A/N: This is based on a Cliscia fanart that she asked me to do. I seriously love her and her art and am superrrrrrr excited to write this. There will be two chapters and I really hope everyone (especially Cliscia) loves it!

Danny capped the Fenton Thermos firmly, screwing it on tightly. One more successful night of ghost-hunting was over. That night was mostly devoted to chasing pesky spirits instead of bothersome nuisances like Skulker. Danny turned to fly home when his ghost sense went off, a wisp of cold blue hair slipping from his mouth, originating from his ice core. His eyes flicked around as he took a defensive pose, looking for the ghost. His hands glowed with green ecto-energy, ready at a moment's notice.

"Ah, Daniel. How nice to see you here!" a familiar voice called out. Danny spun in mid-air and glared at the taller, wider figure before him. He immediately felt a spike in anger and nervousness.

"What do you want, Plasmius?" Danny growled in irritation. He wanted to go home and sleep, not get into a fight with Plasmius that would make him ache and be sore. It was a Friday, and he wanted to make the most of his weekend.

"Oh, lots of things, Little Badger. Maddie, for instance," Plasmius replied, crossing his arms. He floated languidly upright in the air in contrast to Danny's defensive stance. He grinned in a lecherous way.

Danny made a disgusted face. "Ew, gross. Why don't you just get the idea of you and my mom out of your head?" he complained. He really just wanted to go home.

"Who should I want then, Daniel? Should I pursue you?" Plasmius grinned evilly, floating slightly closer. His eyes danced in obvious humor.

Danny was confused for a moment. What did that even mean? Pursue him? Did that mean he… liked Danny or something? Danny suddenly had a vivid mental picture of him and Vlad together. He fought the urge to gag. He was not into Plasmius at all. They were damn enemies.

"What? You're crazy, stupid fruitloop," Danny muttered, his cheeks aflame. Plasmius was acting weird. Normally, they exchanged banter then beat the shit out of each other before Danny beat Plasmius.

"Crazy? I guess I am crazy, Daniel. Do you like crazy? Oh, you know, I'm very partial to that blush on your face. It contrasts nicely with your white hair," Plasmius mused. He had floated even closer to Danny.

Danny was visibly tense and confused. Was Plasmius trying to flirt with him? What the hell was even going on? He noted every inch that Plasmius closed between them before it got too much. Danny reached out with an ecto-charged fist and slammed it into Plasmius's chest.

Plasmius growled and reached out a gloved hand to snatch Danny's skinny wrists. He tugged him forward sharply before sending him flying into a billboard. Danny hit the billboard spread-eagled and collapsed into a heap below it. He lifted himself onto his palms and looked up angrily, ectoplasm trickling from a cut on his jaw before his speed-healing sealed the cut up seamlessly.

Plasmius flew forward and knelt before Danny. "Do not test me, Little Badger," he murmured dangerously. Danny glared up into his eyes, a weary look behind them. Plasmius felt a pang of guilt. He leaned forward, grabbing Danny's chin, and leaned in. A moment before their lips connected, Danny launched himself backwards.

"What's wrong with you, Plasmius? Leave me alone, you sicko," Danny shouted. He rose into the air and flew off into the night, shaking slightly from the strange encounter.

Plasmius stared off after him, rage clouding his brain. The boy was stubborn. A plan was forming in his mind rapidly. If Danny would not consent and bow to him, he would get him any way he could. He rose to his feet and turned invisible, flying off towards his mansion. Vlad Masters would have Danny Fenton.

Plasmius went intangible and slid through the wall of Freakshow's lair. He'd be damned if he came inside as a human; the strange human was incredibly powerful and Vlad wouldn't be caught unprotected. The lair was dark and quiet, making Plasmius question if Freakshow was even present.

"Freakshow! Where are you?" Plasmius called out, baring his fangs. He hoped this would be a quick meeting but had a feeling that it was turn into a violent confrontation. Freakshow was obsessively protective over the source of his power.

A pale and skinny man with red eyes slid out of the shadows in a corner. He held a staff in his hand that was topped with a crystal ball full of red swirling energy. When he noticed Plasmius, he shifted his grip to hold it protectively against his chest.

"Plasmius? What a pleasant surprise," he crowed, obviously lying. He walked closer towards Plasmius, a nervous glint in his eyes.

"I'm not here to play, Freakshow, although I do know how you love your tricks and performances. I need your staff," he replied bluntly. He grinned widely, his fangs glinting wetly.

Freakshow narrowed his eyes. "What makes you think I want you to have it or that I'd give it to you?" he shrieked. He held the staff behind his back, failing to hide it from view.

Plasmius let out a feral growl and flew towards Freakshow. He was too angry at Danny to mess around with the pathetic, ghost-obsessed Freakshow. He seized him by the neck and hoisted him up into the air. He applied gentle pressure to his windpipe, causing Freakshow to cough weakly. He was a human and could be in potential danger of strangulation. He struggled wildly in Plasmius's grip, trying to pry his fingers off of his neck. Plasmius drove a fist into his stomach. Freakshow dropped his staff and began to struggle even harder. Plasmius tossed him to the floor and grabbed the staff before it hit the ground.

"I knew you'd understand," Plasmius chuckled. He turned intangible and invisible then proceeded to fly through the ceiling, ignoring Freakshow's hoarse cries of anger.

He flew through the night with a specific destination in mind. After the confrontation with Danny last night, Vlad was determined to have Danny. His anger was still burning strongly in his chest at the child's disrespect.

Danny was lying in bed, his mind numb with sleep. He could feel that he was minutes from dropping off to sleep, but his mind was still working sluggishly. He thought about Vlad's strangeness, at the things he said to him during their fight. Danny's naïve mind really didn't comprehend what Vlad meant when he said he wanted him. Before he could think too hard about it, sleep overtook his mind.

Plasmius stood on the roof of Fenton Works, looking down. Danny was in there, right below his feet. He knew what he was about to do was despicable. Still, he was far too angry and evil to care. He went intangible and slid through the roof, landing lightly on a hard floor. Plasmius looked up to see Danny asleep in his bed.

A small wisp of cold, blue air fluttered from his lips. Plasmius was pleased to note that he did not wake. He stalked forward silently and peeled the sheets from the smaller boy's body. Plasmius shot a pink-red blast of ectoplasmic matter at Danny's mouth; it wrapped around his mouth snugly, acting as a gag. Plasmius gave a small chuckle.

His laughter cut off abruptly when Danny's eyes flew open. His baby-blue eyes were wide and panicked. They searched Plasmius's face for a moment before he tried to sit up. Plasmius pushed him back down and tied him up with ropes make of ecto-energy.

Danny kept trying to thrash around, even though his arms were bound to his chest and his legs were tied together. Plasmius looked at him with a small smile on his face, knowing the bonds were strong enough to keep Danny contained even in Phantom form. Danny stared back at Plasmius with a look of panicked, frightened hatred.

Plasmius grabbed Danny by the waist and threw him over his shoulder, with his head hanging down. He continued to struggle and was rewarded with a shock on the back of his thigh. He froze, more terrified by where the sting was located than by the real pain. Plasmius gave a dark chuckle and spoke softly to Danny. "You're mine, Little Badger."

Plasmius turned the pair of them intangible and shot through the wall. He glided down the street lazily for a moment before going invisible and speeding off towards his mansion. He was dead-set that he was going to enjoy his prize.