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Peeta had painted the sunset in Scarlets room, before he was called back to the front lines to man the war front. He'd only been home two weeks. He and Jo were to be sent back to the war zone.

The night before Katniss couldn't stop crying, "I'll be home for Scarlets birth I promise." He tried to console her.

"I think we're running out of miracles Peeta." She said with tears illuminating her face. "You almost died the last time. In the same battle."

"Do you know how many times you almost died on me?"

She laughed, "You'll be in battle constantly if and when it starts up again."

"I know." He kissed her tears as they fell. "I know."

"The kids, Prim, and Gale are going to comfort Annie. I'll be here with Bram worrying about my husband twenty four seven."

"Shh, I've always come back. Always. I love you too much to leave you and the kids."

"What if you get captured like Finnick? Oh poor Annie."

"I won't get captured."


"Shh Katniss, don't worry about me." His hand drifted to their princess, "Keep Scarlet safe, keep yourself safe." She sobbed into his chest.

In the silence they could hear the faint discussion between Gale and Jo. "What about our son Jo?" He whispered.

"What about the rest of the world Gale?" She sighed. They were not angry by their tone of voice, then seemed sad and lost really.

"You've left us so many times Jo. He's really growing up with out a mother."

"Do you think I'm doing that on purpose Gale? You and Hunter are my world but what choice do I have?"

"... Can you tell me what this is?"


"Jo, is this a pregnancy test?" His voice was calm and not like his at all.


"Jo?" He sounded so defeated.


"Is this a positive pregnancy test?"



"Gale please." Jo suddenly sounded afraid.

"Are you pregnant?"

"Those things are wrong all the time-"

"Are you pregnant?"

"... I'm not sure. The first I took was positive the second was negative."


"Honest. I swear Gale. I'm not sure."

Katniss stopped listening to their conversation, it hurt her too much. She was too afraid. "I love you." She whispered over and over. "I love you... I love you... I love you."

"Shh, Katniss it's okay. I'll be fine."

"That doesn't change the fact that I love you and you need to know." She claimed wiping her tears away.

"I already know you love me Katniss." He kissed her again, "I already know."

The next morning she was all smiles for her departing family. "Mommy, are you going to come and stay with us and Aunt Annie?"

"No princess." She crouched to the ground as Leif ran into her arms, "But next month I'll come down." She kissed her little girl and sent her to stand with Gale who was saying goodbye to Jo with Hunter in his arms.

"So Leif are you going to be a big boy while your away?"

"Yeah!" He bounced, "Me and Hunter are going to play ALL day!"


"Yeah" He kissed his mothers cheek and ran off to stand with his best friend.

Prim hugged her big sister. "I'll see you in a month."

"Bye little duck." She laughed as Prim took her bags and limped to the children.

"Bye Gale." She gave him a quick hug.

"Take care of the little sucker until Christmas." He laughed.

"I will don't worry about me." He walked onto the train with the three kids and waved as they departed.

Peeta and Jo stood beside her. "Take care of yourself Kitty Kat. Keep out of trouble."

"I'll do my best Jo." She nodded.

"My little Scarlet can handle just about everything." Peeta smiled.

"A girl!" Jo smiled.

"Yes Jo, a girl" Katniss chuckled.

"I knew I was right." The train for District one pulled in and the two said their final goodbyes to Katniss.

Once the train had pulled out she placed her hands over her baby. "Well Scarlet, Seems we're alone. My little Princess, you're safe okay?" He daughter kicked her as if to say "Okay mommy."

She walked back to the bakery so she could continue her routine. When she stepped inside the nauseating smell of burning bread filled her nostrils.

She coughed a bit holding back her vomit before entering the kitchen. Smoke escaped the oven and she ripped out the blackened bread with her bare hands, hardly burning them.

"Bram?" She heard a low groan. She walked behind the counter. "Bram!" She shouted when she found him on the ground grimacing. "Bram can you hear me? Bram!?"

"... Huh?" He asked opening his dark green eyes, his Kingdom given eyes.

"Bram are you okay!? Bram." She shook his head and he groaned again.

"Are-... Are you-... A nurse?" He asked.


"Did we win?" He asked.

"Bram tell me what you're thinking?"

"... Did I bring honor to the Kingdoms?" His usually light green eyes were now the color of an almost black forest.

"Bram can you hear me?" He said nothing his eyes drooped and his breathing became more intense. She cradled him in her arms and brought him upstairs. "Bram you need to wake up yourself." She took his head and shook him. "Do you understand me you are not a drone of the kingdoms!"

He was unconscious though, and could not hear her. She went back to the front of the store. She baked as best she could while handling customers as well.

She spent her little free time taking care of Bram who was developing a high fever rapidly.

She spent the night by his bed doing all that she could to keep his fever manageable. She took an hour long nap before cleaning the bakery and baking a fresh batch of everything. Upon taste testing she found it was close enough to Bram's and her husbands cooking. She knew it wasn't the same, but she could do nothing about it.

