Ch.5: Remember You

Azula watched as Katara picked out a wedding dress trying to pick one that wasn't expensive, even after they had their first fight on why she shouldn't worry about the cost, but eventually Azula gave in. Katara's father, brother, and pregnant sister-in-law were also there. Azula didn't even feel a pang of jealousy as she remembered that her father had gone on a retirement vacation so he didn't hear about the wedding.

"Baby, your blanking out on us again is there something on your mind, you're not regretting this are you?", Azula saw Katara start to tense up and quickly comforted her, "Of course not darling this wedding isn't even the fullest extent I would go for your happiness". Katara nodded and bit her lip when she saw her brother Sokka rubbing Suki's stomach as their baby boy kicked with passion making them laugh. Azula quickly frowned when she realized that face, Oh shit there goes that I want a baby face, no matter I'll still wait until our honeymoon to tell her.

"Did I not say I wanted this wedding to be perfect! Where the hell are the roses I ordered, the invitations still need to be sent out, I must be going crazy-", Azula felt like she could breathe blue fire with all the stress upon her. Ty Lee and Mai waited until Azula calmed herself before taking over and sending Azula to spend the time she has left with her fiancée. Although Azula wasn't expecting to find her fiancée with a visitor in their mansion.

"Ahem and who may I ask is this Katara?", Azula watched as Katara frowned and introduced the young man with bushy brown hair and brown eyes. "Honey this is Jet, my ex, I presumed he was dead but it turned out he had went into the army and got hospitalized", Azula crossed her arms and stayed calm when Katara introduced him to her but still had a question on her mind. "Jet this is the love of my life and my fiancée Azula", Jet smirked before getting off the coach and stretched his hand out to her.

Katara pleaded with her eyes for Azula to be nice so Azula shook the offered hand and asked her question, "That's fine and dandy but what is he doing in our house, love?" Azula's quick perception saw every time they exchanged terms of endearment Jet would frown. Looks like that answered my question but the sooner he confesses the sooner he's out of my house, Jet cleared his throat preparing his answer "Well when I got back here I realized I made Katara wait for a family, I just wanted to help her get revenge on the person who murdered her mother that's why I left. I came back hoping I still had a chance", Jet smiled lovingly to a stunned Katara as a calm Azula watched.

Azula's calm demeanor was broken when she suddenly began to laugh upsetting Jet and making Katara confused. "If you came here wanting to be her shining knight in armor good luck, Katara I say this with extreme seriousness and you know this, if you would like to leave me for Jet you have my blessings, just leave my house with him and never come back or you can send our guest away and I'll be waiting for you upstairs, good-night", Azula nodded to Jet then Katara and went up the staircase.

Azula contained a sigh of relief as the bed dipped and Katara embrace her from behind holding her close. "I'm not going to leave you Azula even if all my exes lined up with luxuries and poetry, you're my true love am I yours?", Azula turned onto her back and pulled Katara into her side to kiss her sweetly. Katara smiled as she thought of her new life with Azula.

Azula fixed her tuxedo as she waited for Hakoda to walk Katara down the aisle. They would finally be married and Azula knew she would have it all and more when she gives the love of her life a child. Katara took everyone's breath away as she walked down the aisle with her father who gave her away with tears in his eyes. Everyone sat as the minister spoke until it was time to exchange vows, Azula had decided for Katara to go first.

"Azula, my shining sun, I love you and sometimes you can be cold but you only show your true emotions to me. If you were anyone else I would say we were rushing things but this feels so right. If you can trust me with your love, baggage, desires, and etcetera in the short time we've known each other then I know this is where I'm meant to be", Azula couldn't help when tears started to flow and a smile showed on her face shocking some people who knew her, her entire life.

"Katara, you are the my shining moon, I love the way you make me feel and how you keep me calm. With you I know I have someone waiting for me when I get back from work instead of my thoughts. I feel free and not under my father's critical gaze. He might not agree with our marriage when he finds out but he is no longer in charge of my decisions. I won't let anything get in our way, I love you", Katara was fully emotional and it took Azula and some of the bridesmaids to calm her.

The rings were placed on each other's finger and it was time for the lovebirds to seal the deal with a kiss. Before their lips could meet the sound of the doors slamming open and Jet yelling "Stop! I object!", Azula rubbed her temples while the groomsmen held Jet back. "On what grounds do you object my child?", the minister spoke calmly as Jet broke past the groomsmen to get to Katara.

"On the grounds that Katara is not nor will she ever be into women especially someone related to the killing of her mother. Katara please give me one more chance to make you happy, I can actually give you kids that will look like us. With her your kids will want to know their donor father, come back to me babe", Jet pleaded on his knees in front of Katara.

Katara smiled at Jet making him smirk, but when her eyes met Azula's, Azula knew who she had chosen. "Jet my only answer is this", Katara pulled Azula to her and sealed their marriage with a slow passionate kiss. Jet watched outraged as Azula swiped Katara off her feet and carried her to their limo waving and thanking those for coming.

