There wasn't much time, the doctors were rushed to save both the lives of the Mockingjay and her child. Though her heart beat was steady, the ever pressing dread that it would suddenly stop was upon everyone present in her operating room.

She wasn't too bad off injury wise, but had taken quite a blow from the lightning. The electricity seemed to continuously course through her bruising veins.

She took a fall to the head on top of that, making the damage to her brain limitless. Hours upon hours passed by with the only consistent thing in her operating room being the steady beep of her heart raging on fighting to keep her alive.

Her skin was fresh and new, her heart stable, her baby healthy as can be. Her brain however, lay open being prodded by doctors trying to fix her. Trying to save her.

She laid so still, so silent, so… dead. As good as gone quite frankly. But no, they refuse to give up and leave her in this state of pure serenity.

Three teams surround her, one of nurses ready with towels and assorted surgery tools to hand off to the surgeons when needed. One of students observing the rare and intricate surgery. And then there were the doctors themselves.

They believed themselves to be close to godliness saving so many lives but now at this moment they were battling the devil and were no more than mortal themselves.

After a grueling sixteen hour surgery the head surgeon spoke up, "Call the president, tell him I'm on my way up" He took off his bloody gloves and ripped off his surgical gear. He tossed them in a waste bin in an almost rage like manner.

"Right away doctor" An eager and purple clad nurse picked up the phone.

Sixteen hours standing hunched over an operating table cutting delicately with precision and talent, yet he still took the stairs staying true to his favorite saying "I kill people daily might as well live a little."

When he reached the helicopter pad, Snow was stepping out of the helicopter. "You're late" Snow joked.

"Hello sir." He led Snow to the elevator where they were left alone.

"And how is our VIP doing?"

"Not well sir…" He hesitated to explain, "It seems that her brain was not in the best shape. I'm certain when she wakes… She will have no memory"

"None at all?"

"Yes sir" The elevator reached the ICU and the two walked towards her room. "I'd be surprised if she knew her name. But it will come back in time and with the help of a few triggers-"

"Well then we will just have to keep her from any triggers now won't we?"

The doctor hesitated "Yes sir" He opened the door to her room where she laid motionless, soundless. She looked untouched by the world and now she had an untouched mind to match, and that Snow thought was exactly what he needed.

When Katniss woke up she was blinded by white, the most unforgiving kind of white. 'Where am I? How did I get here?' She asked herself subconsciously. She closed her eyes now feeling her head pulse with pain.

Her voice wanted to escape her thoughts, and shout questions. 'Maybe if I lay still it'll come to me!' She thought, it was a good attempt but not a single image of her past presented itself to her mind.

She was blank, the only image she could conjure was the bright room. Her eyes fluttered open once more and she now scanned the room.

It was all white and frankly bland. There stood white chairs, a white dresser, paired with white walls and all sitting on white floors, and hell she was in a white bed with the white thin material that wasn't quite a dress covering her more than nothing at all would have.

The sound of a sliding door caused her gaze to shift. "Kate!" A man smiled at her. He looked a tad bit off his rocker, crazy white hair that stuck out of his head at random. A full white beard, icy cold looking blue eyes with crinkled corners showing wear and oldness to his otherwise plump face. Yet his smile confused her, it was a forgiving smile or so she thought.

"W-who?" She asked chopping her sentence short, afraid of rejection or worse feelings she could not return. Longing or sadness that she would not feel because she herself did not remember, but maybe he could tell her who she is.

"Oh… Yes the doctors did warn me about this." He ran his hand along his beard but still smiled, "But you're awake!" He walked to her bedside. "Do you know your name?"

She shook her head with her thoughts screaming, 'oh god what will he think?' "Where you are must have escaped you as well then" She nodded "Well your name is Katniss, but everyone calls you Kate. You're eighteen years old, and you're in a hospital right now… Do you remember anything?" She shook her head slightly but at least she now had a name, Kate.

"Well, your last name is Everdeen, your mothers maiden name... and I am your father." This was what she was dreading her father sat right next to her and she didn't know him she didn't feel anything toward him.

