Red Yurei 2

"How the heck did someone do that?" Eric asked in a huff, clearly rattled. "We were right here! He'd have to go right past us to get at that mirror…"

"Maybe it's not William…" Alan said softly, his voice full of doubt. "I can't see him going through all of this trouble to do something like that. Even if he dressed entirely in black we'd see him."

"But who else could it be?" Eric asked his best friend.

"Maybe it's a ghost, a poltergeist. I heard they can do things like this, bang doors and move objects around…" Alan explained as he pointed to the words written on the mirror. "A ghost could pick up the lipstick tube and move it through the air. I've never seen one but I suppose the tales could be true…"

"A ghost? Really?" Eric laughed a tad crazily. "Well, I suppose that explains why I didn't see Spears sneaking in here. And here I thought for sure it was him."

Grell sat back onto his bed feeling somewhat relieved that Madame Red's soul hadn't been lost after all, but was it any better that she was clearly angry at him?

"Hey, Grell, is there some reason a ghost might be angry at you?" Eric asked as he focused his gaze on him. "It would help a lot if we knew what's going on now that it might not be Spears…"

"Maybe…" Grell admitted. "I was sort of playing butler for this human and then I accidentally killed her so I guess she's angry I disobeyed her…"

The other two reapers gawked at him in surprise.

Eric threw his hands up in the air. "Great! So maybe it is a poltergeist! I thought we would see a ghost but plainly she can hide on us…."

"She was in that broken bottle…" Grell told them sheepishly. It was embarrassing to admit really as it was such a childish thing to do, like sleeping with a stuffed animal. That it broke regulations didn't concern him so much.

"And let me guess. This started up right after you broke it?" Eric asked as he quickly caught on.

"Now that you mention it, it did."

"But what do you do about a poltergeist?" Eric turned to Alan, but Alan only shrugged. Seeing his friend had no ideas either, Eric sighed and rubbed at his head. "Look, maybe if we ask the ghost nicely she'll let us get some sleep, because otherwise we're going to be zombies tomorrow."

"It's worth a shot." Alan agreed with a tired nod.

"Please Madame," Grell said to the empty air about him, his hands folded together against his chest. "Forgive me for my careless action. I never meant to kill you, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I regretted it ever since. I'll even take you to see your nephew tomorrow; just let us get some sleep…"

The three Shinigami sat and waited for some kind of reply. The moments ticked by and if any ghost or spirit was listening, it didn't make itself known. Grell nestled under the blanket and rested his head on the pillow. His poor ankle still hurt something awful, which didn't surprise him at all. But he did feel slightly better knowing that his dear Madame hadn't been sucked down into the fiery pits below. He still cared about her even if he was in love with Sebastian these days.

Eric shut off the light again, mumbling something about the craziness of the whole thing. "Ghosts, who'd have thought?"

The room grew dim again and the three settled to get some sleep – hopefully. Soon Eric's loud snores filled the room, his head resting on one of Grell's tables, his folded arms a pillow. Alan had fallen asleep in his chair as well, the extreme lateness of the hour knocking him out. And despite his pain, Grell was asleep too.

A red mist came out from where it had been hiding behind Grell's tall bookcase. It swirled about the center of the room and then took on a more solid form. A short time later Madame Red stood there. She glanced down at herself in a somewhat bewildered expression, as if surprised to see her body again. This whole ghost thing was still very new and although she had caught on to the "moving stuff around" phase she was still surprised to see a body. Experimentally she touched the material of her skirt, picking it up with ease. She then ran her hands over her own arms, chest and stomach clearly being surprised by her solid state. Well, it felt solid to her at the moment.

She then turned her attention to the sleeping reapers. Truthfully it had been great fun sneaking past the two strangers who had been trying to be so rapt with attention. She had been almost giddy with excitement at "getting away" with it. And that look on their faces when they found the message, priceless!

Madame giggled at her own cleverness at tricking them.

But really, she had been angry with Grell. First he had killed her and then locked her up in that bottle for ages! And when the bottle had broken, her anger rushed out along with her freedom. She had quickly learned how to grab objects and make them move. She had chosen the door as she wanted to scare him, that and to make her presence known. But now her anger was gone and she stepped up to his bed to examine him. First and foremost she was a doctor and by the looks of it he needed one. Her little tricks had meant to scare him, not hurt him.

She laid her ghostly hands on his swollen ankle, the ghostly chill taking the swelling down. She ran her hands over the joint, making sure it wasn't broken. Satisfied it wasn't, she moved to check his head injury. How in the world that awful Spears man could hit him in the head with that thing was beyond her – it was so nasty! Maybe she should pay him a visit too…

Soon she had the head injury healed. Shinigami healed quickly anway, she just nudged it along.