This cycle went on for two weeks. Little sleep, most of her time spent calming Bram when he would think he was in the Kingdoms. Baking in the bakery, and then selling as much as she could.

She knew this was bad for both her and Scarlet but what choice did she have? She didn't have one. She couldn't leave because if Bram woke up thinking he was in the Kingdoms nothing could be done.

One day in early October Delly came by the store. "Hi Katniss" She smiled sadly.

"Hi Dell, what can I get you?" She asked wiping her forehead of any sweat.

"Can we talk? You don't look so good Katniss" Delly took her out back of the Bakery and sat her down "Are you okay?"

"No Delly." She shook her head. "I'm not at all okay." She started to cry, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay Katniss, you don't have to be brave for anyone."

"It's just, everything is not how I planned it. And I'm over reacting."

"I'm sure your not."

"I'm just letting my stupid pregnant brain make everything harder."

"Hey, your stupid pregnant brain has nothing to do with it. There is a war, your husband and best friend were just sent off to the front lines, and one of your close friends was captured by the Kingdoms. This is not your fault."

Katniss kept crying until the earth rumbled underneath them. They both looked up and off in the distance they saw air carriers land. There were troops patrolling the forests already, the fighting must have come to them.

"Oh god!" Katniss cried.

"What- What-..."

"Delly the war is here." Katniss said wiping her eyes.


"Delly, the war has come to us. The Kingdoms are trying to kill us." Katniss stood up and walked inside.

"What do we do?"

"Business as usual." Katniss said nodding to herself trying to convince herself of the idea. "What else can we do?" She asked.

Delly nodded, "I'm going to pick up my kids from school." Delly ran outside to her car. Katniss took a deep breath and continued to pull out the fresh rolls for anyone who came to her door.

The television in the bakery snapped on and Katniss tried to ignore it. However it was incredibly hard to ignore.

"War has broken out on the front lines. The Kingdoms are unleashing total war on us. They have landed in districts Seven, Nine, and Twelve. As of now Seven and Nine have won their battles." It was president Paylor. Katniss knew everything was going bad if Paylor was doing this.

"They have started a blockade going into district Twelve. Please stick to regulations as given to you by district. We are doing everything we can to drive them out of Panem." The television snapped off. Katniss sighed and continued business as usual.

Until about six she broke down and called Annie's house.

"Hello?" She knew Gale had picked up.

"Gale?" She asked with a quiver in her voice.

"Catnip? What's wrong?"

"Gale, have you seen..."

"No, we were all to scared to watch it. What happened? Are Jo and Peeta alright?"

"It's not about them Gale it's about the districts...My district."


"There's been fighting here. Since about noon and I can still see the gun fire outside. I want you to tell my kids I love them."


"And that I love everyone over there. I don't know when I'll be able to talk to you all again, and I don't know what's going to happen but you all need to know I'm safe."

"Catnip are you really going to stay there? If there's fighting-"

"They blockaded us in Gale." She cried lightly. "I don't know what to do. But I promise when I can I'll call you."

"Oh god Catnip." He sounded near tears.

"I-" She saw Delly running up to the bakery with her children. "I have to go" She turned off the phone and ran to her friend. "Delly-"

"Oh Katniss." Delly sighed, "Kids go inside."

"Delly what's going on?" Katniss asked bringing her distraught friend inside.

"Mark is dead." She cried silent pained tears.

"Oh Delly."

"And the Kingdoms are so close to us bullets were getting passed the fence and into my house." She cried when her children were in the backyard.

"God Delly, I'm so sorry." Katniss consoled, "I... I don't know what else to say." Delly cried into her friends shoulder.

"What am I going to tell my kids? What am I going to do?"

"You are going to stay here and you are going to stay strong for me, and for your kids okay?"

Delly didn't say anything, so Katniss helped her up the stairs and laid her in one of the bedrooms. Katniss fed and put the children to bed. She calmed Bram's Kingdom thoughts and lulled him to sleep.

The next morning, the fighting had drawn everyone on the edge of the district into town. Katniss and the other shop owners assigned different households to everyone. They were lucky they had enough room.

She and Delly ran the bakery as best they could making only the necessity. Katniss knew that they had been lucky to have gotten a load of ingredients before the blockade.

Over the weeks Katniss was no longer charging and she began to make a rounds to give everyone enough to sustain them for the day. There was hardly anything that could be done as the fighting grew closer and closer to their boarder. Bram's fever was gone but his attacks became longer.

It took Katniss slapping him to get his head right again. He never complained he only apologized.

On the day of December tenth the Kingdoms took a very dangerous stride.

Katniss watched everyone run to the bomb shelter, she herself ran carrying a very weak Bram.

She had locked up the bakery and was holding Jacobs hand as she ran. She lifted the children to the others already in the shelter.

"Is everyone down there?" She asked as Delly climbed down.

"Mama, where's Raylee?" One of the children asked.