"You never knew your mother she left you with me after naming you. We are in a place called the Capitol, your home. Do you remember what happened to you?" She sighed and he knew she didn't, "You were married, part of it was my doing I guess. I'm the president of the Capitol by the way. I guess that is sort of an important detail...

"Anyway he was a nice boy, but there was an accident, a really bad one,"

She nodded for him to go on, sad now knowing that she had such a life and didn't remember a thing. "He died quickly." The man or… Her father stood up and paced the room, "You weren't as bad off. They were even able to save your baby."

"Excuse me?" She found her voice at his words.

"Oh! God Kate I'm so sorry, I forgot to tell you… you're pregnant"

'Great,' she thought, 'How did I get myself into this?' "You barely found out. He didn't know yet. I'm sorry Kate"

"Are we close?" She looked into his cold eyes.

He laughed at her, "Yes I'd say so" A doctor entered the room and examined her.

"Alright Miss. Everdeen you're free to leave tonight if you wish." She nodded not quite sure yet what exactly she was agreeing to. She was scarred of what lay before her, the road to recovery. She was afraid to regain her memory and anything else that might come with it.

She was far from willing to learn more about herself. From what her father has said she hadn't had the easiest time here on earth, but then again she did lose all her memories, something had to be screwy right?

A nurse helped change her into street clothes and placed her in a wheel chair. Her father walked right next to her taking the advice of the nurse. She saw assorted colored hair and uniforms as she made her way through the hospital.

She shrugged it off assuming it was normal. Then it really hit her, all of it. She had no memory, she was just apparently widowed, AND she was carrying his baby.

'What was he like? Were we in love? How long were we married? How long did we know one another? What did he look like? Hell what do I look like?' These thoughts swam through her empty brain, she felt as though she just opened a book and started smack dab in the middle of it.

"Come on Kate" Her father took her arm and led her to a car. He sat her in the back seat, gave instructions to the driver, and crawled into the car next to her.

"Your room is ready for you at home." He started easing her back into reality.


"Yes of course. Since your husband is no longer with us I decided to have you move back in with me. Just until your memory comes back and you can get back on your feet."

She nodded and looked out the window, she saw pale pastel colored building. They must be a normalcy because this place was full of them. She looked up and saw a pinking sky changing from the light blue of the day to the colors of the sunset.

"It'll be alright Kate, just think about it. You and your baby have a fresh start"

Her baby, at the sound of the words she sent her hands to her flat stomach. She had some one else in this world who was just as, if not more confused than she was. She really wasn't alone.

They pulled up to a large house that didn't seem like it should be a 'house' it was more like a palace. "We're here"

"Here?" She pointed to the large place.

"Yes Kate welcome home" He got out of the car and helped her out as well. "It may be smaller than you remember but-… Sorry Kate I honestly don't mean to keep bringing that up."

"It's alright" She responded, he led her through the enormous house and eventually after a flight of stairs and eighteen different turns that she knew she would never remember they reached her room.

"Well this is it" He opened the door to a green room. Dark green smooth walls, wood floors that shined with polish.

A fire glowed elegantly in the fire place on the left wall. This fire place held a certain essence she couldn't pin point but she chose natural as a good description.

Straight in front of her was a large bed, the posts matched the floor, the blankets and pillows were assorted greens and laid ever so lifelessly on the clean bed. The plush bed looked like one could get lost and spend a day climbing from the foot to the headboard.

On the left wall beside the fire place were two wooden doors that again matched the floor. Evenly spaced from the natural looking fire place and polished like the floors so they shimmered in the artificial light that attempted to give a appearance like the sun streaming through trees.

On the right wall a matched dresser and chest sat next to a door with glass but was covered by green drapes that looked like a waterfall of green darkness. The dressers were oddly designed to appear antique though one could tell they were new.

Each detail seemed to be made with a special heart in mind, someone who liked a natural world this room was made for a specific girl who loved forests, then why did Katniss have this room? Did she once love forests and dark greens that were so lovely you thought they were really water falls and really trees?

