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A Little Taste

Emma Swan sat lazily in her Sheriff's office, her mind elsewhere as it automatically wandered to the one person in town it shouldn't be wandering to. Regina Mills. Emma couldn't pinpoint when exactly her feelings for the Mayor had changed.

Perhaps it was the moment when the terrified and frazzled Mayor invaded the blonde's personal space at the mines. The Sheriff could have sworn Regina was going to lean in and kiss her. It made Emma nervous to realize that a part of her hoped she would and was disappointed when she didn't. Or perhaps it was when Emma peaked out from behind the auditorium curtain during the Sheriff election and briefly caught the eye of the woman who aggravated her the most. The smirk Regina sent her way made Emma's knees knock, but Mary Margaret just assumed it was a case of the nerves. Right, nerves, Emma had agreed with her roommate.

What initially began as loathing turned to intrigue which lead itself to fascination to borderline obsession. Emma wasn't obsessed, although Mary Margaret would beg to differ since the blonde went out of her way to annoy Storybrooke's Mayor. No, Emma's infatuation was purely lust. She just wanted that one moment of deep satisfaction with the brunette. She knew since Regina was wound so tightly it would be explosive if they were ever together.

But here Emma was, fantasizing of what could never be.

She allowed herself to indulge in analyzing the Mayor's body, starting from those black pumps and up. While the staccato of those heels sent fear into the hearts of almost every resident in Storybrooke, the familiar sound made Emma's heart beat in anticipation. It signalled that fire was coming, and Emma was so ready to face it head on. She smirked as her mind wandered up to Regina's perfectly shaped legs. She imagined they'd be smooth and toned, powerful enough to carry the feared woman with regal and poise. Oh, what Emma would give to just run her cheek up along the calf, press her lips against the back of Regina's knee, tickle her thighs with the Sheriff's hot breath and rub her nose across–

"Ms. Swan." Regina's harsh tone sounded much too closely for Emma's liking when she opened her eyes and found the Mayor, whom she had just been fantasizing about, standing less than a foot away from her desk. Emma's face was flushed, and it was clear there were other, more important things, she thought, on her mind.

"I do not pay you to sit here daydreaming about God knows what," Regina said sharply, setting her expensive purse on Emma's cluttered desk.

"Wouldn't you like to know," Emma muttered under her breathe as she took a breath to steady her rapidly heating body. She chanced a glance at the Mayor and noticed that Regina loved to leave the top two buttons of her blouse undone. It's like she's toying with me.

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing," Emma stood, making herself even with Regina's level. "Did I not file my paperwork accordingly?"

Regina raised an eyebrow as if Emma should be reading her mind and knowing exactly what she did wrong. "Why, dear, of course you didn't file it accordingly. You didn't file it at all."

Emma opened her mouth to defend herself, but when she thought back to that damn file that took her hours to complete, she hadn't the slightest where she put it. Regina's voice confirmed her suspicions. "Honestly, Ms. Swan, do you expect me to believe that you are an adequate influence on my son when you can't even clean up your desk?"

"Hey," Emma took a step around her desk to face the woman. "Just because I don't have OCD like you do doesn't mean I'm not a good influence."

"Oh you're entirely right," Regina began. "Having pre-marital sex and giving up your child at eighteen while running away from all your problems and insecurities is exactly the life I envisioned for Henry."

Emma's blood boiled, both in anger and something else entirely. She didn't know whether she wanted to punch the smirk off Regina's face or kiss it off. It was a toss-up really.

"At a loss for words, I'm not surprised," Regina said, almost a little disappointed at Emma holding her tongue. Although lately, it seemed that Emma was learning her place under Regina, the blatant stare the Sheriff threw the Mayor's way was not missed by the woman who knew about everything going on in her town. Deeming this interaction as a waste of time, Regina stepped sideways into the Sheriff, invading her space and bumping Emma's chest with a clothed shoulder. She leaned in to speak quietly with authority. "Give it to me when you find it."

Emma physically gulped, and she couldn't stop her mind from wandering to the oh so many ways she'd be able to 'give it' to the Mayor. She leaned towards Regina and was pleased to see her hold her ground. At the last minute, the Mayor straightened and turned towards the door, but Emma stepped forward and grabbed her arm, forcing the brunette to face Emma again in a rather close proximity.

