Best friends, that's what they were and always would be. Best friends first and foremost. Best friends always and forever. When people talked, they were always mentioned as a pair, as best friends. You could not have one without the other. And it wasn't just that they meshed perfectly together or that they always got along, but they were just always together. They broke all laws to having a social life by being best friends and it seemed like the entire school had accepted it since day one. Gryffindor Quidditch captain Oliver Wood and Ravenclaw Prefect Quinn Pearson.

She would always watch him practice on the field, rain or shine, expect during the winter, she was a delicate flower that way. But she would wait for him to finish training before going to meals with him, because they were best friends. And in return he would spend hours upon hours in the library attempting to stuff something into his brain just because she liked the library.

Even in their free time, they were always together, like one another's shadow. It became a natural thing to see Oliver standing outside of the Ravenclaw common room trying to answer the riddle in order to get into the room. No one, but first years, blinked twice when Quinn waltzed into the Gryffindor common room as if she lived there. Because they were best friends, and not everyone was happy with that fact.

"Are those two really just friends?" Sophia demands nodding towards the two best friends conversing comically on one of the plush armchairs in the Gryffindor common room, Oliver's long muscular legs intertwined in Quinn's more petite and shorter legs.

Fred and George nod simultaneously, how many times did they hear that question come out of a pretty girl's mouth? Too many times. "They're just best friends." They both say recalling the times they tried to get the pair together only to realize that they pair was practically together they just didn't realize it. "Why?"

"No reason." Sophia shrugs, pushing her pretty blond hair away from her tear drop shaped head. She was a year younger than the two sixth year best friends. "But don't you think it's kind of strange?"

"Nope." George replies automatically, Fred nodding in agreement. The only unnatural thing would to see the two of them apart for more than a day.

"They're best friends after all." Fred adds, finishing his brother's thought.

Sophia frowns, when she was a first year she immediately developed a crush on the older Scottish young man in her house, however, his so-called 'best friend' was always with him. Even to her first year eyes she could tell that the relationship Oliver had with Quinn was not that of normal friends. "Of course, so I still have a chance."

Sophia was too busy staring at Oliver to notice the look the twins traded; they had been down this road before. "Of course." George reassures. Despite possibly hurting the girl's feelings, it would make a nice betting pool, how long would it take for Sophia to realize that Oliver would always place Quinn first?

After all, Quinn would always be Oliver's better half and Oliver would be Quinn's better half. They complimented each other's personality. Their dynamic was the definition of a good relationship: Quinn always laughing at Oliver's lame attempts at being funny, Oliver with his chin propped up on Quinn's shoulder and an arm around her waist when he wanted to see what she happened to be reading while standing. They were essentially the perfect couple that wasn't dating each other.

Quinn was even there when Sophia asked Oliver to accompany her to Hogsmeade. Sophia had expected at least some sort of negative response from Quinn; however, the older girl merely gave a sisterly kiss on Oliver's cheek before disappearing to the library. "So, is there anything else you wanted to talk about?" Oliver asks rubbing at the oil residue left by Quinn's lip balm.

"Um, no, I suppose not." Sophia replies, the words barely out of her mouth before Oliver smiles and rushes off towards the library without so much as a glance back at her. It didn't take long for the entire school to start talking about them, but then again, no one was really too surprised by it.

"How long do you think Sophia and Oliver will stay together?" Angelina asks the twins. It was a common conversational subject when it came to dating and the best friends. Each of them had their share of breaking hearts, most guys got jealous when Quinn would skip out on dates to watch Oliver's practices and girls got uneasy when all Oliver would talk about is Quidditch and Quinn.

Sophia frowns; despite all the things she knew about Oliver, she still wanted him all to herself. She stares across the table at Oliver, meshed between Quinn and Percy. Playing Quidditch had kept Oliver fit in all the right places, and his Scottish accent made all the girls swoon at one point or another, over all, there was no reason not to like him.

Quinn was the main problem. You did not mention Oliver in a conversation without somehow referring to Quinn and vice versa. Everyone referred to them as a collective pair that had to be mentioned together, their school mates did it, their mums did it, and even their professors let it slip from time to time even when Quinn and Oliver were rarely in the classes now.

