Hey guys, the story may not be as bloody as the title says because I quite frankly didn't want to write about blood, but I did the best I could to make it interesting, especially since it's my longest chapter yet, so enjoy, and i will try to update soon, even though I'm beginning to get a writer's block, but I won't let you down :D 3 !


Chapter 16:

Bloody Sixteen

The sun set behind the dull clouds that was drenched with tears. They must know this will be the last day I will ever breathe because it was a rule of survival. It was the last day I would eat because my organs no longer will crave the sizzling nutrients I had to offer. It was the end of my human existence, but I wouldn't rest my body under fair soil beside my grandparent's and even my mother's tomb. I never imagined myself hungry for death, a normal death that may not come for centuries that will.

Maybe, it won't be as dreadful as I'm letting the eye see.

Yes it will.

Maybe, I will conquer the battle I'm supposed to fight.

No you won't.

Maybe, this is all just a simple mistake, a joke that will not bring joy to my pathetic life.

Yes it is.


What am I supposed to do now? Should I be as excited as Kayla and Lexie are? Why are they excited? It will still be me, just a more enhanced me, physically. Why would anybody want this life? Is Vlad happy to know that I will be one of him? Does my Aunt Maggie even know about this? Ugh! Why am I stressing so much? There's no turning back. I had no choice-this is what life has to offer to me, but why this?

I threw myself on top of the thin bed that was standing tall beneath my excessive weight that is invisible to the eye, but you can feel it. Apparently, there was no school today due to the fact of my situation. The humans didn't know why, but it's not like if they cared anyhow. It was a free day, why fight it? But the vampires, they knew what was going on. They seemed just as happy as usual, no remorse to the shiny, new, addition. Except one, of course, Mason.

I saw it in his crystal eyes. That look of awe was back and it was planning to stay for quite a while. I wish I could have told him it was all going to be okay, but I wasn't even aware of the conditions I would be in after. I wish I could have told him that I dreaded the idea of me becoming a bloodcurdling blood sucker, but I knew that was just the human side of me that felt that way. The vampire side of me that had increased within me desired the change. Not just the change, but the fact that it would spent an eternity beside Mason because the connection heaved around us. The selfish side of me was becoming stronger, while the considerate side of me was dying, evaporating into the humid air that lingered around for this day.

What will become of us? Two souls, lost in a treacherous land field, hidden from paradise. A kinship forced to enjoy one's lonely company. Two hearts that once beat as one, are now dying as one. Is it even right to call him my soul mate? Does he feel the passion slur itself within the velvet blood that electrifies the heart to pump at least a second for us to be alive? If only the outrageousness would set itself on someone else. What will become of us? What will become of me?

Lexie's new addition of alarm clocks in her closet collection vibrated against the winter beige walls. Her iron bat made contact with it just like the rest of them. Will I be a broken clock like the rest that roam the silent hills?

"I knew I should have not left the alarm on. Now, I can't go back to sleep," Lexie muttered against her moist, white feathered, pillow.

"At least you can sleep," I muttered.

"I wish I were becoming a vampire so I wouldn't have to deal with the pain of having to wake up at six of the morning," she shot back as she sat herself up, her waist and down wrapped by her brown and light turquoise zebra print blanket.

"It's like having a thousand needles poking at your back," she said half asleep.

"Hhmm, I'd rather have needles poking at me rather than fangs poking between my lips."

"Will you ever see a brighter side to this?"

"Is there greener grass on the other side?"

"There could be," she shrugged. I chuckled to her lack of making me feel better.

"You know I love you right?" I said as I threw myself on top of her. She laughed a bit.

"I know. I love you too," she giggled.

I laid myself between the cool wall and Lexie's warm body. I could hear a faint sound of her heart beating, her blood rushing around her veins, her calm breathing. I was jealous.

"How do you feel now that it's your birthday?" She asked me while she rested her body to her side to face me, her back to her desk, closet, and door.

"Worried, sad," I whispered.

"Why worried?" I let out a small sigh.

"Worried that I won't be what everyone expects me to be. Worried I might not win the fight."

"Why sad?"

"I'm burying the human me, the human Mason and I wish I could be."

"Mason?" Her head flinched back.

"I don't even know how to respond to that," I confessed.

"All I know is that he's not happy with what's going to happen to me after 11:30PM."

"If you ask me, I believe there is an immense attraction between the two of you that he can't seem to handle." Lexie's eyes began to exam the zebra print on her blanket.

"What are you, some sort of love Guru?" I teased. She giggled a bit.

