So, first off, it's been a loooong time since I've updated anything. And, to be honest, it's more of me having had a horrible case of writer's block and being really busy. I'm in my last year of high school (holy shit!) and have had to focus on that. However, I felt that I owed you guys an update, even if this feels like a cop-out because this isn't for any of my main stories.

But, I also wanted to give you guys a little preview of the writing I've done to try and get out of my 'funk', so to speak. I'm also thinking of maybe one day making this into a full story and would like your guys opinion on whether or not you guys would read it if I did. I just have one more thing I wanna say and then I'll let you read, I promise.

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Takumi grunted as his twin sister launched herself at him, effectively knocking both of them off his bed and crashing onto the floor. Yumi giggled as she sat on her younger twins back, giving him a wide grin when he turned his head to glare at her.

"What are you doing?" Takumi grumbled from beneath his twin, his sharp jade eyes connecting with his sisters sparkling ones.

Yumi's grin turned into a smirk as she poked Takumi's cheek. "Ah, come on, don't give me that look. Today's the first day of school and Ri-chan and Ju-kun will be here soon. So, hurry up and get dressed."

Yumi felt her brother sigh from beneath her and yelped as she fell off her brother as he stood. "Oi! You could have just told me to move, you ass!"

Takumi scoffed as he moved to take off his shirt. "Like you would have actually moved. Get out before I throw you out, stupid twin."

Yumi huffed as she walked out of Takumi's room, sticking her tongue out at him before she ran out, slamming the door behind her.

Yumi sighed heavily as she saw her twin sluggishly make his way towards the fridge. She snickered when he tripped on a chair and barely managed to catch himself by grabbing the edge of the counter.

"Well, good morning, Ta-chan. Bread?" she held out a piece of toast to her brother, who half-heartedly took a huge bite.

"Fwy dwoes scwool fwhave to stwat swo ewrly?" her brother complained as he chewed, smirking when he saw the disgusted look his sister sent him.

Scrunching up her nose in disgust, Yumi scolded, "Don't talk with your mouth full, you glutton."

Takumi only ruffled his twin's hair affectionately, smirking when she whined about how he had messed up her hair. Yumi heaved a sigh as she patted down her hair, giving her brother a playful glare as she did.

Just as Takumi opened his mouth to tease his sister, the doorbell to their apartment rang, causing Yumi to jump in surprise.

"Yumi-chan! Takumi-kun! Hurry up!" a female voice called from behind the door, followed by a gruff shout of, "Hurry up or I'll drag your asses out!"

Yumi giggled at their friend's antics and grabbed her bag from the counter behind her. Takumi reluctantly stood and grabbed his bag, trailing behind his twin as she slipped on her sneakers.

Yumi opened the door and gave her friends a cheery smile. "Good morning, my friends! How have you guys been?"

Takumi scoffed from behind his sister and gently shoved her out of the house as he locked up. "We just saw them yesterday."

"Still, a lot can happen in a day." Yumi grumbled as she pouted up at her twin who only rolled his eyes and gave their friends a small grin.

Hyuuga and Takumi walked on the outside of their group, leaving the females to walk in the middle. The girls paid no attention to this, already used to their overprotective behavior.

"So, Yumi-chan, are you excited for our first day of second year?" Riko asked with a grin, hooking arms with the female beside her.

Yumi nodded enthusiastically, her short black hair bobbing against her head as she did. "Of course! This means one year closer to freedom! …and then college."

Takumi snorted from his position beside his sister and hooked his thumbs into the pockets of his slacks. "There's no such thing as freedom."

Riko pouted over at Takumi. "Come on, Takumi-kun. Don't be such a pessimist!"

"I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist. Besides," he added as he pointed at Riko and Hyuuga accusingly, "you signed up for my pessimism when we became friends!"

Hyuuga snorted and smirked over at Takumi. "I thought you said you were a realist."

Takumi glared at Hyuuga, a faint blush on his cheeks. "S-shut up, Junpei!"

