"Where are we going mommy?"

"Yeah mommy where are we going?"

I smiled "well my babies-"

"Were NOT babies" Kieran and Alexis said together, they huffed and crossed their arms. Then puck scooped them up "AAAAHHHH Uncle P put us down!"

"My my how demanding you two are!" he said jokingly and put the twins down. Alexis smacked him on the arm.

A voice called from the other room "Megan, are you almost ready?" it was my knight my husband my king. I LOVE saying that.

"Yes, Ash, we'll be down in a sec." I gathered our suitcases and gave some to puck and ushered my kids down the stairs. Beau came running up with the two wolf pups right behind him slipping and sliding on their still wobbly legs. Ash came up to me and took the luggage and kissed my forehead. Alexis followed carrying her little suitcase with pictures of her and her family in the iron kingdom, and teddy bear. Always daddy's little girl with raven black hair piercing diamond blue eyes always lighting up when she fights with her wooden sword that is strapped to her hip.

"Daddy" she asked jumping up and down. "Where are we going?"

"Well my little warrior you'll see when we get there. Now into the carriage, both of you." Ash said sternly to the kids and they jumped in. the dogs right after but I grabbed Beau and told him I needed him to help Glitch guard, and he ran back to the castle. Ash turned to me "I can't believe we are letting Goodfellow raise our kids." He shook his head "can't we keep them here"

"Ash" I said softly "I want them to have a childhood and remember puck took care of me for sixteen years.

"OK fine" he walked to the carriage stiffly I walked behind him what I didn't tell him Is I didn't want the twins to be a heartless assassin like he was before I came. I got in and looked at my family and happily played with Kieran. Soon we all are asleep. Hours later I woke up to the carriage stopping I woke up the twins and throw and acorn at puck when he didn't wake up. We climbed out of the carriage I was carrying Alexis and Kieran was holding my hand but they both snapped out of their sleepy state when they saw where we were. It was a house in the woods a beautiful house built by my subjects just for the kids. I walked in the door took a deep breath and said "welcome home"