Part 1

DISCLAIMER: This is a fanfiction arising from Margaret Mitchell's book 'Gone with the Wind'. This fanfiction has been written for leisure purposes only and no profit whatsoever has been derived from this work.

SCENARIO: Scarlett has told Rhett about the baby. AFTER their discussion in the bedroom about her intensions to consult Mamie Bart and Rhett's resolute rejection of this idea.

The front door swung open with a bang. Looking up, heart pounding, Scarlett saw Rhett stride through the door way, fury and angry dread on his face. He saw Scarlett, sitting at the dining table, drink in hand. She was deathly pale, her face worn and sick-looking, her expression guilty.

Rhett steps towards her quickly, his animal-like expression scaring her. She knew he would be mad at her. Mad that she had disobeyed his instructions, that she had deliberately gone against his wishes. Black spots started dotting Scarlett's vision, and she clutched the front of her nightdress, struggling to stay conscious.

"What the hell have you done?" he asked. Receiving no response, he pulled her up roughly from her chair, keeping his hands on her shoulders. He shook her violently, out of control in a way she had never seen before. "Did you hear what I said? By god you've gone and... Answer me! What the hell have you done?".

The loud volume of his voice, and the roughness of his touch and the angry intensity of his expression were proving too much for her. The pain in her abdomen got more intense every time he shook her body. She wanted to tell him to stop shaking her, that she was going to faint, that her body didn't have the strength for this tonight. But she couldn't, she knew that only a truthful answer would satisfy him on this night.

"Yes, I did it. I... rid myself of the baby".

She heard his quick intake of breath, followed by a heavy silence. Rhett's eyes flickered with shock, dismay and, surprisingly, a terrible sadness. She found it difficult to meet his pained expression and turned her face away. More silence. Unable to stand any longer, Scarlett pulled herself away from Rhett's now limp hands and sat down heavily on a dining chair. She put her head in her hands and hid her face.

It was a long time before he spoke again. "Why?" he asked in a low, barely controlled voice.

Scarlett was mute. What explanation could she possibly offer him now? This was not the way she had planned it. The procedure Mamie Bart's had turned into a disaster. No one could get the bleeding to stop, and in the end they had no choice but to bring her home and to summon Dr Mead. The doctor had stopped the bleeding quickly, but obviously had not wasted any time in informing Rhett.

... Dr Meade would be horrified to find she was up. She was supposed to be on strict bed rest. She was not well enough to be up, but had craved a drink too much to stay in bed.

As though he had read her mind, Rhett picked up her brandy glass and threw the crystal glass violently at the opposite wall. The glass shattered into a million pieces, the fragment scattering on the dining room floor.

After a pause, he spoke again."My deceitful little cat, if there is one thing that I will regret for the rest of my life, it is that I did NOT handcuff you to my wrist". And with that he picked up her weakened body and silently carried her up the stairs

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