His Apprentice

Chapter 4

The Hideout

Jonathan had driven to one of his old hideouts. It was deep with in the narrows. They got out of the car and stared at the old abandoned house.

"What the hell, Johnny! It looks like crap!" Joker's annoyed yell rang out.

"I know it doesn't look like much, but its away from prying eyes of curious citizens." Jonathan replied.

"Yes that's good, but it would need some straitening up." Said Jervis.

"Some straitening up? It needs a complete makeover!" Edward joined in.

"I agree with Riddles!" Joker exclaimed. "It looks like Scarecrow's dream house.

"Hmmph, shall we proceed inside?" Jonathan asked unamused.

"Lead the way my scary friend." Said Joker as he slapped Jonathan's back.

From the outside it looked neglected, dark, and most of all, just plain creepy. It looked as though it had come out of a horror movie. But on the inside it looked… normal.

It was a one floor house with a basement. Basement belonging to Jonathan and his experiments.

"You can have any room , but the basement, that is mine." Said Jonathan.

"Yes, yes we got it." Joker said as he and the others went to go find a room.

A/N: I know I know its short, but the next one is where the real action starts. :D