His Apprentice

Chapter 1: Latest Failure

A/N: Sorry if this took long, but here is the sequel to Missing Sidekick!


"Johnny…Johnny? I know your awake."

"Yesss Joker." Jonathan hissed.

"I heard 'bout you uh kidnapping the birdboy to test on. A very bold move, doc. Wouldn't you agree?"

"I disagree with you there. I see everyone as guinea pigs for my experiments."

"Ooooh, that's cold, doc. Do you see the Batman as a test subject as well."

"Oh certainly. But I could never catch him to study his psyche. I'll bet he'd be an interesting test subject."

"Oh I bet!"


"Good evening Jonathan. I heard all about your latest failure."

"Oh, hello Jervis. It was going swell until he showed up."

"Ah, the flying rodent. Always shows up to stop us." Edward Nigma interrupted.

"Old Batsy alwaaays stops us." said Joker.

"Mmmhmm…". All four said in unison.

A/N: There will be more.