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Hi, it's Carter and let me say that I did attempt to kill Horus after this all. Zia and I decided to re-read the story that we had read the day before. The one that left us speechless and horrified. That day we read the whole story, all five chapters. The day I'm talking about, we only read one, just to see if the horrors were real.

I opened one eye sleepily. I nearly went back to sleep but I realized that Zia's face was inches away from mine. That was a nice wake-up call.

My stomach growled loudly and I rolled over to get to Anubis so he could magic up some food. I was a bit startled at the sight.

The guy had his arm around Sadie.

I don't know if it was intentional or not but that peeved me off. Who said that this guy could put his arm around my sister? I was going to have a few words with him later.

I poked him several times carefully, it was sort of like poking a sleeping dragon with a stick but in this case, Anubis was more dangerous than a dragon. He turned to face me, "What do you want?" he snarled. He obviously still wasn't too fond of me. I'm okay with that, I wouldn't want to be friends with a deadly god anyway.

I raised my hands submissively, "I just want some food." Starting a fight wouldn't do anyone any good.

He studied me for any signs of untrustworthiness or whatever gods do and shrugged. He unwrapped his arm from around Sadie and stood up. I probably looked really surprised because the guy had a serious six pack going on.

He shrugged again, reading my mind, "Gods go through a lot of training." He stated, as if that explained everything.

I knew he was lying but I'm not stupid enough to pester a god.

He snapped his fingers and a magnificent breakfast appeared. It was so delicious that it almost made up for him having his arm around my sister.


It was a silent breakfast, which was alright with me. I don't know if we can keep a conversation without edging towards a fight.

Sadie sat up and yawned, "Mornin." She said groggily, swaying a bit. I almost laughed at her sleepy expression but I figured that she would hit me.

"Morning, Sleeping Beauty." I teased.

We laughed, even Anubis gave a smile. I couldn't believe it but Anubis was sort of growing on me.

Zia seemed to have woken up too; she was pretty even with bed-head, "Wazwitalldaclappin?" she slurred.

"Morning, Sleeping Beauty." I teased, again.

Sadie frowned, resuming her annoying personality, "Honestly, Carter, it was funny the first time but-"

Anubis stopped her, "I say we continue reading." He suggested.

I gulped and whimpered my agreement.

The laptops popped up again and Zia and I searched for the title that we had read the day before.

It was a K+ story; it had five chapters, and was called Speak Now.

"Carter, do we have to?" Zia whined. I was surprised, Zia doesn't whine, "We read the whole thing yesterday."

"Zia, we're only going to read the first chapter, okay?"

She frowned and nodded curtly.

I smiled and clicked the title.


This whole time, Horus had been sitting in a hidden room above theirs.

He smiled to himself. I just love messing with Anubis. It's just so fun! But…do Sadie, Carter, and Zia deserve it?

He then frowned, nearly cutting off the Fan Fic Humiliation Plan, but decided better of it.

I am king, I feel no pity or remorse. May the games continue.

He propped himself up on his elbows and watched Zia and Carter's horror unravel.


Zia and I had already read it, so there were no interruptions as we read in silence.

Six years since the Kanes defeated Set. In six years, Istillhaven't gotten over my crush on Carter Kane. Scratch that, I freakin' love him since I was 14. Right now, I'm 20, and I still love him. You would think I would get over it, but no, fate just doesn't like that.

So, anyway, the House of Life finally resumed the old ways, and life couldn't be better. Except…

Well, except that I lost contact with Carter and his annoying little sister, Sadie, ages ago, and I really miss them. I missed the sarcastic comments of Sadie, the arguments between Carter and Sadie. But, mostly, I missed Carter. His curly brown hair, his chocolate brown eyes, his intelligence…

Gods. I have it bad. But my life almost got destroyed because of one mistake.

It began the day I got the invitation. I had just came back from a mission, and I wasexhausted, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and went through my mail.

Let's see… Desjardins sent me another letter, which means more missions, fan mail from guys who want to marry me, and—what in Thoth is this?

I realized, with a shock, that it was a wedding invitation. I opened it and read:

You are invited to the wedding of Carter Kane and Natasha Green, on July 4, 2016, at Central Park, New York, New York.

I reread it over and over again, not wanting to believe it. But it was true. The love of my life was marrying another girl. Then I saw another letter, with the same stamp. I ripped it open and read:

You were uninvited to the wedding of Carter Kane and Natasha Green by the soon-to-be Natasha Kane.

The little (insert curse word here), I thought. I looked at my watch; it read "July 4, 2016". Oh no.

My heart was pounding in my ears. Without noticing, a portal opened right in front of me. I jumped and fell down off my chair, then scrambled back up and jumped through the portal. I landed on my feet (fortunately) and ran in speed I didn't know Ihad, to where most people got married in Central Park. I slowed down and hid behind a tree.

The sight was sickening.

Pink and green wereeverywhere. I don't have anything against green (it's Carter's favorite color, therefore it's mine. I know. I'm obsessed with him), butpink? Kill me. But the rest was just… to girly. There isno wayCarter had chosen this.

