I have just recently caught up with Once Upon a Time so I wanted to write this story. I absolutely adore Jefferson so I thought I'd write a story for him.

I know the Alice stories are done to death but I want to try my hand at one. Alice is Hilary Duff.

There's a link to my polyvore account on my profile where you can see Alice's clothes.

The things that are in Italics are Jefferson's memories.

I was in the only bookshop in the entire town when I saw her for the first time. She was two aisles away from me, looking in the classic fiction section, completely oblivious to my existence. There was something about her that kept trying to draw me over but when our eyes locked I was thrown back into a world I'd nearly forgotten.


I was sitting in my studio working on yet another hat when I heard something outside. I was skittish to sit it down, maybe this one was the one to get me to Grace, but I did anyway. I cracked my door open and looked outside.

There was a girl, maybe nineteen in age, standing outside in the middle of Wonderland. I thought about leaving her there but then refrained. She was, after all, someone's Grace.

"Hello, you look like you're lost! Can I help you?" I shouted over to her, making her jump slightly before looking over at me.

My heart stopped beating in my chest at the sight of her. She had beautiful blue eyes the color of sapphires and long blonde curls the color of honey. I wanted nothing more than to take her into my arms and hide her away from the terrors of Wonderland.

"Yes, I'm Alice and I think I've gone mad. Where am I?" She asked, timidly walking up to me. "I don't think I'm awake. This has to be a dream, but it seems so very real. Who are you?"

I couldn't pass up the chance. My lips pulled up into a smile as I said with flourish, "We're all mad here, it's Wonderland."


I looked over at the girl again and saw that she was looking at me this time. I recognized the look on her face, it was the look everyone in Storybrooke had when they tried to see past the glamour that was shrouding them.

Her face fell when she couldn't place me and she looked back down at the book in her hands. I couldn't help my laugh when I saw what it was. Alice in Wonderland, how appropriate; little did she know she was about to read her autobiography.

Later that week I was sitting in Granny's Diner when I heard the bell above the door ring. When I looked up I saw familiar sapphire colored eyes -Alice. To my surprise she sat down in my booth across from me and placed her hands on the table in front of her.

"Why were you staring at me in the bookshop yesterday?" she asked all traces of timidness gone. "I don't appreciate you stalking me."

I held up my hands in a surrender gesture. "Don't flatter yourself, kid. I don't stalk you; I just thought you looked familiar."

That seemed to hit a nerve with her because she bit her full bottom lip and looked at me. The vulnerability in that stare would have made me hit my knees if I wasn't already sitting. She was my Alice, the Alice who saved me from going completely mad while we were in Wonderland.


The girl, Alice, has stayed with me for almost two weeks now. She even tried to help me sew some of my hats. She didn't question why I was in such a rush to make a certain one; she just went along with me. When the Queen came to check on me I made sure Alice was hidden so she wouldn't be caught and persecuted. I don't think I could handle losing her.

"Who's the Grace that you talk about in your sleep? Is she a girl from your home?" Alice asked as she sewed laced along the rim of a bowler.

I was in the middle of making yet another top hat when she asked that. I nearly ripped it to pieces. "She's none of you concern. Don't worry about her, she's mine."

Alice didn't ask anything else about her the length of the time we spent together. I noticed that she was slowly drifting away from me and it was my own fault. I was sure she thought Grace was a female from back home that had my heart.

One day after the Queen had come to check on me and yet again had threatened to chop of my head, I decided to tell Alice about Grace.

"Grace is my daughter back in the real world. I brought over the Evil Queen and she tricked me into bringing her father back. She knew that if only two people came into this world only two could go back so I'm trapped. Grace is home waiting for me and I'm hopeless about getting back to her," I explained, fidgeting with a scrap of satin instead of looking at her.

"Well Mr. Hatter, I guess we're going to have to work harder on making this hat for you," she said with a grin that made something in my stomach knot up. "No one deserves to be separated from their family."


"I think you do too but I can't place where I've seen you before. Why can't I?" she asked, practically consuming her bottom lip as she studied me intensely.

"Sometimes we block things out that we can't stand to remember. Maybe you don't want to remember me," I said calmly. "I'm rather mad, after all. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to remember me at all."

"I don't think I could forget someone as magnificent as you," she said, winking at me before getting up and walking out of the diner.

I was so focused on Alice walking away from me that I didn't notice anyone sit down across from me again. When I saw Regina Mills was sitting across from me I jumped in surprise. The only person in the world who could make my skin crawl and fear well up inside of me, the Evil Queen.

"Jefferson, what are you doing with that girl?" she asked, tapping her nails against the counter. "You aren't telling her about the curse are you?"

"I'm not doing anything that you don't deserve. You've made your bed now you've got to lie in it," I said, dropping a couple of bills onto the table for my tea and getting up.

I didn't wait for her response; I just shouldered my way out of the diner. I didn't want to talk to her; I didn't even want to breathe the same air as her. She was a wicked bitch that did anything she wanted if it meant she got her way. She didn't care who she knocked down as long as she made her way to the top.

I had been used so many times that I didn't even want to think about it. The minute I told her that I found Alice the minute she would take her from me again. I don't understand why but in her mind I can never be happy.

Alice was the only thing in the world that could make me forget about my sorrows of losing Grace if even for a moment. If I got closer to her again I don't think I could handle losing her, the sheer pain of her being ripped out of my arms.

Maybe I was curse to lose all of the women that I care about. Maybe loving me was a curse itself; I had a tendency to hurt the ones I care the most about. Just ask Alice.


Alice and I had just come back from tea with the rabbit, the Cheshire cat, and the worm when I heard it. The cracking of limbs outside my house, the sign that someone was coming to visit and I don't mean a friendly visitor.

"Alice, you need to hide! That's the Queen," I hissed, pushing her under my desk.

Then I sat in the des with my knees on either side of her body. The Queen walked in but the only thing I could focus on was her hands resting on my thighs. She was absentmindedly rubbing up and down, trying to calm herself I'm sure, but that wasn't what was happening.

"Hatter, what are you doing? Aren't you trying to make a hat to get back to your precious Grace?" she said, laughing quite loudly.

I pushed Alice's hands away and stood, hoping that I was going to embarrass myself. "Yes my Queen, I'm working diligently on making the hat."

"It doesn't mean anything to me; you're just making it to please yourself. But remember our deal; you can only live by yourself in this house. If I find out about anyone else your head will be gone," she said, her lips pulled up in a sickly sweet smile.

I tried to ignore the beautiful girl under my desk. "Yes, I remember our deal and I'm quite grateful. I need to get back to my Grace."

"Just don't forget it," she said. Then she pulled her thumb across her neck, "If not that is your fate, my dear Hatter."


Alice and I only grew closer after that. And when I say closer I do mean closer. Now she couldn't even remember me at all. In this moment, I swear I'm going to make her remember me if it's the last thing I do.

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