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For Kate Beckett and the rest of the New York Police Department the day started out like any other work day, she came in the 12th earlier than the rest, around 05:00. She walked in; got coffee from the machine Castle bought...or atleast attempted too. She needed the time to rest, she and Castle had finally admitted to everything about two months ago now, after the initial 'honeymoon' phase wore off they knew they had to tell everyone; and for the most part they all took it well. Lanie of course was upset she wasn't told before it happened or during when it was happening and Ryan and Esposito just took it in stride, Gates wasn't very pleased her best Detective was now in a relationship with the writer but after Castle had said that his friend the Mayor was very happy for them she calmed down quite a bit. For the next hour Kate finished the remaining paperwork she neglected to finish the past friday. Around 06:00 Esposito arrived with Lanie on his arm, (actually walking next to him but the point was the same). They all knew the routine; it happened every other monday.

"Hey Kate!"

"Hey Lanie"

"How was the weekend with your boy?"

She was about to respond telling her that it was great; that they had played laser tag with Alexis and ate at a resteraunt that was far to expensive and ran into one of her friends from high school but she didn't have the time because her cell phone rang. Expecting it to be Castle complaining she didnt eat her eggs this morning she answered with a simple


"Detective Beckett?"

"Sorry, yes. This is Beckett"

"Detective Beckett this is dispatch, you have a body at 4th and Wellington"

"Thank you. I am on my way." She always felt a little odd saying thank you to dispatch after they gave her a body.

As soon as Beckett closed the phone Esposito asked the question that everybody typically hated the answer too.

"Another body?" Almost as if it was rehearsed.

They arrived on the scene in record time for that time in the morning on a monday. They arrived to an alley way covered in trash, pretty much identical to all of the other alley ways in new york. Lanie had already started on the body; although they thought it was impossible to beat them there she evidently did.

"What have we got Lanie?"

"Female vic, Time of death around 2am last night; the cause seems to be the stab wounds to the abdomen"

"Anything else on the vic?"

Esposito cut in filling out the blanks. "Wallet found next to the body says her name is Alexandria Morrison, she's 23 and has a few photos tucked in behind her drivers license. Uhm, Kate you might want to see this."

It took one glance at the photographs for Kate Beckett to realize this case was personal. To realize this girl wasn't just another victim. Castle had arrived on scene just as Kate started to stumble backwards with the photos in her hand.

"Kate, what's wrong?"

With pictures clutched to her chest she uttered "I knew her."

Back at the precinct Castle, Beckett, Esposito,Ryan and Lanie were sitting around Kate's desk waiting for her to explain her connection with the victim.

"When i was a kid I had this bestfriend. Her name was Savannah. Savannah Morrison. You met her this weekend Castle. We were very close all through childhood, when we were 7 her mom had a baby; Alexandria."

"Wait, so...our vic, is your childhood bestfriend's little sister? So those pictures?"

"Let me finish guys, the one picture is of the three of us when Savannah and I were 21, we took Alexandria to the shore with us. She was 14. Two years later when we were 23 and Dria was 16 their parents got divorced. Kelleigh joined the Army and I was in the academy. Dria basically lost every form of guidance she had and she wound up pregnant when she was 17. I'm guessing that's who the other picture is of. I haven't seen them since her daughter since about a year after she was born. She would be 5 now."

Castle got up and hugged Kate. Lanie giving Kate a look saying 'we'll finish this later' and promising to do her best work.

"Hey Espo"

"Yeah Beckett?"

"We need to find her daughter."

"Do you know her name? Ill search schools in the surrounding area"

"Makenna Katherine Morrison"

After receiving looks from the men still around her she simply shrugged and said "its a nice name"

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