I walked in quietly after a few minutes. Here I was, the host of Nephthys, watching as the love of my life married another girl!

I glanced around and spotted Hannah, a good friend of mine and a diviner (I know, I was impressed, too). Next to her was her boyfriend, Ryan, a healer. I sat down quietly next to them.

"Zia?" Hannah asked, looking positively alarmed. "What are you doing here?"

"Trying to stop a wedding," I breathed. I was still tired from my run. "The little (insert curse word here) uninvited me."

"Still in love with Carter, I see," Ryan said, amused.

"Hannah," I whispered to my friend, "punch your boyfriend for me."

Hannah smiled and punched him. Ryan rubbed his arm, glaring at me. I gave him my innocent look.

"Hey, do you have one of those bulletin thing-a-oh, for Ra's sake, whatever you call it?" I asked. Hannah nodded and handed me a whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

Today I Will Marry My Friend

Natasha Tiara Green & Carter Julius Kane

July 4th, 2016

4:30 pm

Musical Prelude

"You Raise Me Up"


"Pachabal's Canon" in D

Opening Words

Lady Hathor, sky-goddess of love, beauty, motherhood, foreign lands, and mining music.

Recitation of Vows

Exchange of Rings


Presentation of the Couple

Lord and Lady Carter Kane(at this point I wanted to rip this thing to pieces and burn them)


"Wedding March"


I counted to ten to control my anger, then turned my attention to the next page.

Wedding Participants

Parents:Lavender & Cyan Green

Ruby & Julius Kane

Officiate:Lady Hathor

Maid of HonorDestiny Smiths (Friend of the Bride)

Best ManAnubis, god of funerals (Friend of the Groom)

BridesmaidsSadie Kane (Sister of the Groom)

Emma Malloy (Friend of the Bride)

Liz Rosmary (Friend of the Bride)

Flower GirlCrystal Williams (Cousin of the Bride)

Ring BearerJames Green (Brother of the Bride)

GroomsmenBob Johnson (Friend of the Groom)

Rick Malloy (Friend of the Bride)

Shane Campbell (Friend of the Groom)

MusicianClara Gomez (Friend of Both)

UshersDaniel Athans (Friend of the Groom)

David Swift (Friend of the Groom)

Andrew Salah (Friend of Both)

Fred Stoll (Friend of the Groom)

GuestbookLindsay Dare (Friend of Both) John Johnson (Friend of the Groom)

I glared at the paper, hating it. After all, it was for Carter and Natasha's wedding. Because of my anger, I had barely noticed that the prelude had already begun, and now was finished. Then, the processional began.

First, Bob and Sadie walked in, hand in hand. Bob looked happy that he was holding hands with Sadie, while Sadie looked annoyed. Didn't like that she was separated from her Anubis, I expect. They separated and took their places as Rick and Emma began walking down the aisle. The two looked uncomfortable. I don't blame them. They are, after all, siblings. They took their places, and Shane and Liz came out. Out of all the couples, they looked the most happy. Their expressions obviously said "I love the person next to me."

The couple took their places, and Crystal came out. She skipped down the aisle, leaving pink rose petals behind. When she got to the aisle, Liz picked her up. After Crystal came James in his cute little suit. He walked down the aisle and stood by Rick. Then, Destiny came out. Her dress was shaped like a pastry, really horrible, I almost laughed out loud, which would've gave it away. Destiny walked over to where the bridesmaids were standing and smiled.

Finally, Natasha came out, escorted by her father, Cyan. She had ahugewhite dress on and it made her look like a white cupcake. With icing. I'm totally serious. She walked to the front, and I heard Hathor ask Cyan something.

"Who gives this woman in marriage?" Hathor asked. Cyan hesitated slightly, and Natasha nudges him.

"I do," Cyan murmured. He then proceeded to sit down in the front row. Hathor said some opening words, but I couldnotcare less. I was listening for seven words.

"If anyone should object to this holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace," Hathor said loudly. I stood up, every eye on me.

"I object," I announced.

As soon as I read that part, Sadie loudly interrupted, "I refuse to read any more!" she yelled.

I peered over to their screen, their story was Sadie K. & the Funeral Dude. I read a bit and instantly looked away, trying to contain my laughter. In the story, Sadie and Anubis were having quite the make out session.

Both of their faces were redder than I thought possible. Oh well, I'm proved wrong a lot.

Anubis slammed the laptop in agreement, "Under no circumstances am I going to read this!" he yelled.


Horus was nervously watching the commotion. That was not good, he never expected rebellions!


Sadie and Anubis both had their arms crossed and were fuming. Boy, did Anubis have an angry face. Death wasn't happy. If Death isn't happy, then nobody is.

Zia shut our laptop also, "I agree," she said, standing up, "I hate this and will not keep on!"

She looked to me for my acceptance. I sighed and stood up too, "This whole thing was stupid anyway."

Sadie smiled and turned to Anubis, "Take down that wall, please."

How was it. Just in case you haven't noticed the rating is now T. just in case. People brace yourselves cause chapter 4 has serious plot change. Okay then. Bye!