The next morning Grell sleepily woke up and was shocked to see his ankle was back to normal. He held the leg aloft and stared at the ankle in amazement. How had it healed so quickly? He had been expecting to be hobbling around for days…

"It looks like your little speech last night worked." Eric said with a smile as he stood up and stretched, yawning. "And look at your ankle, all healed! How did it get better so fast?"

"I have no idea…" Grell admitted as he continued to gawk at it. "But I promised to take Madame to see her nephew so I better."

"We'll get out of your way then." Eric said as he helped a half asleep Alan to his feet and out the door. The door closed behind the two and Grell was alone.

Grell was left alone and he stared about the room, wondering if she was there somewhere. Would he ever be able to see her? He supposed if she chose to reveal herself he might be able to. Grell showered and dressed after cautiously testing his once-injured ankle and deciding that it was indeed healed. As he was tying his red-and-white striped bowtie a thought occurred to him. Had Madame Red healed his ankle somehow? Truthfully he knew nothing of ghosts and had never encountered one before…

He picked up his beloved red coat and paused. What did Madame think of him wearing her coat? He gazed about the room and still didn't see anything, just the usual things that sat about. He sighed, seating himself on the edge of the bed so he could fix the damaged hem and sew the black bow back on. Once that was done he stood. "I'm going to go see your nephew now. Why don't you come along?"

Grell felt ridiculous talking to an empty room but shrugged it off. He knew spirits and souls were real, he just wasn't sure about ghosts…

He made a portal and soon found himself on the lawn of Ciel's large estate, the manor just before him. The Shinigami took a deep breath as he pondered how to explain this visit. Of course he would see his darling Sebas-chan! Grell pulled out a tiny unbreakable hand mirror and checked his appearance. His makeup was perfect; his fake eyelashes were on, his teeth pearly white and his breath minty. Not a single scratch from yesterday's awful soul collection marred his beauty. "Sebas-chan is sure to love me!"

Grell hurried up to the house and quickly crawled in through a window that someone had forgotten to lock. Going to the front door wasn't the best as sometimes the demon was in a bad mood and shut it in his face. How rude!

The redheaded reaper flounced down the long hallway, his heart giddy with thoughts of seeing his beloved when he collided into a solid warm body. "Ooff!"

"What are you doing here?" A cool voice demanded.

Grell stared upward from where he was now lying on the floor, having fallen from his unexpected collision with someone. To his utter delight, it was the burgundy-eyed demon! "Sebas-chan! It's you!"

The reaper wasted no time flinging himself at the demon, this time managing to wrap his arms about the dark creature like an octopus. He clung tightly, pressing his face against the demon's chest. The pleasant scent of sulfur filled his nose, as that was the demon's natural odor. His co-workers hated the scent but he had learned to love it.

"Grell, get off of me. I have no time for this foolishness. I have a schedule to keep." The demon latched onto the back of his collar and yanked him off, the reaper's red-and-black boots kicking slightly at the air as the butler easily held him aloft.

"Put me down!" Grell cried as he struggled to get free.

"Are you here for a reason or just to pester me?" Sebastian released the other man and stood there patiently while waiting for an answer.

"I came to see Ciel actually…" Grell admitted as he quickly fixed his clothes and straightened his hair. "It seems I have discovered something he'd want to know."

"Oh? And that would be…?"

Grell took a moment to admire Sebastian. Just standing there in the corridor he looked so lovely! His hair fell softly about his face in raven-dark tresses and how coyly he blinked those wonderful red eyes! It was almost enough to give him a nosebleed. But as usual the man … er, demon, was playing hard-to-get! Or maybe he truly was naïve and didn't realize he was flirting? Grell decided to help him out a bit, give him a more tactful and clear hint. He leaned forward, fluttering his long fake eyelashes.

A sigh escaped the demon's mouth. "I'll see if Bocchan has a moment to see you."

"What? Don't I get a kiss?" Grell asked unhappily, his face falling when the obvious hint apparently flew over the demon's head.

"Kissing in not on the schedule." Sebastian turned and started to walk the way he came down the corridor, the long tails of his coat fluttering behind him. "Please tell the Earl whatever it is and then leave."

The words horrified the reaper. He stood there for a moment in shock and then ran after the tall figure in black. "Must everything be on this schedule of yours?"

"Yes, I prefer it that way." The demon replied honestly. "Phantomhive must run smoothly if I'm to get everything done each day and that means a schedule."

"And where do you keep this schedule?" He asked as ideas of writing Kiss Grell on it multiple times in lovely red ink floated about in his head.

"In my head. I have an excellent sense of time." The demon explained.

At the words his dream faded but Grell didn't let that stop him. They climbed the stairs to the second floor and paused before the ornate door to Ciel's home office.

"Wait here while I'll go see if Bocchan has a moment to spare…and please don't cause any problems in my brief absence."