There were lush green velvet chairs that seemed as though they had never been sat in. They looked empty and cold though the fire flickered a strange orange tint on to them.

It seemed to Katniss nothing had ever been used. This room seemed unlived in as if she had never existed in this space, like her mind had been telling her. Her mind was uncertain if she had ever even been here before.

She stepped into the room and gazed at all the two toned artifacts of a past life she did not know and was not sure she had ever known. The fire place and the chest were adorned with photos that she wanted to see closer. The shear neutrality of the room enticed her curiosity to make an expedition to the room.

"Well I'll leave you then, I'll fetch you at nine tomorrow for breakfast" He was about to close the door when She turned around.



"Um… What do I call you?" She played with her fingers nervously.

He laughed lightly, "Well… Dad is fine"

"Alright" She sighed, "Goodnight"


She waited until she heard the door latch before turning around again. She went to the dresser first opening the double doors. She saw beautiful dresses all hanging delicately above matching shoes.

Twelve dresses two red, three green, two blue, a purple, a black, a white, an orange, and a gold. She let her hand run along the dresses feeling the different fabrics. She closed the dresser finding herself under intrigued.

She moved on to the chest, curiously opening the first drawer. She found under garments folded neatly and aligned in rows. She ran her hand across the top portion and the cold silk tingled her fingers.

She closed that drawer and opened the next. In that one she found jeans some were rougher than others as she felt the fabric.

Curiosity forced her to continue her search. The last drawer had more silky material that she concluded were meant to be slept in. She wearily slipped a shirt and pants from the drawer and closed it.

She wasn't sure why she felt so much apprehension in this act but she didn't feel right doing these things. She felt like she didn't belong there at all.

She pulled the light fabric onto her small frame. She ventured through one of the doors and found more shirts and skirts hanging she decided to put her clothes in the basket she ran across because for some reason it seemed right.

Behind the other door a bathroom laid in a white setting that reminded her of the hospital she left. She didn't like remembering that, feeling venerable to the world. She shut the door with a shiver down her spine.

She made her way across the room to the balcony. It was pitch black out with the exception of a few lights. She could hardly make out what looked to be a garden. It was clear no one else was awake. There wasn't even a breeze to be found. She wanted something to make her feel alive. Like she was really here in this place she wasn't sure she wanted to be in.

She recoiled back into her bedroom suddenly feeling exhausted. She delicately pulled the blankets back and slipped under them. Sleep quickly took her captive.

She was rudely awakened by the pressing need to throw up. She managed to hold it down long enough to reach the bathroom. The moment she stood up from her retching a woman walked in, she smiled and bowed curtly.

This woman took her back into her bedroom where she laid her under the covers of the never ending bed. That was when Katniss noticed the basket the woman carried. She sifted through it and pulled out a rubber pouch. She bunched Katniss's shirt and laid the pouch across her stomach, before walking out all with out a word.

The pouch was warm and it soothed her greatly. 'What a rude reminder,' She thought, 'but I could never forget you. We are after all just going through this together.'

With her hands placed gingerly over the warmth of the pouch she fell into a short nap, waking up about an hour later finding a warmth of the sun streaming into her room. She let her eyes see the crack in the water fall of green silk illuminate with the sun.

She didn't sit up immediately but rather stared blankly out at the window. She didn't know what to think she wasn't sure whether she should be mourning the loss of the husband she didn't remember, or be excited for the baby she was expecting.

As she stared off her eyes danced around the room observing the smooth paint and saw on the wall a clock staring directly at her. 8:10, she rolled out of her bed and managed to dress herself appropriately, after her shower. She still had fifteen minutes to kill even after all of that.

She walked to the glass door again this time with the risen sun she could see the outskirts of the house.

There was a hedged maze with rose bushes lining the walls of the home. Soft wind rustled her damp hair tickling her cheeks. She took in fresh clean breaths of air savoring the light blue sky which contrasted the green of the garden.

She coiled back into her bedroom after a few moments of unsanctified bliss. Feeling her stomach churn again she grasped the now luke warm water bottle. She laid herself across her bed and lifted her shirt to place it on her bare smooth skin.

