Darker Heart

Idea: The idea for this story is what if Madam Red and Grell (while being Jack the Ripper) met someone even worst then they are? I thought Barbossa would be perfect. It was also common practice for pirates to kidnap doctors (or surgeons) and force them to work for them on the ship. And medical supplies were the thing they stole right after gold. Injuries aboard a ship are common so there were lots for the doctor to do – that and the conditions aboard a pirate ship were often horrible.

Note: Starts during the beginning of "Episode 5 His Butler Chance Encounter" when they (Madame Red & Grell) leave the London house that Ciel is staying at. For Pirates, this is set after "On Stranger Tides".

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. The characters from POTC belong to Disney and the Black Butler ones belong to someone else (no idea who owns it really)… This is just for fun.



Angelina Durless, known as Madame Red stood before the front door of the London manor, buttoning up her red coat as she would be leaving soon. She was dressed entirely in red except for her white shirt, which sported a big ruffle in the front. Her long skirt was a brilliant red with three ruffled layers near the bottom, her waistcoat was red with narrow black trim and her wide-brimmed hat was red as well. Even her short hair, neatly styled in a bobcut, was red. And possibly the most unusual thing about her was her red eyes. Even through the thick door she could hear the hard rain falling outside and she hoped that Grell would remember the umbrella. She could feel Sebastian, her nephew's butler, hovering just behind her. "You don't have to escort me."

"But my lady…" Sebastian protested in his cultured but mild voice suitable to a proper butler. He was dressed as only proper, in a black suit with a white shirt and shiny golden buttons and chains.

She smiled secretly, knowing that he feared for her safety due to the recent murders, the ones that were plastered all over the newspapers. But she had nothing to worry about, nothing at all, not for herself anyway – but why must Ciel be involved in the underworld? He was just a young boy! The things he did and saw for the Queen was just not suitable for someone his age, yet he refused to listen to reason. She had hoped that during their recent chess game the conversation would talk some sense into him, but he was hardheaded and had refused to listen. What a pity. "Please don't leave that boy's side. Make sure he doesn't stray from the path and gets lost."

Angelina realized that she was lost, but it was too late to do anything about that now. Ciel was young still, just thirteen so he had a chance if he would only get out in time.

Sebastian bowed low on the floor, one hand placed over his heart. "Fear not. I shall stay by his side and protect him until the very end."

The door opened and her butler, Grell Sutcliffe, stood there in the pouring rain, an open umbrella in hand ready for her. The umbrella, of course, was red. He was dressed in brown and had his brown hair tied back with a large red bow, a few long loose strands of hair hanging on his forehead. "I've come for you, my lady."

Stepping under the umbrella, Angelina allowed Grell to escort her to the waiting carriage. She waited while he opened the door and then accepted his white gloved hand as he helped her up inside. She knew, of course, that he had already secured their next victim; the last prostitute that had came to her for an abortion. That's where they would go now, to finish the woman off. Angelina, who badly wanted a child of her own, could not stand seeing pregnant woman throwing away such a rare gift and so she slaughtered them with her doctor tools. She allowed Grell to play with her tools and in the end she carefully removed the uterus. It just wasn't fair; as she wanted a child of her own so bad but since that accident and losing her uterus because of it, it just wasn't possible.

Settling inside the carriage, she tried to remove the worry from her mind. She didn't like that Ciel was investigating the case and now that the other lord had turned out to be innocent of the murders, she hoped he wouldn't turn his eyes onto her. And there was something odd about that butler of his, too. Sebastian seemed to possess a knack for doing the impossible…

Little did she know that someone else had their eye on her, too…


Grell climbed up into the driver's seat at the front of the carriage, taking the reins from the two horses in his left hand and the horse whip in his right hand. The whip was only used to correct the horses by touching their shoulders and not by striking them with it. Signaling the horses to move forward, he steered them out of the gate of the London manor and into the wet streets.

The hour was already late and it was dark out, the sky overhead filled with clouds. The streets around them were deserted, the only sound being the loud echoing clip-clop of the horses' hooves as they splashed through puddles and the rumble of the wagon's wheels. Everyone was clearly staying inside, safe behind locked doors, due to Jack the Ripper's bloody rampage. But the darkness and blood didn't frighten him, not when he and Angelica was in fact the now infamous Jack. He kept his face blank as he drove, his green eyes watching the streets for any unexpected traffic. He doubted if anyone else would be out, but one never knew.

