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Chapter 1: Captured


"Don't let her get away you moron!" I heard the dark voice shout behind me.

I continued to run, darting down an alley while I was in the darkness. Skidding to a halt trying to catch my breath and praying I had enough time to get everything set up before they realized where I ran into. I kneeled down behind a dumpster and reached into my backpack, pulling out my laptop. I opened the screen and entered the pass code near and dear to me, logging me into the front screen. I pulled up the WI-FI connections in the area and logged into an unsecure account.

I unhooked my heart shaped necklace from around my neck and pulled the heart in half revealing a small USB flash drive. I inserted the drive into the port and listened as the computer came to life. "Come on, come on…" I murmured, working my magic. "Come to me baby." With a simple stroke of a set of keys, the transferring process had begun.

The next thing I did was probably what set of the chain of events that followed. I had intended to minimize the screen showing me the transferring process. Instead, I accidently hit a command that opened the file that was being transferred.

"No!" I hissed, trying to frantically stop the file from popping up. "Stop it!" I glanced at the screen, trying to find the right command to stop the information from showing up. Unexpectedly, the sound of gunshots caused my hands to freeze in motion, as I watched my father's murder happen all over again. "Go away, go away," I whispered nervously, closing it out.

Finally, I found it, and the screen became clear again, showing only the progress bar. I rubbed my eyes, feeling overwhelmed. The transferring was complete. Before ejecting the drive, I made sure to encrypt the file, making it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the business card I received earlier and attached the encrypted file to an email, sending it to the only person I knew who would be able solve this. I just prayed he would have a change of heart.

I took a quick peek behind the dumpster and cursed silently to myself. I saw them pause before turning down the alley towards me. I added a few more details to the email and quickly hit send. I removed the flash drive and reattached it around my neck, placing it beneath my blouse. I shut my laptop and shoved it back into my backpack, hoping to make a quick escape. I had to try, even if there was the slightest chance.

I ran like a bat out of hell. I noticed the footsteps behind me had increased in speed to match my own pace. Freedom was mere feet away, but was quickly ripped away when a black van blocked my path. I backed away from the van and glanced back at my two pursuers advancing down the alleyway. My heart hammered in my throat. They were caging me in like some wild animal.

"Give it up girly!"

"There's nowhere for you to run."

My hand tightened firmly around the backpack strap draped in front of my chest. My head spun in the direction of the van as I heard the door quickly slide open and another man jumping out.

"You guys can't do shit right without me around. Seriously, how fucking hard is it to catch a fifteen year old girl?" The man growled angrily reaching for some rope in the van.

Icy cold fingers gripped my arms from behind and shoved me roughly against the wall, pressing his body to mine from behind. "Stop it!" I cried. He let out a small chuckle and turned me around. I placed my hands on his chest pushing him as hard as I could to get him off me.

He glared at me, "You've caused us a lot of trouble hunting you down. I believe you have something that belongs to us." He said as he shoved me hard against the wall again.

"Get off me!" I cried as I pushed him hard again. His massively strong hand wrapped around my throat as he began choking me. I felt like I was weightless as he effortlessly lifted me off the ground by my throat. My legs flailed towards him as my hands tried to pull his fingers off of me, but he held me at arm's length making sure my legs couldn't collide with him. The lack of fresh air was beginning to make my lungs burn.

"Don't kill her, we need her alive." The man beside the van ordered, his voice dripping with authority and anger. I assumed he was the one that was running the show, because the man that had me by the throat slightly loosed his grip causing a little air to enter my lungs. "Kevin, take her bag and grab the computer. Erase everything."

"N-No, don…," but I couldn't finished. There wasn't enough oxygen in my lungs to form a full sentence. My legs stopped kicking a while ago and the feeling in my hands started to slip away.

The third man, the one who had been standing in the background until now, stepped forward and unbuckled the strap on my chest. He kneeled down and reached into my pack, pulling out my laptop. "Did you design this yourself?" He asked admiring its beauty and perfection.

"Quit dawdling Kevin. Do it now." The leader barked.

"I can't, it's locked." He replied.

The man tightened his grip around my throat once again. "Give him the code."

He leaned in close to me, far too close for my liking. Even if they got their hands on that file, it wouldn't matter. There was still another copy not to mention that one I had on me. I just had to place all the cards on the table and take my chances in hopes he would decode that file. I gave him all the information he needed. He just needed to piece it all together and this nightmare would be over.

"N-No," I gasped.

"Do it now, or I'll snap your neck." He snarled through his teeth, his emerald eyes boring into mine.

"You ever heard of using a breath mint?" I wheezed.

The oxygen I had left suddenly vanished when his fist met with my stomach. My sight began to get fuzzy from the lack of air, but suddenly I was free. The flood of oxygen that rushed into my lungs made me cough violently. As the feeling slowly came back into my limbs I pushed myself up, my back hitting the wall as I sat up.

The leader gave the man a hard glare which he shrugged off dismissively. "What, you told me not to kill her. You didn't say anything about hurting her." He said and pulled out a gun. He sneered at me and stepped forward pressing the gun against my forehead. "Give him the code." He repeated once again, his finger itching to pull the trigger at any given second.

He pressed the gun harder against my forehead for emphasis and I winced, closing my eyes to withstand the pain. My throat convulsed. This wasn't happening! "Alright, I'll tell you!" I said after a few minutes, turning my head to face the man who was waiting patiently for the code. "9-8-9-0-5-4"

He mouthed me a silent 'thank you' before turning back to the computer and entered the code into the log in screen. Even in the predicament I was in I couldn't help but smirk at what was about to happen. My eyes darted to his clenched fist resting on his lap. Kevin raised his head and looked at me with narrowed eyes. Seconds later the leader was by his side, looking irritated.

"The data's gone," he said through his teeth, pointing at the computer.

"It's what you wanted wasn't it?" I said, attempting to sound cold and formal, but I failed when my words ended on a tremor. "That code I gave you was made to wipe the hard drive clean. Good luck getting your hands on that information now. Why you three were too busy searching for me, I sent that file to a trusted source, it's in his hands now."

Kevin, as they called him, dropped the computer to the ground and quickly stood up and pressed his hands against the side of his head as silent sobs escaped him, "Dude, I can't go to prison. You said this was going to be an easy job!" He cried pointing an angry finger at the leader.

"Shut the fuck up and let me think." He growled angrily. "We still have the girl for now. We'll just have to beat the information out of her until we find out who she sent that file to, besides she's the key to our huge lump sum." He sneered as he stretched out the rope.

The man standing in front placed his gun back in the waistband of his jeans and yanked me up by the arm, one hand effectively pinning my arms to my waist while the other placed itself over my mouth, silencing my screams as he carried me to the van to god knows where.