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~~ Prologue ~~

"Kuh!" A woman's voice pierced through the night, her long golden hair trailing behind her as she used her cape in defense. She extended her hand and networks of light appeared. Coming together in countless layers, they shaped themselves around her hand. In the shapes appeared symbols—characters carved out of light, not space itself. A web of light formed from the characters, thus a pattern was given shape. "Haa!" She pointed the light above her in the sky as the pattern collapsed, burst apart, scattered, reformed, expanded again and then crystallized.

A mass of pink light surged from the symbol made and although fired from a crude position, it flew straight as though guided by malice. The light flew towards its target and smashed against it, releasing its energy and causing the sky to shatter. A few short moments later, the darkness once again swallowed everything.

"Accept your defeat..." Another voice spoke gently as though speaking to an old friend. "Even though you were lauded as the strongest...without a master, you have no hope of defeating me." It echoed through the area despite the fact that they were battling in space.

"..." The woman does not answer. Her actions speak louder than any words could. She narrowed her deep red eyes and fired a second shot, her pure white clothes staining with red as her wounds opened once again. A third shot is fired. A fourth. A fifth. Soon a rain of light strikes her target as she continued to fly through the vastness of the void.

"How futile..." The voice responds, very disappointed at the results. Light gathers in its outstretched hand, replicating what the woman had done earlier. The floating pattern form characters of light forming a barrier that stops the barrage. From the same source, several large beams of light were fired in succession very similar to the ones that she previously fired upon it.

"!" The woman gasped, grasping her cape to protect herself as one of the attacks grazed by her body. She dodged the second and the third, she used the crescent scythe connected to her gauntlet to destroy the fourth, but the fifth bore down upon her from her blind side. "Protection!" She screamed out as 5 red orbs flew in front of her in a circle, a pink light connecting them into the form of a pentagram. "Argh!" She grunted as the force of the attack crashed upon her barrier. The golden gauntlet around her right hand cracked and shattered as the barrier began to give way. Her eyes widened as the energy shattered her defense and struck her square in the abdomen, several of the red orbs shattered and the rest were scattered. She could feel her life force draining away as her power decreased. She raised her eyes at her attacker once more, trying to gauge its next attack.

"Fall..." The ominous voice raised its hand once more, light gathering at the core. This time...this time for sure...the blow would be fatal. The spear of light was launched at incredible speed, even if it wasn't, there was no way for the woman to dodge it.

"Gaah!" She cried out as the light pierced her. Perhaps it was luck or her inherent skill, but it had managed to miss her heart. With very little strength left, she allowed her body to fall and enter the atmosphere.

Still cloaked by the shadows, the opponent watches in silence as the body plunges with the pull of gravity. It makes no attempt to pursue as its target vanishes into the small mass of lights on the surface of the planet. It looks up to the moon and finally relaxes its stance.

"The Wheels of Fate turn once again..." It spoke to no one in particular "But isn't this what you wanted all along...Master?"

A/N: A lot of you are probably suspicious now after what happened in BetrayerS (yes I received a lot of comments about it. Some liked it, some...were betrayed by their expectations, and some cried manly tears~) But anyway, I will give you all several guesses who that woman is. There should be enough hints from the title and the situation, but if you still cant guess...I shall include a picture next chapter ^.^