But this time would be different, Sophia made it a goal to not be like all the other girls Oliver had dated in the past, the ones who quickly got left out and became the third wheel to the Oliver and Quinn duo. Therefore, Sophia quickly dragged Oliver away from his friends once they had arrived at Hogsmeade, heading straight to Madam Puddifoot's. It was easy to converse with Oliver, they joked about Quidditch and Sophia's classes before Percy came rushing in.

Percy gives a brief nod towards Sophia before whispering something into Oliver's ear. "Listen I had a great time, but I have to run now." Oliver says suddenly just as the refill on their drinks came back. "The twins changed Quinn's owl into a cat."

"Doesn't she have any other friends to help her?" Sophia asks but Oliver is already getting up and throwing his jacket back on.

"Quinn's alone with the twins, I fear for the safety of everyone near them." Oliver says, Percy nodding gravely and the two of them rush out the door, but not before an "I knew you'd understand." Coming from Oliver, right before the door closed behind him.

Things like this did not make sense to Sophia; they were having a good time. She could tell that Oliver was enjoying himself by the way he laughed and seemed at total ease. In all actuality, Sophia would totally give up on Oliver if he weren't so charming, athletic, handsome, and everything else that she could every wish for in a boyfriend. But maybe Oliver just needed to be reminded how should be at the top of his priority list.

Sophia somehow had to slowly separate Quinn and Oliver from each other. After all, it was totally ridiculous that they could finish one another's sentences if they wanted to, or that they were better at snuggling up against each other than baby ducklings. They were so good they could teach a class on snuggling.

After the early disappearance of Oliver and their first date, Sophia never saw the perfect chance to ask Oliver to go out against. In fact, Oliver had asked if Sophia would like to join him for a picnic with Quinn. Their third date did not involve Quinn in a physical sense, but rather, ever story Oliver would tell, had Quinn in some significant role. Quinn playing Quidditch with him when they first learned to fly, Quinn punching Marcus Flint in the face for insulting Oliver on the Quidditch field, Quinn finding a way around detentions with Filch, and they went on.

And now that Sophia was dating Oliver, it seemed like a whole other version of his friendship with Quinn was revealed. When there wasn't a trip to Hogsmeade, the two of them would usually bum out in either the Gryffindor or Ravenclaw Common room in large sweaters and baggy pants. Sometimes they would just insist on sitting there without moving for hours, or they would make tea and bring up food from the kitchens, but that would only turn into a fight over the last piece of toast.

They also touched a lot. Sophia never realized just how much Oliver and Quinn touched each other. "They're so adorable together." Alicia says dreamily as Oliver puts his toast down to walk all the way to the Ravenclaw table just to fix Quinn's unruly hair that fell past her shoulders in a mess of tangled waves. And Quinn would always fix Oliver's tie because it seemed as if he was unable to ever tie it himself. And then there were all the little playful pushes they would give each other, the looping of arms as they walk down the hall, and all the other little touches they did.

"Hey, sorry I'm late." Oliver says slipping into the chair across from Sophia. The common room was pretty empty at this time of the evening; most students were enjoying their dinner in the Great Hall.

"Something come with Quinn again?" Sophia asks bitterly. She had gone through all the trouble of arranging a nice evening dinner for her and Oliver and he has the nerve to show up late and all because of his best friend too.

Oliver doesn't seem to notice Sophia's tone, even smiles at the mention of his favorite Ravenclaw. "Sort of, Percy's nagging me to work with him on a Potions essay and Quinn is covering for me right now."

Sophia blinks at this, her next angry comment evaporating on her tongue. "Oh, well, that's very kind of her."

"Quinn would do that for anyone." Oliver states confidently. "Though, I do feel kind of rubbish for leaving her to listen to Percy talk about Potions." Sophia nods, but she doesn't feel too bad about it. More time Oliver spent with her meant less time he spent with Quinn.

And the best part is that Sophia successfully avoided talking about Quinn the entire night. She couldn't help smiling when she woke up in the morning. Perhaps she wouldn't have to initiate her plan after all. That is, until she steps out of her door.