Katara and Azula toasted to their marriage and sipped their wine in the hotel Azula rented out. Katara blushed and bit her lip when she saw the bedroom they would consummate their marriage on. "Katara before we begin I need to tell you how I'm different, ok?", Katara nodded and sat on the rose covered bed. "22 years ago I was born with a penis, my dad thought I was a boy until I started filling out and wanted to get rid of my penis. My mother loved me the way I was and disagreed with him, I hated that I had to live with it until I met you. I let people, like Jet, say things to my past girlfriends like 'She can't give you children' to test their devotion to me. They failed but not you because you truly love me and I don't mind letting you be my first and before you ask Ty just gives me hand jobs we've never gotten far because of what we believed, do you want to leave me?", Azula looked up vulnerable into her wife's eyes.

Katara took in the information and slowly got up to turn the lights down and plug in her iphone into speakers. Azula got the message when she saw Katara began to strip and began stripping herself. "Remember You" By The Weekend and Wiz Khalifa came on as Katara sat in Azula's lap kissing her grinding against the bulge in Azula's boxers. Azula slipped Katara's bra off to gently take a nipple in her mouth and suck gently until the bud was hard and gave the treatment to its partner.

She's about to earn some bragging rights

I'm about to give it up like

I've been holding back all night

Azula laid Katara on her back as she marked her collarbone and neck with hickeys that wouldn't go away for weeks. Katara moaned as Azula hissed in pleasure when their centers touched. Azula knew this was both of their first times so she was going to make Katara beg. Azula went further to Katara's soaked center and waited for Katara to nod before slipping her panties off.

Azula slowly lapped at Katara's center and held Katara's hips down as she swirled her tongue around her love's sensitive clit. Azula only felt a little pain as Katara pulled her face closer to her wanting her tongue. Azula wriggled her tongue into Katara's hole making her eyes roll into the back of her head. Azula's tongue could barely move as Katara tried to hold her orgasm in clenching around Azula's tongue. Azula pulled back and gently stroked Katara with four fingers making Katara shiver and convulse into her orgasm when Azula created a rhythm of her tongue and fingers going into Katara.

Katara opened her eyes to see Azula palming her erection that was peeking out of her boxers. Katara quickly helped Azula remove her boxers and gave Azula's nine and a half inches a hand job remembering to pump and twist at the head. "Oh shit! Katara.. fuck it! I need... your mouth baby!", Katara paused the music and in a flash took the head of Azula's cock in her mouth nibbling softly. Azula inhaled sharply as Katara took the whole dick until the head of her penis hit the back of Katara's throat.

"Shit! Katara take it like a pro.. don't even gag baby or I'll stop got it!", Katara nodded and let Azula fuck her throat fast and hard sometimes then slow and hard thrusts. Azula groaned as her cock grew and with Katara squeezing her balls she exploded into Katara's mouth. "Swallow baby show me that you love all of me", Katara didn't hesitate to swallow the bucket load of cum not letting any slip out making Azula proud.

Katara gently lied back while Azula hovered over her grabbing her dick and guiding the head to rub her wife's clit. "I'm clean baby ,so go in raw ,I want to have you kids Azula", Azula smiled sweetly and kissed Katara. "I can't wait for you to have my kids, I'm clean too baby so let's enjoy this", Katara nodded and turned the music back on. Azula and Katara moaned as Azula eased inside Katara and broke her hymen with a powerful thrust.

Girl, take pride in what you want to do

Even if that means a new man every night inside of you

Baby I don't mind

You can tell by how I roll

Cause my clique high and my cup cold

Katara cried out in pain and pleasure as Azula adjusted herself and kissed Katara slowly, slowly moving in and out of Katara. Azula finally started thrusting forcefully when Katara relaxed and nodded for Azula to continue.

My tongue cause I'm so throwed

And I'm wiping sweat from my last show

And he's TG and I'm XO

I'm only hear for one night

And I'm a be your memory

Sing it in my ears, so I can hear what you're saying to me

Azula slammed their hips together and bit Katara's collarbone so she wouldn't moan too loud. "Oh God. Oh God. Oh God, fuck baby faster!", Katara squeezed her eyes shut as she was hit with shivers of ecstasy over and over again. "Fuck you like that baby! Ugh.. your squeezing my cock so good... fuck Katara! I'm... I'm going to blow!", Azula thrusted one last time before she shot her loads into Katara who was squeezing her appendage in a vice grip as she orgasmed. Azula wrapped Katara in her arms as they drifted to sleep with the music playing.

Don't worry about my boys

I won't need them for what I'm about to do to you

Bad b****,

girl I think I might get used to you

I'm a have to take your number

when I'm through with you

All I ask of you is try to earn my memory

Make me remember you

like you remember me

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