so i am super uber sorry that i have not updated in FOREVER, but i have my reasons *cough My computer was murdered by my brother cough* and this capter is short. BUT YOU MUST FORGIVE ME, for without your forgivness my life will be a empty world! *Dramtic crying* im entertaining myself now. Ok Ok Ok OK i have a riddle, What has no end or beginning, no middle, and is so delishly tempting to eat?
We all know that my brain is not as freakin' amazing as Julie's so the world belongs to her, my charecters belong to me.

Anywho, read on my little brainwashed nerds read on.

"Hurry up Alexis we are going to be late" called my annoying brother from the kitchen. I dragged myself out of bed. One more tardy and I'd have to have a parent conference, so scary right? Well actually for me it is because my mom and dad are faery royalty they can't raise us but they CAME they came to the parent conference. I shuddered at the memory, threw on some jeans and a band t-shirt it and ran down stairs.

"there you are come on!" said Kieran pulling my out the door and I grabbed a bagel on the way ran all the way to the bus stop and got there just as the bus got there. YES I thought to myself and did a fist pump with Kieran "we made it" he said and we jumped on bus and slid into our seats me in seat 20 but Kieran to Ryan's seat across from me. I put in my headphones and started to do my math homework. A couple stops later and boy slid in next to me.
"hey sweet cheeks anyone sit here?"
"Yes, my brother." I said not even looking up I'm used to guys hitting on me being the daughter of an immortal all powerful being I just radiate beauty its really annoying.
"Don't see 'im"
"over there" I gestured to my twin still doing my homework.
"Oh well I sit here now." I looked up he was smirking I wanted to make a metal tree grow out of his chest... but I somehow don't think that would be acceptable. uuuggghhh stupid mundanes (I know that is mortal instruments not iron fey .. but oh well get over it:D) " for today" was my reply I was completely calm but in my head I killed the guy ten times with my fist, glamour, sword and some very creative ways that are better not to put on here. I rolled my eyes as Aiden slid into his seat behind mine. He looked just like uncle P, with his red hair and bright green eyes and smile that got him branded as a troublemaker, except he hated summer.
"Alex, homework really" he said
I looked up and smiled "sup Aiden"
"hey Aiden my man" said Kieran "how's life treated you, got any visits from the nasties lately?"
"Kieran" I said in a low warning voice. Aiden is the only one who knows that we are fey and I intend to keep it that way. The guy sitting next to me was looking between the three of us then at mine and Kieran's little stare down and shrunk in the seat a little being a mortal didn't think anything of it and started to talk to me
"So sweetheart what's your name?" a normal mortal question but my faery reflexes thought differently.
"That is private information that you will not get the privilege to be aware of!" I snapped back ice coating every word, being part winter fey that really happened it's kinda creepy but very intimidating. He started jabbering trying to flirt I was serious close to turning this guy to an ice statue and my finger was dangerously close to my emergency dagger in my boot my eye even started to twitch, when he asked for my number I snapped and the whole bus dropped twenty degrees both Aiden and Kieran stopped talking to each other and looked at me Aiden put his hand on my arm resting on the back of his seat and Kieran looked daggers at me." I'm fine" I whispered to Aiden I could see he didn't believe me but the chill came out of the air he left his hand on my arm but after a concerned look went back to talking with Leo the other guy in his seat. I didn't say anything at first but then an idea came to my head so I wrote a number down and told him make sure to call at 7:00 he said of course and the bus screeched to a stop. They really need better breaks I thought to myself. I followed the boy out with Kieran and Aiden trailing right behind we got off the bus Aiden pulled me aside and whispered to me.
"what did you give him I know you wouldn't give your number to a guy you almost pulled your knife on"
I gave him an evil smile." you know how The Queen made my dad get a cell phone?"
"well that was his number and I told him to call at 7:00 that's when he gets his reports for security" I smiled and started skipping in the building. I looked back he was trying so hard to stop laughing.

I was at my locker talking to Grace my best friend besides Aiden who has a locker right next to me we were just gossiping about stuff and she said "OMG did you here there's a new kid apparently he's really cute!
Hhhhmmm is this the kid that was on the bus? "What's his name?"
"Damien, I think"
" WA-what now?"
"What's wrong with that?" she said crossing her arms.
"Nothing," I said nonchalantly "I have a cousin named Damien, are you sure that's his name?"
"yea im pretty sure and he's from Alaska."
"Alaska, are you sure about that" I said laughing.
"Yea now come on we are going to be late" we shut our lockers and ran down the hall.
"sorry Mrs. avert" we slowed down but when we got of her sight we ran again we just made it into class as the teacher called Grace's name she said here and gave me a proud look, as if saying "HA! take that world. I can have it all gossip and get to class on time"

We suffered through math passing notes about random things and half listening about how to convert variables into fractions or something. about halfway through when grace and I were in the middle of a heated note transferred argument the door opened and the kid from the bus walked in.
the teacher stopped talking and said "Ahh you must be Mr. Blake, well come in you're not going to learn if you're out there now are you? No I didn't think so." the boy walked up to her slowly as if debating to go or make a run for it. He should have chosen the later. "class" said Mrs. Mchackington (or as we call her Mrs. Mcwackington) the creepy math teacher with way to much power blue eye shadow on in a puke green pencil skirt and shoes to match.
"This is Jason we will make him feel welcome won't we class"
"Yes, Mrs. Mchackington" I heard a few coughs covering up Mrs. Wackington and from the back of the room I turned around and it was Leo I stuck my tongue out at him and he held up his hands in surrender.
"Yep" he said popping the P "im Jason Blake from Alaska but you" he said finally noticing me" can call me honey" he smiled and Taylor, Danielle and Britney all swooned. he winked at them and came to sit in the empty seat next to Me." hey sweet checks" I went to respond but was hit in the back of the head with a paper air plane. I smiled at him he won't be bothering me tomorrow. I turned and picked up the plane from the floor and unfolded read" HA I WAS RIGHT HE IS FROM ALASKA YOU OWE ME FIVE BUCKS!" I scribbled that we didn't agree on a price so I don't owe her anything and sent back to my idiot of a best friend. It landed in grace's open book, Mark of Athena (A.N. I just had to put that in there I LOVE THEM!)she opened it up read it and stuck out her tongue at me then went back to her book.
"Hey" said a voice next to me I wanted to say hay is for horses but I didn't want to be rude.
"hey healer" I said turning to look at him.
"Um excuse me?"
"Jason means healer in Greek, don't you know what your name means?"
"I do now, you never told me your name." he said flashing a smile that I guess is supposed to be attractive.
"it's Alex" I started to do my work to show him I didn't want to talk to didn't work.
"What does that mean?"
I sighed that sigh you sigh when you're annoyed. "Defender of mankind "
"Alexis Chase!"
"Sorry Mrs. Mcwa-hackington."
" how far are you on the assignment?"
"Im done ma'am"
" bring it up. I DON'T like liars!" she motioned to the worksheet. I didn't even start it. Good thing im an immortal faery Princess. I cast some glamour over it so it looked like I did it and stood up and walked to my teacher her bright red lips pursed. she snatched the paper out of my hands looked it over then took out the answer key and checked and handed it back, scowling at me. I went back to my desk and grabbed graces book because she started to do the worksheet instead of reading. With a hateful look from Mcwackington I settled into my chair and started chapter five in the book.

Ya so sorry again it's so short but I am writing a story for school so that is what im focusing on, but i will try my hardest to come up with new idea's for Alexa to expirence.