"Wake up!" Peter said for the hundredth time, shaking Anya that was still laying on bed.

Peter had arrived a minutes ago to Anya's bedroom, getting access to there by the window. He also had his Spidey suit on but without the mask, that he put on Anya's desk.

"Do I have to tell you in Spanish? Es muy temprano!" She said lazily, her face buried on the pillow. It was Saturday, about six a.m. "I want to keep sleeping!" She added.

He started shaking her body again.

"Agh!" She exclaimed, sitting roughly of a sudden and making Peter to back himself. "You happy now?" She rubbed her eyes as she talked.

"Indeed." He paused for a moment and before Anya was about to say something he wrapped his arms around her in a big hug and then picked her up, swinging Anya's sleepy body in circles. "Happy birthday!" He finally said in all the time he had been there.

Even if she was mad at him because he interrupted her beauty sleep from spending all the night out as Spider-Girl, Anya couldn't help but giggle.

"Put your suit, we're gonna kick butts." He said when he put her down. "And then the cake." He walked to the desk, grabbed his mask and put it on as Anya opened her closet.

"The handsome guy in red and blue spandex it's obviously me." Peter told to Anya and got near to the window.

Anya had to repress a scoff at the 'handsome' part.

"And the girl with the birthday hat it's not me." She shook her head and put her suit on the bed.

Anya saw how Spidey shot a web out of her room and swung over the city. "Happy Birthday to me." She said to herself and smiled, putting her suit on.