Chapter 6

Snake hadn't found out a lot of intel regarding The Philosophers so far on his time on the rig...the only people that he had previously encountered were heavily armed men who presented certain danger around any given corner. The one thing that he had managed to find out was far more terrifying, to him anyway. General Li is manufacturing a Metal Gear that not only is armed with Nuclear launch capabilities much like its predecessors, but that the new model has a jet propulsion system, in other words…it can fly. So now Metal Gear really would be the ultimate mobile battle tank, and really could reach anywhere on the face of the planet. He'd never heard Meryl silent in shock before he called her via Codec with this piece of information. This whole off-shore oil rig is actually just a cover up for the launch site. Metal Gear Zeus huh?

"Snake. We have to stop this thing, we can't let Li launch a nuke!"

"Don't you think I know that Otacon! Now calm down." Snake growled.

"I'm sorry. It's just… I can't let this happen. Not now, not ever Snake. It's just like the last times. I thought we were over this." Otacon was clearly fighting back a tear Snake thought to himself.

"Don't worry, I won't let that happen. Now I need you to be calm, you're my support on this mission, if you go, I'm lost when it comes to facing that thing."

Snake sounded calm on the outside, but in the inside, he had absolutely no idea how to stop this thing, if he could stop it. But he couldn't let anyone know he was thinking that, they were counting on him. Snake concluded his conversation on the codec and came out from his hiding place behind some filing cabinets. He was in what passed as an office, a handful of papers which were meaningless after digital translation and a desk and computer, which he had already checked was encrypted. He went over to the door to make his way out and over to the next strut when he had the sudden feeling he was being watched. There were no cameras in the room, he had checked on the way in. Something didn't feel right. That's exactly when Snake heard the click of a gun come from across the other side of the room. Dammit Snake thought to himself. Rookie mistake. It won't happen again.

"I expected more from a man with the codename of both Fox and Snake." Said a man with an East Asian accent.

"Expecting someone else huh? Sorry to disappoint." Snake hissed in reply.

"Well we just presumed that the Americans would send their… best"

"We?" Snake probed.

"You won't know who we are. We.. (raising his arms) are the Philosophers…The descendants of the legacy."

"The Philosophers are dead. Who are you? General Li?"

"My dear boy, am I not the General. I have the honour of being his Lieutenant"

Meryl burst into his ear via codec. "Snake, that's Lu, one of the General's men, and a member of the terrorist cell calling themselves the Philosophers. Get anything you can out of him, but be careful."

Snake frowned whilst gritting his teeth. He felt his gun in the holster to his right, so close. He steadied his breathing and before Lu could react, Snake dropped, rolled and readied his gun all in one swift, flowing movement. He faced Lu, on one knee with his gun pointing square between his eyes.

"Maybe you are worthy of the codenames they have given you, boy. But we'll see. The General will decide that." Lu said. Snake realised that he spoke of Li with a heroic like admiration.

Both men began to squeeze their triggers, slowly…