"I'm being serious."

"I wish your predictions were true." Her green eyes came to life.

"You fell for him! I knew it!" she chirped. I hushed her.

"Do you want Mason to hear you?" I whispered.

"Oh come on, it should be about time that you and him get together." Suddenly her elastic smile faded.

"Why don't you look so sure about yourself now love Guru?" I raised my left eyebrow.

"Mason's the problem," she said loosely.

"Tell me something I don't know," I said sarcastically, but she must have not have heard it.

"He must still be glum from what happened with-" her voice became faint. I tried perking up my ears.

"From what?"

"You know I can't tell you that information," she said guiltily.

"I won't push." I honestly had no energy to push.

"How is my most beautiful, adorable, petite sister that anyone would ask for?" Vlad boomed through the door, Kayla behind him. His eyes grew wide.

"Um, is there something you have to tell me Alexa, and you Lexie? Should I call Malik?" he said bemused as his fingers pointed to the door. I had forgotten my leg was still overlapping Lexie's thigh, and my hand fell slightly below her stomach. Lexie and I looked at each other. We then both sat up in a swift motion.

"It's not what it looks like?" Lexie and I exclaimed in unison, our hands in the air.

"Did you two sleep together last night?" Kayla asked in shock and in pain for not telling her about what wasn't happening between me and Lexie.

"We're straight," we both exclaimed.

"I just threw myself over Lexie this morning to bug her and wake her up," I said.

"We were just having some girl talk to pass the time," Lexie added.

"Uh-huh," Vlad and Kayla said. We all had our eyes fixed onto each other for a spilt five seconds.

"Any who," Vlad mused.

"How's the birthday girl feeling?" My stomach tied itself into a knot.

"Not so good after hearing birthday girl." My head fell onto Lexie's dry, fluffed, pillow, the palm of my left hand lying against my forehead.

"Come on, cheer up. I promise when the party begins you will live like you're dying," she said weakly. I raised my left eyebrow at her.

"You seriously did not just say that." It took her a while to process what she had said. She gasped when she figured it out.

"You're not really dying," she tried to make me feel better. I let myself sink into the mattress.

"How about you go distract yourself while we get everything ready," Vlad said.

"I think I'll just end up walking around like a zombie and end up in a mental institution because a silly peasant was worried I would become a danger to our society," I mumbled.

"Did you seriously just say peasant?" Vlad asked.

"Not the point."

"Try doing something productive please. I don't want to find you sitting in your room like if you were a prisoner in a cave worried some monster will come and get you if you put a foot outside of it."

"Thanks for the cheering up," I said sarcastically.

"Either way, wherever I end up, I will become the monster."

"I find that offensively," him and Kayla said in unison.


"Just get dressed up and go distract yourself. We'll see you at 7:00Pm Sharp." Vlad and Kayla made their way out the door. Then, Lexie did as well.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm gonna go help them." She pointed at the open door.

"In Your Paul Frank Pajama pants, a white spaghetti strap shirt, and uggs?"

"Mhmm. I look cute in anything," she said as she disappeared as well.

I had no energy to get dressed, so I just slipped on my uggs as well while I wore my Hello Kitty Pajama pants, a white spaghetti shirt as well, and a white thin sweater. I only applied mascara and sat down on my unmade bed, contemplating where I should go. For some reason, I was taking a chance on going to Mason's dorm. I decided to test my speed, see how fast I would be able to go now. No doubt, it was faster than I, or any human, could get used to. Subconsciously, I made it to Mason's dorm. I could already feel the energy arise as soon as I stepped into the hallway. I knew he felt it too because before my knuckles hit the door, he appeared before me, shirtless, minty fresh embracing him.

"Umm, hey, is this a bad time?" I asked with a slight hint of shyness.

"Umm, no, not all," he said as he stepped aside. I hesitantly made my way to the foot of his massive bed.

"So, do vampires sleep?"

"They don't have to." He walked over to sit on the edge of the bed.

"What brings you to my dungeon?"

"Vlad kept insisting I distract myself while they do the preparations for the party."

"I'm your distraction?" I saw a small elastic grin spread above his oval chin. I nodded.

"Well, shouldn't I feel special," he said sarcastically, but it was a friendly one. I gave him a weak smile.

"What's wrong?" His eyes became narrowed.

"May I?" I asked, pointing at the empty space on his bed beside him. He nodded, and I slowly sat. I let out a sigh, trying to think of what to say to him.

