Amber`s POV.

I was lay out in Anubis. Summer hols, Daddy in Alaska, and only Trudy to talk to. Unless I fancied chatting taxi-whatsit with Victor. At least Trudy`s funny and light. Victor is all doom and gloom. Trudy can make a girl collapse with laughter.

"Amber, honey, I`m off to the store. Do you want to come with?"

I love shopping with Trudy, but I rarely get to.

"Sure thing, Trudes!"

Trudy giggled. "Amber, it must be no fun for you with none of your friends around, being stuck with a grumpy old man and a 37 year old woman."

"You don`t act like a 37 year old woman. You`re literally counted as one of us. The others just tend not to notice. You`re fun to be with, and you`re the total opposite to Victor."

She blushed. "I know I`m no Victor, but if I was like him, this place would be a ruin."

"Trudy, is it any wonder we kids love you?"

"I don`t really have a reply to that. Just grab a jacket, sweetie."

I didn`t want to leave her. She`s funny and sweet. There should be a day where I can show Trudy my appreciation for her. Mother`s Day, her birthday, Christmas...or just any old day. I got my jacket and ran to her, nearly tripping in my heels. Trudy grabbed me by the arm.

"Careful, dearie. You`ll hurt yourself."

"Thanks, Trudes."

Wow, that really killed the conversation.

"OK, you know what? We are going to get sent to prison for killing the conversation."

I laughed. "Trudy, where do you come up with these things?"

"Amber, I think you`re missing your friends."

"Without them, I get to hang out with you. I don`t really get the chance, when the others are around. During the holidays, I have you to talk to. Which I love, because you`re hilarious and sweet."

"Aww, Amber. Nobody`s ever said that to me before."

She put her arms around me and squeezed gently. I squeezed her hard, but that`s just how I hug.

"Oh, Trudes. You`re officially my most favourite person, ever."

"Now, don`t tell anyone, but you`re my favourite student."

Awwww! I love my housemother.

"Did you know you`re like a mum to me?"

"What about your own mum?"

"She`s... not on our Earth now."

My mum died.

"Oh, sweetheart, I`m sorry!"

"No, it`s OK, you didn`t know."

"Tell you what, if you see anything you want in the shops, I`ll buy for you."

"Aw, Trudy, you don`t have to."

"No, I want to."

Isn`t she sweet?! "Well, actually, Trudy... I`m kind of worried."

"What are you worried about, dear?"

"Me and Alfie broke up, right?"

"Yes. I`m sorry about that, darling."

"But we kind of... well..."

"Amber, you didn`t!"

"We did."

"Oh, Amber. You really shouldn`t`ve."

"I know and it gets worse."

"Oh, dear heavens. Let`s hear it."

"I think I`m..."

"Ohh, no. This is not happening. Does anyone else know?"

"No, I`m not even sure myself, Trudy. Please, don`t tell anybody, especially not Victor."

"Sweetie, you know that if you are, we will have to tell him. And I will do my best to make sure you get to stay at school."

"Oh, thank you, Trudes! You`re a saint!"

"Now, calm down, dearie."

I did something I never thought I`d do, and kissed her. Not a lip-lock, that`d be gross, just a quick kiss to her cheek. She blushed and squeezed me gently.

"Hey, do you know something? I don`t think you`re the only one with that problem. I think I may be, too."

My eyes nearly popped out. "Who was it?"

"I think you know who he is."

"You`re kidding, right?"

"No, I`m not."



"Omigod, Trudy, we may be mums together!"

She smiled. "We`ll both be in the same sticky situation, yes. I hope Victor can track down that Vera Devilish, if he fancies firing me and expelling you. At least she could cook."

"She bought that cake."

"I know, Daphne told me."

And a figure blocked our path...

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