Quinn and Oliver were sitting side by side on the common room floor, sipping mugs of tea and staring at the alarm clock in front of them. "What's going on?" Sophia whispers as Angelina and Alicia step out of their rooms.

"Huh? Oh it must that time again." Angelina says rolling her eyes at the pair, an amused smile gracing her tired features. "In about five minutes it'll be the anniversary of the first time they met. Apparently, ten years ago and five minutes, a six year old Oliver accidentally pushed a six year old Quinn into a lake. He felt so guilty about it that he gave her a chocolate frog as an apology. Then he said that he would marry her and protect her and then went on to introduce her to all of his Quidditch heroes."

"That's so adorable." Alicia says as the three girls watch as the alarm clock goes off, Oliver and Quinn simultaneously grab a cup of water and throw it at each other before returning to their respected mugs of tea. "Oh look, they even have chocolate frogs." Indeed, they symbolically recreated their first meeting.

The two best friends glance over at them at the sound of Alicia's squealing, neither of them looking embarrassed about their little ritual. In fact they seemed quite proud of their ten year anniversary, so proud that they spent the whole day connected at the hip, except for when they were in class. But once class let out, they would walk each other to their next class, muttering funny past memories to each other. It made Sophia's happy mood turn sour really fast, everywhere she turned she saw Quinn and Oliver together.

"Not going to Hogsmeade this time?" Fred asks finding a rather fuming Sophia staring into the small fire in the Gryffindor Common room. He and George had once again managed to cause such a ruckus during Potions that they weren't allowed to go this trip.

Sophia shakes her head. "Oliver has plans already." With Quinn, was the unspoken and inferred ending to her statement which would explain her anger at that moment. "What do they even do together that they don't already do?"

Fred and George trade looks, again, "nothing."

"You mean, they've snogged before?" Sophia demands her eyes widening to the point where she looked like a bug eyed monster of some sort. Perhaps it wasn't the twins' brightest idea to mention that aloud to her when she's already out for blood. "When?"

"You mean the first time?" Fred asks tapping his chin; he was having too much fun with teasing the poor girl with these facts. "Quinn came back from a vacation in the States and they have a game there called Truth or Dare. George dared her and Oliver to kiss."

The entire event was much more anticlimactic than it sounds. It was back when they were in their second year, Quinn and Oliver merely just stared at one another, leaned in really close and pressed their lips together for a few seconds before sitting back in the circle to rub their lips and drink lots of water.

The second time was during the same game but after many bottles of butterbeer. Fred had dared the two of them to snog for a full minute. Oliver tried to make it into a show by pulling Quinn onto his lap, but she kept giggling and eventually gave up after the inability to keep the giggles quiet.

Oliver and Quinn had gotten good at putting on a show for it seems like making the two of them snog is the twins' favorite dare. But in revenge, Oliver and Quinn force the twins to stop pranking for a week or just stop talking for the rest of the game. Needless to say, the game wasn't played as often as one might think it is.

Sophia had reverted back to biting her nails, a habit she grew out of when she was a first year. She thought of rewarding Oliver with kisses whenever he paid more attention to her, however, it would seem that Quinn had already done that with Oliver. It was hardly fair; Sophia could barely get a good night kiss from Oliver without Quinn's wide amused smile hanging over them like an overtly happy cloud. She had to do something.

In the friend hierarchy best friends are always on top, they received the most attention and affection. And then there were the normal friends they spent time with every few times a week. Oliver and Quinn were best friends, practically connected at the hip, they were the pair that old couples point at and comment how cute they are together, they are the pair that searches far and near for that one Chocolate Frog card that they still don't have in their collection. They are the pair that everyone couple wants to be. Oliver and Quinn are the perfect couple that isn't a couple, despite what everyone believes them to be.

Even when they dated other people, they were still seen together, all the time. They were probably seen together more than they were seen with their significant other. Sure, Oliver would sometimes walk Sophia to her morning classes, but it hardly compared to the hours he spent with Quinn. Over all, Sophia needed to get Quinn and boyfriend or at least a new best friend.

As far as Sophia could tell, Quinn's closest friends were mostly Ravenclaws, they were a tightknit House after all. Quinn always had someone to talk to when she didn't have Oliver with her; she was surprisingly popular despite the heartbreaking legacy she left behind. Quinn was the heartbreaker of the duo. It was something about her large innocent blue eyes and small petite appearance that makes all the males in her year want to smother her in love.