"I don't think this is how you want to distract yourself?" he turned to look at me. His eyes were beginning to hide the awe he's been having. My eyes kept chasing after them. They then made their way down to his full pink lips. I saw the smoothened wrinkles lay against his skin. How jealous was I? They got to feel the tenderness behind them, the light scent of sugar coated gummy bears. I wanted to taste them, I wanted him, no point in hiding it anymore. The attraction was already there. The attraction was becoming immense by the second my venom placed itself. I would fight it if I wanted to, but did I? He sure did. My eyes looked at away at the simple color of teal that would cling to his body whenever he did decide to sleep.

"Will you tell me what's wrong?" I could have told him I was afraid, worried, of what might become of me and the rest of the world after I transformed, but he knew that. So, what was left to say? Ask him why he pushed me away, only to pull me back into him like a rubber band?


Please don't start again.

Why not?

I feel crazy.

Why? I'm only your conscious.

I shouldn't be talking to you, just listening.

Then don't talk to me. Listen to me and talk to him.


But what?


Ask him why?

Why what?

You know what you want to know.

Alright. Sigh.

"Mason," I began.

"Hhhmm," he responded, not taking his gloomy eyes away from me.

"Why?" He gave me a puzzled look.

"Why what?"

"Why do you push me away?"

"I don't push you away."

"Yes you do." My eyes became blue. He noticed and looked away. It was one thing for his to be full of despair and another for mine to be hurt. He didn't have to look at his. He had to look at mine.

"I'm just guarded," he simply said.

"But you know there's something there," I pushed.

"No there isn't." I wasn't going to be able to get him to say it this way. There was only one way I could throw him off the edge of his seat.

"Forget it. I'll find my distraction with Stephen," I said and stood up from his bed. Before my foot took a step, he pulled on my hand to stop me.

"I don't want you near him," he hissed.

"You know what Mason? I'm sick of it. I'm sick of this," I said gesturing to me and him.

"I'm sick of your mood swings and everything else that's just impossible to turn the other cheek to about you!"

"What is it that you want from me?" he raised his melodic voice.

"Tell me what you really feel," I said desperately.

"Feel about what?" his voice loud.

"Are you serious?" my voice began to rise. He pulled away from me.

"What do you want me to say?"

"Admit that what we both feel this attraction," I whispered. He turned to look at me. I found the look of awe in his eyes.

"Why is it so important to you?"

"Because I want to feel that I can be loved," the words slipped through my thin lips. He sighed.

"Alexa, we all love-"

"You know that's not what I meant," I said sternly.

"Do you really want me to stand here and lie to you?" My eyes flinched to look at him in disbelief.

"Lie? You have been lying to me! Maybe, you even have been lying to yourself!" I spat.

"Alexa, I know how I feel about you and that is not what the 'attraction' spells." I took a step back. The energy sphere was growing, but I didn't know if it was growing because of the attraction or because we were becoming mad.

"Then why do you get so angry when I'm with Stephen or even mention being with him?" I shrieked.

"Because I care as a friend! I don't want to see you get hurt, as a friend."


"Ugh!" he threw his hands in the air and slapped his thigh.

"How do you want me to prove it to you that I don't feel that way?" he boomed.

"I don't know!" I became restless.

"God, Alexa!" his hands were pulling at his sleek pitched black hair.

"God, Mason!" Unfortunately, a tear escaped my left eye. He caught it.

"Why do you keep insisting?" he was now restless.

"Why do you keep denying it?"

"I-" he had nothing left to say but begin to curse at the air. I began to curse as well. I screamed, he screamed. Words slurred, hands flew, and tears ran. It wasn't until Mason and I began to yell at each other, our faces closing the gap between us, the electrical sphere wrapping itself around us, pulling us even closer with desired intent. Then, it was just me screaming.

"I hate you! I hate what you do to me! I hate you!" I began to slap him on his shoulders uncontrollably. He caught my arms as I began to fidget and scream some more.

"I hate feeling this way! I hate-I hate-I hate-" My screams were cut off by a warm, lightning touch that made my knees become weak and fall into a cool stone. The adrenaline struck me as my lips began to move into his. Warmth, that's what I felt. I thought sooner or later we were both going to catch on fire. His massive hands pulled me closer to him by my cheeks. His lips were desperate to trace my own, discover what really lay behind the horizon. He must have been trying to prove to himself that he didn't feel what I felt, but his lips betrayed him. I felt his need to want me, to make me his. I wasn't going to object, in fact, my lips betrayed me as well.

