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The story of cinderella oh how she loved in it was her favorite if only this story would happen to her. She not only had an "evil"

stepmother but two evil gorgeous sisters not like in the story that the girls were exaggeratedly hideous, but Marrie's sisters were beautiful but horrid in the inside, Marrie was the prettiest but nobody ever noticed since her mother didn't bother to buy her fancy clothes, and her hair was uneven her face a bit dirty and eyes the peacock-blue some how her eyes seemed to be sapphire on the edges and green in the middle it was truly rare almost unhuman. Her sister's unlike in the story she loved so much she had three instead of two which made it all worse.

Her first sister the youngest but still two years older than her (all the sisters ar twins) she was 17 and in the same school as Marrie, her name is Germain, she had long blonde hair with pigtails that never came off.

Her other sister is Ginger who always smells like garlic her hair was always in a tight ponytail cause it was curly and blonde she was also 17

Her last sister was Gally she was tall and had a shape of a model perfect size in every way her hair was short and straight it was also blonde but it fit perfectly with her thin face.

Marrie had a shape of a ballerina she was 5,5 and since she had a long neck she looked taller but really wasn't. her hair was red and gold which looked even more inhuman but it made her look mysterious. Nobody really payed any attention to her though she was always in her home cleaning or cooking or doing her sisters homework.

Her stepmother was always just called stepmother or mother by her sisters (Marrie would sometimes call her step monster and hope she wouldn't notice) her stepmother's name was unknown to her and didn't think it would be revealed anytime soon. She had grey eyes and blond almost white hair from not her age but how she always dyed it back to blonde.

all the sisters went to a private school and as ive said before Marrie went to their school but she was on a scholarship because her stepmother would never enroll her into such an expensive school, it was a school for the rich and beautiful but not very smart.

Luckily Marrie was very smart so she got a free scholarship while skipping a grade and now she is in the same grade as two of her three sisters who failed by cheating off of each other.

Marrie honestly thought that it was unnecessary for them to cheat off of each other if they were both just as stupid.

The good part of the school was that they had uniforms and showers so when Marrie went she was a normal girl partly from the part she was made fun of because of her hair and eye color out of jealousy and that she was on a scholarship of course.

The uniform was a blue and gold plaid skirt that was to short since she couldn't afford a new one but it was about mid-thigh so it was appropriate. Better than her home clothes anyway. since most students were beautiful but there wasnt a boy who could be as beautiful as Mark Lauren Skies two last names because his parents are divorced and now has a step father who is an owner of a big company. He was gorgeous. Worst part was that he was dating one of her sisters (Gally) and the most evil one at that, she would always try to make Marrie look like a fool or an idiot in front of him.

Marrie had milky white skin that anyone would notice was as soft as fur and her emotions would easily show on her face whenever she was embarrassed and her face always turned bright tomato red almost as red as her hair and her sister would smirk in satisfaction.

Mark though remained unmoved "he must just be going through a lot" Gally would say as if to say he would laugh if he wasnt which Marrie thought was stupid but never dared to say it in her face.

The reason Marrie was so afraid of her sisters was because of the power they had over her it was cruel what they had done to her that brought so much pain to her emotionally and physically, and if they were to tell her stepmother it would be so much worse but they had only done that once and never again it brought pain to them even a bit, for their little hearts can carry some emotions.

Marrie often times thought of running away but knew what trouble that would bring her if they found her. Her stepmother had many connections and would be able to find her wherever she went without a sweat.

The reason Marrie liked Mark so much was because sometimes he would help her catch a ride when her stepmother forgot to pick her up from art club, which was most of the time (Marrie drew amazing pictures that people would gawk at), and Mark would giver her a ride on his motorcycle and drop her off in the back of the house where people never noticed her coming into the house she lived in.

Marries home was a mansion which she was not allowed to live in, instead a little cottage was built next to it for her to live in and only went into the mansion to either cook or clean she was in the mansion more than she was in the cottage.

Mark would actually smile at her and say goodbye with a happy voice but in his sapphire blue eyes she could see sadness too much sadness it was so much she was afraid she would break down to the ground and cry just to see if it helped take his pain away instead of making it worse.

In her big wealthy academy she had only two friends svelta and Mazirith who's names she found so beautiful and original she wished to meet their parents but when she brought them up they would either cham=nge the subject or remain quiet as if a secret better left kept and forever will be kept so she didn't bother to bring it up again.

Her sisters didn't like her friends once they tried to take them away from her by making them theirs but somehow everything they tried didn't work and they remained with Marrie and never otherwise so the sisters gave up and surrendered in defeat.

Marrie loved all kinds of music she was sweat and wished for something better to happen like in the story of Cinderella she dreams and dreams and dreams...

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