Grell sighed as the demon slipped into the room behind the door. "Maybe I should have just climbed in his office window…but then I wouldn't be able to see Sebas-chan!"

Then Grell started to worry how he would explain the ghost thing when he hadn't actually seen a ghost. "What if they think I'm crazy or weird or something…?"

The reaper slapped a black gloved hand over his mouth, his green-yellow eyes wide with horror. What if Sebastian had heard him just now? It would be so embarrassing to be caught talking to oneself and then he'd think he really was crazy! The demon would never marry him then! And then all of that time spent daydreaming of the perfect wedding when at work would have been wasted. Who cared of stupid reports on dead people when he had a wedding to plan? What did it matter if he and the groom hadn't dated yet? That was just a very, very minor detail. Grell heard the demon's soft footfalls approaching the closed office door and he quickly straightened, placing a pleasant smile on his face. Maybe the smile would show the other how pretty he was…

But Sebastian didn't seem to notice. "You may see the Earl now…"

Grell held up his head and strode into the room in a dignified manner. He approached Ciel's desk and daintily seated himself, crossing one leg over the other. He, after all, was a girl and so he sat like one. A sideways glance towards the demon, which now stood near his young master, only showed a blank expression. Grell seethed inside. How dense could he be?

"Well? What is it?" Ciel asked in a bored tone as he leaned back in his fancy chair. The black eyepatch was over the one eye and his other eye gazed at him in that cool steady manner.

"I, errr, let's just say I found something you lost some time ago…" Grell said somewhat mysteriously, unsure how to bring up the subject matter of ghosts.

"Well, what is it?" Ciel asked in that same bored tone. "I really don't care about some trinket…"

"Perhaps I should rephrase that, as it's more of someone than a something. But it's a bit difficult to explain… it will sound unbelievable and insane and I don't want you to think I'm crazy…"

Ciel glared at him. "You're the most insane person I know…"

Grell's green-yellow eyes snapped wide in shock at the young earl's words. How dare he say that! "Why you…"

"You're always doing some stupid thing, like leaping at my butler or having bloody noses for no reason or saying weird stuff…" Ciel explained.

"That's because I'm madly in love!" Grell hotly protested as he felt the heat creep up into his face. "You're just a child so you don't understand it."

"Whatever." Ciel waved it off, uncaring. "Now who did you find?"

"Well, if I return it can I get a kiss from Sebas-chan?" He asked hopefully, fluttering his long fake eyelashes at the demon again.

"Perhaps, if I value what I'm receiving." Ciel stared at the reaper. "Why do you keep doing that? It's annoying. Do you have dirt in your eye or what?"

"I'm flirting with Sebas-chan!" Grell explained as now felt annoyed too. "Girls do that when they like a man and want to let him know."

A horrified expression formed on Ciel's face then. "So that's why Elizabeth was doing that! I know I'm betrothed to her, but … ICK!"

The demon sighed and placed a white-gloved hand to his head, clearly realizing he had yet another problem to deal with.

"Anyway, I accidentally broke this bottle and then all of this weird stuff started to happen in my apartment. The door kept slamming and my lovely clothes were tossed out of the closet onto the floor…" Grell paused there to check how they were handling the story so far. His leg was bouncing nervously as he came closer and closer to the ghost part.

"It sounds like a ghost…" Ciel declared.

"What? You actually believe in ghosts?" Grell exclaimed as the words hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Of course we do. Sebastian and I cleaned up a haunted castle some time ago and dealt with two ghosts." Ciel smirked, enjoying seeing the other squirm with his obvious shock. "Why, don't you? I would think a reaper would know more about them than we do."

"We never actually saw one before…" Grell informed them as he breathed a sigh of relief.

"And this ghost is…?" Ciel asked as he truly did look puzzled now.

Before Grell could answer, a bright red mist materialized in the air, the air of the room growing cooler. Within seconds it had transformed itself into Madame Red. She threw her arms up wide and raced at Ciel so fast the wide-brimmed red hat fell off her head. "Ciel!"

The next second Ciel was being choked by the ghost as it hugged him tightly, a delighted expression on its face.

"Ack! Let go of me! I can't breathe!" Ciel gasped, struggling uselessly in his aunt's cool grasp. His hair was mussed until it was a horrible mess and his eyepatch fell off. Then his face was covered in icy kisses, the ghost somehow managing to leave bright red lipstick all over his face in a very undignified manner. No earl would be caught in public looking that way and Ciel would be horrified if he knew. Luckily, he couldn't see it.

"But Ciel, I haven't seen you in ages!" Madame Red protested as she loosened her grip somewhat and leaned back a bit so she could see him properly. "Surely you can't fault me for being worried about you? I want to know everything that's been going on since I saw you last! Now you just have to tell me!"

"Oh, so I can see a ghost…" Grell stated from where he sat somewhat surprised.

