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A Little Taste

Emma had Regina pressed against her bedroom door as soon as the brunette pushed it shut. The minute it took for the women to get upstairs was charged with sexual energy that had them itching for attention, and with a thigh firmly embedded in between Regina's legs as the Sheriff pressed tighter against her, Emma was more than happy to scratch that itch.

Emma devoured Regina's mouth, nibbling on her bottom lip as if it were her only source of sustenance. The moan that escaped the Mayor had Emma's mind reeling. She scraped her teeth from Regina's jaw, up along to her ear before taking the lobe between her teeth and whispering huskily, "God, I knew you would taste good."

Regina stifled another moan when Emma licked into her ear but ended up releasing a breathy chuckle. "How long have you waited, dear?"

Emma removed herself from Regina's neck, keeping their bodies pressed hotly against each other but maintaining eye contact with the older woman. Both their eyes had darkened considerably, lust completely consuming them.

Finding the zipper on the side of the Mayor's dress, Emma held her gaze as she lowered it, revealing glimpses of the tan skin beneath it. "Too long."

Regina grinned, pushing Emma's jacket off her shoulders and backing both of them away from the door. With a firm, hard push into the middle of the blonde's chest, Regina watched as Emma fell back onto the bed with a bounce. She smirked with her hands on her hips. Even though her hair was mussed from all the tugging Emma had done, and her lips were swollen and her dress undone, her power stance expelled the image of the feared authority figure she was known for. "Then what are you waiting for?"

Emma didn't have to be told twice. She kneeled up on the bed, removing her tank top and bra in one swift movement and reached an arm out to tug Regina to her. The brunette pouted playfully, her fingertips running up the side of the blonde's bare torso while the skin underneath pebbled with goosebumps. "You're taking the fun out."

"I made the first move," Emma said, lifting the dress up over Regina's head, "so I get to do what I want first."

Once Regina's bra-clad breasts were in view, Emma didn't hesitate on bringing her mouth down upon them, pulling down the cups in order to bring her nipple in her mouth. Regina couldn't stop the moan from escaping her lips as she pressed the blonde's head closer, encouraging her to continue.

"And what if I don't let you?" Regina asked, struggling to retain her power. Her eyes flicked open when she felt the blonde's warmth leave her and saw Emma lying on her back in the middle of her bed with a smirk.

The Sheriff gave Regina her best, smug grin. "Then I'll stop."

Emma prayed that Regina wouldn't call her bluff because if truth be told, Emma was willing to do any and everything the brunette would say just as long as she could see the Mayor come undone, by her hand preferably. Or her mouth.

"Like hell you will," Regina growled, yanking on the younger woman's legs and pulling her down the length of the bed.

Regina's strength shocked Emma, but she stopped complaining once she felt Regina's hot breath tantalize her taut abdomen, her tongue dipping into her belly button as her fingers danced with the clasp of her jeans. Emma gripped the sheets as she felt her panties dampen. They were most definitely soaked through by now, and the heat from Regina's breath so close to Emma's core drove the blonde woman mad. "Regina, please."

"What if I stop?" Regina mocked Emma's earlier statement.

Emma growled and thrust her hips up towards the Mayor's mouth. The blonde's heady scent drifted through her jeans and filled Regina's nostrils. The Mayor couldn't wait to disrobe the younger woman and feast on her. She wasted little time in doing so, peeling Emma's jeans down each leg, her nails raking down her pale thighs and keeping her mouth firmly embedded on every inch of Emma's newly exposed skin.

Emma's mind was reeling by the time Regina had stripped her of her jeans and was left only in her red, now burgundy, panties. She'd wanted to get Regina into bed for God knows how long, and here they were, on the brink of fulfilling Emma's mission, and Regina's too, it seemed. Her lust-filled haze momentarily cleared when Regina began kissing and nipping her way back up Emma's legs, getting so close to the apex of her thighs.

Emma had been waiting for this for so long, and she'd be damned if she didn't get to see the brunette writhing beneath her first, so she sat up, pulling Regina up to her level and kissing her senseless. She smirked at the surprised but pleased gasp the Mayor emitted and released her lips when Regina's breathing became laboured, journeying down the slender neck presented to her for her pleasure.

"I told you my turn first," Emma reminded as she sucked violently where Regina's neck met her collarbone. Not only did she treat herself to the salty taste of the other woman's skin, she tugged on Regina's thigh until the brunette was straddling Emma's lap, their heated sex coming into contact and added fuel to the already blazing fire within each woman.

