Prompts: 'Road' and 'Rain'

Warning: Maglor angst with a *happy ending* Faint warnings for the queen of writing angsty stuff all the way has gone for a happy ending. *faints*

Sorry, that was kind of my brother's reaction when I told him this one had a happy ending. I don't write those very often according to him. :)

Footstep after footfall. Breathe in; breathe out. Tracks behind filling with rain as soon as he can make them. The droplets pour down in sheets, battering the unprotected form as he struggles forward through the cold, making his eternal way through the wilderness. Time and time again, he comes to a settlement, then leaves. They are not what he is searching for. What *is* he searching for? One may only guess. None know his name and to none will he give it.

Each step becomes a desperate struggle to hold his ground as the raindrops freeze to snow and the wind kicks up. His empty stomach rumbles warningly; his weakened and starved body cannot hold on much longer. One misstep could cause him to go tumbling off into oblivion. There is nothing, no trees for him to grasp onto and rest; even if only for a single moment.

His cloak has long since been ripped from him and elf or not, he feels a terrible chill coming over his body and shivers travel up and down his spine, moving at the speed of light.

In the darkness, he thinks he is still on the road, but he has no way of telling. He can only hope that he has not strayed from the path for it is his only lifeline to the lights that have to flicker up ahead somewhere if he will only follow the worn cobblestones. He must trust the road to lead him to a safe haven along the path that he has trekked on for far too long.

A collection of bonfires burn up ahead and he stumbles toward them, feverly praying for them to herald safety and not more danger.

Only a few feet away now and he can make out form huddled close together by the flames for warmth.

Only a few more steps. He collapses; too weak to move any further and he watches his vision go hazy and feels a feeling of freezing numbness spread over his body, helpless as the cold slowly consumes him. He is alive, but not for much longer.

Unfamiliar voices flood his ears as painful warmth spreads across his body. He struggles to force his eyes open and finds flames staring back at him. No; not flames. Not flames, but red. A familiar color. He reaches toward it, unwillingly fascinated and he can no longer remember why.

Suddenly, realization hits him and a smile - slowed by the cold - creeps across his face. "Muindor..." (1) He whispers as his brother wraps his arms around him, leading him away.

What he doesn't realize is that his body does not follow him as his long-dead older brother guides him away.

They say Maglor Fëanorian died with a smile on his face.

A/N: See! Told you it had a happy ending. Yeah, he died, but the way I see it; the only way for Maglor to have a happy ending is to either be reunited with all his family (impossible because Fëanor at least is spending all eternity locked up) or die and be with *most* of his family. Morbid, I know. That's just me. I'm not the Queen of Angst for nothing. :)

1: Brother in Sindarion. I couldn't find it in Quenya, so I had to go with Sindarion. *shrugs* Oh well. One day I'll fluently speak Quenya. (not)