Sonic ran after it. The wolf had killed another one of his sheep and he was deturmained to kill it. Sonic caught up to it in seconds because of his speed. The wolf seeing no way out turned around and faced Sonic. With a snaral it leaped at Sonic. They tussled in the grass for a few minuts and Sonic stabbed it in the heart. He got up bloody but alive and stared at the body of the wolf. The wolf suddenly started to glow and it stood up. It growled and it's jaws glowed red. "You will pay for that!" It yelled before biting Sonic on the sholder. Then the wolf dissapeared. Sonic reeled back in horror. "What in the world!" Sonic said in shock. His bite wound glowed red and his vision went blurry. He felt dizzy and sat on the ground. What was happening to him? He blacked out as the red light surrounded him.

Two wolves heard the commotion and were heading to the area that they saw a red light coming from. As they walked into the clearing they noticed a wolf lying on the ground. It's colbat blue fur was bloodied and it was unconcious. They looked at eachother and saw that he was still breathing. "We should take him to the pack. He'll heal better there." The green wolf said. "Yeah. It would help our pack if he could join us." The magneta and pink wolf said. They carried him back and from that moment on Sonic's life changed forever.