Instantly the pain faded leaving her to sigh in relief. She didn't move for a good couple of minutes before hearing a knock at her door. She wanted to speak up but before she could the door was wide open, "Kate?"

She hardly looked up before defending herself, "I'm fine" She said quickly though she knew she looked like a train wreck. Her damp hair in her face and her hands still clutching water bottle.

"I'm assuming you want to skip breakfast then?" He laughed meeting her at her bed.

"Yes please" She chuckled in a strained tone.

"Alright I'll send Edna up in a few minutes." He began to leave the room before turning around, "When you're feeling better I want to show you around the house a bit"

"That would be great" The moment he left, it seemed a woman appeared in his place. She held something small in the palm of her hand. When she reached Katniss she tossed the small pill down her throat without her consent, causing her to half gag half gasp.

The moment the small pill was down pain seared her throat and a warm glow filled her abdomen. "Is it supposed to burn?" She asked in shock.

The girl nodded taking the water bottle and filling it with warm water to replace the room temperature. She replaced the bottle and left the room without a word.

How strange it seemed to her that words were always lost upon this woman's tongue. She laid still with her head tilted to one side for comfort.

She thought sleep was inevitable yet it never graced her with its presence instead she stared at a green wall just waiting for something, anything to happen. She made up her mind, finally deciding that she should attempted to nourish her body and well lets be practical her baby.

She had a feeling that all she would need to get through the rest of her life was right inside her. After all they were both starting over together. She had her baby what more could she need?

She let her hands rest on her stomach feeling the radiating heat seep into her skin. She just tried to imagine a little baby in her arms. Then she began to wonder yet again, what did she look like, what about her husband?

She sat up tenderly holding the water bottle in place not yet ready to give up it's heat. She walked up to the bathroom and for the first time (which she found rather surprising) she saw her own face.

She pushed back her hair examining her strong jaw line taking in her every feature. The pigment of her skin seemed to be a dull olive glow. She thought her lips formed a thin heart shape. She examined her nose, the rounded tip and the soft curve of the bridge reminded her of a slide.

She looked directly into grey hard eyes. She smiled to see if they wavered, when she smiled the hard stone color melted into a liquid silver. She felt strange but ran her fingers across her long eye lashes. She tangled her fingers through her long dark brown wavy hair.

She observed the perfectly cut ends before allowing her eyes to drift elsewhere along the path of her body. She noticed her slim figure which she noted would not last long.

She felt the muscles in her long legs running her hands up along the lines of her figure. So now at least she could guess at what her own little one would look like. One question has been answered out of the million she still had.

One would just have to do for now. She ran her hands tenderly through her coarse hair rubbing some strands together. She wasn't so sure of what she was expecting to see.

Now she had to make a decision 'Am I pretty?' She wasn't so sure she could answer this on her own. She walked out of the bathroom and into the hallway. She wandered aimlessly through strange unfamiliar corridors.

She found herself lost and upon opening several doors she found one that intrigued and halted her search for nothing.

She stepped into a large room filled with books. She felt a chill run through her as if her body knew that this was a place she had never been. The moment she touched a book she felt as if electricity ran through her.

"I see you're up" She gasped and looked up to the direction of the voice. "It's no wonder you found this place first, after all it always has been your favorite room."

She cocked her head to the side as he neared her. "This one was always your favorite." It seemed to her that he picked up a random book and placed it in her hands.

"A Little Princess?" She looked up into his eye with question.

"Yes…" He seemed caught off guard. "You adored little… Sara" He stuttered "maybe if you read it you'll remember"

She observed the hard cover but relatively thin book. She felt the cracks of ware along the spine and cover. The pages were almost yellowed and warped to the point of stiffness.

"What better way then to find out?" She smiled.

"Come on let's get you back to your room." He led her back and told her that in the morning he would return.

She lifted the book weighed it in her hand and read the faded print on the back of the book. "Sara Crew's full story based on the 1995 film has now come to print. The retelling of Frances Hodgson Burnett, incredible tale is retold in the highly acclaimed film version of Patrick Doyle's little princess."