The rain slowed and then stopped as he turned the horses towards the water, towards the poorer area of town where the prostitutes lived. They would get in and out without being seen…

The air grew cooler and heavier, a thick fog rolling in off the nearby river. Sighing a bit at this unexpected development, he slowed the horses less they collide with something in the mist. Leaning forward slightly, he strained to make out anything in the whiteness that now surrounded them, the wetness dripping off of his glasses and down his face.

At least the fog would help hide them…

He turned down the proper street and was startled to see some signs of life ahead, his green eyes growing wide. One of the pubs was clearly open and doing good business by the sound of it, as he could hear raucous shouts, screams and the loud cracks of furniture smashing. It sounded like a bar fight. Making sure he had a secure grip on the reigns, he slowed the carriage a tad more less he hit some drunk tossed out into the street. He could see a warm glow up ahead, lights from the pub in question. The lights illuminated the pub's sign that creaked and groaned in the light breeze, water dripping off of it.

Loud laughter came through the fog then and he glimpsed a stumbling figure in the center of the narrow road, weaving up and back from one side of the road to the other. Grell frowned at the drunk that was now in his path, as the last thing they needed was to be questioned about what they were doing in this part of town at this hour if he hit someone. His eyes flickered to the side of the road where the pub was and he saw two more figures emerging, one taller than the other and clinging to each other. He dare not hit the drunk now, not with witnesses.

The first drunk stumbled right up to the left horse and clung to the harness, throwing his head back and laughing. "I'm in love!"

Grell felt the carriage come to a stop due to the drunk clinging to the horse and he frowned. He stared at the figure through the fog, thinking there was something a bit odd about it, but put it to just being a bit nervous about getting caught for the murders. It wasn't like a grim reaper could ever go to prison, but the thrill of maybe getting caught added a bit of excitement to the game. Raising his voice, he called out to the somewhat stout man. "You there, move away from the horse please!"

The drunk clung to the harness as he moved closer to the carriage, leaning on the beast heavily so he wouldn't fall over. The drunk then started to sing. "My heart is pierced by cupid; I disdain all glittering gold…"

Oddly enough, the drunk had a nice voice as if he were used to singing and his words didn't sound as slurred as one might expect. The drunken man stumbled forward, pushing off of the horse's fleshy hip with a hand and fell forward, catching himself on the smaller wheel of the carriage, the one right near the driver. The man looked up at him then, revealing a somewhat plump face with wet shiny skin, stringy brown hair that hung down to his shoulders, dark eyes and a wide grin. An old-fashioned leather tricorne was perched atop his head "There is nothing that can console me but my jolly sailor bold."

To Grell's shock, the man suddenly leapt up at him with incredible ease and a fisted hand shot out at him. For a split second he saw a sharp glint of metal in the man's hand – not a knife but something a lot smaller - and then there was a sharp jab of pain in the side of his neck. He tried to raise his arm to strike the drunk back but it felt incredibly heavy and the next moment he felt the riding crop fall out of his hand. Eyes half closed, he numbly watched as the man stole the reins from his hand and got the carriage moving again. He felt tired, so incredibly tired…

And then darkness greeted him.


Madame Red shrieked in terror when the carriage doors flew open and two dirty men jumped into her carriage, leering at her. One was short with a balding head and the other was tall and thin with a wooden eye. Both brandished swords in their hands.

"Hello, poppet." The short one said as he grinned evilly at her with bad teeth. His clothes were filthy and ragged with numerous unknown stains all over them. His shirt hung open revealing a somewhat hairy chest, the hairs graying like the greasy locks on the side of his head. A wide sword belt hung across his chest at an angle, the copper buckle corroded to green. A foul odor of old sweat, rum and other unpleasant scents wafted off of him. "Cooperate and you won't get hurt."

"Yeah, do as he says." The skinny man said with a laugh. He had dirty blonde hair that needed a washing, a too-large fake wooden eye and wore a faded blue-green coat that had seen better days. A small mustache and a tiny beard decorated his face and his single real eye was blue. A faded scarf was tied about his waist and his pants were gray. The same bad odor wafted off of him as it did from the stout man.

Raising a hand in horror to her mouth, she pressed herself against the back of the cushioned seat, as if that could protect her from these ruffians. They were right in front of her though, blocking the doors…they was nowhere for her to go. Things like this, it just didn't happen in London! But yet there they were as real as any nightmare…

This is what I get for murdering those girls… a voice whispered in the back of her mind.

"Grell!" She shrieked as part of her was already wondering why he had let this go on for so long already. She had felt the carriage slow due to the fog and hadn't thought much of it. Then she had heard him yell at someone to get away from the horses, there had been some sort of odd singing and now these two thieves were in her carriage!

"He aint gonna help you." The short one snickered, his dark eyes glowing with an evil glint. "He's out cold."

