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Allison's Point of View:

I was laying on the couch watching sappy, chick flicks and shoving ice cream down my throat. I hadn't felt this bad about myself in a long time. I didn't want to admit it but I'd fallen in love with Jefferson faster than I wanted. I'd promised myself that I'd never fall in love because I saw how painful it was but I guess that was a lie. Now I was facing the consequences of my actions.

I heard the door open and assumed it was Harrison so I just tugged my sweater tighter around me. I looked up and saw that it wasn't him, it was Jefferson. I put the ice cream on the table and sat up with my legs crossed.

"It's impolite to just walk into someone's home uninvited," I said, trying to ignore the pounding in my throat. "I don't really want to talk to you right now."

He squatted in front of me and took my hands in his. "I know you don't but I really want to talk to you. You're going to think I'm completely crazy when I show you this, but I'm tired of lying to you."

He then unbuttoned his vest and unwrapped his scarf from his neck. There was a puckered, pink line all the way around it but I couldn't figure out what it was from. I stared at it and reached my hand up to trace over it, trying to place why it looked so familiar.

"You were there when it happened, Alice. I know you remember something; I can see it in your eyes. Just push through the fog and remember," he urged, staring at me with wild eyes. He placed his hand over mine as I traced the scar. "I need you to remember more than anything, Alice."

There was something hazy in my head but when his hands suddenly rubbed up and down my thighs it started to fade. I saw Jefferson and me laying on something with me bouncing on top of him. I saw his hand rubbing up and down my thighs like he was right now and I felt my cheeks turn pink.

"Oh my God, Jefferson! Have we had sex and I forgot about it?" I asked, biting my bottom lip and placing my hands on his wrists.
"I should remember something as big as that."

He looked up at me hopefully before taking my cheeks in his hands. When his lips touched mine everything became clearer. He was the Mad Hatter and I was Alice, Harrison was the White Rabbit and Alexander was the Red Queen's Knave. Oh my God, I was so blind before.

I pulled Jefferson on top of me as I lay backwards on the couch. I wrapped my legs together around his waist and tangled my fingers in his hair. He pulled away from me and looked down at me with so much love that I felt tears prick my eyes.

"I love you so much, Hatter. I can't believe I forgot about loving you this much," I whimpered, pulling his lips back down to mine.

I felt his hands pushing up my sweater and I arched up so he could throw it onto the floor. He kissed his way from my neck down to the line of my leggings. He looked up at me with fire in his eyes as he tugged my leggings down my legs.

"Hatter, please, I need you so much!" I shrieked, tugging on his hair as I tried to keep myself from screaming in frustration.

He smiled seductively before licking me over my panties. I couldn't hold in my scream this time as I arched my back and pressed my head against the cushions of the couch. I pushed his face against me and he went to work teasing me through the silk material. I was moaning and groaning so much I knew I sounded pathetic but I couldn't help it.

He pulled away from me long enough to look up and pull off my panties. I bit my bottom lip and held his gaze even as he delved back into me. I knew he wanted me to keep eye contact with him so I fought the urge to throw my head back again and close my eyes. I was gnawing my lip into a mess but it was the only thing keeping me from falling to pieces.

"Jefferson, I'm falling apart. I need you up here with me," I whimpered, tugging the hand he'd laid on my stomach. "Please come up here and fill me up."

He pulled back enough to look at me completely. "I've never been able to tell you no, Alice, and I don't think I can now."

I pushed his vest off onto the floor before attacking the buttons of his shirt. There were so many of them I got frustrated and just pulled it over his head. He smiled and pushed his lips against mine, sliding his tongue into my mouth and charting it out. This was the first time we'd kissed in twenty eight years and I missed this man's mouth something awful.

He forced me to arch my back so he could unclasp my bra and he kissed the skin of my shoulder as he pulled it off. I had missed this so much that it was like a physical pain to have it back now. I wanted more than what he was giving me and I wasn't going to wait to get it.

I pushed him underneath me and undid his pants, pushing them down to his ankles. He slapped up to meet me and I gave him a few tugs before sliding down onto him. I saw stars when he bottomed out inside of me and I had to bite my bottom lip to keep from crying at how amazing he felt.

"Alice, look at me. I need you to look at me," he said, his hands rubbing over my hips anxiously. "Please, love."

I took a deep breath before opening my eyes and looking down at him. He was gazing at me, and I felt his hand slid up my side to cup my jaw in his hand. He pulled my face down to his and kissed me again. We didn't stay like that for long because I couldn't handle him being still inside of me anymore. I started bouncing slowly, using his chest for leverage as he gripped my hips tight enough to leave bruises. He groaned before pushing himself into a sitting position and gripping the back of my knees, pushing up deeper into me.

I felt him shuffling his feet but I was too lost in pleasure to care what he was doing. Suddenly I was flat on my back with him holding my legs up on his shoulders. I couldn't hold in my shriek at how deep he was inside of me. I felt completely whole with him there, and that was something I hadn't felt in so long. I welcomed him with open arms and an open heart.

Suddenly he started going faster, completely pounding me into the sofa. I slid my hand under his arm and gripped his shoulder blade tightly, digging my nails into it. I could feel myself tightening around him quickly, I was too turned on to last very much longer. I needed to scream as loud as I could but his mouth had mine at its mercy.

I started to orgasm around him so I pulled my mouth away from his and let out a shout of his name. He growled before slipping his hand down to where we were joined and rubbed his finger over my bundle. I screamed again and felt tears falling down my cheeks as I clenched down harder on him. It was all too much but not enough at the same time, I could feel myself completely coming apart around him. This was the closest I'd felt to home in a long time.

He groaned and moved his hands from my knees to grip my hips tightly in his hands as he climaxed inside of me. He collapsed on top of me as he breathed harshly. I was trying to catch my breath but sobs overtook me and I held onto him as tightly as I could. Eventually he came to and rolled over, sprawling me onto his chest. He whispered soothing words to me as I sobbed quietly against him.

"I'm so happy that I have you back, Alice. I missed you so," he whispered into my hair as he ran his hand up and down my spine. "I love you to the moon and back."

I just grinned and snuggled up to him with my forehead pressed against his neck. "I love you so much, Jefferson. I can't believe I forgot you, I didn't think that was possible."

"There's nothing to talk about now, love. You're back in my arms and that's what's important," he said, kissing my forehead. "For now anyway, then we'll find Grace and become a family. I can't wait for you to meet her."

I made a contented noise before falling asleep against his chest. I loved this man more than life itself and now I remembered him. My life starts now.

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