She laid down on her bed and began to read. She read about the little British girl who lost her mother and loved her father dearly.

Some war began and he took her to some place called America where her mother went to school. Her father had just left Sara in her room when she put the book down.

Katniss hugged her knees in thought. The poor little girl being forced into schooling having her father torn from her side.

The poor little girl who had no one now. Well Katniss was sure of one thing, that would never be her child.

With the book still clutched to her chest she climbed under the sheets of her bed and fell into a dreamless sleep.

That morning she finally ventured to the dinning hall for breakfast. "Good morning Kate" Her father smiled as she took her seat beside him on the long breakfast table. "We have a full day ahead of us" They ate their breakfast slowly but with an intense haste looming over their heads.

"Kate, there is so much to catch you up on over the years that has led up to the sorry state we are in now."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I told you how I am president. Well surrounding the Capitol are thirteen districts that I also rule over. Those surrounding districts have rebelled."

"Why?" She asked earnestly.

"Because they are foolish, they are rather improvised. But they feel war is the only way to see change."

"So are we at war?"

"I'm afraid so" He sighs, "Come I can show you the garden while we talk." They stood and he lead her out to the lovely colorful garden area.

He led her through the hedged maze and into a beautiful sitting area. Red roses surround the area dots of pink purple and orange adorn the hedges. The color seemed artificial and not too terribly inviting.

"So this is why we have such a busy day right?" She asked as they took a seat.

"Yes" He said, "the reason I've told you these things is because… As my daughter you have certain obligations."

"Yes" She nodded eager to help.

"The people need a figure to look up to, someone to see and know that all is well, a quote on quote, 'Mockingjay' of sorts" He stopped and looked at her, "You being my daughter, gives you that obligation."

She sucked in breath nodding slightly, "I will do what ever I am needed to do" She stated firmly. She questioned the look of surprise he gave her upon hearing her words. His look spoke louder than any words. He looked so shocked as if he thought he would never in a million years hear her say those things. His eyes flickered quickly back to a state of satisfaction.

He was silent, and so she found her own voice, "If the people need hope then hope I will give. War is the most dangerous tool that we have for restraint and with any luck it will die out quickly… I will do what I am needed to do"

"I'm glad to see your patriotism Kate" He laugh a laugh that oddly chilled her skin. "Today there will be an interview your team will be over at four to ready you for the event."

"Alright" She nodded he led her back to her bedroom where she picked up A Little Princess again.

She read about Sara's made up fairytales, her youthful belief that magic exists. Katniss found that clinging to the hope of magic, while not practical, makes life seem so much better, happier even.

And so reader she found magic made everything easier, and maybe you could too. Maybe if you took a deep breath and looked around at all the things that made no sense to you, and you closed your eyes and said, "There is magic in the world and I am living proof of that and so are these things that make no sense."

Maybe then those things that make no sense could finally make sense reader. Maybe then our lives would be happier if we chose to believe in magic whole heartedly as brave Sara Crew did all those years ago, and as Katniss so far away in the future did.

Promptly at four o'clock Katniss was prepped for her first of many interviews as her status of Mockingjay.

They slipped her into the liquid gold dress that hung in her dresser. They brightened her face made her feel like she could say she was pretty. She took the liberty of telling the team how much she loved it at every chance she got.

She was led to a grand studio where she met her father. "Remember Kate" He said, "You represent the Capitol's hope"

She smiled slightly and was ushered out to greet a man named Caesar who she supposed she already knew. He welcomed her warmly so she must have known him at some point.

He only asked her about the war wanting to know how she felt about it. She had no trouble telling him how awful she found the whole idea. How it sickened her to think about it.

All of her responses were taken well into consideration by Caesar. When the hour was up she was led away by her father.

"Good job Kate the crowd loves you." He smiled.


"Yes you really took flight so to speak"

She laughed to herself giddy with delight, she had done well.