"Another letter?" Oliver asks resting his chin on Quinn's shoulder in order to read the parchment in her hands. It was another poor sap who placed his heart out on a silver platter only for Quinn to step on it without a second thought.

Quinn nods, carefully folding the letter and placing it in her bag to dispose of later. "Did you ask her yet?" In the past, Oliver and Quinn had always been each others dates to school events; this would be one of the rare times where they would be another girl on Oliver's arm, something that their school mates found incredibly strange and disturbing.

Oliver nods, "I have a good feeling about this." According to Oliver, his relationship with Sophia was actually going well, which is quite a feat for him because he is absolutely rubbish at dating women. Only his closest mates would know that Oliver bribed Quinn to write all of the sappy love poems/messages and pick out flowers for his girlfriends. But that was as far as her meddling would go, Quinn had refrained from interfering with Oliver's dates, but she demanded all the details when he returned from them. And he would come back to tell her all the details about his date. Sometimes he would get a sparkly faraway look in his eyes and Quinn would go and fetch him a nice mug of tea.

"What do you think they're up to?" Fred asks glancing at Oliver's closed door every few minutes. It was one of those rare days where they didn't have Quidditch practice and Oliver and Quinn hadn't taken over one of the large armchairs with their snuggle fest. One could only wonder what the two of them could possibly be doing together in Oliver's room, alone. The fact is that everything was a lot more innocent than one would think. Quinn and Oliver were probably hanging over the edge of Oliver's bed taking about the beauty of Sophia's soul or coming up with some wild idea that they would eventually get distracted from.

"Oliver, Oliver, Oliver." Quinn was a bit more than a little off her trolley. She wraps her long arms around Oliver's neck, pressing her lean body against his side. Sophia may have hinted to her male friends to try and get Quinn away from Oliver that evening. Perhaps one of them would interest Quinn. But she hadn't factored in Quinn's weakness towards butterbeer.

Oliver sighs, wrapping an arm around her waist to keep her steady. "Which one of them let you drink butterbeer?" Oliver had seen all the guys that had crowded around Quinn when they entered the Great Hall together. He had merely wished her good luck before heading off with Sophia.

"Oliver, tell me that I'm pretty. Lavender Brown said I wasn't pretty." She points towards a small brunette in the middle of the crowd. Quinn makes a teary eyed face at Oliver, her lower lip quivering. It was the most convincing pouty face that has ever been created.

"You are very attractive Quinn." Oliver says, stepping back to glance at her long orange dress and black corseted top. "Even in your new ugly dresses and weird haircuts." He gave her a small kiss on her nose before she appeared to be satisfied with his answer. And then she was gone because "this is her bloody favorite song by the Weird Sisters; I hope people know to watch their feet. She has no control when she dances."

"Do you want to dance?" Sophia offers, sliding closer to Oliver and playing with the buttons of his coat. "And tell me that I'm pretty because I'm your girlfriend and I'm wearing a new dress with a nice haircut." She had tried to pass it off as a joke; however, it was totally barmy that Oliver hadn't complimented her once on her appearance since they started dating.

Oliver shrugs and offers her an arm. Oliver's parents insisted that he learned how to be a gentleman because the only girls he would attract as a professional Quidditch player were crazed fans. Thus, young Oliver learned perfect table manners and ballroom dancing. And as if Sophia couldn't think that Oliver could be even more perfect. He was handsome, athletic, relatively smart, and a good dancer. Sophia was slowly leading them towards the edge of the crowd where she was going to suggest they some place a bit more private when Oliver looks up and the moment is broken.

This time it wasn't Quinn, not really. It was Percy who had caught Oliver's attention. Quinn had passed out from all the excitement and massive amounts of butterbeer that had entered her system. "She's such a lightweight. Listen, sorry about this, but I'll catch you later; I've got to get her back to her dorm."

"Would you like me to help?" Sophia asks trying her best to salvage the already lost moment, that and the fact that her stomach fluttered when Oliver passed her a brilliant smile. "I mean, it looks like she can hardly walk."