"Only Raylee, and Ricky Katniss." Melanie sighed.

"I'll be back" She said running as best she could out to the Mayors house. On her way she passed an open fire dangerously close to the fence. "Ricky!? Raylee!?" She called out. The house was so big she didn't know how she'd possibly find them.

"Ricky! Raylee!" She shouted again, the little girl showed herself. "Raylee where is your brother?" She asked picking up the little girl. She pointed around the corner where Ricky was hiding. "Ricky come here." The little boy ran into her arms sobbing.

"You're safe now okay?" She ran outside with the two. She could feel fatigue and despair fill her. She heard every gun shot fire, she could hear shouts of falling soldiers, both Kingdom and Oceanic.

The children's tears soaked her shirt through. When she passed the two down to the other women she climbed in as well hearing the sirens of a bombing go off.

When she closed the cell doors she sighed heavily.

"Katniss I put the children in the room from last time." One of the women spoke up.

"What do we do Katniss?"

"Do we fight?"

"Do we stay here?"

"What's happening?"


"I don't know." She turned around and fell on the steps. "I don't know what to do." She began to cry and everyone was silent.

Delly went to her side, "Hey it's okay Katniss. It's okay."

"Tell me Delly what the hell is okay about this? My family is another district, my husband and best friend are fighting god knows how long and where, we are being bombed, the war is right at our door steps, and I haven't felt my baby kick in days and I think she's dead." Katniss shook her head. "I don't have any idea what to do, I am scared and..." The shelter rumbled as bombs fell.

Everyone looked around suddenly feeling fear that maybe there was nothing left to do. That maybe they had run out of miracles.

Have you ever felt that? Like you've run out of chances and all that's left is... Fear?

Katniss wiped her eyes as the rumbling increased, "Everyone in the store room. If we're going to cut them off it has to be where our ammo is." Everyone shuffled into the stock room. Katniss picked up a pistol and loaded it.

"What are you doing?" Melanie asked.

"Protecting everyone. Stay safe." She said closing the door behind her.


"Lock the door Melanie."


"Lock the door!" She shouted. No further protest came from the door. Katniss stepped into the shadow of the cellar waiting for a sound, or anything to tell her what was happening.

She heard the cellar door break open. "You have this by yourself rookie?"

"Yeah I've got it." A boy no older than twelve stepped in. He had dark almost black curled hair and dead Kingdom blue eyes "Hello?" He shouted. Katniss could hear a battle being held outside.

She stepped forward. "You're too late." She said defiantly.

He lifted his rifle as if to shoot her but she could tell it wasn't loaded. "Who are you and where are the others?"

"They've all escaped." She said.

"What? How? They couldn't have-... You're lying aren't you?"

"What's your name?"

"No asking questions!" He shouted. "The Kingdoms will have this place won in no time."

"Really is that what they told you?"

"Yes." He growled.

"Did they tell you who I am?"


"I'm Lieutenant Colonel Katniss Everdeen-Mellark. And if you have any sense at all," She pulled out her pistol, "You'll do exactly what I tell you."

"... But-but... That's impossible!"

"Not impossible dear just highly unlikely. You don't have to drop that pretty piece of metal I know it's not loaded. But close the cellar door." She made it known to the boy she had ammunition. He did as she told him.

"Please sit." She told him gesturing to the only open chair. He did so. "What's your name?"

He didn't answer. "I'll ask again, what is your name?"

"... James" He said sounding scared.

"James..." She suddenly wondered and very unlikely thought, "Are you from the Jewish town in Denmark?"

"... How did you know that?"

"I know a lot of things I shouldn't know." She said quietly. "James listen to me, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Yeah right you're from the districts you hurt everyone!"

"No I don't James listen to me, I know your friend Bram. Do you remember him? Bram"

"Bram..." The boy looked down his dark Kingdom eyes flashed a pale blue. "Bram..." He looked up again blinking away the bright blue, "He's dead. He died here!"

"No he didn't he's alive." The more she fed him the brighter his eyes became, she was causing his chip to malfunction. "Bram is here right now. I've kept him safe."

His eyes still fought to be blue, "Bram-... But they said."

"I know about Victoria, your quote on quote girl friend."

"How do you-" His eye were fading in and out of their dark and pale blues.

"Bram wrote that letter and was taken away from your village... And, you and him had a secret hiding place in the school." She watched his pupils dilate and eat away at the different shade of contrasting blues.

"Lacey Pembroke. The girl you had a crush on through out school. I know about her too."

"Lacey" he whispered. Tears leaked down his face and now his eyes were completely clear.

Katniss crouched to his level, "The Kingdoms put a chip in your brain to wash your mind of any free will. You are still you James. Come back to me. I need you to be yourself."

"... Where am I?" He asked looking up and around the dim room.

Katniss sighed in relief. "You're safe and that's all you need to know James." She climbed up and locked the cellar as best she could.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Katniss Mellark, I need you to help save our friend Bram."

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