The three all laughed as Takumi sulked from his spot beside his twin, although he was secretly laughing with them.


Takumi exhaled through his nostrils as he walked through the crowd of people all looking to sign up for a club. Yumi clutched the edge of his shirt as she looked around them with wide eyes and a big grin.

"Ta-chan, Ta-chan! Look, look!" Yumi exclaimed as she tugged her twin towards a booth. "Oohh, free bookmarks!"

Takumi counted to 3 in his head, trying to collect what little patience he had left and pulled his sister away from the booth. "You're already the manager of the basketball club. You don't need any other club."

Yumi pouted as she followed behind her brother, holding onto Takumi's sleeve as they made their way back towards the basketball booth. "There's no harm in looking, right? You're such a spoilsport, Ta-chan!"

Takumi only scoffed and glared at the nearest first year that stared at Yumi for too long. The first year squealed in fright and scurried away, Takumi's glare having nearly given him a heart attack.

Hyuuga looked up as the twins appeared, Yumi with a grin and Takumi with a fierce scowl as he glared at the nearest male that wasn't Hyuuga. "Oi, Takumi. If you scare away applicants, I'll kill you."

Takumi clucked his tongue but obeyed, crossing his arms and glaring at the floor instead. Riko giggled at the sight and shared a look with Yumi.

"Here, Ta-chan, make yourself useful and go pass out fliers with the others." Yumi ordered as she shoved a stack of papers into her twin's arms.

Takumi grumbled but left nonetheless. "And no glaring!" Yumi giggled when she was shot a harsh glare, rolling her eyes at how sensitive her brother was.

Hyuuga just shook his head and looked at Takumi with pity-filled eyes. He was horrible at this type of stuff, trying to be polite and ask people to join the basketball club. Takumi was no better than him, in fact he was worse and Yumi knew that. She was torturing her poor twin and Hyuuga couldn't help but feel sympathy for Takumi. He had someone that did that to him too, dragging him into situations he didn't want to be in but had no choice in.

Riko blinked, having felt someone staring at her and looked over at Hyuuga only to see him quickly look away. Riko shrugged and went back to explaining a new play she had in mind to Yumi, who nodded and added her two cents in every now and then.

"T-the new students are here."

Riko, Yumi and Hyuuga all blinked in shock as they watched Koganei be dropped onto the floor by a huge first-year, his piercing red eyes staring at them intently. "Is this the basketball club?"

Riko nodded numbly while Yumi said, "Yes, it is."

Takumi grumbled as he made his way to the gym, unconsciously glaring in his frustration and looking absolutely terrifying as he did. They (Izumi) had sent Takumi away after he nearly lost his temper for the third time. So, seeing as he really didn't want to go to his classroom, he decided he would hang out (sulk) in the gym.

"Hey, isn't that Yamaguchi Takumi?"

"Eh, it is! What's he doing here?"

"Idiot, he's been going here since his first year of high school!"

"Why would he come here though? He's amazing at basketball, why not go to a bigger school?"

Takumi ignored the hushed conversations and sat down on the bleachers before laying himself down and closing his eyes. He nodded off for what felt like a few minutes when he someone began shaking his shoulder.

Cracking open his left eye, he glared up at the person who dared wake him up. "Izuki, what the hell do you want? You're the one that sent me over here."

Izuki, who was merely staring at him, sighed and motioned for Takumi to stand. "Get up, I need you for reinforcement."

"Reinforcement?" Takumi repeated confusedly as he stood, furrowing his brows.

"You'll see." Was all Izuki said before walking out of the gym, Takumi trailing behind him.

Izuki led him through the crowd, Takumi slowly becoming more and more agitated as time went by. Finally, just as Takumi was about to lose his patience, they appeared at the table where his sister and friends were sitting at, shuffling through applications.

And that's where I stopped because I didn't know where to go from there. Again, thank you guys so much for the continued support. I'm not sure when exactly I'll be updating my main stories, to be honest. This update was more to let you guys know that I was still active and not dead lol.