Over the next month and a half she went to functions, brunches, parties, auctions. Everything and anything that her father informed her of. The only free time she had was spent sleeping.

She was shocked when she found one day her father was out, she had nothing to do and she was left on her own.

She discovered her body drawing her to her room, her feet took over her mind. What should she do?

She entered the green toned natural room and gazed longingly, begging almost for something to occupy her time. She glanced at her bedside table and eyed the rustic book placed slightly off center.

She took it and for a straight hour she read. The only reason she stopped was when she pushed it away. She couldn't help it… She was crying too hard. Poor Sara, the little girl was tortured by that awful Miss. Minchin.

Her father an amnesiac just like… Well Katniss herself. The man didn't know his right from his left, his memory was gone just like hers. The resemblance struck her heart and made her cry.

She wanted to jump into the story and comfort Sara as she lay in a ball on the floor crying for her new reality to be a dream. She wanted to tell Sara that her father was close that everything would have a happy ending like all those fairytales she told.

The little girl believed in magic, like Katniss felt she must in order to regain the past she had forgotten.

The parallel's between the two stories made her shake with fear. She decided to shower before reading any further. The moment she set foot on the cold tile her eyes danced to the mirror glimpsing at her casually dressed body.

She glanced at her make up stained face, traces of eye liner still lightly present. She touched her hair feeling the curls bend around her fingers. She rubbed the back of her neck lightly before allowing her eyes to wander where they wanted to be.

Her eyes quickly found the slight curve in her stomach that allowed her to visibly see her baby. Her now thirteen week long pregnancy was fully seen. Over the last weeks her father wanted to keep the baby hidden until it was just to obvious to hide.

He didn't want questions of the father to get her frazzled. Now she was just well… showing too much to keep it from the world.

She liked being able to see it she liked knowing her baby was there and not just make believe. She showered quickly and dressed tenderly tracing her bulging belly longingly.

She hadn't had a day go by without wondering about her past. She yearned to know the face of her husband, she wanted more then anything to know if she had loved the man she would be giving a child to.

Was it so wrong to want to know? She was apprehensive to ask her father about him. She was unsure of his reaction, she decided today she would ask him if there was video, a photo, a painting anything to at least show her who he was.

She made her way through the mansion glancing into each room as she passed. As her journey continued she heard the soft voices on the television playing.

She bounded over to the noise, the door was open and she soundlessly slipped into the room,

When she walked in her mouth opened to speak but she stopped. On the screen there was a boy, a blonde haired blue eyed boy.

"What do you think of the Capitol's promos with Katniss in them?" An interviewer asked.

"Well for one thing I'm happy she's alive. But the words she's saying aren't her own, her actions don't lead me to believe she's doing these things willingly. I know she would never give up on our cause. The rebellion is everything she believed in and knowing her, she's doing those things to protect us."

His voice was soft and her heart fluttered a bit at his milky kind voice. This action made her mind jog into a memory.

"You're too good at lying sometimes" She laughed heavily. The party below the training center could still be heard all this way up. The drunken high class Capitolites were loud and obnoxious but then again they were like that with out all the alcohol clogging their better judgment.

"Yeah… It's a curse and a gift." He smiled at her. "I'm sorry" He whispered this in a soft hushed tone as if afraid to startle a sleeping doe.

"About?" She turned to him resting her head on her hand.

"Putting you here… again" They both laughed at this. He shifted on the cloud-like couch bringing his left leg up on the couch.

"I don't mind" She cooed "I never wanted kids you know" She joked.

"Yeah" he sighed and was in all seriousness saddened by this thought.

"But your kids would be cute" She looked at him fondly.

"Yours would be cuter" He took her hand in his.

He took her words seriously when they got back to Twelve, I... I can love you She had said, I'm scarred I won't lie but please don't rush me like the Capitol. If you love me then... You'll move slowly. She had been crying at that point. It had been so dark she thought he couldn't see her, but he stretched out his hand and wiped away her tears. Okay, Katniss Everdeen would you like to take a walk with me through town tomorrow? She laughed when he asked this, Sure.