"You sure are pretty!" The skinny one commented as he eyed her, waving his sword about slightly. "And you sure like red. My scarf was red like that until the sun faded it."

"W-what … what do you want?" She asked fearfully, her heart up in her throat. It felt like her entire body was vibrating with terror, her muscles stiff and tense. Her breath was coming fast as her heart pounded at a quickened pace. A thousand bad thoughts ran through her mind, things that they might do to her. The images of the blood and gore from the murders flashed through her mind then, the hot blood spurting outward as she had sliced into them with her knives and scalpels. What if they did that to her?

The carriage was moving again and she wondered who was driving. She was being kidnapped and held prisoner just as she had done to those helpless women.

"We know what you've been a doing…" The shorter one said with a grin.

A hot stab of fear shot through her. How could they know? "D-doing?"

"Yeah, what you've been doing to them there girls…" The man's face seemed to darken, his eyes turning harder. "Don't try to lie to us. We know who you are, Doctor Angelina Duress. You've been butchering them girls with that butler of yours."

A feeling of cold dread formed in her stomach as sweat beaded on her forehead. Her palms were freezing yet they were damp with sweat. So she tried to rub the wetness off onto her skirt without them noticing. Never in a hundred years could she have imagined a situation like this. Who were these men and how did they know what she had been doing? Were they friends of one of the murdered women, lovers perhaps? They looked the sort that might barter services from a prostitute, but still … they were so filthy! And those swords, where in the world did they get those from? "I … I mean … did you know one of them?"

"Nay, we didn't know them." The short man replied. "Our captain wants to talk with you is all. Cooperate and we won't harm a hair on yer head."

"C-captain?" Her mind was going blank. Captain, what sort of captain did he mean? None of it made any sense to her and that made it even more terrifying.

"Aye, Captain Barbossa!" The skinny man replied. "I'm Ragetti and he's my uncle, Pintel. And Scrum is driving the carriage…"

Oh no, they told me their names! Does that mean they're going to kill me?

"And look what we got here!" Pintel said as he reached into a sack she hadn't noticed he had before and pulled out her medical kit, the one with all of her scalpels and other devices, the one she had been using on the murdered girls. Grell had possessed it last and she had thought he had left it at the next victim's house. Just seeing it gave her a bit of hope, but then she saw the swords in their hands and quickly forgot about trying anything. She noted they held them with confidence, as if they had used them a lot.

"Yeah, we're good little thieves!" Ragetti laughed as he easily stood in the rocking carriage, the movement not bothering him at all. "We found it at that house of the girl all tied up. I felt sorry for her so I let her go…"

The ride grew rougher then and she knew they had left the cobbled streets of London for the countryside. It was dark outside the carriage, so she was unsure which direction they were heading in. Were they planning on dumping her body in the woods or some farmer's field?

Poor Ciel, I'll never see him again!

They rode on for some time in silence, her nerves jumping. She found she didn't know what to do with her hands as they refused to sit still in her lap and she had to force herself not to pick her fingernails to death. It was a nasty habit and one she didn't want to start. She had also always believed that women should appear happy and carefree in front of men, but under the current circumstances that seemed out of the question. All too soon the carriage stopped and her terror increased then tenfold.

Was this it, the end of her life? Would they kill her now for revenge?

"Time to go, poppet." Pintel said as he reached out and grabbed her securely by the wrist. "Don't give me any trouble now."

Her heart in her throat, Madame Red was dragged out of the carriage, almost falling to the distant ground – it was so dark she could barely see the tiny step the carriage had on it. The man's strong hand was like a vice around her wrist and she feared he might break it. The air was rich with dampness and salt, the loud sound of the surf echoing in her ears. She turned then and she could see the ocean in the faint light from the carriage. She was pulled up front then, near the horses.

"He kept waking up…" The third man complained to Pintel as soon as he saw him. "I'm almost out of darts…"

"You're not using them right!" Pintel accused hotly, his eyes flashing in even the darkness. "You got to leave them in!"

"I did!" Scrum insisted.

"Well, it aint no matter now. Drag him down here and we'll use the shackles."

Madam Red watched as Ragetti and Scrum dragged Grell off of the driver's seat of the carriage, handling his weight with ease, as if they were used to doing a lot of lifting. She hadn't noticed it before, but all three men apparently had strong muscles. Once they had Grell stretched out on the ground, Ragetti pulled out some iron shackles, the old-fashioned kind that was connected with a short bit of chain. She just stared at them in utter shock, as it was like something out of a museum. Within a moment the shakles were opened and she watched as one iron ring was clamped around her butler's ankle.