Emma ignored the look of confusion and annoyance on Regina's face as she gazed at her in her grasp. Emma noticed that Regina was breathing quite heavily, the swell of her breasts rising and falling, taking in enough oxygen to yell at the blonde to release her. She saw the fire in Regina's eyes, and maybe even the making of a relieved smile that Emma had stopped her from walking out the door so the blonde could do God knows what. Then Emma's gaze fell on the Mayor's lips. Just one taste, she argued with herself. One time, and she could be done with these fantasies. She leaned in again, barely hearing the gasp escaping Regina's lips before the phone rang.

The Sheriff released Regina as if she were holding something hot. She turned towards the phone, cursing the offending object for taking away her chance at satisfaction when she turned back to see Regina's back storming out of the station.

Emma couldn't sleep. She hadn't been able to for the past two nights. Every time she tried to, Regina, in various scandalous positions and clothing (or lack thereof), filled her mind. What kept her up the most was how close she was to tasting the Mayor. She was literally a millimeter away from capturing Regina's lips and ending the curiosity once and for all. Now, the thought of it totally consumed the blonde. She had to know. It was for the good of all, really. If Emma couldn't sleep, she couldn't properly do her job as Sheriff, so really, she was doing the town a favour.

Decision made, Emma leapt from her bed and quietly made her way out of her room and into the quiet night of Storybrooke.

Shit. Emma opened and closed her mouth as Regina gawked at her, standing perfect and poised blocking the entrance of her house. I probably should have thought of a plan, Emma thought as she continued to make stammering noises at the annoyed yet amused Mayor.

Emma was full of confidence and determination as she drove in her car to Regina's house and almost ran up the pathway in anticipation of knocking on the door. She even counted her lucky stars that Henry was at the sleepover he would not stop talking about for the past week. But as soon as Regina opened her door, still dressed in her form fitting HBIC dress, Emma was at a total loss for words.

"Really, Ms. Swan, do you honestly plan on standing there all night or do you have something for me?" Regina asked, cocking an eyebrow.

It was now or never, and before Regina could roll her eyes and attempt to slam the door, Emma took a step forward, grabbing Regina's face with both hands and crashing their lips together.

Emma could feel Regina's hesitance and struggle, absorbing the sharp blows and pushes the brunette was giving to Emma's chest in an attempt to get away, but the blonde held on tighter, allowing one hand to roam free, trailing down Regina's waist and pulling them tighter together. Emma reveled in the gasp she elicited from the Mayor and nibbled on her bottom lip in victory.

It was then that Regina began to kiss Emma back, putting forth her own determination to make the kiss deeper and last longer.

She was everything Emma expected and more. Regina tasted of cider and apples, but her perfume contained just a hint of lavender. The blended scents were intoxicating, and that alone made the Sheriff lightheaded. When she explored Regina's mouth with her tongue, Emma found the brunette stroking it with her own, and for the briefest of moments as if just to tease, she felt the Mayor suck violently on it before attacking Emma's lips again. Emma knew it would good. She could only imagine what sleeping with this woman would be like.

It took every muscle in her body for Emma to place a gentle kiss on the brunette's lips, slowing down their heated battle and taking a step back. Both women were panting heavily, still standing in the arch of Regina's doorway on display for all of Storybrooke to see. Emma glanced down to hide the satisfied grin that creeped on her face when she saw how swollen Regina's lips were and how smudged her lipstick was.

A full minute passed before Emma glanced back up again. "Well, goodnight Mayor Mills."

Emma turned, leaving a stunned Regina in the doorway. She shoved her hands in her pockets and closed her eyes miserably. As good and as hot as that was, the warmth spreading between her legs was a clear indicator that a little taste was not enough to satisfy Emma's need for the Mayor. She was so screwed.

A firm grasp on her elbow forced the blonde to turn when she saw Regina, clutching her almost possessively. "Where do you think you're going, Ms. Swan?"

Emma looked confused. "Home?"

"You still have yet to give me what I desire," Regina grinned wickedly and leaned in closer. "And I don't mean your paperwork."

Emma's eyes flashed, briefly wondering if she had heard correctly. The way Regina was looking her up and down made her stomach knot tighter in a desperate need to be released. "I don't want to disappoint, Madame Mayor."

Regina flashed her a predatory grin, pulling a very eager Emma back into her house and shutting the door.