Stroke after stroke, our muscles relaxed and the kiss became gentle, almost like if they were just magnets that stuck together, no sudden movement. It wasn't until I pulled away. We stood there, eyes locked to our swollen lips, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, and soon, once again, lips to lips. A softer kiss this time, a hum that blended with one another. My heart was pumping the venom, if that were still possible. Our touch exalting. I had hoped the intensity of the electric shock between us wouldn't make me face unconsciousness once again, not this time, this was our time. Unfortunately, this time, he pulled away, and we stood still once again, admiring one another. He then closed his eyes.

"What do you have to say for yourself now?" I whispered. He pressed against my forehead with his, eyes gone.

"I didn't want it to happen like this," he whispered.

"How did you want it to happen?"

"Definitely not beginning it with a fight," he said with shame.

"All I want to know, is if you feel the same way?" his forehead rubbed against mine as he nodded, his eyes looking down.

"Why did you deny it?"

"I just didn't want to repeat history, but I guess history likes to repeat me."

"What happened to you to make you feel so cold, distant?"

"That's a story I wish not to tell you." My eyes tried to look into his.

"At least, not right now," he whispered.

"I respect that." My hand stroke his cheek. I lay my head against his bare chest, he pulled me into him.

For the rest of the evening, Mason and I hung out in his room, listened to music, played dominos, and had a conversation that hadn't aroused fury into one of us. I didn't want to leave his side, especially not when the clock stroke six. The time was getting closer, anticipating my torture. I left Mason so that I could get ready, I didn't want to be late. Well, the vampire me didn't want to be late, but the human me had no problem making them wait.

I walked into the abandoned room that still had two twin beds uncared for. I then found a gorgeous gown clinging onto a cushion mannequin. It was a mixture of soft, golden champagne, orange garnet, strapless, seems tracing almost flower abstracts with fake diamonds on the middle of the upper body. It went from tight to a round, puffy, ruffled gown. It was beautiful with its matching masquerade mask. Kayla went all out. The vampire side of me was ecstatic, while the human me was beginning to give in. I ambushed the ball gown and put it on. I'm not the type to be cocky, but this night was going to be all about me.

"Ahhhh! You look beautiful in it!" Kayla and Lexie yelled in unison. I could feel the human me blush a rosy shade of pink.

"It's time to do your hair," Lexie chimed. She had put a pile of hair to the left side of my head while it fell in loose curls. The pieces of strands left on my right side were wrapped and pinned a hundred-eighty degrees over the hair that fell on my back. Kayla did an intense cat eye-liner shape on my eye lids and a light pat of necessary blush because of my lucent skin tone. I was a princess, and she couldn't wait to see her prince. I stepped into some simple golden champagne heels.

"Let's go we're ten minutes late," Kayla shooed. We went running downstairs, through foggy, narrowed, abandoned streets, and in to an empty building.

"Surprise!" A mass of humans and vampires yelled with glee in unison. My mouth fell open, wide hazel eyes hiding behind the mask. The place was astounding, candle light tables, Purple dim lights, round tables, a DJ on a miniature stage, and a marbled dance floor, like in the renaissance day, except for the DJ part-you know.

"What made you choose a masquerade theme?" I asked Kayla In between the volcanic music.

"Hello, renaissance time, when vampires were becoming known," she said baffled. I kept admiring the live room.

"May I have this dance?" A melodic voice blended with the music, but it wasn't his voice.

"Umm, sure," I said hesitantly. I turned to find myself before an almost replica of the phantom of the opera.

"May I say you look splendid, my dear," he chirped.

"I wish I can say the same for you." He chuckled.

"I must say I'm coming to like the venom that breeds within you."

"Enjoy it while you can," I spit. I managed another chuckle from him.

"I'm sure I'll be enjoying it for quite some time." At that point I wished my prince would have come to save me, or that the DJ played a more moveable sound.

"I'm sorry, I'm still trying to get used to the heels and quite frankly my feet have become tired. I'm gonna go sit down now," I said as I pulled away toward the punch table.

"I will make you company." Great.

An hour had passed and Stephen was still blabbing about being a vampire. I was busy searching the room for my prince, or at least someone less annoying and cocky than Stephen. Another hour had passed and I was stuffing myself with some chocolate covered strawberries that quite frankly weren't as good and sweet as movies made them turn out to be. Either way, my body had excluded food from its diet. I then made my way to the DJ booth to just become a burden because I had nothing better to do, yet another hour passed and no prince, no Romeo. I was beginning to think I was going to die alone. Half an hour passed and Kayla and Lexie pulled me out to dance. I enjoyed myself, laughed, smiled, didn't sweat, but was becoming anxious because no prince had come strutting on his horse.