And then to her shock she was yanked forward and the other half was snapped shut around her ankle, the hard metal cold against her bare ankle. "What are you doing?"

"The Captain said we're supposed to keep a close eye on him, so we're not taking any chances…" Pintel replied as he opened another shackle. "If he's tied to you, he can't do anything then."

Her red eyes widened at his words. Surely they didn't know…?

"Grell is just my butler." She replied somehow in a steady voice. "He can't even cook or serve tea properly. What do you expect him to do?"

"It's them innocent-looking ones you got to watch…" Ragetti stated as he snapped another shackle around Grell's wrist. "And he looks pretty innocent and dumb to me. They're the ones that cause trouble."

Soon she found herself securely shackled to Grell, both hands and one ankle to boot! It was insane really but she pondered if they actually knew or suspected what he really was. Tied up as he was, he couldn't change into his Shinigami form or she didn't think he could… An insane number of darts were removed from his neck and soon he started to stir. She could only watch as his eyelids fluttered and she sighed in relief, hoping that it meant he was OK. She had no idea what sort of chemical they had dipped the darts in and what it might have done to him. The last thing she wanted was to be left alone with these horrible men.

His green eyes opened then and he took in the situation, a frightened look appearing on his face when he saw the three ruffians with swords. Then he noticed the shackles about his wrists and ankle tying him to her. He hung his head sadly. "I've failed you, my lady."

"No, it's not your fault." Madame Red said, knowing it was true. "We were ambushed."

"Get up!" Pintel ordered as he yanked Grell to his feet by gripping the front of his coat. "Now move forward, both of you. We don't want to keep the Captain waiting, do we?"

"Captain?" Grell asked as he looked at her, clearly confused.

"They know about the murders…" she informed him as she tried to move her left leg forward at the same moment Grell moved his right leg forward. She knew it would be up to her, as in his human form he was such a klutz….or he pretended to be anyway. She could never tell if it was an act or not, as all of the disasters he created seemed so genuine. Smashed plates, burned black food, hedges trimmed into skulls, he did it all…it was a miracle he could drive the carriage really.

His eyes grew wide at that bit of information and his mouth dropped open.

She saw a longboat on the beach and soon they were shoved inside it, the terror inside her mounting. All too soon the boat was gliding across the choppy waves heading out to open sea. The boat seemed to sit abnormally low in the water, the cold waves too close to the top edge of the boat for her comfort. Maybe that was normal, maybe not; she didn't know but it made her terror even worst.

Maybe there is no captain … maybe they're going to toss us overboard so we'll drown!

Pintel and Ragetti rowed together as if they had done so many times before. Scrum sat on the other end of the boat and soon took up to singing that "Jolly Sailor Bold" song again.

"Do you have to sing that again?" Pintel complained, clearly annoyed, as he rowed. "We've only heard it about a thousand times!"

"But I like it!" Scrum insisted.

"Well, I'm sick and tired of it." Pintel stated coldly.

"Heave ho, all together, hoist the colors high!" Ragetti sung happily.

"Heave no, all together, never shall we die!" Pintel finished and then laughed.

Ragetti started laughing too then.

Madame Red frowned, as she had never heard either song before and she generally knew all of the gossip and trends going around.

Lights were seen in the darkness ahead and she focused her attention on them. She noted other sounds too then, the flap of canvas, the loud creak of rigging and the faint groan of a hull shifting about in the tide. The ship appeared then, larger than anything she could have imagined. She came to realize the spots of lights were old-fashioned glass lanterns with candles inside them, possibly as old as the ship itself. It was a true sailing ship and not one of the new modern steam ships that were being built these days, but a sailing ship as she had never seen before. All too soon they were along its hull, the longboat bumping gently against its massive mother.

"Time for you to go up and meet the captain…" Pintel laughed.

"But how…" Madame Red asked as she raised a hand to indicate the cuffs around her wrist.

"You'll find out." He promised with another laugh.

And then a snake-like rope shot down from above. Within seconds it had wrapped itself around her, forcing her chest to chest with Grell until she could hardly breathe. She could see the same startlement and fear in his eyes that she felt herself, as the very rope itself appeared to be alive! And then they were yanked upward, towards the deck of the ship.


Author's Note: Yes, I know Pintel and Ragetti were not in "On Stranger Tides" and presumably were on the Pearl when it got attacked by Blackbeard, but for this story I shall say that they were accidentally left behind on Tortuga while Ragetti was shopping for a new eye and Barbossa later picked them back up after he got his new ship from Blackbeard. Besides, Pintel and Ragetti are such fun characters.

I also have several chapters written already and will be posting them soon.