I remember the moment we first met. I was the new girl, and as I greeted my class, she stood. All was silent, I gazed at her, and so did all the other students. Her hair was a peculiar shade of emerald, not that I was one to talk, considering the fact that my hair looked like bubblegum. She had stared at me with an incredible intensity, then, she slowly walked up to me, reached up, and grabbed my breasts with both hands, squeezing hard with a smirk. "The names Gumi, and I'll make you fall in love with me in seven days, you're going to be my girlfriend," She said smoothly, brushing her hair back before sitting. I could only stare.

Day One

I didn't want to see her. She creeped me out beyond belief, and I had her in every single class! What kind of freak gropes other girls in the middle of class like she did!? There was no way in hell I was going to fall for a creeper like that. She said that yesterday didn't count, and the countdown started today. I grabbed my uniform from where it was folded up on my desk, I glanced at it, what kind of sick wierdo made a uniform like this?

I glanced in the mirror, I felt like such a whore. I remembered how that girl wore a guy's uniform for some reason. Instead of maroon in color, it was a dark navy blue. She pulled it off I suppose…I glanced once more in the mirror. The damn skirt didn't even reach the middle of my thigh. I grabbed a piece of toast for breakfast, slipped my bag on quickly, and dashed out the door toast in mouth. I slowed to a walk, I should go slowly, and that way I wouldn't have to see that pervert girl…

I didn't want to be late, I quickened my pace again. We had moved here, my mother and I, because we liked the house here. Well, Mansion here… I smiled, it really was a nice place, dad would have liked it. My eyes widened, as I looked over to see a familiar girl running beside me. Her emerald hair was in a low ponytail this time, I stared. "Get lost you fucking creep," I muttered. She grabbed my breast.

"You have nice tits, have I told you that," I glared.

"Yes, yes you have, all fucking day yesterday you damn pervert," I ran faster, she did too.

"Get away from me," I shouted, trying to get ahead, but she kept pace with me easily.

"I'm on varsity track, you're not gonna outrun me, by the way, I really love your lacy black panties," She grinned cheekily. WHAT THE FUCK WAS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL!?

"You're a real fucking charmer," I shouted, she gave me the thumbs-up.


"I WAS BEING SACASTIC! Why won't you leave me alone?"

"Because I fell in love with you the second I saw your face," She replied immediately, my eye twitched. That was complete bullshit! You don't molest someone in a classroom because you're in love with them, not to mention love at first fucking sight, which was nonexistent. "You were so hot, your cheeks red with shyness, your big bouncing breasts moving with every step you took…I couldn't take it, it was love," She said, her eyes sparkling strangely.

"That's not love, that's being horny creep."

"Tomatoe, tumatoe, that's the same god damn thing," She grabbed me, wrapping her arm around my shoulders and pulling me close. "I can make you love me too," She ran her fingers along my cheek, I flushed.

"Let go of me you fucking perv," I shoved her away and she burst into laughter, resting her bag on her shoulder and walking carelessly ahead with a wave of her hand.

"See you in school!"


When I arrived in class she was sitting on top of my desk, she waved at me as I entered, I glared pointedly and sat in my desk, ignoring her. She smirked, leaning close, "You were so cute when you blushed, it made me love you even more," She whispered softly, licking my cheek slowly. I rolled my eyes. I ignored her, she didn't attempt to start conversations. Instead, she showered me in compliments. Some of which actually made me feel good. She was a sweet talker when she tried to be I guessed.

When the teacher walked in, she gave me a wink and returned to her seat. I chose that moment to look her over. If not for her rotten personality she could actually be hot. She caught my eye and smirked, I stuck my tongue out at her, and she grinned. The teacher passed out our papers, I got to work immediately, and the only sound was the scribble of pencil on paper. A folded piece of paper landed on my desk. I glanced over at the perverted girl, but Gumi was intently doing her work. I blinked, then opened the paper. I swear you're an angel.

I flushed, crushed it into a ball and threw it at her, she didn't even look up as she caught it, flashing me a side grin that made me want to grab a chair and hit her with it. It was a perverted smile, yet I couldn't help but think about how attractive it made her…to bad I wanted to kill her. I glared, then looked away and did my work again. Another paper landed on my desk. Do you know how gorgeous you are? It feels as if God sent you to me, I am sure that even the great Goddess Aphrodite would envy the beauty you possess. Perhaps you are a God in disguise? If so, I am not worthy of your embrace, even so I desire it more than anything in this world.

Was this girl serious? She was like a freakin poet! She used such beautiful words! I found my cheeks were as hot as flames, and I could only fold it up again and slide it into my pocket. I looked over, she was looking at me calmly, her cheek in her hand. She really was gorgeous, her eyes were the color of a forest. I forced my eyes away from hers, and continue to write my assignment.

She approached me again at lunch, I was sitting with a small group of friends. The girl who sat next to me moved to a different seat, and Gumi plopped down there. "Hmmm, you've managed to become friends with my friends," She grabbed me by the waist and pulled me against her. I was the tiniest bit taller, she grinned her porcelain teeth as I pulled away. Much to my chagrin, she kept putting her damn hand on my thigh throughout lunch. It pissed me off that she did it, resting her warm hand on my thigh, rubbing gently, almost touching there. It pissed me off that I kept moving it off, and she kept putting it back. What pissed me off the most though, was the fact I was getting aroused by it. My mind was screaming at her to stop while my legs were unconsciously spreading for her. A pervert shouldn't be able to evoke that response out of me!

The other students at the table were all blushing, I grabbed her wrist, I leaned over," Stop it," I whispered harshly, very much embarrassed. She smirked, using her other hand to creep down from my waist and caress my thighs instead. I stiffened, "Stop Gumi."

"I can practically feel how hot it is," She purred.

I stood, "You're a fucking perverted freak," I shouted, smacking her hard across the face. She stared with wide eyes, clutching her cheek. I marched away, threw my food in the trash and stormed out of the lunchroom. Gumi chased after me.

"Luka, Luka, I'm sorry! It was a joke!" For the first time, I was glad lunch was so short, I bolted to my last class, where thankfully was free of a certain green haired fucker. After it was over, I left the classroom as fast as I could, and raced home. Pervert, pervert, pervert! I hated her…so why was I still aroused?