Regina whimpered, her eyes shut tight and her body molding against Emma's. Her body was in sensory overload as she felt Emma's left hand weave through her hair and tugged, creating a pleasurable pain, Emma's mouth licked the love mark that Regina was too consumed with desire to worry about and travelled down to her breasts, flicking the Mayor's sensitive nipple with just the tip of her tongue before nibbling and lapping at it recklessly, but it was Emma's right hand that made Regina's toes curl and made her thrust forward into the blonde.

Emma had snaked her hand into the black lace panties of the Mayor and kneaded the folds until Regina begged for more.

"These have to go," Emma decided, already yanking down Regina's underwear as the brunette eagerly lifted up her hips to help the Sheriff in her task. By the time Regina had nestled herself back into Emma's lap, the blonde's searching fingers had met Regina's aching mound, two fingers nestled knuckle-deep with the Mayor's desperate muscles immediately milking the blonde's fingers.

"Oh God," Regina shuddered and rocked herself against Emma's pleasing hand.

Emma leaned back ever so slightly just to watch the facial expressions of the usually put together Mayor. Hours earlier, Regina had her hair perfectly fluffed, framing her tan and made up face, but now, with her bare chest jutting out in front of Emma's face and her head titled up to the ceiling in ecstasy, the prestigious Mayor was exactly as Emma imagined in the throes of passion with her body covered in a thin sheen of sweat, her make up smudged off and her neck and collar bone littered with generous sized hickeys.

She couldn't have looked more beautiful.

Emma increased her pace and added her thumb into the mix, finding Regina's swollen nub easily and pressed against it. It was all she needed to send her over that delicious edge. The pleased look on Regina's face was exactly what the blonde had been waiting for. The brunette let out a silent scream to the heavens as she rocked harder and harder against Emma, drawing out her orgasm for as long as possible.

Emma groaned into Regina's neck as the brunette dug her fingernails into the other woman's shoulder in an attempt to stay rooted in reality. It was then that something primal snapped inside of Emma. She needed to taste the Mayor in all her glory.

While Regina still rocked incessantly, savouring one of the best orgasms she had ever had, Emma leaned her back in one swift moment, and before Regina knew it, her body convulsed as she came again when Emma pressed her face against Regina's glistening folds, her fingers still stroking in exactly the right spot and her tongue flicking the brunette's clit endlessly.

"Emma!" Regina screamed hoarsely, her hips automatically thrusting up towards the source of her pleasure, but the blonde held her down, keeping her wide open. "Emma, Emma, Emma."

The woman in question smirked, hearing her name being chanted with such reverence and satisfaction. With one long lick along her folds, Emma gentled Regina down from her high and removed her fingers. She placed a soft kiss on the Mayor's sensitive nub and grinned when Regina moaned almost painfully at the contact.

She traveled back up to level herself with the heavily panting woman. Emma grinned smug when she saw how limp Regina's body became and how she kept a forearm over her eyes while coming so hard against Emma's mouth. Feeling proud of herself, Emma leaned down and kissed Regina, allowing the brunette to taste exactly what the blonde had been craving for months. Emma was surprised when Regina caught the younger woman's face between her hands in an affectionate hold, but the Sheriff was too elated to analyze it any further. Instead she grinned against the brunette's mouth and spoke. "Like the flavour?"

Regina's predatory smile appeared on her face almost instantly. Her hand immediately left the blonde's face and cupped Emma's heated core, her fingers stroking through the underwear. She licked the shell of Emma's ear and whispered huskily, "I think I'll like yours better."

Emma moaned at the thought alone and allowed Regina to find out. Numerous times.

When Emma Swan sat lazily in her Sheriff's office three days later, her mind wandered to much more better things. She no longer had to fantasize of what it would feel like to have Regina's breast under her palm or how she sounded as moaned her name or what she tasted like when she came. No, the Sheriff was well aware of all those things. Instead of fantasies, memories filled her mind, and the victorious smirk on her face couldn't be helped.

The sound of the phone ringing jarred her from her thoughts. Batting away the image of Regina's naked body arching clean off the bed after one particularly pleasing thrust of Emma's tongue, the Sheriff grudgingly answered the phone.

"Sheriff, I'll be needing your assistance tonight," Regina's professional voice sounded through the phone.

Emma couldn't contain the flush rising to her cheeks and leaned forward on her desk, the phone cradled between her palm and ear. "Oh really? And what can I possibly help you with, Madame Mayor?"

"Well, I was hoping you'd be able to taste some of my pie." Regina's voice lowered an octave. "I promise you it'll be delicious."

"I have no doubt about that." Emma held a shudder at bay but immediately began counting down to quitting time.

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