Maybe the horse got tired on the way here.

No it didn't, and there's probably no horse.

Not now!

He'll come.


The DJ decided to play Mississippi, by Train. Gentlemen began to ask their fair ladies to have this dance. I hoped Stephen didn't attain the same idea.

"May I have this dance madam?" It was his melancholic voice, my prince's voice. I turned to face him. He wore a simple black suit with a white shirt that had the ruffled collar hanging in the middle alike the olden days, he wore a simple golden mask as well.

"I'd be delighted to." He pulled me by the waist as we began to step to the right where our feet would meet and to the left where they would meet once again. Then, we'd do the same in a backwards and forward motion.

"Where have you been?"

"My apologies, I had a fight with myself."


"About whether it was right to come and celebrate your day of turning, whether I should be happy that we could spend an eternity together, or if I should be afraid of losing you."

"I'm glad you took the risk."

"I'm glad as well." I saw his elastic smile come close to mine and both enchanted themselves in a blissful kiss.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

I would, if I had hands.

Than just let me know it's not a dream.

It's not a dream.

Jason Mraz's song, I won't give up, began to fade in. The moment was perfect, an enchanted love story. I wasn't going to let it go, I didn't want to, not even the human me. That was until, there was no human me. My body fell into Mason's arms.

"Alexa," his voice became unsettled.

"Alexa." My skin became heat.

"11:30," Mason said in despair. He lifted me up bridal style as he began to call for Vlad. He rushed to a safe clear, away from the humans and the vampires enjoying their night that brought no change to their life.

"Ahhh!" I yelped. The heat became intense, I could feel my stomach, liver, all the organs the human me needed begin to explode, at least it felt that way. My fingers had dug into Mason's costume as I had bitten my lower lip.

"Hold on Alexa, be strong," Mason quivered.

"It'll be over soon." He stroke my left blazing cheek.

"Alexa!" I heard Aunt Maggie's voice.

"Don't fight it," I heard Stan's voice.

"Ahhh!" I shrieked as my bones caught on fire. My body began to tremble, I felt myself slip away.

It's time.


My legs began to disappear, then my hands up to my shoulders, then my stomach and chest, followed by my head, then soon my hazel eyes. I wasn't out for too long. In an instant, my eyes opened, fangs pierced through my lips, and my body crouched as I hissed. They were all standing before me, terrified. Stan, Alma, Kayla, Lexie, Malik, Edward, Aunt Maggie, Vlad, and my prince. All I thought about in that moment was, blood.

"Alexa," Edward spoke.

"Try fighting the thirst," he said unsettled.

"I can't," I choked, a tear ran down the cheek Mason had stroke.

"I need it," I began to shiver.

"Come with us," he said.

"We'll get you something to drink." My nose sensed the scent of sweet cotton candy, alcoholic, tempting, humans. I hissed involuntarily. My body then sprinted towards the ball.

"Alexa no!" Mason yelled. I suddenly got a burst of sour sugar coated candy, alcoholic, tempting, vampires. I then thought of Stephen, and I tried pulling back. I then headed to the mountains.

"Alexa!" Mason chased after me. He then lunched himself on to me, we both fell down a steep hill. His legs jabbed my waist, his hands pinned my wrists.

"Help me," I cried.

"Fight it! Follow me! Crave my blood," he said as he ran into a thin layer of tress. I chased after him involuntarily once again. I ran after him for miles, ran until I caught the smell of a vulnerable animal, deer. I stopped following Mason's poisoning perfume and headed to my prey. It stood still, picking at the weeds with dismembered flowers. I lurked behind a thick tree, admired its enhanced beauty. The texture of its fur and antlers. I admired its neck until my thirst took control and launched itself onto it. The deer kicked and wailed. Its hoofs fidgeted, twitched one last time. I had no emotion, mercy was out of the question at the moment. I drained it until the last drop ran down my throat.

Much better?


I stood up and caught Mason's figure standing a few feet away. He took small, hesitant, steps toward me. I wondered if this was one of his fears as well. When he was only inches from me, he wiped the trickle of weak blood from the corner of my lips and licked his finger. He then smiled and then kissed me deeply, not scared of breaking me, of biting my lips as it bled and he licked it while I bit and sucked his.

"Happy bloody sixteen," he purred.