I remember the moment we first met. I was the new girl, and as I greeted my class, she stood. All was silent, I gazed at her, and so did all the other students. Her hair was a peculiar shade of emerald, not that I was one to talk, considering the fact that my hair looked like bubblegum. She had stared at me with an incredible intensity, then, she slowly walked up to me, reached up, and grabbed my breasts with both hands, squeezing hard with a smirk. "The names Gumi, and I'll make you fall in love with me in seven days, you're going to be my girlfriend," She said smoothly, brushing her hair back before sitting. I could only stare.

Day Three

Things couldn't possibly get worse. I full heartedly believed that as I got dressed the next morning, already in a foul mood. I opened my door and then my mouth to scream when a form moved towards me, only for their hand to clasp over my mouth. Only then did I realize who it was. I struggled, wrestling with the girl I hated. "Knock…it…off," I shrieked, shoving the girl down and pinning her.

A grin twisted Gumi's lips. "You're straddling me Luka," She purred. With a snarl I pulled away. My entire face burned at the fact that we had been in such a position, I bet Gumi had gotten a nice swaying view of my breasts as well. I clenched her fists as Gumi hopped up, patting her male uniform down with a happy smile. Her hair was spiky today. "I bet you're wondering why I'm here," Gumi grinned, putting an arm around my shoulders. I resisted the urge to punch her in the face.

"I don't care why you're here, I care why you're not leaving."

"I'm so hurt, why're you so mean Luka?" With a mighty laugh Gumi left her bedroom, went down the hallway of my house, and into the kitchen. I froze when I saw what was inside her kitchen…Her mother was laughing and talking animatedly to a woman that looked a lot like a Gumi but with darker hair. She was also a bit taller, more filled out, and had a startling pair of blue eyes. Her hair was in a ponytail. "Mom, this is my girl Luka. The one I keep telling you about."

The woman turned her head and looked at me. I didn't like the way she was looking at my mom. I clenched my fists. "I'm not her girl. But nice to meet you…"

"Gumera," The tall woman smiled. "You have a lovely mother here."

"Oh…please, you're making me blush!" Her face was crimson.

"No, truly my dear. You are a goddess, so so very beautiful. I love you."

"Oh my…"

Gumi had an expression of horror on her face. It matched mine. W…what the fuck!? Her fingers were lightly tracing my mothers cheek, she was smiling like some kind of snake. I grabbed Gumi's hand, "We're going to school," I shouted as I tugged her outside. Once the door to my house was shut I glared. "GET YOUR CREEP PERVERT MOM AWAY FROM MY MOM!"

"Get your hot seductive mom away from mine," She snapped back, "She was the one who started the flirting!" We both relaxed, we could at least agree on the fact that these two didn't go well together. I peered in through the window of the door, Gumera was grinning as Luka touched and squeezed the bicep of her arm. Even I was impressed with her muscles. My mom's face was flushed.

"What do we do," I muttered, slumping against the door.

Gumi shrugged, not seeming interested anymore. "Hey, why all the sudden don't you care," I spat. She looked over.

"I didn't want our moms to get together originally because well, if they got married we couldn't be together. Then I realized it would be pretty hot and sexy to be able to say I was dating my stepsister, all my friends would be so impressed. It'd be awesome. So I'm perfectly fine with it now!" Why wasn't I surprised? I sighed deeply. Gumi was the least dependable bitch in the world. I shook my head with a sigh. She was grinning from ear to ear. "So it's the weekend, watcha wanna do?"

"Get away from you is what," I walked away, trying to think of a way to pry my moms heart from where it obviously rested in Gumera's hands. I thought for a moment. Hmm. Maybe…Gumi grabbed my shoulders and kissed me hard on the mouth. My eyes widened, but I didn't respond, instead I just stood there limply. She seemed peeved, and pulled away. I grinned a bit. "What's wrong Gumi, upset that I'm over your annoying behavior." She seemed surprised, eyes narrow.

"Who are you and where is my real girlfriend?" I slapped her hard across the face.

"I'm not your girlfriend!" I blinked and went silent when I realized that was the response she was trying to get out of me. I scowled in frustration, then walked away faster. "What do you want Gumi?"

"I'm not repeating myse-"

"Go on a date with me. Let's go get some breakfast." I stared at her with annoyance.

"Absolutely not!"

"We can talk over the meal? About our moms." I hesitated. Maybe it would get her to leave me alone for a while. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. Would she really help me with our parents?



The answer was no. She wouldn't help me with our parents. I tried to ignore her but actually found myself interested in what she had to say. She was talking about how some girl on her track team had stolen first place from her during some race the previous weekend. I tried to laugh and smirk at her but the frustration in her tone and on her face was preventing me. She seemed a bit sad. "She's such a bitch. She doesn't even like track! She's doing it to steal my place as Varsity Captain!" She went silent with a scowl as she stuffed a piece of French toast into her mouth.

"Pray tell me why she would do that Gumi?"

"She's my exgirlfriend, that simple," Gumi spat. "She was a stalker and a weirdo Luka. She called me twenty times in one night. I was in the shower!" I didn't no what to say to that. Or whether or not to believe what the greenette was saying. But why should she lie? I would admit, she was a pervert, but she had no reason to lie, and she hadn't dince we met that I was aware of. "I liked her, but she was just so push…no fuckin way."

I looked over at where her gaze had wandered. The doorway. A tall blonde girl was walking in. She was pretty gorgeous. "That's her," Gumi whispered fearfully. "Luka…t…that's her!" For a second it seemed as if the girl wouldn't notice them. But when she did…her eyes narrowed until they were slivers. Why was she glaring at me? Never in my entire life had I seen so much hatred before. So much anger. So much bloodlust. Gumi stood quickly, stepping in front of me. "Hey Lily, watcha up to?"

"I'm about to kill-"

"Some time with your old friend Gumi," The greenette had a pained expression as she threw an arm around the blonde's shoulders. "This is Luka, she's my soon-to-be stepsister. Have you met her? She's new here?"

"No," Lily's expression brightened. "Nice to meet you!" Why was she so nice all of a sudden? I shivered. I fully believed Gumi now. It was obvious Gumi hated the girl, didn't want to be near her, was afraid of her for some reason, so why was she talking to her? Just for me? I stared. Then stood.

"What are you talking about? Stepsister? I'm your girlfriend." I had to do this. To get this girl away from Gumi forever. "Who is this bitch anyway?" I made sure to put of my bitchiest, snudiest, most uptight tone and look I possibly could. "She looks like she's wearing clothes from the Salvation Army, is that the skirt I donoted last year?" The blonde flinched, then opened her mouth to respond. "Send her away, just looking at her is making my eyes hurt! Go away, shoo, get out of here bitch!" The blonde pulled away from Gumi, seeming shocked at the fact that the green haired girl wasn't saying anything to defend her.

Then she just…left. "And that my friend, is how you outbitch someone," I grinned as I watched her leave. Gumi was blinking.

"Wow Luka. That was really mean."

"Like I care. Look, I'm going home, see ya."

She watched me as I left. I could practically feel her grin. Even so, I didn't regret helping her out. I understood what a pain in the ass stalkers could be. I only hoped it didn't work in the opposite affect!