Oliver shakes his head, easily carrying Quinn up the stairs and towards the Ravenclaw Tower forgetting for a moment that he has never been able to solve the riddle in all his six years at Hogwarts. It wasn't that he was particularly stupid, he was taking his N.E.W.T in Charms, Transfiguration, and Potions; however, if it didn't have to do with classes or Quidditch he would just forget about it. As a result, he didn't have much of a choice but to bring her back to the Gryffindor Common room.

It wasn't embarrassing or awkward to wake up on a plush couch with Quinn's petite body sprawled on top of his with her death grip around his arm. They had more sleepovers than nondating males and females should be allowed to have. Oliver stretches his arms above his head; cracking his back a disgusting number of times before taking a piece of toast of the towering stack of toast Quinn had retrieved from the kitchen. "I have the odd feeling that I have forgotten about something." Quinn mumbles in between bites of her toast.

"That is bloody wonderful, Quinn." Quinn leans back to meet a very tired looking Roger Davis. "I figured you'd be here." Roger had been the designated Ravenclaw to go get Quinn a couple hours before the dance ended because of her inability to handle the butterbeer that she would want to drink. "Thanks for taking care of our Prefect." Roger nods towards Oliver.

It had long been accepted that Oliver would be an honorary Ravenclaw, after all, he spent nearly as much time in Ravenclaw Tower as he did in his own tower. "I'm absolutely sorry, Roger." Quinn says, giving his thin waist an awkward hug.

Roger dismisses the apology with a wave of his hand. "It was no problem." He had actually been preoccupied counseling another one of Quinn's suitors for the majority of the evening. One of Roger's best mates, a fellow Ravenclaw by the name Leon. They were to meet up again to discuss specifics, something Roger was secretly dreading.

"You could always ask her." Roger states rubbing his face. As much as all Ravenclaws enjoyed their common room with the astrological stars on the ceiling and the hallow sounds of the wind, there were times where Roger just wanted to run out screaming. This bloke, Leon, wanted to know everything about Quinn. "She's not as frightening as people believe her to be."

"Shove off." Leon says, turning pink at the thought of it. "You're supposed to be helping me."

Roger sighs; he would be lying if he said he never felt anything towards Quinn. She was a rare beauty and had a legacy for crushing hearts. But as Roger had easily learned through his interactions with her, Quinn was merely a free spirit that couldn't be tied down to be a pretty little thing hanging off of some bloke's arm like other women. But she had a kindness within her that not many people seemed to recognize. "She likes the Wimbourne Wasps and tea." And getting on her good side would only be a good thing when Roger needed to sneak out of the tower late at night.

Leon nods, storing the information for later use, which happened to be five minutes later when Quinn finally returns to Ravenclaw Tower in what appears to be one of the sweaters that belong to both Oliver and Quinn. Roger nudges Leon in the ribs. The fast he learned that things would never work between them the faster Roger wouldn't have to deal with his best mate's love sickness. "So, Quinn, I was wondering if you'd like to have a drink with me. Not tea, obviously, but a drink, with me, in a pub?"

Quinn looks at him with a blank face. She recognized Leon as a studious, yet popular, student who was actually in most of her classes; however, she couldn't recall a single instance where she actually had a conversation with him. "I suppose I could."

Contrary to popular belief, Quinn also had her own insecurities. "But you said you would go with him." Oliver says, taking a sip of tea. He was always there to listen to Quinn's worries, because it wasn't often that she would be the one who required help.

"I would feel awful for saying otherwise." Quinn plops down on the arm chair and buries her face into a scarlet and gold pillow. She peeks up at him from her pillow. "What should I do, Oliver?" One could say that when you dated one of them, you actually date both of them due to the unfortunate fact that they asked one another for advice, a terrible idea because Oliver is absolutely rubbish at dating girls and giving dating advice.

"I hear Leon is a good looking bloke." Oliver says, easily dodging the pillow that was thrown at his head. "Perhaps you will actually like him?" For some reason when he told Sophia that he couldn't meet up with her because Quinn was having relationship problems, Sophia didn't appear to be too disappointed. Women were very strange creatures.