"Peeta?" She asked suddenly filling the space between them on the couch.

"hmm?" He asked as she placed her hands on his shoulders

"I-… I want you to…" she slipped her arms behind his neck.

"What?" He asked almost scared.

"I can't imagine coming out a second time." She said trying not cry. Hoping he would get the meaning of her actions.

"Don't say that…" He sighed disappointed he didn't like talking about it, their ultimate fate.

"Peeta it's true, and in this moment I-…. I want you. All of you" She got up on her knees and touched her forehead to his

"Katniss you're coming out of there alive" He said not fighting off her advance.

"Even if I do…. I don't want to live my whole life knowing that I could have made you endlessly happy. I want this…" She traced his jaw line with her finger and for the first time in a while her lips found him, more specifically his nose. "Marry me?" She whispered with longing and hope laughing lightly at her own question.

"You're sure?" He asked as her eyelashes tickled him.

"Positive" She whispered as he sat up becoming taller than her. His strong arms took hold of her slender waist and she took a loose hold of his curls. She kissed him with thick passion she wasn't sure whether or not it was lust or love but she hoped it was the latter.

Her blood boiled with passion and this game she had played with him for so long finally felt right.

He took her in his arms and carried her to her empty bedroom. He laid her on the bed and she slipped his shirt off tracing his well defined muscle with her hands and lips. She knew now that she was positive this did seem right and she wasn't sure why it took sex to prove this simple fact to her. She was in love with him.

He was scared and she could tell. She took her silk shirt off and looked at him, "It's okay" She whispered softly. "I'm not even scared Peeta Mellark come on" She teased him lightly. He followed her orders proceeding without fear.

He kissed her with rough passion that she knew was the fire he had built his whole life burning out of control. Then as if he had tamed a beast he became gentle as her own beast was unleashed.

Slowly but surely they became one comfortable in intimacy that has yet to be matched in their relationship. In the arena they had been sent bread and at night when the embers of their fire were gently glowing the had their toasting. Husband and wife a consummated relationship and a never ending fire of passion that kindled their love and the child inside her.

As Katniss came back from her flash back she suddenly felt faint. She heard the television again, "I still love her and I know we will find her"

"Peeta" She whispered as Snow turned to see her she let the blackness of realization overcome her.

But the damage was done she knew her husbands face she knew his voice she remembered conceiving of her child, she had her memory. Snow knew this and so he took matters into his own hands.

Rushing her to the hospital he met with the chief of surgery who had operated on her last. "Doctor" Snow jerked him away before heading into surgery. "Do everything you can to block out her past."

At first shocked the man did not answer because though he wanted to say no. No one says no to Snow. "I'll see what can be done" He answered solemnly before heading into surgery.

It was long to say the least, six hours later the head surgeon had done the impossible blocking her last memories of consciousness. For once in his life the surgeon was overcome with grief at what he had done. He felt his hands were not a gift from god but rather a tool for the devils handy work. His position was not that of a demigod, no he was a mortal tempted by the devil and conceived in sin.

He just mutilated a young woman's brain he morphed her memory and blocked those memories from coming back for a long while. He hated himself for this he felt now he would never be forgiven ever.

"So how is she?" Snow asked as soon and the chief of surgery reached him.

"Mission accomplished sir." He mustered pride for his doings.

"Good, good" Snow smiled, "May I see her?"

"Yes she should be waking soon." The doctor lead Snow to Katniss's room. She lay quite and peaceful. Almost as if on cue her eyes fluttered the moment Snow entered the room.


"Yes Kate I'm here" He said delighted in the treatment she had received.

"What happened?"

"You fainted, they said there was something wrong with the baby but they fixed it and you'll both be just fine."

She sighed relieved, "And I was going to ask you something today. Go figure"

"What were you going to ask?"

"…Do we have a picture of my husband? Film? Anything? I just want to know what my baby may look like." She looked down at her little bump where her baby was asleep.

Snow was at a stand still, he can't just say there is nothing… "We'll do our best to look for something" He finally decided was the best response.

End of the first trimester