"What horrid case are you working on now?" Madame Red demanded to know as she waved a hand about in the air. "You just have to tell me! See, I have it all planned out! I can spy on people for you, isn't that lovely? They won't ever see me either and then Grell and I can help you catch all of those horrid criminals! With our experience we'll be very helpful!"

Ciel groaned. While he loved his aunt dearly, her nose really didn't belong in his cases but as a ghost there was little he could do to stop her.

"Why are you groaning like that?" She asked, worry evident in her voice. "Are you sick? You are, aren't you? I better examine you! It's a good thing I'm a doctor…"

Sebastian smiled behind his white-gloved hand, the smile turning into soft snickers when Ciel started to protest loudly, the boy's arms waving about uselessly as he tried to shove the ghost away.

"What about my promised kiss?" Grell asked as he stood with one hand on his hip. Here he had done the little brat a huge favor, reuniting him with his departed aunt and he didn't even get a thank you? The reaper's eyes shifted to the demon and saw Sebastian had his attention on the boy and the ghost. It looked like he was laughing behind his hand, humor dancing in his red eyes.

He's not looking at me at all! Now is the perfect moment to steal that promised kiss!

Grell did one of his famous Shinigami leaps, easily clearing the distance between where he was and where the demon stood. Sebastian was caught entirely off guard by the sudden sneak attack to the reaper's delight. First his arms wrapped around the demon's neck securely and then their heads collided. The demon was knocked over backward and crashed to the floor, Grell landing on top of him. The redhead quickly pressed his lipstick covered mouth to the demon's lips, kissing him passionately.

Finally our first kiss!

He could feel Sebastian shoving at his shoulders, trying to break their fateful kiss but Grell refused to give up that easily. He clung stubbornly to the demon like a patch of tangled seaweed twisted around an oar, the reaper's long curtain of hair keeping their kiss somewhat private. Besides, he doubted if the earl cared at the moment. Finally the demon's strength worn out and he was shoved upward, his head spinning from the magic of it all. "Ah, Sebas-chan, I knew you loved me!"

The demon lay on the floor with the reaper sitting on top of him. Sebastian's eyes glowed a fiery red as he glared at the other man, the man who now sported a goofy love-sick expression. He could practically see the hearts that danced around his head. It was sickening. "You are delusional."

"And you…" Grell poked a black-gloved finger into the demon's chest. "Are scared to admit it! Love is like oxygen! Everyone falls in love my dear Sebas-chan and ours is fated by the moon and stars! We are meant to be together! Why do you fight it so? Are you embarrassed to be seen with a lovely lady on your arm?"

"You are not a lady and demons do not get embarrassed." Sebastian stated as coolly stared at the redhead. "Now get off me. I must attend to my master."

"Let him enjoy his reunion with his dear aunt. It sounds like he's having a lovely time…" Grell smiled down at his demon, a wild look gleaming in his green-yellow eyes.

Ciel's strangled gasp could be heard in the background as the ghostly doctor stuck an equally ghostly flat stick into his mouth to examine his throat and tongue. Odd gurgles issued forth next, his arms frantically waving about.

"It does not sound like a good time…" The demon countered as he tried to shove the annoying creature off but it clung like glue.

"Of course he's having a good time! He was angry and upset that she was gone and now I've returned her! It's as it was before, more or less….right?"

"So you're trying to make up for what you did, correct a past wrong? I thought you didn't care…" Sebastian stated.

"Of course I care!" Grell exclaimed with emotion in his voice. "I never meant to kill her! It was an accident! I was angry and not thinking straight. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment things and once done I couldn't take it back. But I kept her soul safe all of this time, in a little bottle. By the way she trashed my room I guess she didn't like being cooped up…but its fixed now, right?"

"I presume so." Sebastian leaped to his feet and set Grell on his own, holding the reaper for a moment until he got his balance from the sudden change in position.

Grell noticed that the demon was looking at him, really looking at him with an intense gaze. It made him nervous and his first instinct was to back away, but he felt the demon's warm hand on his back, steadying him. Even through his layers of clothes and the glove Sebastian was wearing he could feel the heat, like a small mini oven. His own hands started to sweat inside his gloves and his stomach gave a funny twist.

Why is he looking at me like that?

Although he had begged for the other's attention numerous times, he had never received it before.

"I believe you have made Bocchan very happy. He is still in shock of course, but he'll appreciate it later." The demon smiled then. "I believe there is more to you than meets the eye. Perhaps you're not as selfish and insane as I thought, that you might possess some honor…"

Is Sebas-chan thinking of giving me a chance?

It sure sounded that way. Grell clung to Sebastian's arm and rested his head on the demon's shoulder, a smile on his face. For once the demon didn't pull away and the reaper stood there happily. For the moment he was content and watched the antics of Ciel getting the hated exam through a pink fog of love.

Anything is possible now…