you can remember who did this to you" he paused and looked at my future self and then continued "My name is Oroku Saki but in this metal suit I am no longer that man but I am the shredder" he said and laughed quietly to himself, actually scratch that out he laughed so loud I think Snooki heard him in New Jersey. the vision started to crumble as if rain drops were dropping on a piece of paper.

_back to the present_

I found myself still walking in the hallway when I started to struggle. I was scared, frightened I know knew the man was shredder and the way Leo spoke about him made me want to crawl under my bed.

I could tell Huns patience was slipping because of my useless attempts to escape these damn chains

"Stop it!" he barked, but I paid no heed and kept at it. The next thing I knew was Huns fist connecting with my eye.

I stumbled onto my knees with both my hands on my eye. I choked out a sob as a few tears leaked down my face.

"Let that be a warning to you" Hun hissed; he coarsely picked me up by the shoulder that was wounded and made me stand up. I tried not to scream in pain as I parched my lips together though sadly a whimper escaped my mouth. Hun had heard it and was now smiling as large as the jokers smile was.

We entered into a room where there was only light at the center of the room, and in the center lay a metal table.

Don't panic

Don't panic

Don't panic

Don't panic

Don't panic


The thoughts echoed into my mind as I started to hyper ventilate suddenly a picture of Leo appeared in my mind and all my worries were all gone in a flash.

Hun rapidly grabbed me by the waist and quickly walked over to the metal table and strapped me down; his fingers caressed my cheek as I squirmed away from him. Before he went to the far left corner of the room he muttered under his breath,

"Have fun"

I suddenly felt an unbearable pain coursing through every part of my body. My throat was starting to get raw of screaming in pain, tears came out of my eyes like a waterfall. When it ended my body was trembling violently and it still felt like that spark of pain was still streaming through my body.

I drew big breathes as I tried to fight the nauseating feeling away.

Damn electricity! I thought in pain

Some kind of intercom came on and shredder started speaking "if you think the worse is over think again, that was only a preview of the real pain you'll start feeling very soon"

The pain returned only much worse than before and I knew that screaming for help wasn't going to get me anywhere, but I still screamed in agony hoping that where ever Leo was would hear me and would rescue me from this nightmare of pain.

…Back at the lair…

Where am I? Why is everything so dark? Why do I hear my brother's voices? I swam in the darkness for a couple of minutes. Everything felt so numb

"Hello?" my voice echoed in the darkness as if I was in a cave.

"Celeste?" I asked hoping at least she would answer

I could still hear my brother's voices but they were muffled like if someone had gagged them… wait what if they were in trouble and I was just lounging around, I need to help them. I gathered all my strength and started opening my eyes.

Soon my brother's voices could be heard loud and clear

"Dudes, I think he's waking up" Mikeys voice echoed

"Don't be calling me dude" Raph's gruff voice said

"Where am I?" I ask as my eyes flutter open

"You are in wonderland and your late for tea!" mikey exclaims followed by a smack on the head

"oww! Jeez Raphie" mikey complained

"Hey bro how are you feeling" Don asked as he tried to ignore his brothers bickering

"I'm good I guess a bit light headed that's all" I replied calmly

"Do you remember anything?" Don said as he checked some of my vitals

I gasped as it hit me like a brick. I swung my legs of the living room couch and stood up only to regret it. I willed myself not to puke right there and now.

"Whoa Leo slow down bro" Raph said as he put a hand on my shoulder. My breaths came in short as I remembered everything that happened on that roof.

"Celeste…gone…Hun…took…her" I said as I tried to calm down

"Easy Leo we know, April and Leatherhead are in the lab and were going through both purple dragon files and foot files seeing if we can find out where they took Celeste" Don said trying to reassure me

I slouched back down on the couch as I thought miserably this is all my fault I should have known Hun was behind me I put my head in my hands when a voice in the back of my mind started talking to me

Yes, this is all you fault and now Celeste will die knowing that you couldn't save her

But I tried I really did

But you didn't try HARD enough now did you maybe you just want her dead

NO! Why would I want her dead? she's like family to us now

"Are you sure you're okay my son" Splinter asked with worry in his voice.

I looked at him and made a fake smile form on my lips

"Yeah I'm okay I just want to be alone right now" and with those words I left the living room and locked myself in my room.

…later at night…

Once I knew April and LH had left and my family was asleep I wandered out into the hall way. I walked like this for a while when I hissed in pain. I looked at my shoulder and saw that there was a bandage on it. I hadn't really noticed until now.

I slowly made my way to the bathroom and closed the door as silently as I could. I then took of the bandage and what I saw made me think of what kind of pain Celeste was enduring.

Right there on my left shoulder was a drawing of a broken heart that a knife had probably made.

I couldn't go to sleep, I couldn't eat, and I couldn't even meditate without thinking about Celeste and her beautiful chestnut eyes that stared right into my soul.

I sighed and went to the surface for some air

...Mean while…

I had just been put back into the room I had woken up in; my body still trembled for the electrically that was still running in me.

Everything hurt and I just wanted to curl up in my bed and not come out until Mikey found out how to rule the world with pizza, which means NEVER!

I started going into deep thought about the Hamato's and how nice they were to me and how I was treated like family, when a realization struck me

Every time I'm near Leo my chest tightens and it hurts to breath

I can't concentrate when I'm in his absence

My heart beats twice as fast when I'm near him

I have fallen in love with

A blue clad warrior

A swift ninja

A wise leader

A big brother

I have fallen in love with

Leonardo Hamato

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