Quinn sighs, surrendering herself to her fate. "Very well, I need more tea anyways." With all their little talks regarding Sophia's 'beautiful soul' and how nice she smells, Quinn was quickly running out of tea.

"We could go together if you'd like." Oliver offers, he and Sophia were going to Hogsmeade anyways, and besides, his best friend is in a pinch, what kind of would he be if he didn't help? Thus, Oliver, Sophia, Quinn, and Leon were all jammed together in a booth at the Three Broomsticks.

Sophia could be less ecstatic about spending another date with Quinn, but at least she was there with Leon and not just there because Oliver wanted her to be. With any luck, Quinn and Leon would get together and Sophia could finally be alone with Oliver. Things could not be going any better.

Or so Sophia thought, but the days following the date, Oliver and Quinn were still connected at the hip. How they managed to juggle a relationship, friendship, and schoolwork was beyond anyone's mind. "I thought you said things went well?" Roger says scribbling down another sentence to his essay.

Leon sighs, he thought Quinn was enjoying her time with him, but then again, Oliver was also there. "She spends all of her time with Oliver." It was part of the truth, Quinn's time was split between Oliver and her studies, and there was no room for anything or anyone else. In fact, Leon was pretty sure that all of her past relationships failed because of Quinn's lack of interest in them.

"Don't you think we're a bit strange?" Oliver asks suddenly, taking his mug of tea from Quinn. They were lounging on the armchair in their sweaters while drinking absurd amounts of meditative tea, for some reason, neither of them had any commitments that needed attending to.

"Of course, you once smashed my face into my birthday cake." Quinn says automatically, leaning her back against Oliver's arm. Her eyes closed in quiet contemplation.

It was Quinn's eighth birthday and Oliver's mum and dad gave her a new broomstick, one that Oliver had wanted. Oliver was upset until Quinn allowed him to use the broom whenever he pleased, and in return Oliver playfully dunked her head into her cake. They had ignored each other all afternoon the next day until they made up over Chocolate Frogs.

Oliver quickly works his fingers over Quinn's tense shoulders, knowing exactly where the most tension would build up, mostly because of the inhumane amount of studying that she did. "We also once spent an entire afternoon going through a bucket of Chocolate Frogs looking for the card that you didn't have, you could be more specific."

"How much we touch." Oliver says, resisting the urge to fix Quinn's hair, which just made him realize how much he did touch her. He couldn't remember a day where he didn't touch her at least once.

Quinn hums something into her mug. "We're best friends. Is this about Sophia?" She turns away from the rub to look at Oliver when he answered her. She always said that his eyes gave him away which is why he never won any of their arguments, that and the fact that he could never hide anything from her. "It is, don't worry about her, she's a big girl."

Oliver sighs, he liked Sophia, and he truly did. He wouldn't date her if he thought otherwise, but he just didn't understand why she would sometimes get a chilly attitude when they were having a great time. "What about Leon?" Quinn groans and ducks under a pillow again.

"He's too nice." Leon may not seem like it but he was very possessive. He insisted that Quinn wear that little trinket of a necklace he bought at Hogsmeade, he carried her books for her, and he also had the need for bombarding her with presents. "He carries my books to class for me, Oliver."

Leon and Quinn shared only one class, yet, he still insisted that his girl shouldn't have to carry her books to her classes. In his mind, Quinn was a fragile glass doll that needed to be taken care of. Despite the fact that she played Quidditch one on one with Oliver and probably had more muscle than Leon had. In contrast to their House label, Quinn didn't spend every waking moment studying. "But you two seem to get along wonderfully." Oliver points out.

Quinn sighs, pouring herself another mug of tea. Unbeknownst to the best friends, their little conversation was overheard by some devious twins and some secretly devious Quidditch Chasers. "I do feel bad for Leon." Katie says sheepishly. The Gryffindor Quidditch team along with a few close mates of Quinn's thoroughly believed in Oliver and Quinn as a couple, which meant they tried to deter others from interfering with the perfect relationship.

However, it was just lucky that Oliver and Quinn took one another's rubbish advice when it came to dating and they were too nice for their own good. Over all, Sophia and Leon didn't stand a chance against Oliver and Quinn's relationship.